The biography chronicles the first half of the Tangalle-born N.U. Jayawardena
Posted on June 7th, 2013

Gamini Godakanda

The first copy of the Sinhala translation of the biography, N.U. Jayawardena “”…” The First Five Decades, was handed over to President Mahinda Rajapaksa recently. The authors of the book are Kumari Jayawardena (NU’s daughter-in-law) and Jennifer Moragoda (his granddaughter-in-law) and the translation was by Sunethra Siriwardena. This edition of the book is being published by Godage Publishers. The book was handed over by members of the family, the authors and the publisher.

The biography chronicles the first half of the long life and varied career of Tangalle-born N.U. Jayawardena (1908-2002), son of a provincial resthouse keeper who rose to become the first Sri Lankan Governor of the Central Bank and a leading figure in the private sector.  The book examines the formative experiences in N.U. Jayawardena’s early life and career, and the role he played, behind the scenes, in shaping some of Sri Lanka’s key financial and economic infrastructure. His life is set against the backdrop of the dramatic political, economic and social upheavals of the first half of the 20th century, such as the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Second World War, and the period of Sri Lanka’s transition into an independent nation. The original English version of the biography was published in 2008 to mark Deshamanya N.U. Jayawardena’s birth centenary.

N U J Book Sinhala to HE

– The authors of the book are Kumari Jayawardena (NU’s daughter-in-law) and Jennifer Moragoda (his granddaughter-in-law) translater Sunethra Siriwardena, Central Bank Governor Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraaland and Mr. Sirisumana Godage with President Mahinda Rajapaksa


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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    It brings me a lot of Happiness, to see Famous Names of yester-year being kept alive by the progeny of a leading Businessman, whose name thundered in the elite business circles in Colombo and around the Country. Iam very proud to say that my family had some friendly connections to his wife’s side. Here is my two cents worth on that:-

    My uncle Bennet Pallage was then a Valuation Inspector living as a bachelor, in Beach Road Kalutara. His neighbor was if I remember right was Dr. D.B.J.De Silva and family. He was so friendly with them, and he brought this whole family to our ancestral home, right opposite the then Urban Council Kotte. They came in a huge four door box model Austin, chauffeur driven. A great friendship was being established, and I was a small boy then. Then came a time when two of the sons of the Dr. Silva family, Stanley and Percy came to live in our house, and we used to go to College together~~St. Joseph’s College. I enjoyed the company of Stanley and Percy. We pool together the balance cents out of our lunch money, and it was Stanleys idea, that we buy a chundu of Rata Cadju, and a can of condensed milk, bring it home into our room, and eat a handful of Rata Cadju, with a table spoonful of condensed milk. This treat was quite often. Then came a time when the Silva family moved to a house in Kotahena, and we used to visit them quite often. I was very sad to miss Stanley and Percy. It was during our visits that I came to know more about the members of the family. There was Amibelle, Leslie, Manel, and ofcourse Stanley and Percy amongst others. They were all school going at that time. As time passed NUJ came to live with the family whilst attending Law College. Perhaps a romance was building and later he married Amibelle. I remember Amibelle pinching my ear as a small boy. As life went on and time passed, I used to pay a courtesy call once in a while, and see Amibelle at their house in, if I remember the name correct, Edinburg Crescent, the road opposite the Museum, leading to Royal Primary, and Womens International. I used to talk about the good old days and about Stanley and Percy whom I missed very much. Stanley was a Planter, I cannot remember what Percy did, but I do remember that he was in the Group that sang “Kisses in the dark “. Leslie was a Jet Pilot. Time passed so fast, that it broke my heart to know that Amibelle left this planet, a person whom I knew as a school girl, to a High Society Colombo Elitist. I once met NUJ personally during one of my visits to see Amibelle. I write all this with fond memories and lots of love for them.

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