Posted on June 28th, 2013


This article is not intended to create religious disharmony in any shape or form, instead to provide a forum to determine whether the Catholic/Christian Church movement in Sri Lanka is a genuine partner with love and commitment for safeguarding the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. By contrast, the Buddhist monks are in the forefront of safeguarding the Nation on all national issues.  Currently there are several Buddhist organizations such as newly formed Bodu Bala Sena, Ravana Ravaya etc., as well as well-established old movements like All Ceylon Buddhist Congress, YMBA etc. The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka is also a well-established unit, with its closed door policy lacking transparency.


It is a well known fact that the Catholic Church had been supportive of the LTTE from the very inception. The LTTE had two main objectives, viz (a) to divide Sri Lanka and create a separate Eelam for Tamils and (b) to destroy Buddhism from Sri Lanka.  To achieve these dual objectives, the LTTE hierarchy consisted of Catholics/Christians.   To name a few, they were:

  • ·       Thiruvenkadam Velupillai Prabhakaran – LTTE Leader
  • ·       Suppayya Paramu Thamilselvan – personal body guard of LTTE leader
  • ·       Brigadier Balraj Balasegaram Kandiah
  • ·       Shanmugalingam Sivashankar – Pottu Amman  -Second in Command of LTTE
  • ·       Charles Lucas Anthony-Prabha’s son and Second in  Command since 1983
  • ·       Anton Stanislaus Balasingham- Roman Catholic, Chief Negotiator, Political Strategist and Theoritician
  • ·       Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan (Colonel Soosai) Head of the Sea Tigers Naval Wing of the LTTE

      The following were some of the “Kewattayos and Pukkusoyos” representing the Church, supporting of the LTTE during the War:

  • ·       Fr. Singarayer
  • ·       Prof. (Fr.) Joseph Chandrakanthan,  former President of the University of Jaffna Teacher’s Association
  • ·       Father Jagat Gasper Raj, close  confidant  to DMK leadership in India
  • ·   Fr. SJ Emmanuel, former Vicar-General of Jaffna Diocess::

     Fr SJ  once called Prabhakan as Jesus Christ and the LTTE  as the Soldiers of  Christ.         

     According to this Father, ” the suicide bombers were martyrs of the Catholic Church”. 




           The Philipine based Catholic Broadcasting Station became the LTTE Voice of Tigers with its coordinating office  in Mallavi, Wanni.  This office was ceremoniously opened by the Bishop of Mannar Fr Rayappu Joseph.



LTTE restricted entry to the Madu Church and charged extraordinary fees to allow entry into the Church from the Catholics during festival seasons. The Sri Lankan Army has liberated the Madu Church from the clutches of LTTE terrorists, refurbished the Church as well as now providing first class facilities with freedom and full access to Catholics to conduct their religious pilgrimages throughout the year.

Prior to the end of the War, the pro-LTTE Bishop of Mannar Fr. Rayappu Joseph played a key role in getting the army out of the Madhu Church premises (in Mannar) while allowing LTTE to operate from inside the Church!


Catholic Bishops in Sri Lanka held a Conference in Sri Lanka on the 13 Amendment and issued a declaration opposing any changes to the 13 Amendment, according to a statement issued on the 7 June, jointly signed by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Sri Lanka and Rev Lordship Bishop Valence Mendis, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops Conference.


If Catholic Church is patriotic, it is still not too late for them to join the mainstream of public to protest against draconian! 13 Amendment forced on Sri Lanka by the LTTE and Indian opportunistic Leaders.    If they fail in their duty, the behaviour of the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka must be exposed at the highest level.   There are far too many who criticize the Buddhist monks for some of their bad behaviour in breach of Vinaya.  The  Buddhist monks are more often criticized by politicians like Messrs Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Dr Rajith Senaratne, DEW Gunasekera, Athauda Seneviratne, Wickremabahu Karunaratne etc.  Most recently some of these idiotic politicians were demanding that even the National Anthem be sung in Sinhala and Tamil. 

There are no politicians who dare to criticize the Catholic Church for the acts committed by the Bishops, Fathers, Cardinals etc.

 Are they all Saints?



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    TRUTH TO BE TOLD, these people were NOT Christians. They were all HINDUS.

    Endia would NEVER have supported a Christian leadership Tamil organization.

