Open letter to President
Posted on August 12th, 2013

Chandrasena Pandithage

Dear, Mr. President,

I would like to take time to write this letter because I am a concerned citizen of the country. It is not that I like you personally, but we all have to uphold democracy in the end. Democracy as we know it has been the foundation of the Sri Lankan society for millennia. If democracy falls, we all fall. I really wish that you take few minutes of your precious time to read this and take necessary action if you think that is appropriate.

May I forward my point very clearly first; let me explain my reasons later. You are in the danger of losing your life; if you do not take the necessary precautions to safeguard your life right now, the victory that we have obtained against separatist imperialism is lost.

History repeated itself in many instances in the 20th century. Before Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 (the starting point of the World War II), he took steps to blow few bombs in Poland and spread rumors about the misdeeds of the Polish government. This made it easier for him to invade Poland. Same happened in Chili in 1973 when Salvador Allende was killed. Before killing him, the imperialists organized petty protests and created issues out of nothing.  This created the path for Pinochet to come to power.

Hasn’t this happened in Sri Lanka before? Haven’t they assassinated Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike and President R. Premadasa? Didn’t both act decisively against separatism in the country? What makes you think that they will exclude you? In the eyes of the imperialists, you have done a horrendous crime of destroying the terrorists they have created. They are acting against you; same sequence of events which unfolded in Poland before Hitler invaded Poland is taking place; the same sequence of events which was taking place before Pinochet took over Chili is taking place in this country right now. People fight for no reason; people get shot at for no reason.

The imperialist forces must be preparing Sri Lanka’s Hitler or Pinochet right now; also they must be training the person who is going to assassinate you; I am judging by the historical facts here. I know your government consists of a number of elements; some elements are brave and patriotic while some are cowardly and corrupt; you know this yourself. Elements against you might rise within the government itself. Please look around you and understand the danger.

Now that the Northern Provincial Council election is to be held, the imperialist forces do not want you in power. They want too things to separate North and East from the rest of the country; the elections and removing you from power. They will get both done if you do not act now and act decisively. As a Sinhalese Buddhist, you might not be worried about your death; however, this is not a matter of that. It is a matter of Sri Lankan democracy and the national integrity. For the sake of future generations and the country, I request you to take the necessary actions now.

Thanks for your time.

Chandrasena Pandithage

24 Responses to “Open letter to President”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    CHANDRASENA !! You have said a mouthful with no reservations, vis-à-vis ” also they must be training the person who is going to assassinate you.”

    We have thrown insults at him, hurled stones at him (metaphorically), used base language at him, insultingly laughed at him, plainly with the intention of WAKENING HIM UP FROM HIS STUPOR, trying to attract his attention. After reading our articles, he must be mad at us, and acting like an incorrigible school-boy. We do not know him personally, but we do care about him just now as OUR PRESIDENT, as there is presently nobody there to fit into his shoes. That is how we see it. I have even quoted Napolean Bonaparte, who said, ‘ HE WHO SAVES THE NATION VIOLATES NO LAW ‘.

    MR. PRESIDENT, your PSD-(Presidential Security Division), will be peanuts for an assassin sniper bullet. PLEASE WAKE UP, and listen to the masses.

    Please go for a referendum to scrap the 13th amendment, and its Provincial Councils. You have to take this courageous decision right now. Do not compromise your VISION to please a bunch of passengers in your bus. May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you to re-awaken.


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    MR should act wisely. He should NOT allow civilians to be SHOT DEAD. That is playing into the hands of conspirators.

    MR’s PEOPLE’S govt is too strong for all conspirators. It can only be collapsed from WITHIN. If govt. goes shooting civilians dead, that is the start of the collapse.

    Even during the war the army DID NOT shoot civilians dead. Why now?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    During the war, the army followed a ZERO CIVILIAN CASUALTY policy. Why not now?

    They shot at the army killing them. Behaved unruly. But zero civilian casualty policy was used.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    This is a real possibility which I have highlighted previously. SWRD Bandaranaike and Premadasa were killed by Indian agents for ruffling the Sino-India geopolitical balance. During their rule, strong political and/or military ties were forged between China and Sri Lanka. These were different to the rubber-rice agreement which had no geopolitical impact. President Rajapakse is following the footsteps of these previous leaders in dealing with China. This is not to say it is wrong. On the contrary, it is the right thing to do but Indian hegemony doesn’t tolerate it. Over the weekend India launched its indigenous aircraft carrier. It is a clear warning that Indian hegemony is on the march. India has shown increased aggression in recent years and things will get more disturbing in coming years.

    Further proof can be found in a highly influential Indian newspaper editorial recently. It said Sri Lanka played the ‘China card’ and India retaliated by voting against Sri Lanka in 2012 and 2013 at the UNHRC. However, these resolutions had no impact as regards the ‘China card’. With the Colombo South port development, India is getting closer to committing another assassination.

