“Gotabaya is not govt”: Sampanthan is no leader of a major Tamil political party
Posted on May 27th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

 Media reports on 27 May quote R. Sampanthan as having said, “Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse “¦ is not the government”. What the gentleman has ignored is that although media correspondents keep on referring to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) as the major Tamil party, the group cannot claim to represent even 4% of the population of Sri Lanka. TNA is, thus, not a major political party under any definition.

 If Sampanthan wants to say that Gotabhaya Rajapakse is not the government, let it be so. But the fact remains that it is the Defence Secretary who provided the military leadership that vanquished the LTTE leader and his terrorist outfit. Sri Lanka has returned to its former peaceful days after a curse that plagued the nation for three decades, and Sampanthan is among the individuals who benefits from the normalcy that exist today. Therefore, the Defence Secretary has every right to pronounce that police and land powers would not be given to the Northern Province, as such a measure is certain to be stepping stone to the mono-ethnic Eelam for which Pirabhaharan sacrificed thousands of innocent Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.

 Peace-loving Sri Lankans are tired of the incessant calls for solutions to the ethnic issue or to the ethnic problem that keep on coming ad nauseum from Samapanthan and his colleagues such as Sumanthiran, Premachandran and others. The reader is yet to see a clear enunciation of these problems that are specific to the Tamil community. Additionally, it is difficult to find any reference to statements made by the TNA leader or his partners that clearly indicate that they want to be nationals of a unitary Sri Lanka: all that we see is demands for greater powers to the provinces, which, as far as they are concerned, means to the Tamils of the North (and the East) to manage their affairs as a virtually separate nation.

 The UK government is moving to prevent the media such as BBC giving free air time and undue prominence to the UK-based hate preachers, after extremists have started attacking innocent people. It is time that the Sri Lanka government moves in the same direction and bans electronic as well as print media providing a platform to parties such as TNA to spread their anti-Sri Lanka campaigns. If this not done, the divisive moves, which are only verbal at the moment, will ultimately undermine the unitary and sovereign state that is Sri Lanka.


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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Iam inclined to think that Tamils have a DIARRHEAL PROBLEM, and it appears that the President has not apparently figured this out.

    It reminds me of a college day joke:-

    The Indian Chief had a bowel problem and was terribly constipated, and in agony. So he sent a messenger to the Town to seek a Doctor and bring him along. The messenger told the Doctor, “BIG CHIEF NO SHIT ” The Doctor immediately figured out the problem, and brought with him a good dose of Laxatives, and treated him. Off he went, hoping that everything will be OK. Next day the messenger rushed to the Doctor and told him, ” BIG SHIT, NO CHIEF “.

    So, I fervently believe that Sampandan and his ilk are asking for a similar Doctor, with a similar cure.

  2. mjaya Says:

    SW, the cure is very simple.

    Enforce the 6th Amendment and kick the TNA out of parliament.

    They have had enough benefits from your and my taxes.

    Gota is not the government, he is GREATER THAN THE GOVERNMENT!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    GR and MR are FOOLING the people.

    MR tries to win Tamilians and eastern Muslims with his 13 PLUS and 13 amendment.

    GR tries to win nationalists (mostly Sinhalese) with his anti 13 amendment STATEMENTS.

    At the end of the day NOTHING HAPPENS 13 amendment CONTINUES!!!

    For 3 years they had 2/3. We were FOOLED for 3 years already.

    No excuse for GR. He got the BIGGEST budget from the govt. He is ABOVE the govt. But he just makes statements and nothing happens.

    PLEASE understand and measure them by their ACTIONS not words.

    Who WITHDREW the army from the north? GR. Go to north and you will see NO ARMY camps now!!!
    After withdrawing army from camps, now GR tries to BUY (for money) land from northern Tamilians.
    But according to racist Vesawami law they cannot buy those land because they are NOT Valla-alla-la Tamilians!!
    TNA has filed 1,500 court cases under Vesawalami law to STOP it.