    » · Thiruvenkadam Velupillai Prabhakaran – LTTE Leader
    » · Suppayya Paramu Thamilselvan – personal body guard of LTTE leader
    » · Brigadier Balraj Balasegaram Kandiah
    » · Shanmugalingam Sivashankar – Pottu Amman -Second in Command of LTTE
    » · Charles Lucas Anthony-Prabha’s son and Second in Command since 1983
    » · Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan (Colonel Soosai) Head of the Sea Tigers Naval Wing of the LTTE

    ONLY a very few LTTEers were Christians.

    e.g. Chelva
    e.g. Anton Balla
    e.g. Lawrence Thilakar
    e.g. Kasippu Joseph

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Was it not Fr. Singarayer and Fr. Singarasa who organized Bank Robberies for the LTTE and kept the money in their churches ?

  3. Piyadigama Says:

    @Susantha Wijesinghe

    They are the masterminds. All LTTE leaders were Catholics. They bombed kovils, mosques and Buddhist temples but not a single church.

  4. aloy Says:

    ” They bombed kovils,”
    Which kovil did they bomb?. I think this is a complete untruth.
    To my mind they only wanted Eelam, if not how can a Catholic priest declare Prabha as Jesus. They were misleading the Catholic church and the west. As for the Cardinals and Bishops from Colombo to Chillow, they had a different agenda. They should be told in no uncertain terms to declare their allegiance to our nation.
    It is very sad to see that some in this website consider Catholics/Christians (7% of Sri Lanka’s population) as a worthless minority always plotting against the majority. So, should they all be dumped in the sea?. At least I have seen two individuals who will never forget to write about Catholic/Christian in their comments. they should know that Catholics/Christians also gave their lives to protect this nation; Kadir was one such person. The match is not over yet. As I have pointed out there will be other contenders in the near future.

  5. NAK Says:

    Aloy,may be they didn’t bomb any kovils but they certainly killed several kurukkals on flimsy excuses. How many Catholic or Christian clerics were killed by them?

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Church appears involved with the Labor Supply of Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu ? It is possible that the Church helping Tamils escape the Caste/poverty issues of Tamil Nadu, but Sri Lanka is paying a heavy price for this.

    Re Labor Needs in Sri Lanka, we ought to train our own existing citizens, whatever ethnicity. Mechanise/Modenrise the labor sector of Lanka, particularly the plantations sector. Do NOT depend on new Labor from TN.

  7. Jayantha Says:

    The Christians in general and Catholics in particular have no love for Sri Lanka. From the time the Portugese, the Dutch and the British invaded Sri Lanka their churches gradually ate into the Sri Lanka (land and people) converting the people gradually but surely to Christianity.

    One could say the Catholics loved the LTTE because they could ride behind the LTTE and take the cream of the pie by being able to carve out a Christian country out of Sri Lanka – a third of the land mass and two thirds of the coastline. The Catholics particularly would never allow any changes to 13th Amendment because any loss of power to the LTTE backed tamils would mean a set back to Catholics. The Christian West would love the 13th Amendment because it serves their purpose of eventually converting Sri Lanka to a Christian dominated country. The West would also want India to be able to dictate terms to Sri Lanka instead of China or Russia because the West can easily manipulate India. India on the other hand gets the shits when Chinese get too close. Hence Sri Lanka has to pay the ultimate price and become the punching bag for India as well for the West.

    Conducting independent investigations into supposed War Crimes, giving Tamils the opportunity to live in dignity are make believe reasons coined to blackmail Sri Lanka.

    I am yet to meet a catholic in Sri Lanka who think of Sri Lanka first. Their first allegiance is to Vatican and to the Pope.

    JP / USA

  8. Marco Says:

    You say “The Church appears involved with the Labor Supply of Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu ?”
    Would you have evidenced of that statement or the word “appears” is to shadow your hearsay?
    I’m away of your “fixation” with the caste issue but regret to say your generalisation is wearing thin.

    The 13th Amendment was a Jainist/Hindu/Buddhist creation. Would you please explain how the Christian West has any part in this creation?

    We appear to boast of a 3000 year history (which we should be proud of) but we blame all and sundry but not ourselves for our own mistakes.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    The SLMC EMBRACES the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA, the MURDERERS of Muslims in the RECENT PAST!

    The Greed for Personal Power in a Provincial Council Fiefdom in the Eastern Province drives these Communal SLMC Politicians to FORGET who killed Muslims by entire Villages in the dead of the night, slicing and dicing men, women and children in their beds, while the Defence Forces of Sri Lanka died by the thousands defending them.

