No room and no need for a Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka
Posted on July 11th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

 Sri Lanka has 64 registered political parties. Then, there is a group that goes under the label Tamil National Alliance (TNA) that is not even registered with the Commissioner of Elections. Ironically, TNA is always referred to by the media, including some in Sri Lanka, as a major Tamil political party, in spite of the fact that the proportion of the population of Sri Lanka that it can even claim to represent falls below 4 per cent.

 All the parties and groups that are associated with Tamils, except two, have Thamil, Tamil, Eelam or Eelavar in their names. None of the parties that is voted for by the rest of ethnic groups has Sinhala or Buddhist inserted into their names – although some may argue that Hela is there in one. 

 TNA was born with the blessings of the LTTE when the latter held sway over fast swathes of land that it acquired illegally through the force of arms. It served as the spokesperson for LTTE while the terrorists ruled the roost in the North and East of Sri Lanka while holding the rest of the country to ransom by doing what it could do best: suicide bombings, massacring unarmed civilians and bogus peace talks. It was during the period of the so-called peace talks that the criminals brought in shiploads of arms, and even high tech communication equipment with the help some western embassies such as that of Norway.

 TNA, by its very name, stands for a Tamil nation. One of its major constituents, Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) that was founded by Chelvanayakam was deviously presented in English as Federal Party but the name stands for Lanka Tamil State Party. Today, the Secretary of ITAK is one of the strongest anti-Sri Lanka advocates who never misses an opportunity to denigrate Sri Lanka and its Sinhala majority at every possible forum, in Sri Lanka or abroad.

 Sri Lanka can have only one state or nation “”…” that of Sri Lanka. If one were go back to its past, then there are other names that would surface: Ceylon, Serendib, Tambrapanni or Hela Diva. Tamils certainly can aspire for their own nation or state, but what they want is already there in Tamil Nadu “”…” the Tamil country “”…” which lies a mere 30 kilometres to the Northwest of Sri Lanka, in India. Sampanthan, Senathirajh, Adaikalanathan and others of their ilk are rarely reported to have done anything substantial to improve the lot of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, especially those living in the Northern region of the country: all that one reads about the TNA politicians is their globetrotting, to Tamil Nadu, New Delhi or the European capitals, complaining about the raw deal that the Tamils in Sri Lanka receive at the hands of the Sinhala government or the Sinhala ethnic group. Now that the armed wing of the LTTE that was based in Sri Lanka has been vanquished, the TNA has found it convenient to serve as the mouthpiece of the Tamils, who immigrated from SL, legally or illegally, to the most affluent countries in the world.

 Instead of harping on the nauseating complaint of lack of reconciliation moves by the Sri Lanka government, TNA has very clear other options. It should get its supporters and LTTE backers to give it at least a small proportion of the LTTE war kitty (which would be substantial as, according to Jane’s Defence Weekly, the annual earnings of LTTE were estimated to be $ 300 million) and use it for some development and infrastructure rebuilding work in the North. A better alternative, especially as TNA does not seem to be capable of weaning themselves off the LTTE’s mono-ethnic Eelam for Tamils mentality or treating Sri Lanka as their mother country, is to move 30 kilometres North across the Palk Straits for good and live with their blood brothers in Tamil Nadu. Sri Lankans who love their country can then live happily ever after.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This will NOT happen automatically. When a parasite is clinging to the body of a host, it is very scared to LEAVE the host. Some encouragement is needed. State sponsored boat strategy is needed to send Tamils to Australia where they may not reach even Indonesia.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let me SAY IT AGAIN: When THIEVES FALL OUT ….. it becomes a CIRCUS … just sit back and ENJOY the SHOW!

    It is truly AMAZING how Sri Lanka’s Foreign Tormentors are brought down, one by one, by their own terrorist surrogates: India and Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE and Vellupillai Prabhakaran, and now Norway by Kumar Rupasinghe, and NOW the PARENTS of 16,000 Tamil Children being converted to Evangelical Christians by the Governmen of Norway …. which likes to preen itself as the “The Champion of Global Human Rights”!

    Did the Norwegians LEARN to ABDUCT Tamil children in Norway from the LTTE, or did Norway TEACH the LTTE to ABDUCT Tamil children for use as child soldiers? Who is the DISCIPLE and Who is the MASTER?

    Lovely! Who denies the existence of the Hatarawaran Deviyo protecting our Ratna Dvipaya? Who?

    Norway is illegally holding Sri Lankan Tamil children – report

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    July 11, Colombo: A group of Tamil speaking Sri Lankans living in Norway has accused Norway for illegally holding Sri Lankan children.

    The group has requested the Sri Lankan government intervention to secure the release of their children held illegally and against the consent of their parents at children’s homes run by the Norwegian government, a local media report said.