    Guess what, the land buying operation has ALSO STOPPED!!

    Don’t be fooled.

    LOVE SL not GR.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear old Billary Clinton is now positioning herself for a run for the US Presidency in 2016. She began in the time-honored traditional fashion of US Presidential candidates by announcing she had no interest whatever in running for the Presidency, which is of course pure HOGWASH!

    She declined to serve as the Secretary of State in Obama’s second term administration, so she could start disassociating herself from Obama’s policies, and have more freedom to pursue independent policies potentially critical of the Obama administration.

    Billary Clinton’s becoming the US President in 2016 presents HUGE problems for Sri Lanka. As we recall, Tamils for Clinton injected huge sums of illegal funds into Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Luckily, that illegal contribution of campaign funds was discovered, and the contributed funds were returned to the Tamils for Clinton front of the LTTE in a hurry by Billary’s campaign which feigned that she was not aware that the contribution was illegal.

    Billary, the woman of unbounded ambition that she is, did not lose sight of the fact that the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora represented a source of nearly UNLIMITED CAMPAIGN FUNDS if she runs for the US Presidency in 2016.
    As we all know, the US State Department under Billary’s control, took a very hardline against Sri Lanka … which continues to this day. Was there a connection between the promise of future funds in 2016 and the especially hardline she took against Sri Lanka during her tenure as Secretary of State, even going to the extent of pressuring the Government of Sri Lanka to allow the US to extract 50 of the top LTTE leaders, including Prabhakaran, out of the Mullaitivu pocket under the pretext of “saving lives of civilians”? We will never know really …. will we …. unless another Wikileaks spills the beans a decade from now!!

    Lo and behold, UNLIMITED CAMPAIGN FUNDS can NOW be contributed LEGALLY! The US Supreme Court decision that held that UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS can be LEGALLY donated to third-party political groups supporting political candidates in elections, but not directly to the candidates themselves, unleashed a FLOOD OF LOBBYISTS MONEY in the 2012 US Presidential election, undermining the very basis of American democracy. It is now Government OF the LOBBYISTS, BY the LOBBYISTS, FOR the LOBBYISTS in America.

    This law is unlikely to be repealed before the 2016 US Presidential elections, which means that Tamil Eelamists can contribute UNLIMITED FUNDS again to Billary Clinton’s campaign for the US Presidency in 2016. Having already demonstrated her undying support for the Eelamist cause, there is no doubt that a veritable FLOOD of Tamil Diaspora money will find its way into her campaign coffers. So much then for the PATRIOTISM OF US POLITICIANS serving the BEST INTEREST of their Nation; they are bought and sold like cattle at an auction.

    The bottomline is: the GOSL should ANTICIPATE & PREPARE for the possibility that Billary Clinton could become the next President of the United States, and if elected, could adopt policies EXTREMELY THREATENING to Sri Lanka’s survival as an Undivided Sovereign Nation.

    I recommend that the GOSL REPEAL the 13th Amendment, and DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System now leaving a few years to stabilize a new System of Governance, establish new DIPLOMATIC, ECONOMIC and Trade links to prepare for that event.

    Since CAMPAIGN FUNDS can now be contributed LEGALLY by any source to political lobbies, including foreign governments, it is possible, for example, for the GOSL to contribute more funds than the Tamil Diaspora can to the Republican Presidential candidate. Surely, a 250 Million USD campaign contribution would be well worth the money in return on the dollar to Sri Lanka’s security and survival!!

    If the RUMP of the World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Movement (CIA assessment) can buy US politicians legally to serve their interests undermining the very fabric of American politics, why can’t a legal and legitimate FRIENDLY government do so to counter that move FUNDAMENTALLY INIMICAL to the long-term INTERESTS of the United States?

  5. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Tend to agree with Lorenzo.

