Absurdistan: Mass Murderers and Terrorists to VIPs; War Heroes to War Criminals
Posted on July 7th, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

Biggest betrayal in Lankan history till now was the 2002 CFA which surrendered national interests at the feet of a terrorist organisation. However, not any more. The present government has beaten the CFA for the biggest ever betrayal. What happens under the Rajapaksha second term is unbelievably absurd. Mass murderers and terrorists are not confined to prisons. Instead they are never sent to prison. They are given a comfortable route to VIP-status. At the same time real war heroes who saved the nation and the people with ultimate sacrifices are sent to prison! Kekille justice of Rajapaksha is fast turning the island nation into an Absurdistan.                                                                                                                                                      

Top Terrorists to VIPs

Top LTTE terrorists have taken the comfortable route to stardom and VIP status. These include the LTTE second in command Karuna Amman, one time LTTE top eastern leader Pillayan, LTTE terrorist propaganda strategist Daya Master, LTTE female terrorist/suicide bomber group leader Thamilini and Interpol wanted international terrorist KP who were never imprisoned! Instead they were offered the best of care and comforts. Now all of them are top VIPs in the government! It was a blessing that other LTTE leaders didn’t make it alive from the war. Otherwise they will hold top posts in the Cabinet too.

TNA and TULF separatists also escaped prison for their role in instigating terrorism and separatism. Now they rule over the Rajapaksha clan. At the drop of a hat they complain to the Indian government. Swift instructions are directed to the Rajapaksha clan by India. They are promptly complied without regard to national security and the nation. Harboring war criminals is also a crime.

  One wonders who really won the war. Surely it was not Sri Lanka.                                                                                                     

On a different front, the soldier who was assaulted by the son of a minister was denied justice despite sustaining severe injuries.

War Heroes to War Criminals

When General Sarath Fonseka who contributed most to the war victory than any other was imprisoned over various allegations, it was seen by the public as a one off event. The former general dug his own grave by making spiteful statements against the nation and its leaders. However, in hindsight, it is now clear he was not the only one in the wrong.

Government made claims of corruption, divulging military secrets, disinformation and defamation against him. None of these allegations has been proven so far! No effort was made to prove these either. Instead the general was deprived of his hard-earned military titles. It is true General Fonseka’s conduct was shameful and dangerous, however, the conduct of the Rajapaksha clan is far more dangerous and deceitful today. Upon the “ƒ”¹…”winning’ of the war, the President donned himself the title “ƒ”¹…”ThriSinhaladheeshwara’ while the Defence Secretary received a doctorate. They were unscathed in war but clever enough to amass all the credit for “ƒ”¹…”winning’ the war.              

Arrest of 12 STF personnel for allegedly killing a group of people helping LTTE carryout claymore attacks on navy, army and STF patrols in early 2006 is a condemnable act. It is an attempt to save the skin of the Rajapaksha clan by sacrificing good soldiers. This act of vengeance by a parent (who was helped and instigated by the LTTE Rump) of one of the dead persons and the government will surely drive cracks with the military rank and file. Their misplaced hatred knows no boundaries and it will snowball a hate campaign over all unsubstantiated allegations. To make matters worse, armed forces personnel see the obvious double standards in the application of the law. Terrorists who were personally responsible for the barbaric massacres of thousands of civilians are rewarded by this government.

 Soon all top army officers will be sent to the gallows to satisfy the desires of the new terrorists-turned-VIPs. It is time patriots desert the ruling clan that is on a path of national destruction. A clear distinction has emerged today among the people and political observers. There is a new division in the country “”…” those who love the Rajapaksha clan for its follies and those who love the nation. A person who has the best interests of the nation at heart certainly would not love or tolerate the wasteful and treacherous Rajapaksha clan for its destructive and absurd approach towards the nation. Trading the Rajapaksha clan for national security and the good name of the nation in the war crimes front is now the obvious choice. By the time the second term of the incumbent president ends, he would have more than reversed all the achievements of his first term. 

8 Responses to “Absurdistan: Mass Murderers and Terrorists to VIPs; War Heroes to War Criminals”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    It is true that some of these LTTE leaders are protected and have a good life and a war hero is disgraced and punished. But the case of Karuna is different.He helped the government to defeat the LTTE scum.I was also surprised when the government took action against that LTTE tiger cub, not against his handlers for his behavior at the Champions trophy cricket match in England.But so far the government has failed to take any action against the number one tigress, Adel Balasingham.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Without Karuna we may not have won the war.