    These Sri Lankans living in Norway held a protest near the Parliament at Sri Jayewardenepura yesterday.

    A spokesperson for the group said that there were about 16,000 such children, including those of Sri Lankan origin held in Norwegian state custody against the wishes of their parents.

    The spokesperson accused the Norwegian government of turning a blind eye to the affected families’ call for the release of their children.

  3. aloy Says:

    Wasn’t there a parallel to this right here in Srl Lanka?. In the 17th century the Kandyan king Rajasinghe used to collect whites of European origin from ships plying the Indian ocean, rehabilitated them and released them among the population. Almost all of them (except Robert Knox) married Sinhala women and integrated. Perhaps the king’s idea was to give some whiteness (not brains, as we would not have survived this long without it ) to the population. If not why did he do it?. May be Norvegians are doing a similar thing to get some brains.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Between Norway and Tamil Diaspora which is the WORST enemy?

    Tamil Diaspora.

    There are NO 16,000 Tamil kids held in Norway AGAINST their wishes. That is total BS. This is an attempt to PIT SL against NATO Norway.

    EVen if it is true who cares?

    As Aloy says Norway is FORCE INTEGRATING Tamils which is GOOD. Afterwards these 16,000 Tamilians will STOP being Tamils. They will be BLACK Norwegians. 16,000 Tamils LESS in the world is good.

    SL should KEEP OUT of this INTERNAL problem of Tamils and their BEST FRIENDS.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    1. “so many hundreds of thousands of Tamil people fled/continue to flee from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka and other places, because there is NO e.j.d.s. in Tamil Nadu.”

    2. “India wants “Equality, justice, dignity and self-respect” for Sri Lanka Tamils”

    When you put these 2 FACTS, what do you get?

    Endia wants to push as many Tamilians as they can to SL and create their Tamil nation in SL. No country wants them!

    SL population density 330 per 1 sq km.
    TN population density 480 per 1 sq km.
    Endia population density 410 per 1 sq km.

    The Endian PLAN is OBVIOUS.

    Our fools don’t (or CAN’T) realize this.

    What we must do? Make life as miserable as possible to Tamils in SL. Otherwise they will keep coming. Endia will keep pushing. Sounds bad but this is the BITTER TRUTH.

  6. Vijendra Says:

    Asada, in my own opinion, you said it well when you said ” All the parties and groups that are associated with Tamils, except two, have Thamil, Tamil, Eelam or Eelavar in their names.” Only the “Muslim” should also be added to this lit

    As I have told this forum several times before, lately, the ruling party has failed us badly! Our ruling party, though should be rightly credited for being courageous and bold against the foreign and local war-mongers in getting rid of the menace of terrorism, have since then behaved in an absolute stupid fashion without any foresight. Though they stopped the terrorism of the LTTE, they did not remove even up to now, the fundamental causes for the separation of Sri Lankans into ethnic communities.

    They should have taken immediate steps to abolish all parties with such divisive names as you mentioned for the sake of unifying the country. No political party should be for one ethnic group, but should represent all ethnic groups in SL. As long as these ethnic parties are allowed to survive, they will do nothing but divide and polarize the country into “us” and “them” whenever they speak. All such parties must be made illegal and prosecuted in courts of law if they contravened. It’s never too late, though it would have been better accepted as quite logical, immediately after the war.

    All MPS and government servants must be made to take an oath of allegiance to the unitary state of SL, as they are paid by the government. The 13A, which is also divisive by its nature, and imposed on us forcibly by India, should be removed immediately, without allowing it to continue to divide the country based on ethnic grounds.

    BR was in India a little while ago to tell them about the 13A amendments! Why? By worshipping India, we are consolidating what the TNA does; we show them that they are our “masters”. Surely we should become independent in our decisions, if we are to remain a sovereign country.

    Come on Your Excellency, you had the courage to get rid of the LTTE in spite of lot of opposition from inside as well as from outside. Please show us that you really want to make SL belong to all Sri Lankans who are willing and proud to be Sri Lankans first, not by words, but by strategic and forward looking actions.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    India : One Billion and increasing – the world will not be enough for your population. Wither India, without Family Planning & birth control ?

    A friend of ours from Nepal had the same view of India as we did – Indian interference was getting to be intolerable, he said.



    Totally agree with you re banning of ethnic based political parties. Also ban religion based ones. Allow ONLY national political parties.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Indians who can’t stand life there are spilling out. The need of the hour there is free FP advice & free birth control material.
    Other countries cannot AFFORD more Indians.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Aloy & Lorenzo,

    As both of you imply, the taking of 16,000 children into Norwegian Govt custody, may not be all bad.