    Now they are fooling all of us.
    Colombans have taken over. Back to JR’s fooling system now.
    Wimal Weerawansa now fighting for cattle.
    Gota talking about 13 A
    MR given orders to hold elections in the North to hand over the country to bloody Endians !

  6. Universal Citizen Says:

    Someone wants a republican president very badly or at least a supportive democrat president. So the approach from lobbying for a Republican candidate has changed to lobbying for a Republican and a Democrat candidate. And if they can support a loosing democrat that would be the best formula. Now who can be that someone ….

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Gota should tell these things to his brother the president, not to newspapers and the people.

    I don’t like the American in Gota – say one thing and does the opposite.

    I also don’t like the JHU duplicity. They PROMISED to bring it as a private member’s motion to parliament. Where the hell is it?

    Wimal W promised the same thing? Where is it Wimal?

    They are all fooling us like the govts did from 1983 to 2006. Total BS news was given to us that looked like we were killing not just tigers but all of Endia!!! But when reality hit we knew its all acting.

  8. ranjit Says:

    O.K.guys so you don’t like GR,MR,BR and the gang then who do you like? Ranil the pimp, Mangalaya the mud slinger, Sampanthan the terrorist, Lal Kantha the fish monger or that power hungry yankee doodle Ponnaseka? Do not belive in story tellers just keep on your trust on Rajapksas and no one need to fear that they will give this and that to anyone. They love our country like we do and they will do their best to keep our lion flag up and fluttering from Dondra to Peduru Thuduwa.

    Let all those shit bullshit opposition traitors make stories against the Govt OR Rajapaksas they will survive and only way they can do what they want is only thru the ballot in the next General elections not before. No body is fooling anybody except you fool yourself in beliving those bull shiters. Come on man! take it easy. Only good will happen to my beloved country as long as these bunch is governing. Dont think that Ranil and the shit clan do a better job. They are all day dreamers my friend. Sampanthan is a Rat and you know what will happen to a rat.Wait and see.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    If elections are held for north PC, TNA and TNPF will win ALL seats (except may be 5%). Then it is Tamil Elam by another name.


    To stop the break up of the country at ANY cost. Please take note – at ANY cost.

    As my granddad used to say, “if I ain’t gonna cut that chook son, no drumsticks tonight”. :((
    (Now as an adult I don’t consume meat.)


    IF govt. calls for an election for the north PC,

    1 “LTTE” should REJECT provincial councils as it did in 1988 calling for FULL TE as per Vadakundi resolution.
    2 Statements under the LTTE letterhead should be PUBLISHED for all to see.
    3 Then “LTTE” should make a threat (AS IN 1988) NOT TO participate in the election.
    4 ALL participants will be bumped out by the “LTTE”.

    It has NO IMPACT on tourism because TOURISTS don’t go to the north now. Even if they go, the money goes to TNA not to Sinhalese or Muslims.


    Is it worth it? Absolutely!

    If we think of achieving and preserving the peace we have WITHOUT further sacrifices, we are DAMN FOOLS. Lets not have any illusions about it.

    NO COUNTRY has achieved or MAINTAINED peace without sacrifices. Defending a nation against BARBARIANS means doing MANY NASTY things. But otherwise all turn barbaric which is worse.

    We can blame the darkness till asses come home OR we can light up a freakking candle.

    This is where REAL patriots are separated from FAKES. A REAL patriot will not hesitate to do ANYTHING to defend this nation, right or wrong, moral or immoral, decent or indecent, civilized or barbaric.

    BEST defenders of nations around the world are trained with this indoctrination. And we need the BEST of the best to save SL now.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    I have answered you.

    UriNePee pimps, JVP junk and Gonzeka goons are WORTHLESS even to discuss. We are looking UPWARD from the MR and GR team.

