The UK Should Hang Its Head In Shame Over The Tolerance Of LTTE Activists!
Posted on June 23rd, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

June 26th 2013The recent turn of events which saw some attrocious behaviousr by Tamil Tiger activists in the UK during Sri Lanka’s Champion’s Trophy cricket final at Cardiff, Wales brings to bear the apathy on the part of the British authorities who do not seem to have prioritised the importance of  hounding and incarcerating the vermin who call themselves the LTTE  and their supportives in the manner other countries have done towards implementing their outlawed and banned status!

Thankfully countries like Canada , the US and Australia amongst others have adopted a zero tolerance of these criminals and their supportives and perhaps its high time the Brits also knuckled down towards adopting the same  so that innocent people will not be harrassed or intimidated by these wretched aberrations of humanity who need to be stamped out in their entirety to make the world a safer and better place inasmuch as the Taliban, Al Quaeda and the rest of the pitiful psychotic lot who go about disrupting peoples lives with impunity or even if impounded get away lightly!
It becomes quite an alarming revelation  to learn that all the  incidents which transpired in Wales just days ago amounting to criminal activity and the breach of public peace took place  despite The British government and Scotland Yard having been been alerted two days prior to the Sri Lanka vs. India ICC Champions Trophy game  last Thursday in Cardiff it has been learnt through investigative reports.
They had been warned that there was a likely threat to the Sri Lankan cricket team from LTTE supporters in England according to very reliable reports. This was proven correct by the pitch invasions which took place and perhaps affected the Sri Lankan team whose lacklustre performance seemed attributable to some reason which may not have been comprehendible to the ordinary observer  as some  sports analysts seem to think where the trauma going back to the horrendous attacks in Lahore, Pakistan some years ago may have played on their minds here also.
But it was not the team alone that was targetted but Sri Lankans including women and children sporting emblemed sweaters and carrying flags who were assaulted, chilly powder thrown in their faces and some  needing hospitalisation and treatment which truly is an abject shame for the organisers, co-ordinators of security for sports in Britain as well as the Government and its law enforcement agencies such as the Metropolitan police as well as Scotland Yard bearing in mind that attrocities against Sinhalese by the cowardly Tamil LTTE activists in various parts of the country appear to be a regular occurrence which most times go unpunished. 

To all intents and purposes  there appears to have been  a security lapse on the part of British authorities to prevent LTTE supporters from getting close to the Sri Lanka cricket team members and if this is proven true they need to re-think their stragies and make sporting events safer for both the players as well as the public before another fiasco of this nature or worse transpires.
The following report fom the grounds, shocking at the brazenness of it all endorsed by eyewitnesses and the Government of Sri Lanka, later briefed about it  portrays the  viciousness and malice of the perpetrators as well as the responses from the authorities  where ” LTTE supporters carrying anti-government placards and LTTE flags stormed the cricket grounds during the Sri Lankan innings and later the Indian innings and had to be restrained after they got close to the players.
After the match the Sri Lankan cricket team bus was blocked by more LTTE supporters before they were cleared by the police.
Media reports said that at least 400 protesters stood barely 500 yards away from the team pavilion which was cordoned off by security men. No protests were shown to the Indian team and their bus left as scheduled.  The British police had arrested some of the protestors but the Sri Lankan Government wants to see if the team was given adequate security based on the security threat.

Britain’s NDTV reported that a security guard, who did not want to be quoted, said the protestors had slipped in as Indian supporters, draping themselves in the tri-colour. “It was impossible to recognize them because 90 percent of the fans today were Indians,” he said.
The International Cricket Council was caught off-guard. The matches in the tournament had been peaceful till last Thursday’s incident with each team being provided with at least three body guards as per anti-corruption and security norms. Claire Gatcum of the England and Wales Cricket Board told NDTV the police was investigating the case and there were no comments to be made.The protestors who invaded the pitch were arrested and could face fines up to 1000 UK Pounds each, NDTV added.”
While there  are no no excuses for such lapses (which indeed they are) on the part of the authorities anywhere in the world, least of all in the UK where so much talk goes on about the safety measures taken during sporting events, it must also be remembered that hooliganism, vandalism and rivalry involving violence is nothing new to the country but more prevalent around  the game of soccer which mercifully seems to be under control today dure to the strict measures enforced.
Cricket however which is said to be the gentlemen’s game based on the tenets attributed to it  now seems in peril of losing its good name through the actions of a puny bunch of thugs interlinked with terrorists where before long if tolerated could sully all sports and something for the Brits to watch out for especially if they carry flags of Tamil Tiger Eelam which could easily spread into the rivalries surrounding other ethnicities and their sporting events where Britain being a multicultural society could become a hotbed of unmitigated violence if stringent measures aren’t taken quickly.
It is also a reflection on what much of the world views in contentious perspective that the Tamil Tigers and their supportives are a criminaly motivated lot whose very existences need to be frowned upon towards extinction and cast out of  any realm of acceptibility wherever there are decent freedom loving human beings as they are fast becoming a vexation to humanity. 
It is also an irony that the measures taken in Sri Lanka to stamp out these vermin are frowned upon by certain pompous big wigs of the West who continue to sing sympathy songs in their favour and need to open their eyes and minds a bit wider to comprehend the harm they are continuing to inflict on a world that watches aghast at the apathy of it all! 

