Dayan Jayatilleka singing hosannas for Azath Salley !
Posted on May 10th, 2013

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke, writing to an English Daily and defending Azath Salley had said, “Azath Salley’s rhetorical flourish, in which he was never abusive towards the Sinhalese or Sinhala Buddhists as a community…” and so on. In contrast to all the drumming Dayan is doing for Azath, the ‘no nonsense and outspoken’ Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapakse had stated, “…Azath Salley had been arrested as he comprised to mobilize Sri Lankan Muslims for an armed struggle along with a Tamil Group in Tamil Nadu. He had held discussions to mobilize Tamil speaking Muslim people into the ranks of the TNA and conduct an armed struggle. The British Tamil Forum is an LTTE front. They are also involved with the Tamil group in Tamil Nadu…”  The Gajaba veteran had made it clelar that he would not let the discussions held in Tamil Nadu to progress into an armed struggle. So Azath had been trying to  lay the foundation to an armed struggle, which according to Dayan is nothing to be alarmed about.
In defending Azath, Dayan is bragging about himself, like the monkey praising his tail. Dayan in trying to prove that he is correct refers to his ancestry, about being a Diplomat, Politician, Academic, Author and so on. We have nothing against his achievements. But people will not listen to his hosannas for Azath or any of his cohorts. People can separate the chaff from the wheat. The People having gone through a 30 year war would not want terror backers manipulating terrorism and disharmony in the country again.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Is it really Dayan J or some other Dayan? He is a good man as far as I know. A peaceful Tamil Elamist though (his ONLY problem).

    Well, people CHANGE. It is a TRAGEDY if he has changed into another worthless loser.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “Azath Salley released after sending affidavit to President.”

    This is DISGRACE.

    Now MR becomes the GOOD MAN and GR becomes the BAD MAN. Why MR always undercut GR? This is SHAMEFUL!!

    e.g. Gonzeka, Pissanaigon, Azath, etc.

    GR trying to do a PROFESSIONAL JOB but MR doesn’t allow him to.

  3. herman Says:

    There are too many “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” type of characters in SL and its just a matter of time before these chaps are exposed, DJ is one of the many!

    MRs days are numbered with the 13 A.

  4. Leela Says:

    In my opinion, that’s the way for Salley to go forward. Had Salley not written that inclusive affidavit to the President he would still be languishing in custody. Salley knew it and he did what he had to do to be free.

    If only Salley wrote his now famous letter to the President and pointed out errors in his interview reporting and deny his connection to separatist terrorists in an affidavit before he was arrested, he could have avoided his hunger strike as well as unwanted stay at Nawaloka. I am happy for arrest ended by terrorism denial but wish it better be true for Salley’s own good.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    A good ending to the saga. The 6 affidavit points agreed to by the politician has reduced him to a meekly sellout contrary to what he tried to portray. It is like a suspended jail term. If he does anything similar again, criminal punishments apply.

    Governing coalition leaders must be regretting appointing Dayan Jayatilleka to important posts in Geneva.

  6. Marco Says:

    So President MR revoked a detention order (even though according to GR there is ample evidence for the arrest) and pardon a suspect yet to be found guilty in a Court of Law or for that matter charged under PTA.
    I guess it now opens the door for any one suspected or arrested to write to the President for a revoke and a pardon
    As the author says “People can separate the chaff from the wheat”

    Dilrook- Would you like to share with us the “6 point” affidavit and were there conditions to the release of Salley

  7. ranjit Says:

    Dont worry about MR or GR they all know what they are doing do not forget CR,BR and NR they are all qualified hard working bunch of politicians no one can deny it. If they are bad anyone can kick their ass out in the next general elections.Our country is a democratic country.

    We have to support them to finsh the job they started without always criticize what they do. We all know the traitors to our Motherland. They cannot wait to get the power to their hand by the ballot instead they choose the bullet and violence. Ranil Azad sally,Wijayabahu, Magalaya,Ponseka,and those red rats like Lal kantha always try to take the power by hook or crook but they are only day dreaming. As long as MR,GR,BR and clan is there our country is safe like a solid rock. They go, that’s the end for our MotherLanka. You know the record of these evil trailtors for so long. They never love our motherland except green dollars and POWER. They are the real enemies of our land not outsiders. We will never allow another war that is for sure.We too will die with these dirty war mongers.