    If you tell me MR and GR are perfect or near perfect, I don’t trust you. Many people don’t. We need ACTION from them. They have the 2/3. Otherwise they too are useless. That is how the history will judge them. A 2009 WIN but a 2013 DEFEAT.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    JHU to hand over private member’s motion on abolishing 13 A tomorrow

    by Ranil Dharmasena
    May 27, 2013

    The Jathika Hela Urumaya would hand over a private member’s motion to the Secretary General of Parliament tomorrow, seeking to repeal the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which established the Provincial Councils, Western Provincial Council Minister Udaya Gamanpila said yesterday.

    Gamanpila told The Island that the Sinhala and English versions of the proposed draft bill were ready and the Tamil translation too would be ready by today.

    After handing over the bill, they would meet all political parties represented in Parliament, including the Tamil National Alliance, to apprise them of the importance of abolishing the 13th Amendment.

  12. jay-ran Says:

    Pl remember! You follas cannot fool TAMILS WHO HAVE BEEN AL>READY MISLED B Y LTTE & NOW THE BRUTES TNA!!!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    I like Sunil Mahattaya’s solution also: “There should be a 5th option~ provide facilitated exit for dissenting Tamils and others who do not want to be part of Sri Lanka’s guide lines for all citizens who wish to continue living there, to anywhere they want to go.”

    Not only Tamils, ANYONE who cannot abide by the laws of Sri Lanka that apply EQUALLY to ALL CITIZENS should be ASSISTED to LEAVE Sri Lanka for “Greener Pastures”.

    The Government Assistance for Voluntarily Departing Immigrants could include: Buying the Real Estate belonging to that person at an ABOVE MARKET PRICE, allowing the one-time tax and duty-free export, and foreign exchange conversion of all monetary assets, providing government assistance getting an immigration visa to a country of his/her choice, providing all of the documentation necessary for immigration (birth certificates, educational diplomas, health vaccinations etc).

    All of this ASSISTANCE given to Voluntarily Departing Immigrants would be CONDITIONED on their SIGNING A LEGAL AGREEMENT GIVING UP Sri Lankan citizenship of THEMSELVES and ALL OF THEIR UNDER-AGE DEPENDENTS in PERPETUITY.

    Nothing could be FAIRER: If you are terminally DISSATISFIED living in Sri Lanka, for God’s Sake GO WHEREVER the Grass appears to be Greener, with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE with our FERVENT BLESSINGS!

    Sri Lanka would be much better off without TERMINALLY DISSATISFIED TROUBLEMAKERS who are not committed to respecting, defending and loving their Motherland as DUTIFUL citizens are required to do.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Jayawewa! A 3rd Expressway for Sri Lanka.

    May the Noble Triple Gem Bless and Protect China … the Stalwart Friend of Sri Lanka.

    China to fund construction of Northern Expressway in Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 28, Beijing: China has pledged to provide further funding to develop Sri Lanka’s transport sector that includes a number of expressways, road networks and railway lines.

    During bilateral discussions held between Sri Lanka and China in Beijing Tuesday, the two countries signed an agreement for China to fund the construction of a new Northern Expressway from Colombo to Jaffna.

    As a part of the proposed aid to develop Sri Lanka’s transportation sector, the Chinese government will also aid developing a Colombo-Kandy-Kurunegala expressway and extending the southern expressway from Matara to Kataragama.

    Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Minister Professor G.L. Peiris, speaking to Chinese investors and representatives of the corporate sector of China at an event in Beijing today presented main advantages Sri Lanka can offer as a destination for investment and trade.

    The event “Sri Lanka: Promising Business Destination” was organized by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing and the Export Development Board.

    The programme emphasized on matching arrangements between Sri Lankan and Chinese companies for the purpose of increasing volumes of trade between the two countries.

  15. douglas Says:

    Did you read the statement made by TNA leader R.Sampanthan in Parliament on 21st May 2013.? I refer you to the following among other matters he has dealt with.’