    The SLMC MIMICS Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu, FORGETTING the LTTE Death Sentence against her and EMBRACING the Tamil Eelamist cause, now that the hard work eradicating the LTTE has been done by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces.

    Let us MARK THEM with an INDELIBLE LABEL OF TRAITORS on their FOREHEADS and NEVER FORGET where they stood on defending and protecting our Resplendent Motherland! NEVER FORGET!

    Let the GOSL recognize that this kind of Anti-National activity will INCREASE A HUNDREDFOLD if Power is Devolved to Provincial Councils under the 13th Amendment … just as India wants to advance her own hegemony.

    Rise Up …. O Patriots of Mother Lanka …. Rise Up to REPEAL this Foreign BALL & CHAIN Shackling Mother Lanka, and RESTORE its SOVEREIGN CROWN to our hallowed sceptered resplendent Isle!

    TNA, SLMC map counter measures, As govt moves to curtail powers of PCs

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    June 28, 2013

    UPFA constituent, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) are in the process of building a common front to thwart government move to curtail the powers of the provincial councils ahead of the first northern provincial council election scheduled for September.

    SLMC General Secretary Hassen Ali (National List MP) and TNA National List MP M. A. Sumanthiran said that their objective was to build a coalition against those bent on diluting the 13th Amendment. They were speaking to The Island after having bilateral talks at SLMC headquarters, ‘Darussalam’ on Thursday night to decide on counter-measures.

    MP Sumanthiran emphasised that the government couldn’t go back on its pledge to fully implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. “Since the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009, the government had promised to implement the 13th Amendment on several occasions. In fact, the government promised not only to fully implement the 13th Amendment but go beyond the provisions to pave the way for meaningful devolution.”

    The TNA would speak to the likeminded political parties, civil society organisations as well as individuals to explore ways and means of countering the government move, he said.

    MP Hassen Ali urged the government not to alienate minorities, but take tangible measures to win the confidence of people of all ethnicities. An irate Ali alleged that doing away with key provisions in the 13th Amendment meant that they could no longer expect the legislation to meet the aspirations of the minorities.

    Asked whether the SLMC would also take up the issue with UPFA constituent, the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP), MP Ali said that EPDP leader Douglas Devananda, too, was strongly opposed to doing away with the 13th Amendment. The SLMC was confident of forming broadest possible front against the anti-devolution forces, the MP said, adding that the high command of the party would meet on Saturday to discuss current political developments. “We are really concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation. The government is not sensitive to concerns of the minorities.”

    MP Ali said that before meeting a TNA delegation led by R. Sampanthan, the SLMC had held talks with a UNP delegation to discuss recently unveiled UNP’s draft Constitution.

    Meanwhile, recent visit by a high level South African delegation fueled speculation that the SA administration was seeking a mediatory role to facilitate a dialogue between the government and the TNA.

    Deputy SA Minister of International Relations and Co operation Ibrahim Ibrahim recently called on External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris to discuss current developments and preparations for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which will be held in Colombo in November.

    The delegation also paid a courtesy call on Secretary Defence and Urban Development Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The Deputy Minister was accompanied by Roelf Meyer, Professor Ivor Jenkins, and Ahmed Seedat.

    Well informed sources speculated that the SA was believed to be interested in helping the Sri Lankan government and the TNA to reach a consensus on post-war national reconciliation process. Sources pointed out that the TNA and the UK-based Global Tamil Forum (GTF) had visited SA several months back to seek assistance to kick start talks with the government.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka may ban July 1st issue of Time magazine

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 29, Colombo: Sri Lanka Customs has held a consignment of copies of the July 1st issue of the Time magazine at Colombo International Airport at Katunayake.

    Customs spokesman Lesley Gamini said that a report has been submitted to the Director General of Customs in regarding the hold. He said that the batch of magazines would be released to the owner only after the Director General grants permission.

    Political sources say that the Sri Lankan Government is likely to ban the latest edition of the Time magazine for its cover story on rising Buddhist militancy although the story is focused on Myanmar.

    The cover story on the July 1 issue of Time Magazine entitled “The Face of Buddhist Terror” features Myanmar’s extremist monk Wirathu, who has taken the title “the Burmese bin Laden and leads the 969 Buddhist Nationalist movement against the Muslims.