  8. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is good that Azath Salley was released if he is innocent. But what we need to remember is that these people have the same ambitions as did the LTTE. They want to make the whole world Islamic, one country at a time. Where ever they are there is trouble. All Muslims are not violent. The few ambitious radicals do not want to practice the peaceful teaching s of the Quaran but the Jihad side of it. Most of them while acting friendly, in a subtle way work to achieve their goals. They get finances from the rich Muslim countries.
    We loyal Sinhalese need to unite and be always very vigilant. Some of these Muslims are more loyal to Middle Eastern countries and Pakistan and other Islamic states but want to live in Sri Lanka and other countries. They do not want to live in countries with strict Islamic laws(they are free to move if they wish) but want spread Islam and Sharia to the countries that give them shelter.
    The current administration may have some faults, most of which they have inherited and need to work hard to get rid of them. We the Sinhalese while still in a majority need to unite and support the government in order to defeat whether it is the Eelamists or the Jihahadists who act behind the shadows.

  9. Marco Says:

    If MR, GR,BR etc are all well qualified politicians and know what they are doing, why are we going from one crises to another and much of it from their own doings?
    The greatest (and forgettable)act MR & GR did was to get rid of the LTTE menace and some of the infrastructure that can be evidenced, thereafter we appear to witness some totally un-statesmen like acts and decisions.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Why does every Tom, Dick & Harry who wants to do revolution try to launch it from Sri Lanka ?? Something is wrong that attempts are made to destabilize Sri Lanka for other peoples’ causes.

    In this type of ‘take over’ climate here, it is very important that Sri Lanka has strong Laws in place to deal with Separatism & Terrorism. Getting rid of the 13-A is the most important.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    How come it is GOOD? This is the height of stupidity!

    GR KNOWS what he is doing, MR doesn’t. MR is a politician. GR is a professional. The politician OVER RULED the professional as always. ONE EXCEPTION was the war.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    Don’t be disheartened. There is a lot going on that has to with India being our closest neighbor.
    As matters stand, both countries will do their best to avoid terrorist activity. Let’s be patient.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    Sally’s affidavit.

    Quoted from Dailymirror internet newspaper.

    [Quote] The content of the affidavit says:

    I gave an interview to the Junior Vikatan magazine published in India. I state that in the manner in which the interview was published I have been misquoted. Upon realizing this I requested them to publish a correction which has been republished.

    As a Sri Lankan Muslim I don’t advocate or support anyone to take up arms against the Republic of Sri Lanka as I am fully aware of the consequences and the costs of such a course of action as seen through the three decade war in Sri Lanka.

    I have stood for and will continue to stand for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka and for equal rights of all communities.

    If anyone is misled by the interview published in the Junior Vikatan or if anyone has been disturbed, I express my regrets.

    I attended a conference organized by the “Popular Front of in India” purely on the basis of and invitation extended to me by the said organisation and I participated solely as an invitee for the first time. I had no prior knowledge of the said organisation’s background and their motives.

    As a patriotic citizen of the Republic of Sri Lanka and who supports the sovereignty of Sri Lanka I will not and will not support anyone who makes statements against Sri Lanka or its national security and I condemn such actions and statements.


    This is a good end to the episode from Sri Lanka’s point of view. A humiliating end to all those who stood by Sally including the Opposition. Soon after his arrest in an email I wrote to Dayan Jayatilleka (who was advocating further hardening of the Muslim position owing to the arrest giving examples of how the arrest of armed Tamil terrorists in 1972 resolved others to take up arms) that the Muslim community is not prepared to make huge sacrifices that essentially follows an armed uprising. Glad Sally too realized it. The Tamil community is still reeling from the consequences of their armed uprising.

    A problem should not be looked at from the military view point alone. It must be looked at from political, economic, structural, symbolic and humane ways too.

  14. nishan123 Says:

    As TN is not in supportive of Sri Lanka’s independent existence without their interference, using both armed and political pressure levering Indian and western influence. We must consider TN as a proovan enemy of Sri Lanka, any Sri Lankan politician who associates with TN, should conduct them selves within the limits of an agreed political dialogue (frame work), which currently may not exist. Any one going put side that frame work must be considered as committing treason and charged accordingly, first to lose must be their wright to the Sri-Lankan Identity and any property and investments which are earned through participation within Sri Lanka. Access to ready cash allows the possibility of planning and access to the Sri Lankan passport allows them to move freely, access to political power allows them to influence others with their message. So do not give our enemy the weapons to destroy us. If we have to fight it out with TN, get prepared.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with nishan 123 that Tamil Nadu political activities must be watched very carefully.

    Also petro dollars from the Middle East & Wahabi activity.

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