Vanni Street in Markham
Posted on May 15th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

14 May 2013

Paul Calandra, Conservative MP for Oak Ridges-Markham, Ontario   John McCallum, Liberal MP for Markham-Unionville, Ontario     
House of Commons, Ottawa

 Dear Paul and John:

Re: New Vanni Street in the City of Markham

I had an e-mail yesterday from a Tamil friend from Toronto which said “Please read below News “”…” Vannie Street Opening Ceremony Media Promotion by Elliyabarathu Radio (TBC).  This is a New Street in City of Markham”¦..”

Hmmm”¦”¦interesting I thought!  My memory raced back to just two years ago when I sent you an e-mail of my Crystal Ball Reading to be entombed as a Time Capsule somewhere in the City of Markham to be opened in 25 years. 

In it I predicted that the City of Markham will evolve and will be re-named as the City of Eelam-Markham or Markham-Eelam.  Its Mayor will be a Tamil and more than half the members of the Council will be Tamils.

And at the entrance to the City will be a welcoming Gateway-Arch depicting the symbol of their  mythical mono-ethnic, racist Tamil, separate state  Eelam  demarcated from the North and East of Sri Lanka.  May be that the design will  incorporate the Markham’s Eelamist- Tamils notorious logo in their Tamil Tiger  flag with a tiger jumping through a circle of bullets propped on the crook of two Kalashnikovs.  Or perhaps a huge three dimensional model of their patriotic poisonous Gloriosa lily in red.

My Crystal Ball also shows that there will be a Tamil housing developer and the possible street names of his new housing estate will be “”…” Kill-em-nochchi Avenue; Prabhakaran Culled-in-de-Sac; Rathika’s Private; WTMis Close; Adele’s CircleKittu Bullvarday; Eelam Street, Logan’s  ConWay  and so forth. And now we got for starters, ahead of my 25 year prediction the Vanni Street.

Paul and John, you are into exciting times and so are the other multi-ethnic Markhamites.

All what I can say is Good Luck to you both and your Tamil separatist supporting bunch.  I wish I will be around to see whether my Crystal Ball predictions are correct.    In the past my Crystal Ball readings have very seldom been wrong. I have been a soothsayer in away.  After all the Vanni Street has just happened and is the embryo of what is in store for the City of Markham in 25 years or may be in 20 years.

Vanni as the City of Markham’s Press release has announced is the name given to the mainland area of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka where the Tamil Tigers were in control for some years before they were wiped out militarily on the shores of the Nanadhikadal lagoon situated in Vanni on 19 May 2009.  That’s what is smarting your Tamil separatist constituents.   These Tamil Tigers were invincible we were told by the international onlookers including Canada.  Oh”¦.well”¦.!  But my friends, that is how the cookie crumbles. They were wiped out and when that happened I was levitating an inch above the ground for the next seven days.

What is important to note is that these separatist Eelam-Tamils are an aggressive bunch, and their voting numbers have dragged you parliamentarians like rag-dolls making you all do what they want you to do to embarrass Sri Lanka that they left saying that they were persecuted and discriminated claiming refugee status.

But here is a secrete that you two may not know.  Ninety-five percent of these Tamil refugee claimants hop on to the first plane to get over to Sri Lanka no sooner they get their Canadian passport to get back their lost tan after wintering in Canada by burning themselves under Sri Lanka’s hot sun.  And this is no frivolous statement as this is a fact. 

Paul and John, do you recall how these Tamils got you parliamentarians have an Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka on 4th February 2009 trying to stop their Tamil Tigers  butts getting whipped as they were on the run for their lives chased by the Sri Lankan armed forces.  How this debate turned out to be a – Canadian Parliaments’ Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show.

How the Tamil voting numbers have pushed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to act the Pied Piper to embarrass Sri Lanka asking the other Commonwealth Nations Heads to boycott the Commonwealth Summit as he will, which is to be held in November.

The Ottawa Citizen had an editorial saying that Primer Minister Stephen Harper  by boycotting the summit has slapped the Sri Lankan Government.  I responded to that editorial pointing out according to Ottawa’s Citizen’s reverse logic, Primer Minister Stephen Harper would be slapped in return every time a Head of a Commonwealth Nation decides to attend the Summit.  That would very likely be  52 slaps in all.  That is embarrassing for Canada which is struggling to become a world leader in policing human rights when our record on human rights on the First Nation peoples is appalling.  But, understandably my letter did not pick up ink.  How could it?  So be just careful as these separatist Tamils are maestros to get you parliamentarians look like a bunch of fools and idiots.

So I say “Vanakkam” to you two.  A greeting in Tamil.  That City of Eelam-Markham will be tri-lingual.  Start learning the Tamil language if you want to survive there as most shops in the City will have Tamil exterior signs and serve the public in Tamil, as the French are doing in Quebec, alienate the outsiders as well as the insiders who do not speak their language, French.

Paul and John, Good Luck!


Asoka Weerasinghe

2 Responses to “Vanni Street in Markham”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    But MOST Canadian Tamils are now giving up TE and LTTE.

    ONLY a very few EDUCATED Tamil migrants (educated at the time of migration) are holding on to LTTE crap.

    They will go EXTINCT soon.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Not so long ago the British dragged around the world, these hapless Tamils from South India, to do menial work in the colonies, for a pittance. Today these Tamils have turned tables on their former masters by getting these mainly British and Canadian politicians and journalists to do degrading tasks like blindly and shamelessly peddling lies on behalf of the Tamil separatists, in return for whatever benefits offered to them. Not only are these Canadian politicians falling over each other for favours from their former servants, but so are the British. Just look at the recent statement by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of Britain, threatening to teach Sri Lankan leaders a lesson on human rights at the forthcoming CHOGM meeting. I am impatient to see what these lessons are?

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