12 Responses to “The UK Should Hang Its Head In Shame Over The Tolerance Of LTTE Activists!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    UK govt. will not do much.

    Photograph these terrorists.

    Hunt down the old terrorists in SL who sired them.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    The statement by the SLHC in the UK had indicated that notice of the event and the possibility of disruption was given to the Police 2 days in advance. Was that enough notice?
    The SLHC should also follow up names of the culprits picked out by the Police and check them out. They could be illegals from Sri Lanka who should have no business here!! – S de Silva – London

  3. GG Says:

    Well Wrote, By A Thinking Mind, Sri Lanka Needs Much More Of These To Squash Down False Allegations And Tell The World Who Has Faulted Human Rights.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    A formal demand from Colombo should be made to 10 Downing street that the UK is responsible for hosting terrorists that are an existential threat to Sri Lanka. Failure to deal with these LITE supporters as terrorists intent on dividing sri Lanka would lead to a breach in relations. If the UK continues to ignore Sri Lanka then close Sri Lanka’s Embassy in the UK and do the same to the UK Embassy in Sri Lanka. If there are legal ways to bring this issue to the UN then do so as soon as possible. Like the post war Jews start making a list of nations that harbor LITE cadres and sympathizers which then should be reported to the UN. Make an example of those nations who are flagrantly hosting large numbers of LITE and the other nations will get the message.

  5. D De Silva Says:

    My friends and I were born and bred in the United Kingdom, we are qualified professionals having paid our taxes and ni contributions all our lives. We take great pride in supporting our national team, we appreciate and support every single player regardless of religion and culture. We purchased tickets for our families, which included young children whom one day will aspire to be the next Kumar, Murali or Mahela! It was a very sad day not only for cricket but also for Sri Lanka. Our children were bullied and traumatised by the disgusting display of thuggish behaviour, these kids are innocent victims and should never have been exposed to such a hostile environment. What made matters worse was the clear lack of protection by the British police, to me and my family members. Having endured my friend being blinded by the effect of chillie powder in her eyes and our children in hysterical crying and screaming we were left to fend for ourselves and find our own safety out of there.
    Since the awful event, we have learnt that our own UK High Commissioner was escorted out of harms way whilst the remaining Sri Lankan’s were left to suffer and exposed to unacceptable abuse. We must state that there were indeed a lot of genuine Indian families that were willing to stand beside us and help us out of there……as they realised we couldnt rely on our British Police Force.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  7. Jayantha Says:

    While all this was going on where was Channel 4.

    It is a good thing that wide coverage was given to thuggery by LTTE supporters in UK and the lack of interest and impotence shown by UK police. Otherwise we could be seeing another Channel 4 documentary next March showing poor innocent UK Tamils molested, the women raped in UK by Sri Lankan undercover Task Force Members in plain clothes sent by Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary and by the marauding Sri Lankan Cricketers and by their evil supporters.

    How about it Channel 4.

    JP / USA

  8. Sarath W Says:

    The stupid Brits have not learned a lesson yet from the recent terrorist activities in London.By encouraging those LTTE terrorist thugs against the Sri Lankan cricketers and supporters they are only encouraging other terrorist activities in their own soil.The Brits are still angry with the Sinhalese for chasing them from Sri Lanka, nationalizing their tea estates and eliminating the Tamil tigers.

  9. T Perera Says:

    I am a British citizen living in UK who travels to Sri Lanka at least twice a year as that is still my homeland. I am still shocked by the incident that took place on Cathedral Road in Cardiff. The Eelam supporter who wiped my face with Chilli Powder must be proud of his achievement. Let me say you attacked a woman with children, whilst peacefully walking on the streets of Cardiff.
    Why, did you not have the courage to face the Sri Lankan boys who were beside me, who helped us get out of the stadium without any trouble?
    My 7 year old son & nephew were so excited to be at the cricket semi finals against India and were also very saddened by the defeat. They were traumatised by your actions, which I hope won’t scare them for life.
    We are proud to say we are Sri Lankan and will always support our National Team where ever they go. I was wearing my Sri Lankan t-shirt and had the Sri Lankan flag tied around my neck. I was asked by the local Police to remove them both, if then I would have walked out in my undergarments. I refused to remove anything. I am Sri Lankan and I came to support my nation.
    The Police were a total disappointment. How did they expect this protest to be a calm civilised one when every person taking part in the protest had anger, hatred & animosity over all the Sri Lankan supporters present? There were 4 incidents reported and many of the LTTE protestors were verbally abusive to all cricket fans.
    Even hours after being affected by the chilli powder attack we still could not reach our vehicle. We were surrounded by LTTE protestors who then attacked me with a metal object in the presence of the Police. By this time I was totally disgusted by the actions of the Police who we assume are there to protect us. I am a professional paying tax and NI which contributes towards the salaries of these government servants. The least I expect from them is to do their job, give us protection and safeguard my family and me at a situation like above.
    I kindly request the ICC and the British Authorities to rethink as to why they allowed such a protest to carry on for the whole day. Would you have tolerated the same if it was a group of Al-Qaida separatists pushing a peaceful riot at a sporting event, let alone by the Parliament?
    I am ashamed to call my self British, not only was I assaulted verbally and physically but also to be abused by the government authorities was totally unacceptable.