    These vital signs must not be missed.

    The natural or other demise of the President will be the end of the nationalist rule of the nation for a long time. None of his brothers is capable of managing the many political intricacies.

    What is needed is to weaken the Indian separatist clout in the island by abrogating 13A and the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord. If India attempts or succeeds in removing the incumbent, at least then, abrogation must be done immediately. However, any such assassination attempt will be done through unlikely local agents. In 1959 it was a Buddhist monk (the most unlikely candidate for the assassination of SWRD Bandaranaike) and in 1993 it was a Tamil with government and LTTE connections, once again the most unlikely of all possible assassins at that time. On both occasions, their political parties collapsed and pro-Indian rulers emerged almost from thin air.

    As the writer says preceding both events were small scale public disturbances that distracted the people from the main issue and generated public anger against the rulers.

    Had the assassinations in 1959 and/or 1993 gone wrong, an interesting situation would have arisen where bold decisions would have been made.

  5. mario_perera Says:

    If an assassination attempt is on the cards, then MR is walking towards it with open eyes.

    MR is like a spider who cannot do away with the web on which he lives and thrives. he web is his all. For the spider, if the web comes down, he comes down. Should the spider himself meet his end, the web continues. In each case it is the web that is more important than its incumbent.

    MR more than any other head of state of the past, had the best and easiest opportunity of doing away with the web and weaving for himself another more congenial both for himself and the nation. But alas, not only has he continued with the same web, he has even reinforced it. He ignored and continues to ignore the age old truth that new wine cannot be put into old containers. The post war situation was new wine, but he drank it while still opting to remain perched on the old web.

    The saddest part of it all, is that he still can do away with the old web, break the strands that bind him and set himself and with him the nation free. But he still stands on the old web, which could prove to be his undoing. The strands of that web are like fetters that bind him and have a strangle-hold on him.

    There comes a time in the lives of leaders of nations that power has a soporific effect on them. So also with MR. He is like a Reggae singer, lying under the canopy of a shady tree a marijuana cigarette in one hand and singing: Everything will be alright. Alright, it will be alright, Alright, alright, alright.

    Even Caesar was told of an Ides of March but to no avail. When the day came, meeting the soothsayer who had made it a point to present himself in the crowd, he said: The Ides of march has come! To which the old soothsayer replied: but not yet gone.

    Mario Perera

  6. ranjit Says:

    All the advises to the President from peace loving people and peace loving nation should be appreciated. Actually this man should live another 100 years for what he has done to our nation.He is the only strongest leader we have at the moment to lead us for a better life. I also feel that he shouldnt take it easy and move around thinking that every single individual in Sri Lanka loves him, adores him or likes him. He must be protected at all cost and he too should think of himself and the nation more at this moment.

    Enemies are everywhere and it wont take a second to do harm to a man who brought us hope and saved our land from the clutches of evil. We have extremists in every religion and every section of our society. We do not know at what point all hell will loose and desaster struck our nation and it’s people again because of so many evil air is floating in the air these days.

    Mr.President please take the advise of Chandrasena and all those who loves you and take precautions to protect your valuable life from extremists and terrorists. Enemies are few but they are strong as they come from all over the world. They have money and resourcers to make us cry again as they dont love our nation or it’s people but money and power. Trust only your siblings and be on guard all the time. Dont walk blindly thinking that all is well around you.It’s not. We see better than you as we are watching you day and night as our leader who saved our land. May Buddha protects you and the nation we loves so much. Evil will perish and good will shine upon our land of birth.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    That the 13-A must go is very real. But, those who brought in the 13-A are the protestors of it now.

    “Abduddassa Kalae aththa naththa karanawa”.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Question to ask to de-confuse the People :

    * The People want the 13-A out. But, who was in power when the 13-A was signed in ?

    * Also, who was in power when the main WATER problem started about 20 yrs ago with the CKD, and nothing was done to help the victims till now under the present GoSL ? (Weliweriya water problem is a small one).

    Today that same erring party has now taken the lead role to “protect the people”, lead the people via water needs, self inflicted riots etc !

    Again “Abudassa Kalae, aththa naththa karanawa”. Aiya ! wither Lanka Jnt Opposition ?

  9. Senevirath Says:



    “”mahinda is not classical music and not baila . just popular half classic “””prema geethayak”””


  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Patriots must remember that then PM SWRD Bandaranaike’s Cabinet brought in the Social Disabilities Act of Sept 1957, to enable low caste Tamil people of the North especially to enter school class rooms, enter Kovils etc. A few months later, in
    April 1957, Mr Bandaranaike was assassinated.

    What a life to be the President of impossible Sri Lanka, the warring ground for Northern Caste, Southern Class & upward mobility thrown in as well with foreign sniffers !