    Keep him OUT of the list of terrorists. He WAS a terrorists but he no longer is since 2004.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Dilrook,

    Rajapaksa Clan

    I must take exception to your calling the “Rajapaksa Clan” treacherous; it is too strong a criticism of those who have served the Motherland well.

    Let us not be UNGRATEFUL. Let us remember what they achieved … placing their own lives at great peril confronting not only the Tamil separatists but also various Foreign Powers, when everyone else advanced to the rear. I recall only TOO WELL my deep despair only 4 years ago at the lack of leaders in Sri Lanka willing and able to fight the Separatists with the will and determination required to win, and save our Motherland. Let us remember that Sri Lanka’s CROWN that we are now in FEAR OF LOSING was retrieved from the gutter and restored to her only by the “Rajapaksa Clan.”

    Today, the “Rajapaksa Clan” seem to have lost some of that indomitable will, determination and unwavering commitment to the defence of Sri Lanka that brought them our love, admiration and support. Having garnered more chattel of every tangible and intangible form to treasure and lovingly hoard, they are about to throw away the only jewel they really earned: the love, support and trust of millions of their fellow citizens of their commitment to defend and protect them and the nation, despite all odds. This love of material things rather than to desire to do good is a disease that has softened and degraded formerly noble and honorable leaders throughout history.

    In life, nothing is forever, and no group of leaders can always serve the nation as they once did. Therefore, if they have lost their way, then we must look to new patriotic leaders to replace them, for it is NOT THE SURVIVAL OF LEADERS that is at STAKE here, it is the SURVIVAL OF THE NATION and IT’S PEOPLE.

    Nevertheless, in doing so, let us not harshly and unfairly judge those who have served with distinction in the not too distant past, but put them out to pasture to enjoy chewing their cud in the fading light of their setting sun.

    Elevation of Defeated Separatists to Pomp & Power

    I do agree with your criticism of the elevation of defeated LTTE leaders to positions of power, but I also agree with Lorenzo with regards to Karuna, and even Pillayan. Well before it became evident that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces were able to win the Eelam war, Karuna defected and threw his support to the GOSL, at great risk to himself. In contrast, KP, Daya Master, Thamilini and others supported the SunGod to the end, and only after capture and “rehabilitation” seek to exploit their status. These people derserve NO SPECIAL CONSIDERATION.

    Speaking well of Sri Lanka’s Benedict Arnold

    You still speak highly of Sarath Gonseka, but to me he is EASILY the WORST of the bunch. Ability alone does not make a man worthy of befriending; good character, loyalty and adherence to one’s sworn duty as a soldier does. If ability alone made a man worthy, Hitler should be deified.

    Sarath Gonseka was a man blinded by his own ego, pride and ambition and sought to gain personal power at the expense of those who befriended and elevated him, and above all at the expense of his country, and its people. I will not weep for such a man; we are better off without him.

  4. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Sarath Fonseka , unfortunately cannot be considered as a war hero as he is the first culprit to betray his motherland and people by becoming a puppet to USA regime and continuing to do so. He says 13A is protecting Sri Lanka.

  5. nandimitra Says:

    Dissent has started even in lanka web!

  6. Dilrook Says:

    Dear Ananda:

    I value your opinion.

    However, the path taken by the leaders is not conducive to national security. Law must be applied to all equally and it should publicly seems to be applied to all equally. Otherwise it makes a mockery of the law. In this instance the mockery relates to national security on two counts. Such despicable manipulation of the law is certainly not acceptable.

    The point about Karuna is more of the wrong of arresting 12 STF personnel than arresting Karuna himself. This is a clear case of politicized application of the law.

    I make a distinction between Sarath Fonseka during his role in the army and his treacherous role after leaving the force. I’m sure you would agree he served with dedication in his former role. Once again when coupled with the selective application of the law, he has been wronged upon as much as he wronged.

  7. Dilrook Says:


    As at now he is certainly no hero. But the mockery of the law the government has done is equally or more wrong.

  8. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    There is no law in this government, with the two Silva’s still being pets of MR, a DIG being a serial killer, provincial councillors wearing Gonibilla suit to shoot people etc etc , endless list.
    Now Ponseka is marrying Pontha Nona to try and become master betryers !

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