    “Sir, with due respect, the term “democracy” has no meaning as far as the Tamil people are concerned. The democratic verdict of the Tamil people since 1956 clearly mandated substantial self-rule and autonomy in the North and the East within a unified country.” Then again he goes on to say:

    “A lesson that need to be learnt Sir, from this country’s history since independence is that Sri lanka has not been able to evolve a Constitution based upon the consensus of its people, its multiethnic polity. Both the 1972 and 1978 Constitutions framed after independence, lacked Tamil consensus and were instrumental in character being enacted by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party respectively to further their political ambitions”.

    With above expressions what do we need to ask this person again and again. He wants “substantial self-rule and autonomy in the North and East”. Can we teach him anything more as regards a “Constitution based upon the consensus of its people”. What is the proposal of a Parliamentary Seclect Committee that Rajapakse is insisting going to achieve?. It is time for all of them to understand that they cannot fool all the people all the time. I observe that people have already started “writing on the wall”. Rajapakses better make a “note”.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “There should be a 5th option~ provide facilitated exit for dissenting Tamils and others who do not want to be part of Sri Lanka’s guide lines for all citizens who wish to continue living there, to anywhere they want to go.”

    I AGREE.

    It should be for ALL income levels of Tamils who disagree with SL. Making Sinhala the ONLY official language is the BEST way to do it.

    “China to fund construction of Northern Expressway in Sri Lanka from Colombo to Jaffna”

    Another FOOLISH thing.

    This is another waste of money.

    SETTLE Sinhalese and Muslims in the north INSTEAD without beating about the bush fools.

  17. sridaran Says:

    @Lorenzo Appuhamy : You say ” It should be for ALL income levels of Tamils who disagree with SL. Making Sinhala the ONLY official language is the BEST way to do it.

    First of all , let us know whether you are a Tamil or a Sinhalese ? Don’t be afraid – you are anonymous on the internet . A Tamil will NEVER request making Sinhala the ONLY official language. Even moderate Sinhala friends want both Sinhala and Tamil as National languages. But you are SO adamant . You have to be a Sinhala extremist . Pls take off your Tamil cover Lorenzo Appuhamy !

    Another idiotic utterence from LA : “China to fund construction of Northern Expressway in Sri Lanka from Colombo to Jaffna” Another FOOLISH thing. This is another waste of money.”

    So, developing the infrastructure of a country is a FOOLISH thing according to your half baked mind, is it LA ? Building Highways, Airports, Harbours, Industry – everything is a waste of money , is it ?? By the way, Jaffna is part of Sri Lanka , isn’t it ? It is not a foreign destination . The Sri Lankan govt. is connecting all major areas of SL with Expressways. That is the correct thing to do. You say it is a waste of money . When will you stop this idiotic behaviour ???

  18. ranjit Says:

    Lorenzo my dear friend and brother I agree with you whole heartedly that Opposition goons are pimps and traitors and if the MR,GR,BR combination do not do what we expect from them they will have to go. By having 2/3 in parliament they can do wonders to make it right for all of us to live in peace and harmony. I cannot understand why the delay. I worship them for one thing that they destroyed the most barbaric cold blooded murder outfit in the world although nobody believed anyone can do it. I never thought Velupillai will go to hell nor his bloody murderers because they had such power and the backing of all traitors and enemies of our land.

    Sampathan and the TNA rats will face the same fate one day for dragging innocent Tamils to a dangerous path again. These scorpions must be severly dealt with and only heros who can do it is MR.GR combination. China coming to our aid and friendship is million times better than the Indian vultures who destroyed our peace and country for thirty long years. They are worst rats than the big rat Sampathan and his cronies. I wish they have more violence and deaths from the MAOists because they too should understand the suffering of the innocent people. I dont have any tears for Americans & Indians. The nature will punish them for crimes against humanity.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    I sincerely hope so.

    What interests me MOST is how ALL anti-SL dirt is UNITED!! INCREDIBLE unity. As thick as thieves.