    Actually, I think that the Norwegian Govt may have taken the 16,000 children into its custody to protect them from Tamil Nationalist brainwashing and other abuse.

    But, the net long-term result of being taken into Govt custody will be to wean these children away from their parents, the Tamil community and Hindus away from their religion. This kind of “abduction” and forced integration of children has happened before in many other countries, notably the USA (Native American), Australia (Aborogine) and New Zealand (Maori).

    I fully agree with Lorenzo that the GOSL should NOT GET INVOLVED in this matter on behalf of all of these MOSTLY EELAMIST Tamils who fled to Norway as fake refugees demonizing Sri Lanka. Now that they are having a problem with their former benefactors in the Norwegian Govt, they want to use the GOSL, that they DEMONIZE even NOW, as a cat’s paw to pull their hot coals out of the fire. As Lorenzo says, the GOSL should DO NOTHING to help them.

    Little by little, the Eelamists in Norway will lose control of their children, and they will be FORCED TO INTEGRATE into Norwegian society; something they are RESISTING TOOTH-AND-NAIL in Sri Lanka.

    It is only the presence of 60 Million Tamils across the Palk Strait, and RACIST views that flood into Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu, that prevents Sri Lankan Tamils in Sri Lanka from INTEGRATING into one non-communal Sri Lankan society that is already distinct from, and much more tolerant and progressive than, that of Tamil Nadu.

    Again as Lorenzo says, in Sri Lanka we have to make it AS DIFFICULT IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE for Communities to EXIST SEPARATELY and PURSUE SEPARATE DESTINIES, without INTEGRATION into the overall Sri Lankan society.

    Getting RID of the 13th Amendment and the Provincial Councils that sustains and promotes those Communal Fiefdoms is ESSENTIAL as the FIRST STEP in that direction.

    No matter what the reasons are, it is LOVELY to see the Eelamists and Norwegians fighting each other for a change. The GOSL should sit back and enjoy the SHOW, between these Machiavellian DISCIPLES and MASTERS!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    The parents of those 16,000 Tamil children in Norway should join their kids in NORWAY. These children must be Norwegians by now. It is right that their parents join them there.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    The parents of those 16, 000 Tamil children ARE ALREADY living in Norway.

    They are now fighting against the government of the host country that let them in as refugees, and want Sri Lanka to help them!!! I think NOT!

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  13. Lorenzo Says:


    TN population density 480 per 1 sq km.
    Endia population density 410 per 1 sq km.
    Endia WITHOUT TN population density 395 per 1 sq km.

    The problem is NOT Endia but TN in this case (illegals coming to SL).

    Other Endians don’t MIGRATE to SL. Only Tamilians migrate because Tamil is an official and national langauge in SL.

    We can’t change Endia’s birth control but we can DETER the dirt from coming here by making their lives MISERABLE in SL. First SCRAP Tamil official and national language. Then CLOSE DOWN ALL loss making tea plantations and give the lands to Sinhalese. DEPORT all Endians in SL other than the jokers on visa.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    I know one Tamilian from SL who grew up in a Norwegian boarding school in the 1980s-1990s. He says there is NO religious imposition but there is STIFF CULTURAL COMPLIANCE. Speaking in Tamil is BANNED.

    They all have to eat beef which he had refused to eat and he was starved. He smuggled in (parents brought in) vegitables. He had eaten them when he was starved, secretly. But he LOVES Norway today. He has a few businesses in Norway and a family of 4 kids. But he sends his kids to UK schools. He says MOST Tamil kids of his age have become more or less Norwegian than Tamil.

    What these protesting Tamil Diaspora parasites (who are NOT poor people living luxuriously in Norway and Sweden) want is to get govt. MONEY so that they can send their kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS in Norway where they will not be trapped into these restrictive schools.

    GOSL should NEVER EVER trust anyone from the Tamil Diaspora UNLESS they are proven anti-Tamil SL supporters IN foreign countries. Bloody shameless parasites. Allow me to use that term because that is the ONLY way to describe these junk.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Look at the TOTAL population of Tamils who have gone as ‘refugees’ to Norway : 13,063 (this is the TOTAL Tamil population in Norway) and the so called ‘parents’ in Sri Lanka are claiming that 16,000 KIDS are being held by the govt. of Norway ! This proves a lie.

    Lies, cheat & deceit will be the stamp that Tamil Diaspora will carry. What a shame ! Is this the adult Tamils’ legacy to their children ?

    Here are the numbers of Tamil populations all over the world. After Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka ranks the highest. Remove the 13-A or the local existing present day population of Sri Lanka will pay dearly !

