South Sri Lanka
Posted on May 22nd, 2013

By Jay Deshabandu

The 13A amendment if fully implemented definitely gives much needed space for the separatists Tamil and pro LTTE terrorists the required legitimacy and political voice to divide our small island nation into two parts: North Sri Lanka and South Sri Lanka. In the 13th amendment, there is clear provision for North and East to merge and form a single province. The chief minister can take the role of a president within the province. It just does not stop there. It has belittled the powers of the parliament and even the executive president!

 The jurisdiction of the parliament will be only on the subjects such as national security, monetary policies etc, but all other subjects will fall into provincial subjects. The chief minister in any province can appoint his men to be the heads of the police in each province. The Tamil Eelam force would be developed under the pre-text of protection from Sinhalese and Tamil Nadu would provide necessary support base for the separation and total control.

 When land powers are allowed, no Sinhalese would be able to buy land in North or East! I predict that the north and east would be on course to have close relationship with Tamil Nadu and then there will be a fully pledged Tamil Elam in the not so distant future. It will come sooner than we think! Well come Tiger flag depicting North Sri Lanka will be displayed at the boarder between the South Sri Lanka and the North Sri Lanka! The North Sri Lanka will be renamed to a name like the Tamil Eelam paradise!

 In essence, the executive presidential role will be limited to South Sri Lanka! We will have to get a travel permit to visit north for any reason!

 Every peace loving citizen should extend their support to abolish this dysfunctional provincial system that sucks our national economy and resources and feeds corrupted politicians fat bellies.  Often, we hear local politicians raping children, married women in addition to stealing public funds. In one of the local council ( PS) the chairperson I know has employed many divorced females to work in his office. You can guess what is going on there.

 Meaningful, stable development cannot take in many provinces due to inefficiency of the system. During election times, we hear many politicians fighting each other even within the same party becoming murderers or monsters. JR created this mess under the pressure of Rajeev Gandhi.


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  1. Senevirath Says:

    Except tamil , and u.n.p politcians nobody wants provicial councils..patriots have been fighting to scrap 13a and p c s for more than25 years.this the reason voters elected mahinda. . he should have done it just after the army killed prabhakaran. but he didnt.
    people like prof nalin de silva and gunadasa amarasekara etcetc are the people who woke up “””JANA MANASA”””” to vote mahinda . but who are the people now advising mahinda…——– G.L PEIRIS JAYADEVA UYANGODA VICTOR IVON. DILAN, RAJITHA……… WHO WERE AGAINST THE UNITARY LANKA.


  2. douglas Says:

    I have said it earlier too and say it again: Immeadiately after winning the war Mahinda Rajapaka regime failed miserably to “PRIORITIZE” his “AGENDA”. His immeadiate attention should have been drawn to this 13th Amendment, because it is the “Achilles’ heel” the country had been faced with for so many years and years. But instead what did he do? He, gone overboard with victory, sought to establish his “ego-centric” and “image building” exercise and the first of this was to hold the Provincial Elections and win as many as PCs to his side. Even in this, he did not care to examine the crdentials of his nominees and that is how “thugs”, “underworld operatives”, “drug peddlers”, “criminals”, “family members and relations of Govt. Ministers and MPs” were elected on the strength of his “vision and mission”. He little realized this Provincial Election has to happen in the Provinces regained from the Terrorists and that demand will be made by the very forces who supported the “Seperatist Movement” from within and outside. India waited for the “failing moment” and started to twist the arms of MR and he too quite “oblivious” of the situation that would be created, promised even to give 13th PLUS.

    In this context we too failed to do our duty. When MR was getting ready to hold the Provincial Elections a “Public Opinion” should have been built with the long term effects in mind to either postpone or withhold it until the country re-addess and re-examine the 13th Amendment. We including the Government “succumbed” to internal and external pressures and today all are faced with a “dilemma”.

    However, we have to get out of this predicament. The only way, in my opinion, is for the citizens to make a “decision” whether to keep or get rid of the 13th Amendment. The Government must give that oppoortunity to the people. So let us not go “backward but forward.”

  3. Dilrook Says:

    There is a worse danger lurking – self-determination. Once the legalities and a degree of autonomy as provided by 13A is granted, the northern or north-eastern provincial council can make use of widely respected and enforceable concept of self-determination to create their own nation.

    I completely support the abrogation of 13A. However, there are things to do before repealing it. As we know India is totally against any move to repeal or tone down the 13A. We must be ready for the consequences following such a move. What’s needed is the re-militarisation of the north and getting assistance from now defunct Tamil paramilitary groups. Otherwise there will be another Indian intervention which will force a referendum in the north and the east for total seperation soon after 13A is repealed. That will lead to violent resistance and race riots in Trincomalee, Ampara, Colombo, etc.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Is this what nearly 30,000 Ranaviruwoes and 100,000 people sacrificed their lives and countless others their limbs and livelihood for? What the 13th Amendment and its other manifestations 13A and President promised 13+ will give all what the Eelamists wanted prior to the 30 year terrorist insurrection.

