“No land and police powers”: Sampanthan disappointed
Posted on August 5th, 2013

Asada M Erpini  

Media report on 04 August that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan has “expressed disappointment over President’s stance on land on police powers to provinces”. He has reportedly stated that the president keeps changing his stance on the subject. His reference obviously is to the President’s recent statement that land and police powers will remain with the government.

How sad for Sampanthan! At least the man should be appreciated for his lack of vacillation. He is steadfast in his stand and never keeps wavering: while the LTTE held sway over the illegally acquired third of the land mass of Sri Lanka, he and his TNA colleagues served as the mouthpiece for the terrorist group, and now that the armed wing of the LTTE that operated in Sri Lanka has been vanquished, the TNA leader continues the fight for and the dream of the mono-ethnic Tamil Eeelam on behalf of the LTTE rump and the financiers based in the affluent countries in the west.

Whether the Eelamists like it or not, they have to accept that Sri Lanka is a unitary state “”…” not a united country comprising provinces that have their own police force and the freedom to promulgate laws pertaining to land use. It is to liberate the country from the ruthless LTTE killers who wanted to have a separate state that thousands of members of the armed forces sacrificed life and limb. It is the liberation war that culminated on 19 May 2009 that has allowed civilians of all ethnic groups, including people of the calibre of Sampanthan and his TNA colleagues, as well as the members of the armed forces, to go about without getting blown into smithereens. It is the very same President, who in spite of immense pressure and arm twisting by EU and US politicians stood like a rock, and delivered to the LTTE what it deserved and brought back the peace that had been hijacked by the terrorist separatists.

As far as Sampanthan and his utterances are concerned, readers of the media never come across the man saying anything positive about Sri Lanka or the government: it is always disappointment, accusations or demands for more. It is time that he realised that he is barking at the wrong tree. The President will choose to do what is best for the country, irrespective of whether Sampanthan and his anti-Sri Lankan team approve or disapprove His Excellency’s decisions and actions. There are millions of peace-loving Sri Lankans who wholeheartedly support the President when His Excellency says that land and police powers will not be given to provinces: they will be ready to rejoice for days on end as the “provinces” include the Northern Province that gave birth to the LTTE curse.

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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Since India and those western nations who only seem to have a concern for the Tamils then in that light what would the Singhalese Buddhists benefit if land and police powers are given to the very lands that would have formed Eelam.
    It is high time that voices should be raised regarding the interests of the Singhalese Buddhists since there is plenty of support for the Hindu Tamils. Each and every time an issue is brought up that benefits the Tamils the question should be asked what benefits are there for the Singhalese Buddhists.
    When one factors in how Singhalese and Sri Lankan interests have been treated in Tamil Nadu which by the way never gets international coverage, then one must question why the special treatment to the Sri Lankan Tamils who started the war including demanding a separate land to this day. The only “special treatment” Tamils should receive is in response to how Tamil Nadu treats the Singhalese and Sri Lanka. Colombo is not obliged to take punishment from primitive
    Tamils and then turn around and give special treatment to these same people.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    What happened in Weliweriya is a good EXAMPLE of what will happen to Sinhala people in the DRY ZONE after TNA gets police powers.

    Now even the Sinhala majority govt. is doing what the LTTE did to them in Mavil aru, etc.

    TNA will be much worse.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


    We must wait till the investigation into the Weliweriya incident is over. Don’t jump to negative conclusions re the ‘Sinhela majority govt.’
    The petrol bombs etc. were used by the protestors first, no firing happened till then. Petrol bombs had no place in a peaceful protest. Who brought them there ?

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    This was a civilian protest, not a terrorist uprising. Whoever sent the Army there, erred in authoritative decision.

  5. callistus Says:

    Susantha, it started as a civilian protest. They always start like that. Can you not remember previous protests of fishermen and in free trade zones. Army is there to help out the police whenever is necessary. It has always been the case.

  6. Indrajith Says:

    I agree with Fran. Yes, there’s an obvious conspiracy to bring disrepute to army, and the govt and even to topple the govt. by hook or crook. Most probably it is the work of Jeppo or Paraputugamies. Jeppo are the people who loves dead bodies. They don’t like the popularity of the present govt and want to deny a larger vote percentage in future elections. They don’t even mind winnning UNP or TNA as long as the present govt. is not in power. May be there’s another hidden cats foe in the whole episode such as a foreign intelligent agency behind the scene. But if they think they can tople this govt. that way like in other foolish mid-eastern countries they are sadly mistaken. In the past we saw Grease Devil Spring, Katunayake Spring, kalucoat Spring, fisheries Spring, University Lecturers Spring etc. but none of them could do any impact. Unlike Arab, SL people are now well educated and more than that Sinhalese people are very patriotic lot. Very sad for the loss of valuable young lives but the real culprits must be having feasts behind. Curse on them!

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    1. Still there was NO NEED to fire LIVE BULLETS.

    2. A clean water supply project should have started by now. But it is not so.

    We should NOT give in to JVP, UNP, TNA, AI agents. Fully agree. But the govt. has given in already.



    Many springs but contaminated spring water!

    Curse the killers and their protectors!!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    1. Still the army should not have fired LIVE BULLETS.

    2. The KILLED were NOT petrol bomb throwers. Not shooters. Innocents have been killed.

    3. The real criminals would have escaped. This is a BIG problem.

    4. The FORGOTTEN WATER PROBLEM remains!!

    5. BHOPAL problem remains which is a REAL issue.

    6. I hope BBS was NOT involved in ANYWAY in this.

  9. Ratanapala Says:

    Sampanthan is feigning disappointment at the President’s statement – that he will deny Police and Land Powers to the Northern Province after the elections to show it is a minor matter.

    Sampanthan, TNA, the Tamil Diaspora and the so called International Community comprising the Christian Western Powers, the Christian Church and India are waiting for TNA to come to power in the Northern Province. Thereafter the hell will break loose in proper fashion and it will only be a matter of time before they will come calling for full implementation of the 13A Amendment, for it is still in the Constitution. All the Tamil forces and their friends will exert enormous pressure and Sri Lanka will have to buckle down and given into their demands – leading finally to the Eelamists and their friends – albeit India will be the sorry looser if Eelam becomes reality.

    This President is foolish even to contemplate that all his troubles will be a thing of the past – after CHOGM, Elections to the Northern Province and the arrival of the Pope in Sri Lanka.

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