Madeline Albright’s Criticism Of Sri Lanka Baseless While The US Needs Heavy Criticism Of Its Own Foreign Policy, Interfering Into Sovereignities With Its Own Backyard In Disarray!
Posted on July 24th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

July24th th 2013

 There’s never an occassion that representatives of foreign powers such as the US, UK, the EU and Canada in particular pause before they launch all out attacks on Sri Lanka over the precedent setting elimination of one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world the LTTE. Instead they persist in their intimidation of the Sri Lanka Administration which fought and won a famous victory which has in all probabilities done the whole world a big favour!
Therefore it seems quite in order to say that the US specifically never gives up on Sri Lanka when their own liabilities towards accountability of the disruption of human life and destruction of property which is astronomical by proportion which they have inflicted on societies over a long period of time in the name of elimination of either communism or terrorism albeit in lopsided perspective and direction in every case and carry on as though they were the paragon of virtue which is not only incongruous but also high handed as they need to get their own act together.
The Media report covering a recent compilation by  a committee led  by former US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright points to her criticism of the international reaction to Sri Lanka during the final stages of the conflict despite embracing the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) concept. perhaps a concept she has misinterpreted  where the need to apply it to her own nation stands out as the world watches the authoritative approach by the US towards Sri Lankan matters. 
If the R2P concept categorically focuses on preventing and halting genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing then all of these transpire on a regular basis in many parts of the worls ( incidentelly and for the record they were tried out in every imaginable form by the tamil Tigers) where if one were to look closely  they are indeed carried out whether inadvertently or not on the instigation and auspices of US Foreign policy to a greater part and after they are perpetrated they look sheepishly at the world and deny their responsibility or attempt justification which is turning out to be somewhat of a joke. The list of countries affected by this is a long one which began with Vietnam  and continue unabated to this day as the world reels at what often  transpires  in the aftermath,  at times deplorable.
And then either for  the lack of better things to do or the persistence of the Tamil Diaspora led LTTE rump substantial enough by way of persuasive powers and the finances to back their motives whatever comes first, they  unleash their damnable attacks on Sri Lanka which today has made great inroads towards progress and development after the Tamil Tiger insurgency in a remarkable manner and acolladed by the more sensible nations of the world as admirable with of course the exceptions of the likes of Madame Albright and her bandwagon who really need to get their act together and stay away from what is specifically the internal affairs of a Sovereign Nation it they cannot acknowledge related realities which is a contradiction of what they are implying that Sri Lanka is a guilty party to their accusations . 
In response to the report condemning the failure to hold Sri Lanka liable for what they percieve as guilt which has been posted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, United States Institute of Peace, and Brookings Institution, where the report  has said ” tens of thousands of Tamil civilians died at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war with little international outcry or effective UN response,  very pellucidly there is no mention of Sinhalese, Muslim or any other ethnicity who were also affected by the terrorist attrocities wher this alone seems to point to the bias involved where one might very justifiably  also ask  ~ what beyond hearsay, innuendo and falsified reports do these organization know about what really transpired in Sri Lanka ? And little needs to be said of the UN involvement and responses as it has cancelled it’s its credibilities many times over with the bungling of Ban Ki Moon and involvement of pro LTTE supportives within the organization where the same could be said of Canada in the latter perspectieve if one were to dig deep! 
Former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former presidential special envoy to Sudan Richard Williamson who have co-chaired the working group which compiled the report seems to be part of yet another group of administrative retirees who should  rather than respond to all the wrong sources demanding their involvement in a matter beyond their true cognizance maintain a greater diplonacy at least towards safeguarding the credibilities of the great nation they represent and the great Asian nation they continue to intimidate for reasons best known to themselves and incomprehensible to many.
On Sri Lanka, the report has boldy  said with no reservation towards some protocols that govern international etiquettes at least, that “for over twenty-five years, the conflict in Sri Lanka pitted the army against the separatist insurgency of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). However, levels of violence escalated rapidly as the government pursued a strategy of military victory and advanced into LTTE-held territory between January and May 2009.
During this period, the civilian population suffered significant casualties and were unable to escape the conflict zone due to LTTE threats and the Sri Lankan military’s prohibitions on movement.
The United Nations estimates that up to forty thousand civilians were killed and hundreds of thousands were displaced during the final phase of the conflict, which ended with the defeat of the LTTE and the deaths of its senior leaders.