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sorry, I mixed up dates re SWRD assassination & the Soc. Disabilities Act. Soc. Dis. Abilities Act April 1957, and assassination of SWRD Sept 1957.

    We think President Premadasa couldn’t go beyond a certain point to help Tamil people and that is why he was assassinated.

    It is basically the Tamil Problem of Caste that cannot be solved in Sri Lanka or through Sri Lanka. The Tamil Problem of Caste has to be addressed in Tamil Nadu, whatever India says. It is customary that a problem be addressed at the source, or it will not be solved. This is basic logic.

    How about a mock Referendum to eliminate the 13-A, from the People, by the People ? Or take as many cases as possible to Courts to stop the NPC election ?

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t think SWORD died in 1957. He was there during 1958 riots which is blamed on him.

  13. Sampath Says:

    chandrasena, there is sense in what you say about fish tank example

  14. Sampath Says:

    Lorenzo sevala banda died in1959. they say he had a chapel inside his rosmead place house, is this true? also before pansukla was given a Christina priest did Christian service inside the house?

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Sorry , Problem of Caste is not only Tamil problem but also Indian problem this mean Hindhu reliegn problem until this reliegn exist in this world Castle problem never go away !!!
    Yes agrred We Sri Lankan Tamil have caste problem !!!

    Our problem is no problem !!!
    eg: take off reliegn from both us do you think Sinhalese & Tamil will fight ?, for what ??? for land? We both know When We die We do not even get atleast 6 feet land Muslim & Christien to bury their body !!! We get ash !!!

    Do not worry too much my Sinhala brother We both have live together last 2500 years !!! when out sider come to our mother lanka We both kick them out !!! (as we done to IPKF) !

    wait for NP election result TNA will be minority !!! people know when to vote, how to vote, to whom to vote !!!

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correction: P.M. SWRD Bandaranaike was assassinated in 1959. Thanks for pointing out the error, Lorenzo.


    * SWRD Bandaranaike was PM for the period 1956-1959. Here is the sequence of significant Acts passed in Parliament during his tenure in office.

    (1) The Official Language Act (1956). Replaced English with Sinhala language. Brought in a spate of Tamil protests and demands resulting in violence.

    (2) The Prevention of Social Disabilities Act (1957). This Act enabled Tamils of low caste to enter school class rooms, Kovils etc.

    (3) Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act (1958). Enabled Tamils to conduct Public Services, entrance exams & Administration of N&E in Tamil language.

    His assassination was done on the flimsy pretext that he did not allow Buddharakhitha (then Chief Prelate of the Kelaniya Vihara), special privileges on some business matter. Somarama who was hired to do the dastardly act and was found guilty by Courts, converted to Christianity just prior to being executed.

    * President Premadasa used the ltte to get rid of the IPKF. What promises did he make to the ltte ? What did the ltte expect in return ? He was killed by an ltte suicide bomber in 1993.

    TAMIL POLITICS feature a great deal in both their lives. When will the Tamil people be allowed to be Sri Lankan without Tamil Separatism by Tamil leaders ?

    Sri Lanka has to break free of over dependency on TAMIL LABOR. Modernise & Mechanize existing Labor in Lanka so that anyone can do the work with greater ease. We are moving from the plantations industry into a more industrialised economy and must be prepared for that too.

    The Indian & western “hold” on Sri Lanka is due to Tamil leaders Separatist demand.

    Sri Lanka cannot solve the TAMIL CASTE PROBLEM. The Tamil Caste Problem starts in Tamil Nadu, born there and will be perpetuated there. The UN has to help out there, not Sri Lanka. Navil Pillai must be told so.

    SRI LANKA : One country, One People, same human needs.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    Also agreed with plantations industry into a more industrialised economy !

    TAMIL CASTE PROBLEM = Hindhu caste problem = Indian Problem = UN Problem = Not Our Lankan problem !

    LANKA : One country, One People, same human needs- One Nation that is Hela ( Eelam in Thamil) Nation!

    Sinhalese Hela, Demila Hela , Muslim Hela nation ! all should & must speck Sinhala language !

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Opposition held a SUPER MASSIVE protest against Weliweriya killings, etc. yesterday.

    The LARGEST opposition rally EVER for over 5 years!!

    People have decided. The govt. DUG ITS OWN GRAVE and gave the DEAD opposition a new life.

    Govt. allowed the opposition to come BETWEEN the govt. and the people.

    This has another problem. Tamilians in the north have their close relatives in Colombo and some live in both places. Now they too are convinced the massive support of NON TAMILS against the govt. If they had ANY suspicion of govt. getting even 20% of the NPC vote, now they will not.

    At least now we must ADMIT the WELIWERIYA STUFF UP.

    BEFORE it is reflected in election results!!!