    If the President goes ahead with these measures to save himself from the UNHCR and the Christian West he will be commissioning Sri Lanka history’s biggest give away!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Would India (Delhi) really like Eelam formed ? There is a N-S divide in India. India would lose heavily if Eelam is formed. In fact, it would most probably bring in dismembering of India.

    Whom is India trying to please here ? TN leaders ? Foreign countries ?

    If Eelam is formed, the whole of Sri Lanka would be an appendage of Tamil Nadu and TN leaders would impose the caste system back in the new Eelam. The Caste system is strongly prevalent in Tamil Nadu, one of the areas in India strongest in caste imposition. Tamils of low caste & Dalit origin in TN flee to other countries (mostly Sri Lanka) to escape Caste Discrimination.

    In fact, the cry for Eelam is to escape caste discrimination. But forming Eelam will re-instate caste, and is counter productive to escaping caste.

    There are some 55 Million Tamil people in Tamil Nadu of which 10-15 Million are from low caste/Dalit origin.

    In the long run, removing the 13-A would actually help Tamils of Lanka.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Coastline & ports protection and the strongest laws possible should be put in place for NO illegal migrants to Sri Lanka, from anywhere, especially from Tamil Nadu.

    TN is quite capable of sorting out their problems. May they do so gently, with respect for all life.

  7. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    our megalomaniac won the war, built the road infra structure and now buckle down to indian and anglo pressure. it’s like releasing a pressure valve – all huppey! just because he won the war no one need to carry him on ones shoulder – time is ripe to give this man a good hiding.
    bbs is the answer to mahindas thuggery and intimidation. anyone can be kidnapped and killed in this country – well that doesn’t happen according to them well that is on the surface- but what is happening underneath is a completely different story. while the rajapakse families lead a live in oppulence the common man, the poor man the farmer suffer to the hilt.
    while the megalomaniac boasts of his achievements along with his henchmen protected by his corrupt murderous thugs, the poor just are impotent to do anything – not evento strike.
    bbs was wake up now and get the armed forces on their side and begin a big campaign to restore our heritage in sri lanka. if they fail the country will fail.

  8. Senevirath Says:

    Douglas devanandasays that he is not happy about the govt handling the lands in the north and he says”””’ if u demand the pound of flesh at once u will not get it at once……… u get what ever possible initially….””””
    that means he was and he is expecting the pound of flesh when ever possible but for the time being he has given up the idea
    HE will take what ever given at this moment and fight later . those are tactics…

    devananda or who ever get land powers will not allow sinhalese to have lands in the north– STILL-they have THESA WALMAI

  9. Marco Says:

    Douglas has made some very salient points.
    We appear to be missing golden opportunities time and again for selfish political reasons and not in the interest of ALL citizens. History keeps repeating itself except now its internationalised with the lack of law and order,governance issuies, independance of the judiciary and economic incompetance etc

  10. Lorenzo Says:



    “Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday warned the government of dire consequences in case the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) won the first northern provincial council election.

    The Defence Secretary was responding to a statement attributed to Petroleum Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, at Wednesday’s post-cabinet media briefing, that the election would be held in accordance with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Minister Yapa ruled out the possibility of diluting the 13th Amendment before the election.

    Asked whether he would publicly campaign against the decision, the Gajaba Regiment veteran said: “As the Secretary, Ministry of Defence, my responsibility is to warn the government of the grave repercussions of empowering a hostile provincial administration with land and police powers. Police powers in the hands of those still pursuing a separatist agenda can pose a severe threat to national security.”

    The Defence Secretary said that the government should carefully examine the 13th Amendment to the Constitution without succumbing to international and domestic pressure. Declining to comment on the

    SLFP-led UPFA being divided on the issue with some constituents, the National Freedom Front and the Jathika Hela Urumaya voicing strong opposition to the proposed polls, the Defence Secretary said that the northern provincial administration could pursue the eelam project.

    Responding to a query, the outspoken official said that he accepted the need to hold the northern provincial council election. “But having paid a heavy price in the battlefield to eradicate the LTTE, it would be foolish on our part to create conditions for a new war,” the Defence Secretary said. “I cannot impose my will on the political establishment. But, I intend to tell those who still consider the 13th Amendment as panacea for all our ills, it’ll be the primary cause for another conflict,” he said.

    Rajapaksa that the government should immediately launch a wide ranging discussion on the 13th Amendment. “Let there be an open discussion on the issue. The legal fraternity can also examine it,” the official said.

    Devolution of police and land powers meant that the Northern Province comprising the districts of Jaffna, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Mannar and Kilinochchi could pose a major security challenge, the Defence Secretary said. A hostile administration could interfere with anti-terrorism investigations undertaken by the government as well as positioning of personnel in the northern region, he said.

    Had the LTTE accepted the Indo-Lanka Accord (ILA) it could have had easily achieved eelam, the Defence Secretary said. Perhaps the LTTE, at that time, had failed to realize the 13th Amendment introduced in accordance with the ILA met its demand for a separate administration. Due to its arrogance and over confidence in military capability, the LTTE provoked the Indian Army to declare war on them in October 1987, the Defence Secretary said.”

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