    The Sri Lankan government has become concerned over the rising Buddhist extremism in the island.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    The MORE the GOSL Vacillates & Oscillates on REPEEALING the 13th Amendment, the MORE CONFIDENT & ARROGANT the SEPARATISTS become. We saw that in Velupillai Prabhakaran, we are seeing that NOW in the TNA.

    If the TNA, the JVP and possibly the UNP won’t attend the PSC, go ahead with it, but let the PSC DECIDE to call a NATIONWIDE REFERENDUM to REPEAL the 13th Amendment, NOW!

    That is the kind of DECISIVE ACTION we need to PROTECT THE NATION from these Anti-National TRAITORS!

    Sri Lanka’s Tamil alliance decides to boycott parliamentary select committee on ethnic problem

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 29, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA), has decided not to participate in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) appointed to find solutions to the national issue.

    The TNA took this decision when the Representatives of the party met in Colombo today (29) to discuss their participation in the PSC proposed by the government.

    Representatives of the main constituent political parties of the TNA, Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK), People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) attended the meeting.

    The Speaker of parliament appointed 19 members to the PSC chaired by the Leader of the House, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva.

    Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has also decided not to participate in the PSC and the main opposition United National Party is awaiting the response from the President to a letter sent by the party leader setting party’s conditions.

  12. Ratanapala Says:

    Individual Sinhala Christians / Catholics have served in the forces, yes. Yes, there are those who showed some sentiment towards Sri Lanka, but their hatred for Buddhism knows no bounds. The particular brand of Christianity found in Sri Lanka is a virulently anti- Buddhist morph. It is nurtured and cultivated by the Christian Church led by the Catholics and the Vatican because their ultimate goal is to make Sri Lanka a country similar to the Philippines, a country devoid of even a name to call its own!

    Yes, I know of Christians who forward patriotic E-mails, but tell me one single Christian / Catholic organisation worth its name who openly opposed the Eelam call, who openly challenged the LTTE for what they are, who openly protested against the suicide bombings and carnage in the South? Their call in such instances was to castigate the Buddhist majority and justify terrorist acts as quid pro quo for discrimination against Tamils – one of the most privileged minorities in the world!

    Overseas the Sinhala Christians / Catholics, along with Sinhala Colombian and their running dog westernised Sinhala Buddhists wined and dined with the LTTE sympathisers and collaborated with their front organisations. They collected funds for the LTTE front organisations through their local churches. They actively discouraged the war effort saying it is un-winnable. It was the father of the then Air Force Commander a born again Christian who quoted Sun Tsu and Count Clausewitz to confirm that the war is un-winnable to another the closet Christian – the former President and Robber Queen.

    In Colombo the Catholic Church hierarchy headed by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has decried the proposed elimination of Police and Land powers to the Provincial Councils. They are for giving Police and Land powers to potential separatists – this too just 4 years after the end of a Tamil Racist insurrection which lasted 3 decades, to dismember our Motherland. There is no way these traitors can be white washed as patriots.

    They always ran with the hares and hunted with the hounds. Their goal is in the first place Eelam, then declare North Western Province a Chritian / Catholic Province – a Christu Rajya and then work toward making the entire nation another South Korea – a Philippines – a majority Christian Country subservient to the Christian West. Sri Lanka still suffers from not having sufficient power on its national grid. For more than 30 years the Catholic Church openly campaigned against the Norochcholai Coal Power Plant. In the so called developed countries Coal Power plants are situated in the middle of populated cities. Their emphasis was about the environment, but in reality it was to lay a claim – this is our land!
    A leaked US Embassy cable reveals how the Anglican Bishop Dulip De Chickera lobbied US government on promoting international human values.

    The following summarises the attitude of other Christians.

    “The bishop Chikera urged ambassador not to remain in silent in Sri Lanka, acknowledging the need to express US views and to promote international human values” a leaked US Embassy cable revealed. The Colombo Telegraph found the cable from the Wikileaks data base.The remarks by Washington’s embassy to Sri Lanka, are revealed by the Wikileaks leaked US embassy cable. The cable classified as “ CONFIDENTIAL” by ambassador Patricia A. Butenis.

    By and large the Christian / Catholics and their church hierarchy are an unpatriotic traitorous lot.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    “We appear to boast of a 3000 year history (which we should be proud of) but we blame all and sundry but not ourselves for our own mistakes.”