  19. jayasiri Says:

    Dear Mr.Pandithage!………..It is very opportune moment you have written to our President. We all agree that CORRUPTION, IN EFFICIENCIES, NEPPOTISM, happens in any society including in the USA & in Endia.

    From fatther to son or daughter the torch is passed. BUT we also agree if you can find another leader in Lanka, NOW it is completely imposiible. Although we complain so much, the good done by our present President OUT WEGH the bad. So even the holier than any coountry `INDIA is full of corruption, hunger, poverty & many numerous problems.

    This is why few weeks ago I addressed a letter to our critics who called for many solutions to our problems & the SLOW pace the govt. Ruling party & kith & kin, are acting or trying so hard to govern this country.

    That is why, I said let the HE President have his wish to hold the CHOGM now, and then meet him as a group all peace loving lankan leaders from abroad. (Sinhalese Disapora) to advice him, to TAKE STEPS before something really catastrophic happens in lanka,namely to our President.

    TODAY I noticed in lankan newspapers THAT 3 Lecturers from 3 Universities in Lanka, have SECRETLY gone to UK to attend the LTTE supported Transitional Govt. in the UK. THIS IS A CRIME not only associating with LTTE, BUT leaviing their posts WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION.

    WHAT has Profesors if our UNIVERSITIES have to do in the UK, and that also on a very secret mission, UNTIL our CDS prompted the GOVT to act. Even if it is too late to stop, ONCE they come back to lanka, proper inquiries must be made & punished so that similar incidents will never happen again.

    These acts are done with PRECISE & well organized, people in both countries, THESE Profs, cannot do it themselves. THIS IS one way of de-stablizing a coountry. Even among Sinhala BUDDHISTS there may be TRAITORS.

    It is again quite appropriate to advice our President to make sure his STAFF & security personnel are well informed of the dangers & take PRO-ACTIVE action to protect the president.

    Thank you all. From the responses so far, it shows, PEOPKE IN LANKA care so much about our President, even with his minor faults & shortcomings……..May the Noble Triple Gems, guard & protect our President & MOTHERLANKA..


  20. ranjit Says:

    Lorenzo where did you see a large crowd yesterday in the opposition rally? We never saw that much.We saw one roudy UNP’er putting his hand around one buddhist priest and saw another drunkards sleeping on the road and all the LTTE supporters from UNP telling the crowd that they will try to topple the Govt by 2014. They are all day dreamers and loosers. 2014 is not far away we can see if nothing serious happens to our Motherland. Tell me who are the opposition baboons? UNP who lost all elections. JVP lost all, Mangalaya how many votes,Ponnaseka how many votes, Tamil parties how many votes, Independence how many votes,All thos calling themselves as leaders in the opposition can garner how many votes as combined tell me. Opposition now R.I.P gone with the wind.They have to show the public what they can do without playing Ping-Pong. Who is listning to them only the stray dogs nobody else.

    Any Opoosition must have a plan for the country.They should have a vision not just open their Hakara mouth and shout old slogans. We need action to take our country to the top. We remember all they did while they were in power. Sri Lankans are not fools anymore. Our President is giving hope and a better future for all Sri Lankans and we all must support him and safeguard him for the betterment of the whole country.

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with ranjit, there was not that much of a crowd at he Opposition rally.

    We also think that the Jnt Opposition needs to grow up instead of using the people of Lanka as some sort of degraded plaything. If the Jnt Opposition brought in a proper water system of Reverse Osmosis for the people of all Provinces and gave us a vision of pipe borne water for every household in Lanka, then we can safely say ‘the Jnt Opposition has grown up, and they are worthy of their jobs’ and fit to be leaders of Lanka.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    The Tamil Caste problem is not our problem as we as a Buddhist nation does not recognise Caste and there are no caste based anything here or Scheduled Castes allowed by the State Laws, but HAS BEEN MADE TO BE OUR PROBLEM. Look at what the TNA (unregistered political party), the Catholic Bishops & the Marxist parties are saying re the 13-A tied to Tamil Separatism !

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    you are confusing with more than each problem
    1) we as a Buddhist nation – If we are Buddhist nation whom I am ? My reliegn is Saivam , My mother tang is Demila !
    2) Buddhist does not recognise Caste – Yes Agreed that why Hidhu born Govthama Bhuddha show as me way of Life that is Bhuddisham !
    3) HAS BEEN MADE TO BE OUR PROBLEM. – where ???
    4) re the 13-A tied to Tamil Separatism !- is not caste problem ,it is artificial All meantion selfish people made it !!!

    but good think is MR is over coming this problem slowing but firmly but I hope & pray He will be in power for at least another 2 or 3 more terms to complete the job for ever!

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    On video.

    COMPARED to pervious UNP rallies which were EMPTY, this certainly had a MASSIVE crowd for a working day.

    IF NOT for president’s actions BEFORE the event, it would have been even higher.

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