  10. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Britain admitted the dregs of society from their colonies and lately the Sakkili terrorists in the guise of refugee and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka who are tantamount to being outcasts and have no place in Sri Lanka as they too are the dregs of unwanted scum who run all over the world painting false portrayals of Sri Lanka seeking refuge bemoaning cooked up Sinhala attrocities when all the while they were the culprits responsible for attrocities against a sovereign nation and her ethnic majority.These types however are far removed from decent classy Sri Lankan Tamils, names such as Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Lakshman Kadirgamar etc in a very long list who have brough the highest distinction to their homeland without screaming terrorist slogans or resorting to terrorist acts thankfully.This is why the downing of Velupillai Prabhakaran was the singlemost act of patriotism ever enacted by President Rajapaksa and his troops and there is little or no likelihood they will ever surface in Sri Lanka again. That they continue their merry way in other parts of the world reflects the apathy and indifference of those countries who will only open their eyes if these spawns of the devil turn on ethnicities other than immigrant Sinhalese and begin causing mayhem.There are sure indications of this transpiring if they are not confronted and dealt with ere long!

  11. Voice123 Says:

    We cant do anything what happens in the UK but we can prepare some extra hot chilly powder for our TNA fans in Colombo.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    India FALLS FAR BEHIND Sri Lanka in child welfare and mortality rate.

    This is why India …. with its “Federal System” and “Largest Democracy” ….. PRAISED TO HIGH HEAVEN by Western Neo-Colonialists plying their own agendas, has NO Moral Authority or Experience in developing an EQUITABLE SOCIETY to PREACH Governance to Sri Lanka.

    Why should Sri Lanka INFECT itself with the SAME COMMUNAL DISEASES afflicting India? Why?

    NO 13th Amendment & NO Provincial Councils designed to convert Sri Lanka into a Patchwork Nation of Racist Communal Bantustans beyond the CONTROL of the National Government, so EVERY Foreign & Local Anti-National entity can RESUME its WATUSI dance.

    Do Not INFLICT MORE BUREAUCRACY upon Sri Lanka. INTEGRATE Sri Lanka instead of DISINTEGRATING Sri Lanka.

    Rise Up …. O Patriots of Mother Lanka …. Rise Up to REPEAL this Foreign BALL & CHAIN Shackling Mother Lanka, and RESTORE its SOVEREIGN CROWN to our hallowed sceptered resplendent Isle!

    ‘India lags in reducing infant mortality rate’

    By Express News Service – CHENNAI
    June 29, 2013

    The likes of Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have overtaken India in reducing the rate of mortality among children under the age of five (U5MR), according to a report released by UNICEF in Chennai on Friday. The ‘State of the World’s Children 2013’ ranks India at 49th place out of 195 countries in U5MR, which is a crucial indicator of health and well-being of children.

    This year’s report, which is based on data from 2011, puts U5MR in India at 61 deaths out of 1,000 live births.

    The U5MR for boys was 59 per 1,000 while the corresponding figure for girls was 64. The infant mortality rate, which measures mortality among children below 1 year was 47 per 1,000 live births.

    The report also assessed other issues including education and marriage among children.

    In terms of education among youth (15-24 years), the report points out that 88 per cent young men and 74 per cent of young women are literate.

    Interestingly, net attendance ratio in secondary schools in India was as low as 59 per cent in males and 49 per cent in females in 2007-11.

    At primary school level, net attendance ratio was significantly higher at 85 per cent in males and 81 in females, thus pointing at increasing school absenteeism and dropout rates at secondary level.

    As per data from 2002-2011, about 12 per cent of children in India are child labourers while 18 per cent are married by the age of 15. By the age of 18, 47 per cent of India’s youth are married.

    Five per cent of adolescents (aged 10-19) males and 30 per cent of adolescent females are married or in union. Out of this, 57 percentage of adolescent males justified wife beating.

    Meanwhile, birth registration in India was as low as 41 per cent in 2005-11. This accounts to 59 percentage of registration in urban areas and 35 percent in rural areas.

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