Incident at Cricket Ground in England: COLOMBO’S INTERPOL WARRANT FOR CARDIFF KILLJOY … *Suspect involved in major money scams
Posted on July 3rd, 2013

Siranjanie Kumarie and Jayantha de Silva Courtesy The Daily News

Colombo Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday, issued a warrant through the Interpol to arrest the LTTE cadre who intruded into the Cardiff Cricket Ground in England on July 20 when the India, Sri Lanka cricket match was in progress.

The CID filing an application requested that with a view to obtaining a red notice against the suspect, an open warrant too, to be issued in English for the arrest of the suspect identified as Yogeswaran Manimaran alias Mohan Raj, a former resident of Valvettiturai.

He is alleged to be a member of an organised gang specialising in drawing money from foreign account holders’ teller machines by using forged credit cards.

The suspect is alleged to have stolen about Rs. 30 million and used this sum to fund terrorist activities.

An application was also filed under the 2006 Money Laundering Act to suspend the suspects’ bank account held in a private bank in Kotahena.

The CID further informed that two more suspects had been taken into custody in this connection .

The are Pirumandanara, Ananada Ruben, a resident of Dharmapuram and Balasubaramanium Udayas, a resident of Kotahena.

The CID requested a Detention Order to further hold in custody the first and second suspects which was allowed.

IP Priyadharshana of the Counterfeit Notes Division and IP Dhammikia Senadeera prosecuted.

4 Responses to “Incident at Cricket Ground in England: COLOMBO’S INTERPOL WARRANT FOR CARDIFF KILLJOY … *Suspect involved in major money scams”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Why is the government is going after this little Tiger when a big one like Adel Balasingham lives in luxury for such a long time in UK?

  2. Indrajith Says:

    Good job Mr. Magistrate!. Now this tiger cub has to live hiding.
    No matter he is big or small, he did a lot of insult to SL in the eyes of international spectators.

  3. kiranifra Says:

    Good job Mr. Magistrate!. yaaa so now Tamil regues who live in western world not got citizonship please jump into next cricket match so you will get refuge states immediadly !!!

    modaya always modayas !!!!you modayas !!!

  4. Vis8 Says:

    All this crap to gain their “refugee status”….. and the dole and other free stuff: FOR THEMSELVES…… Let’s leave these uncouth hooligans to crap in the west, kissing the a$$es of their western masters. Good riddance, ain’t it????????

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