    It is NOT your history. It is the PROUD history of SL NATIONALISTS getting rid of traitors like you. Isn’t it? Killing the “good” invader Ellalan, etc. That is SL’s history. Please read some history books.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    “tell me one single Christian / Catholic organisation worth its name who openly opposed the Eelam call, who openly challenged the LTTE for what they are, who openly protested against the suicide bombings and carnage in the South?”


    e.g. Jeyaraj F
    e.g. Lakshman K
    e.g. Dr Sebastian Rasalingam
    e.g. Dr Thomas John Pulle
    e.g. Donald Perera (HIGHEST military officer – chief of defence staff during the war)
    e.g. Roshan Goonatilake (air force commander)
    e.g. Sam Thambimuttu
    e.g. Paul Harris

    Even bloody Sonia Ghandi (a Catholic) openly opposed the Eelam call and Tamil violence.
    FBI made up of 90% of Chritsians ALSO CONDEMNED Tamil violence in the CLEAREST way THEN.
    Out of 34 countries that BANNED Tamil Tigers, MOST (31) are Christian countries.

    I’m not saying the OPPOSITE of what you say. All I say is Christians are NOT opposed to UNITARY SINHALA BUDDHIST SL. Only SOME are against it. The CHURCH is NOT a reflection of the GENERAL Christian sentiment. If the church were a reflection of all the Christians, EVERY Christian must be a pedophile!

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka may ban July 1st issue of Time magazine”

    I don’t think this is a wise move. After that it will be MOST POPULAR. Anyone can download it from the internet by paying.

    MOST SLs anyway don’t read the TIME.

    Just disregard them and condemn the stupid and racist report OFFICIALLY. Can our foreign minister do that?

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : Fran,
    “The Church appears involved with the Labor Supply of Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu ?”
    Would you have evidenced of that statement or the word “appears” is to shadow your hearsay?
    I’m away of your “fixation” with the caste issue but regret to say your generalisation is wearing thin.

    My response :
    Most people know that the Church was involved with the ltte via Rev. Reyappu Joseph and a number of other priests in the North. Rev. Joseph, in Mannar (which was the main crossing point for illegal Tamil migrants), was the main person and he stayed ‘put’ at his post even after the ltte was removed, and openly supported the Tamil Separatism. There were over 100 Catholic churches in the North (see Shenali Waduge’s article on this) – what for but to serve the converted illegal Tamil migrants who were brought/more to be brought later. The Army intelligence concluded that about 100,000 Tamil people were in the ltte Human Shiled, but it turned out that there were over 300,000. How did this happen if not for Illegal Tamil Migrants form TN via the Mannar route ?

    Col.Anil Amarasekera had interviewed some people in the Vanni area after the ltte was removed, and one of them had said there were at least some 27 families there who were from Tamil Nadu (not Sri Lanka nationals) and they had first gone Upcountry before coming to the Vanni area. We can conclude that they went into the Upcountry “Indian” Labour supply/areas first and melted into other areas.

    Also, some 27 Catholic priests emerged with the ltte Human Shield when the Armed Forces of Lanka released them from the ltte clutches. What were so many CC priests doing in those earlier Hindu areas ?
    These are all ‘appearances’ that enables us draw conclusions ! This is not ‘hearsay’ but facts ! Kindly do not draw ‘red herrings’ over facts of matters. When something looks like wolf, sounds like a wolf and acts like a wolf, we say it is a wolf.

    One wonders whether you have ever visited Tamil Nadu or South India to witness what happens there re Caste/poverty matters. If you remove your blindfolds, you will see the truth of matters re Caste/poverty in Tamil Nadu. I seem to have touched a raw nerve in you. We wonder why.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correction after recollection: The Tamil person interviewed by Col Amarasekera was himself from Upcountry. (Delete ‘they had first gone Upcountry …. Vanni area’). This shows there was a mix of Tamil people from various areas in the ltte Human Shield.

    Also, we like to know why there are so many IDPs. Didn’t they have some kind of dwelling/plot of land in Sri Lanka before they became IDPs ? The fact that they didn’t have such a home area leads us to draw conclusions that they are most probably not from Sri Lanka. Also that they had knowledge only of the Tamil language.

