Norway visit of the BBS
Posted on May 22nd, 2013

N.P.Karunadasa SLAS (Retired) Kandy. Courtesy Island

May 22, 2013, 6:47 pm


A BBS protest (File Photo)
This refers to the news item “BBS admits Norway visit, but denies taking money” appearing in The Island of May 14, according to which Ven. Galagodawatte Gnanasara Thero, General Secretary of the BBS has conceded that a “delegation of persons who later got together to form the BBS had visited Norway to muster support of civilians there”¦..(sic).” The key phrase here is “who later got together to form the BBS” which proves beyond doubt that they formed the BBS subsequent to their visit to Norway.

This definitely stinks of a hidden agenda and raises some very pertinent questions which, in my opinion, the BBS is morally obliged to answer for the information of the general public, especially the Sinhala Buddhists:

1. Why did the delegation (which later got together to form the BBS) choose to visit Norway of all the countries, a country which is notorious for its bias towards the Tiger terrorists and which left no stone unturned to help Prabhakaran achieve his dream of Eelam?

2. Who were the members of the delegation?

3. Who hosted the delegation in Norway?

4. A trip to Norway and back costs a lot of money even for a single person, whereas in this case a delegation (obviously consisting of more than one person) has made the visit, which, no doubt, would have cost millions. Who funded the visit?

5. There are threats to Buddhism from a section of the Buddhist clergy itself. Some people in yellow robes engage in witchcraft, astrology and other occult (pseudo) sciences going totally against what the Lord Buddha taught. That infamous Ruwanwelle Sobitha is a case in point.

There are many more like him who are still engaged in such nefarious practices to the dismay of the right-thinking Buddhists. In the circumstances why doesn’t the BBS think of putting its own house in order first? In addition there are some fundamentalist religious groups who are hell-bent on attracting poor Buddhists to their faiths by various tactics. Muslims are not known to engage in proselytization activities in Sri Lanka. So why has the BBS singled out Muslims for their attack?

These questions bother us as Sri Lankans, especially as Sinhala Buddhists. Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s revelations made us smell a rat. Therefore It is up to the BBS to clarify these matters and put our minds at rest.

Over to you, BBS.

SLAS (Retired)

5 Responses to “Norway visit of the BBS”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    Surely this trip to norway should bother buddhists. Dilantha has been working in the wold vission and it is not a good place for buddhists . SO it is good to question.

    but karu muslim threat to the world is very very dangerous . if they get a chance they will make sri lanka a muslim country like they did in other countries so we have to deal with them even before we solve our own problems like “”CHEEVARA DHARI “”””etc etc

  2. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    I am a supporter of BBS, but I have to think again.
    This Norway visit must be explained and exposed fully. Otherwise it proves BBS=LTTE.

    We need Prof. Lorenzo’s advice. Why is he silent ?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    BBS has answered all this.

    1 Norway arranged a peace meeting with BBS and Tamil Diaspora. A good move even by the devil.

    2 Their names are published.

    3 A Norwegian peace group.

    4 That group financed it.

    5 That is for the prelates, NOT BBS.

    BBS is not a hevenly group. But COMPARED TO ALL OTHERS, they are no worse.

    “Muslims are not known to engage in proselytization activities in Sri Lanka.”

    Absolutely wrong. They have the highest number of proselytization activities MAINLY targeting women. According to legend Arab MEN came to SL and married TAMIL HINDU WOMEN. They had to convert. That is how Muslims came to be fluent in Tamil (not Sinhala).

    Wimal W has STOPPED attacking BBS now.

    There is no need to DIVIDE patriots (anyone AGAINST 13 amendment is a patriot).

    JHU is bringing a move in parliament to SCRAP it. Now is NOT the time to DIVIDE the patriots. We need BBS, NFF, JHU, JVP, RB, SR, etc.

  4. sridaran Says:

    1. Peace meeting story is a farce ! Why should BBS meet the Eelamists ? What is there to discuss ?

    2. Names are no secret. Everyone knows who was on the flight. What’s the big deal ‘professor ‘ ??

    3. You accept BBS is ‘ not heavenly ‘ . Why can’t they be ? They are fighting for a noble cause , isn’t it ?

    4. You say ” According to legend Arab MEN came to SL and married TAMIL HINDU WOMEN ” . We are not fools to believe in your ‘legends ‘ professor. We need hard facts ! If you can’t substantiate your arguments with solid facts, then better keep quiet !!!!

  5. Senevirath Says:

    i aggree with lorenzo. at the moment we have to watch and safe guard B B S

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