Despite the high number of civilian casualties, the international community did little beyond issuing statements of concern. The UN Security Council, High Commission on Human Rights, and General Assembly held no formal sessions on Sri Lanka during this period. In Sri Lanka, both the government and the rebels can be faulted for failing to protect civilians. However, the international community also neglected its responsibility to take timely action when it was apparent that violations of humanitarian law were taking place,” a report which is not only misleading but also distorted towards fact and leans towards the Tamil sympathy and needs to be refurbished to incorporate the salient truth outlined as follows despite all the cooked up allegations intended to hold water albeit the many leaks of a sinking ship the Tamil Tigers and their supportives called Eelam which eventually sank hopefully beyond recovery.
It was a Sovereign Democratic Nation involved that needed to guard her territorial integrity whether from within or without where the powers that be did exactly this in guarding against a group of terrorists that had sprung up from a miniscule minority of Tamils who virtually denied their rights the moment they took up arms against Sovereign Sri Lanka. The guarding and defence of the nation took almost three decades to resolve, impeded by virtue of the money, direction and support of a vast group of globally distributed Tamil diaspora who practically hoodwinked many gullible world leaders and world powers with their sympathy cries but were directly responsible for the escalation of terrorism which saw vast numbers of civilian lives and existences completely destroyed by the mendacities of the Tamil Tigers.
It is also a stark reality which has been documented by first hand reports, photographs and video clips  that the Armed Forces did their best to protect civilian life and eventually rescued many Tamils from the throes of the terrorists where today there are Tamils willing to testify to all this as they now lead nornal and contented lives.
Of course there were the unfortunate events which transpired, historically now, as they did in the circumstances where communal unrest fomented mainly by certain disgruntled Tamil leaders evoked a response from the majority Sinhalese which while being contemptible was a circumstantial reality within a turbulent nation which was also quelled by the Administrations at the time.
It eventually led to the armed insurrection of the Tamil Tigers  whose attempts to ursurp the administration and  break up the nation towards their own ends of secession where the ruling party and armed forces stood powerfully firm until the nation was liberated from terrorism.
The world including the likes of Mme. Albright and her RP2  group can shout till they turn blue about the accountabiilities of a Nation as they see it albeit distorted from realities and the accusations which have never been substantiated by tangible evidence but the painful truth remains that it was a nation torn apart by terrorism  now recovering from its ravages and deserves better than the pressure brought on by undiscerning retirees who should focus  on what goes on around them in their own domains if they cannot get their facts right in the first place or merely tend to their grandchildren.
When It goes on to say that the case of Sri Lanka exemplifies a challenge for implementing R2P when sovereign governments confront an internal threat from a group that is designated as a terrorist organization perhaps while reiterating what was said previously thr R2P needs to be either refurbished or utilised to confront situations more appropriate to its objectives.There can be no compromising the safety of a Sovereign nation simply to conform with worthless rhetoric which provides (inadvertently perhaps)  platforms for terrorists.
It should also desist from broadcasting bold  statements with unsubstantiable accusations such as : Since the end of the conflict, the government has steadfastly denied that the mass killing of civilians and war crimes took place. ” on the simplest reasoning that there is no evidence whatsoever towards their credibility.
” While launching its own inquiry into the military’s actions, the government has obstructed international efforts to investigate potential war crimes and crimes against humanity.” where the investigations have been more than thorough and implicitly disciplined although the accusations of ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ ring hollow as they are part of the slogan of disgruntled Tamil Diaspora without a smidgen of truth to them.
If critics question the independence and balance of the government commission’s report and argue that accountability requires a more credible investigation.” it need confrontation on the basis that there is neither tangible evidence to prove these( Sri Lanka by now would have been hauled up before an international tribunal if there were!) nor is there a need to continue responding to the calls as they come from biased sources as well as those with huge conflicts of interest making all of them  collectively an aberration that needs to be wiped off the administrative agenda of Sri Lanka as an unnecesary anomaly unless the required indisputable proof is produced!! It could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt towards blocking the progress of Sri Lanka today!
“The  recurrence of conflict in Sri Lanka” as alleged will be be prevented through current Government policy if  uninterfered with. And if  the international community merely observes rather than get involved in  monitoring the needs of all communities in the country accurately rather than through distorted portrayals, a national reconciliation process that addresses wounds inflicted during nearly three decades of conflict which has already begun could continue unimpeded bearing in mind that the wounds inflicted by the terrorists have been far greater by definition!