  18. Ratanapala Says:


    I referred to Christian / Catholic organisations not individual persons. I am referring to institutionalised organisations with a registered name, a constitution and a set of policy objectives who as a group protested against the LTTE and/ or took up issue with their respective Church’s stance on the subject of Eelam, Terrorism and other illegal activities of the LTTE.

    Three decades is a long time and Sri Lanka fought the longest war in the 20th Century against an enemy that was fostered, funded and fondled by the Christian Churches and by the Christian West. Yes, some of these countries banned LTTE and their activities, but that was mostly to curb the illegal activities that affected those countries. Australia and New Zealand did not ban their activities – the stock argument was that they did not commit any illegal activities in their country – mind you this was in the face of nearly 400 suicide bombings and the assassination of many politicians – Sinhalese, Muslim and Tamils included, a President and a former PM of India; both of whom deserved the just desserts.

    As individuals there are many who write articles and express their opinion. How many of these reach the common masses and how much success have they got in changing the mindset of the average Christian flock over and above the sermon they receive in their churches every Sunday!

    My experience is that Christians sometimes infiltrate patriotic organisations only to subvert their agenda. There are many an occasion when patriotic organisations voluntarily diluted their actions not to hurt the feelings of the “Christian friends”.

    However this is not to say there are patriotic Christians who voice their opinion as citizens of Sri Lanka but not as Christians from a Christian standpoint So far their voices as Christians calling for a just solution that leaves Sri Lanka a unitary state for Sri Lankans have not being heard.

    As for Sonia Gandhi – her Catholic plans – actually not her – that of the Vatican and of the Christian West are very well working in India. She is implementing Pope Jean Paul II ‘s plan for the conversion of Asia. Southern India and North East hill tracts – Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other – most of which were former Buddhist communities are fast falling prey to this plan. The plan is going a pace in India and also in Sri Lanka. Idea is to breed traitors and then when the rot sets in to destroy country from within, opening the way for the economic exploitation – just as in Colonial times.

  19. Jayantha Says:


    Do you understand English (or even Yinglish as a tamil would say). I never said that 13th amendment was created by Christians.

    I said “The Christian West would love the 13th Amendment because it serves their purpose of eventually converting Sri Lanka to a Christian dominated country”. There is a difference when one understands what is written. I cannot help your ignorance.

    And I stand by what I said. And with a name like Marco (whether it is a pseudonym or not) one cannot expect to be thinking rationally when it comes to matters pertaining to the “Land of Sinhala Buddhists”.

    Ever tried preaching Christian dogma in any of the moslem countries. Christians will be jailed in Saudi Arabia or any of the Moslem countries if one is caught even with a bible. The Christians should stay where they belong without pedalling their hogwash to the rest of the world. The word cannot be pushed around just because the white man had gun powder and steel before the rest of the world. That was many moons ago.

    Once again the Christian bias has caused enough pain and misery in this planet let alone Sri Lanka.


  20. Lorenzo Says:


    On organizations, I can’t dispute that.

    Many attempts by us FAILED to get support. SOME clergy consider patriotism to be racism.

    But Christians are involved in non religion based patriotic organizations.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    We have met really decent and good Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, in Sri Lanka and also in countries we have travelled in. We think it is the various religious bodies/clergy/political organisations affiliated to various religions that tie up with world politics (mostly for funding & favors), and that is why Sri Lanka suffers and National Security is threatened.

    We have also noted that even ‘good’ individuals may change with changing circumstances. In this ever shifting scenario, National Security has to be placed first, and all else is secondary.

  22. aloy Says:

    There is an interesting article written by one David Soysa in today’s Island on “JR’s legacy and Sri Lanka’s misery.” It says * JR insulting Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv as “cow and the calf”. India responding by training, arming and financing several terrorist groups including LTTE, to fight for Eelam.”. I have heard myself Prez Premadasa saying this at a meeting in Borella. That was after the war started. Did JR also say this?. If it is true, the root cause for all these problems is not Catholic/Christians or their churches but JR himself.

  23. Ratanapala Says:

    Nothing can absolve the Christian / Catholic Church and their agenda for Sri Lanka of dark deeds spanning centuries. 1962 Catholic Church led coup in Sri Lanka didn’t come off because of India. It was to bring about the likes of Vietnam to Sri Lanka. The most recent announcement by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith that Sri Lanka should retain police and land powers for the provinces show what they have in mind for Sri Lanka.