    Rank Country Percent Numbers
    1 India 5.63+ 72,138,000
    2 Sri Lanka 18.00 3,000,000
    3 Fiji 10.00 11,000
    4 Mauritius 8.01 100,000
    5 Malaysia 7.20 1,800,000
    6 Singapore 7.10 250,000
    7 Réunion 21.00 120,000
    8 Canada 0.91 300,000
    9 Switzerland 0.53 40,000
    10 South Africa 0.52 250,000
    11 United Kingdom 0.48 300,000
    12 Norway 0.27 13,063
    13 Australia 0.23 50,151
    14 France 0.1 120,000
    15 Italy 0.05 25,000
    16 United States 0.01 132,573
    17 Germany 0.05 50,000
    18 New Zealand0.001 5,634

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for info.

  17. Senevirath Says:

    As Lorenzo says the best way is giving transportation to Tamils in such a way that they don’t reach Australia or any other country……….




  18. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The only way to thwart the Tamils from dividing the nation is to make Sri Lanka a Buddhist nation recognized by the government and all other faiths or minorities are there at the bequest of the Buddhist Sanga who also should receive sufficient powers to be a force to reckon with. An amendment to this should also include that no conversions to other faiths are allowed but conversions to Buddhism is promoted. Any party or entity that seeks outside help will be charged with treason and face the penalties and charges. powers have to be centralized and the movement of Singhalese into Tamils must be accelerated including Buddhist temples. All Sri Lankans must know a rudimentary level of Singhalese and all Tamils that have left Sri Lanka and are in internment camps in India are denied entry. Tamils seeking illegal entry into other lands automatically renounce their Sri Lankan citizenship and damn the UN and the Western world for their hypocritical human rights accusations.

  19. jayasiri Says:

    AGREE with ASADA, Ananda & many others. We have been too compassionate towards India & TAMILS everywhere. I equate Indians as Tamils, they can boast about Western Forum. British forum, or WORLD forum all amount to few hundreds of TAMILS compared to other races.

    India populated FIJI, SYECELLES, British Guyana ( NOW Gayana in North of Venezuela), they gradually out number the indegenous population they go to & suddenly without anyone noticing it, Indians & Tamils become a significant force in TERMS OF a VOTING BLOC.

    It could happen to Sri Lanka, if we allow Tamils to populate as they do in Plantation sector. So we have to device a policy so that THEY can’t have more than TWO children. Ofcourse this rule should NOT apply to Sinhalese, for the obvious reasons.

    We do NOT want to be an INDIAN COLONY allthough our politicians are meking the way that will & could happen. At least Sinhala race SHOULD NOT allow this to happen. DEFEAT ALL politicins who BACK INDIA re: 13A amendment.

    Even NOW there is a possiblity that a referandum could be held to decide by Sri Lankans themselves what to do with 13 A or there of. Our politicians MUST dearly PUNISHED if from now on who SUPPORT INDIA, because of fear of their invading our country.

    In all sense & purpose they have done that, BUT for the general publc our political parties talk tough, but when they visit India, it is diferent version to Indians. I JUST cannot belive that OUR POLITICIANS ARE so gullable, or depneding on bribes from somone to GO Against the welfare OF THE COUNTRY WHO GAVE THEM AN EDUCATION, A JOB WITH PERKS.

    PROVINCIAL COUNCILS now, AND SECOND CHAMBER LATER…….what a way to administer a small country like ours. INDIA knew all along this would happen & they are laughing at Lankans. They criticize us for not having a BACBONE in International arena, our president selects WOULD AMBASSADERS NOT on education & expertise, BUT how they support the Govts objectives, which are mostly UN PATRIOTIC & helping their own clans.

    We can write & complain BUT there is very little we can do, UNLESS our leaders listen to us. They should NOT ONLY find out what Tamil Diaspora thinks, BUT generally Sinhalese & many other ehtnicities who support a UNITES Sri Lanka.

    Thank you……Do not get disheatened, continue to WRITE, PROTEST and someday what we need will happen.

    ………Another expat from Canada. sending his two cents worth…GOD BLESS SRI LANKA~ J

  20. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese never learn. Ban all political parties based on religion and race. Sri Lanka is Sinhaleses’ country.
    Like Germany is Germans’, England is Englishs’ etc. So what is the problem? If you chose to live in other people’s country, try to be one of them. Or at least have some allegiance to the country you live. Don’t ask the country to be divided for the simple reason you’ve been living there for long. Uninvited guests. If you can’t be grateful to the host country, there is the decent thing to do. Leave!

    Their greeed is only benefitting the other uninvited guests. They’ve been multiplying like xxxx and taking over the country. Stupid TNA (traitors’ national alliance) wants a separate country for them. Who is going to live there? All of the are in Colombo or abroad!

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