2 Responses to “Madeline Albright’s Criticism Of Sri Lanka Baseless While The US Needs Heavy Criticism Of Its Own Foreign Policy, Interfering Into Sovereignities With Its Own Backyard In Disarray!”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quid Pro Quo. “This for that”. Maybe Sri Lanka should demand that the Tamils in these nations receive special status including making Tamil an official language of Great Britain, Canada, the US and those EU nations so fervently supporting the same kind of outrageous demands on Sri Lanka. Failure to give the Sri Lankan Tamils that special status including making their language an official language of these nations will be viewed as an act of human rights violations by Colombo.
    Hinduism takes precedence of secularism and Christianity in these nations. Each and every time these nations demand more and more power to the Sri Lankan Tamils they should get an reply that they must first do the same to their nations before dictating to Sri Lanka. Numbers do not matter since in Sri Lanka the Tamils make up around 10% but are demanding rights that even the majority do not have.
    If that is too outrageous to ask then how about demanding that these nations also condemn those in India who supported the Tamil Tigers and still are in power as in Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha to the members of RAW. If Colombo has to keep on bowing to these former colonial powers then lets hold them to bringing charges on Indian leaders who supported the genocidal acts of the Tamil Tigers. Failure to do so means they have no longer have any say on the issue of human rights in Sri Lanka.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Sunil Kumar!!………It is hipocracy & downright SUPPORT of TAMILS of all pursuations at any cost to Sri Lanka is their current mentality. As Tamils in Lanka accounts ONLY to 5 or 6%, and they want equality? JUST should not happen.We have already give too much to all minorities in Sri Lanka.

    We as a small nation have always practiced & preached INDEPENDENCE & our past experiences are well known, BUT western countries FAIL to see the double standards they practice, when dealing with a small country. ONLY todays Sri Lankan newspaper, it says about KASHMIR question, where INDIA deliberately hidden the TRUE NATURE of the problems in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

    It is NOT TIME for western BLIND people to at least hear if they cannot see, why INDIA is allowed to practice such groslly RUTHLESS attitude towards KASHMIR people. KASHMIRI people, do not like governed by INDIANS & SIKHS…They want to be INDEPENDENT.

    Japan still remembers Sri Lanka, for our gallant efforts in SanFrancico Peace conference, when ALL COUNTRIES decided decimate JAPAN for her part in the war. Our leader late JRJ stood up gave an eloquent speech, which ASKED the Peace confrence NOT to harass Japan, as Japan has paid a price for the war.

    And for some reason most countries at the conference listend & were more considerate after JRJ’s speech. When Pakistan was booted out of Commenwealth, for being a dictatorship TWICE, yet Sri Lanka spoke well of Pakistan.

    More recently, when FIJI was shun from the Commonwealth for being military Govt., YET SRI Lanka stood up & pleaded Commonwealth to re-consider its decision to ban FIJI. It did not do any good, BUT WE HAVE our way of being THE ODD man out in any situation which involves a small country being over criticized, or punished, BECAUSE then all the WRONG done by the WEST is somehow forgotten.

    WHY is it USA & UK not hauled to International Arena for wars in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN & in many other ARAB countries in MID -EAST. WHY , because such action will harm the finncial clout they USE to punish countries WHO DISOBEY. They STILL beleive that they are the MASTERS of the world & NOT answerable to anyone.

    It is time SRI LANKA take the initiative to publicize what US, UK & EU are doing to hide attrocities DONE by INDIA to her minorities… For us NOT not stopping the WAR against TERRORISTS in Jaunary -May 2009, we are being punished.

    Thank you all…Always remember India & the West can hide behind all they want, BUT people of the world know the true character of some of the western nations…GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERLAND….~ J

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