    JR himself a closet Christian did enough damage to Sri Lanka by his foolish belief that America would support him. His appellation Yankee Dicky comes from a different time when Sri Lanka was pro american and India was non aligned. Since then India went through being a Soviet proxy (1971) to being an American ally during and since early 1980s. Any student of history will know that countries don’t exercise their foreign policy by whims. JR’s “cow and calf” just triggered something that was already waiting to happen.

    There is no point in trying to whitewash the Christian / Catholic churches and their agenda for Sri Lanka and currently for the rest of Asia. It is definitely not a force for the good of the region. It is working as an appendage for the interests of the Christian West and in the process is trying to boost its depleting flock in the white countries. When not trying to make altar boys pregnant it is busy subverting other cultures, money laundering, white slavery and people smuggling and raising funds for terrorism.

    It is the silence of the “Good Christians” that propel the churches to this behaviour.

  24. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Alloy, I was there in a public meeting just 10m away when JR said this. He also said we would fight until last drop of blood if India invaded us. Only Wejemuni Rohana gave some fight (fright ?) when it actually happened.

  25. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    JR is not foolish. He fooled us. We voted him to power. IF he wanted American support he must have signed a treaty with USA first before assuming their support.
    I also do not believe just the “cow and calf” statement make them to open terrorist camps in Toilet State and sabotage Lanka. They would just do it anyway.

  26. aloy Says:

    At least President Premadasa had the gut to tell the Indians to get lost. If he did not do it at that time we would have gone under the Indian jackboots, at least for some time.

  27. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Imagination and projection and hallucination and illusion — they are all parts of the mind. Mind is the world — and going beyond the mind is the beginning of God.
    People are fast asleep. Somebody is asleep as a Catholic, and somebody is asleep as a Hindu. That doesn’t matter — sleep is sleep.If a Catholic, a Hindu and a Muslim get too drunk, will there be any distinction, differentiation between their drunkenness The Catholic will behave as foolishly as the Hindu; and the Hindu will behave as stupidly as the Muslim. Once they are drunk, they are drunk. And people are asleep. It makes no difference what kind of theology you have used as a pillow for your sleep. Whether the pillow is blue or pink or white or red does not matter. Once you fall asleep, you fall asleep; the pillow becomes immaterial. Whether you are sleeping on the New Testament, on the Bhagavad Gita, on the Qur’an does not make any difference; you are using a pillow. Somebody is using the New Testament as the pillow, somebody else is using the Qur’an as the pillow. And you are snoring over your scriptures. And Jesus and Krishna and Allah remain strangers

    Theology begins with a belief, with faith. And philosophy begins with doubt, logic, reason. Philosophy is thinking; theology is believing without thinking. No religion allows thinking, so no religion has a philosophy: they all have theologies.
    Christianity does not have any philosophy, it has a theology. It says “believe” — believe in the savior, believe in Jesus Christ, believe that he is the only begotten son of God, believe in God, believe in the trinity. But it is always “believe,” and believing makes a man a hypocrite, because deep down you know that belief cannot become a truth. Deep down you know that this is only a belief; you have not experienced it. There is no base for it, it is baseless: a single doubt and the whole edifice will be shattered on the ground.

    Now, a Christian believes that Jesus is born of a virgin mother. Can you think about it? If you think, doubt will be needed. You can only believe, and in believing… you know perfectly well that it is unnatural, it cannot happen.

    Christianity says that Jesus was resurrected after his death. You have to believe it because there is no proof, no evidence. In the contemporary literature of Jesus Christ’s life, even the name of Jesus is not mentioned. Do you think a phenomenon like a man getting crucified, getting resurrected, would go unnoticed? that a man who brings dead people to life would not be reported anywhere? that a man who walks on water…?

    Do you think this man would have been crucified? He would have been hailed as the messiah by the Jews themselves, because what more do you want? — none of your other prophets have done anything of this kind. But there is not even a mention that there was such a person as Jesus Christ. And he did not have a big following.
    If you think, you cannot believe in these things. If you think about God, you cannot believe. So Christianity has no philosophy. No religion can afford to be philosophical; it can only remain theological.

    All the organized religions care basically depriving humanity of religion because they are misdirecting you. They are always directing you outwards — their God is far away in the sky. And when you pray, folding your hands towards the sky, you don’t realize that there is nobody to hear you.

    In fact, the one who is praying, the one who is alive in you, the one who is breathing in you, is the God.

    You have just to discover it.

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