    AXIS POWERS – USA-EU-Endia-Japan

    (And their other small time losers.)

    The FURTHERST is Endia. So DISMANTLING this AXIS of evil should start from Endia.

  20. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    At the last elections, the majority of Tamils in the Northern Province refrained from voting for any political party and the TNA was able to get the vote of only around 10% of the Northern Tamils. This clearly shows that the TNA cannot speak for all Tamils and the Govt should not negotiate only with the TNA as regards Tamil aspirations.
    Having fought and won the war with the LTTE after a long conflict, why would anyone give in to the TNA, which acts like a proxy for the defeated LTTE.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:


    I COMPLETELY disagree. We need DEFENCE, DIPLOMATIC and ECONOMIC help from the China which is superbly CAPABLE & WILLING to do ALL of these for Sri Lanka.

    Strength in these two areas COMPLEMENT each other, and one cannot be sustained without the other. No one will want a perpetually poverty stricken country, incapable of either defending itself or fending for itself economically as a long-term ally. If Sri Lanka becomes ECONOMICALLY strong many of our current critics will abandon their current self-serving criticisms because the ECONOMIC & TRADE benefits they get from Sri Lanka are GREATER.

    China has ALREADY helped Sri Lanka in BOTH areas at CRITICAL TIMES. They provided the bulk of the Weapons we needed to defeat the LTTE, shielded Sri Lanka from UNFAIR criticism and calls to halt the offensive at the UN … as they still do … and gave Sri Lanka large loans and grants amounting to billions of US dollars that allowed the offensive to keep going to its successful end.

    China has been the largest donor of development funds to Sri Lanka for many years now. Most of the major infrastructure projects completed in Sri Lanka, the Southern and Katunayake Expressways and other roads, the Hambantota Shipping port and Mattala International Airport, many Electric Power plants, many Bridges, Hospitals and Schools … come immediately to mind. The building of a new Northern Colombo-Anuradhaoura-Jaffna Expressway, and a Colombo-Kurunegala-Kandy Expressway are also scheduled to be built with Chinese loans.

    Infrastructure spending is the BEST form of government spending bar-none, because it is an INVESTMENT in the country’s future growth, unlike CONSUMPTION spending which is gone once the money is spent. These INVESTMENTS are dragging Sri Lanka by the scruff of its neck into achieving our goal of joining the developed world as the New Wonder of Asia just as Singapore and South Korea did.

    Which other nation would give Sri Lanka such assistance? USA? Heck NO!

    The ONLY Superpower … that vociferously champions a global anti-terrorism agenda and human rights against others … but demonized Sri Lanka at the UN and gave Sri Lanka less than $25 million in aid last year … almost all of it to NGOs for activities designed to undermine the Sri Lankan State. Instead of giving BIG loans at favorable rates, the US frequently erects barriers to Sri Lanka getting IMF loans and denies most favorable trading partner benefits to Sri Lankan exports to the USA.

    I recall that two other countries that FINANCIALLY assisted Sri Lanka during the throes of the Eelam conflict were Iran ($ 2 billion loan and favorable oil prices) and Gaddafi’s Libya ($ 2 billion loan).

    Those who say Sri Lanka is getting too much in debt to China forget that NO ONE ELSE helps Sri Lanka in such a big way. India spends most of its aid helping the formerly Separatist Tamils in the war-torn North, to primarily to build homes … not for INFRASTRUCTURE development that would help us COMPETE against India in South Asia.

    We HAVE TO INVEST HEAVILY in DEVELOPMENT and EDUCATION/SKILLS TRAINING facilities, or Sri Lanka will forever remain mired in the third world. Therefore, WE HAVE TO GET the funds for it from somewhere.

    Funds from China, the TRIED, TESTED and TRUE friend-in-need of Sri Lanka, is the best MOST RELIABLE money we can get for this purpose.

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