Navanethem Pillay and the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)
Posted on September 3rd, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

Misuse of religion to incite youth

Addressing the Youth Parliament, the visiting UNHR high commissioner Navanethem Pillay talked about the misuse of religion to incite youth. This shows how worried were the UN agents and NGOs in Colombo about the effectiveness of the Bodu Bala Sena Movement, because Pillay was telling what she was fed by these locals.  A major task of BBS is to pump oxygen to dead-like Sinhala Buddhist warm bodies and the UN and NGO Christians and rich Christians in Colombo and useless politicians in Sri Lanka are all worried about the BBS movement because they are all getting exposed in their cheating game.  Rich Christians in Colombo want to remove the Buddhist foundation of the island”‘s heritage.  Those politicians who have cheated Sinhala Buddhist voters for decades cannot think of BBS ushering a new era of Migettuwatte Gunananda and Anagarika Dharmapala in a halal-infested country and a new Buddha recognized by a Galle magistrate court by the name of Vanduramba Siriwardena!

The Pillay pill

The Pillay pill has become a new beggar”‘s wound for UNP, SLFP, MEP, JVP, NFF and Sarath Fonseka-based corrupt political actors. They think they can get people to swallow the Pillay pill so that they can continue to play their survival game of cheating the Sinhala Buddhists and the poor Christians.  Really speaking Pillay is like a mild cyclone passed along the Sri Lanka coasts. The basic problems of Sri Lanka will not change even if hundred Pillays come and go. The basic problem is that since 1931 a group of rich Christians known as the black-whites has controlled Sri Lanka. Even today this is the simple truth. Not a single colonial law adversely affecting the Sinhala Buddhists has been changed in Sri Lanka since 1948. Buddhism department or Buddhism ministry is a Buddhist curse. Perhaps, the only result of Pillay visit will be that her report will add one more ladder to the Eelam project.

Pillay and international king makers

UNO, IMF, WB and the latest WTO are creations of the imperial west as instruments of the new remote-controlled colonialism.  Pillay is only a cat”‘s paw in this game just like any UN SG. No one can become UNSG unless he is a supporter of international king makers.  The only change with these new colonial plans is that instead of white skin cats now they use non-white cats. Whether Pillay is a South African Tamil tiger or not is immaterial here. She is a puppet in the hands of big corporate powers running the world from behind the scene. Like Lionel Bopage, Jayadeva Uyangoda or Dayana Jayatileka at the local stage Pillay is with a good resume for the global stage. Born in September 23, 1941, grew up as a colored person in a poor neighborhood in Durban as a daughter of a bus driver, affected by the Apartheid policy in South Africa, she was helped by the local Indian community to end up as the first non-white South African to obtain a doctorate in law from Harvard Law School. She is a supporter of women”‘s rights, abortion rights and served as a judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. She fought for Nelson Mandela when he was in jail.  Thus, the record of Pillay reads like that of a pious Buddhist nun in Sri Lanka.  But Poor Pillay, cannot see any better than South African Bishop Desmond Tutu or former US president Jimmy Carter when it comes to Christian-based Tamil Eelam project in Sri Lanka. They are blinded by their God-agenda.

Pillay and Theri Gatha

Pillay is no expert in understanding Buddhist way of life or how Sinhala Buddhists are fooled by politicians in Sri Lanka. If somebody could give Pillay a copy of the Buddhist Their Gatha she will see why a Sinhala Buddhist will not make a Tamil mother to suffer. It was all done by Christian Colombo rulers and Christian Tamil Eelamists. Somebody like Gotabhaya Rajapakse can never order any innocent woman or man killed, because Gotabhaya is not a Colombo political Buddhists. At the Christian-dominated international scene, Sinhala Buddhists are compared with Nazis and Talibans engaged in Tamil genocide.  This ugly propaganda was put to rest once by a US Congressman, who asked from an NGO witness, “…”If Hitler”‘s chief justice, attorney general, IGP and DIGs (before DIGs and SSPs became guards of thug MP jeeps) and cabinet ministers were Jews, how can you say there was genocide?”‚ This was the case in Sri Lanka in July 1983, but no Dayan Jayatileke or Pakiyasoothy or Jehan Perera or Kumar David writes about it in English.  I heard that at the US State Department press corp. where anti-Sri Lanka news briefs are released there is no GOSL reporter to at least listen to the attack, let alone presenting Sri Lanka”‘s case with facts.

Pillay was wrong in talking about inciting Buddhist youth. Pillay does not know Sri Lankan history. Like the sleeping giant China, BBS is awakening the sleeping Buddhists from open cheating under the guise of foremost place to Buddhism jokes and Buddhism PM old goat. As a lawyer Pillay should know that BBS is only providing facts to people and asking the yard of reasonableness be used by the government. Providing facts to people about the bogus behavior of ministers, unjust evangelical conversions and Islam Wahabism is democracy and not Apartheid. When verbal appeals are falling in deaf ears, people power to change wrong doing is democracy.  Non-violence works only if there is militant weapon with it.  This was what Gandhi and Martin Luther King did. Malcolm X had the direct force method just like Subash Chandra Bose in India.   America and British rulers in India got so frightened by actions of Malcolm X and Bose and both had to be killed.

In her final report Pillay has a duty to make a correction about her opinion on misuse of religion to incite youth. Making people aware of dirty politics and cheating of Sinhala Buddhists and poor Christians since 1931 is not inciting. It is inciting only from the colonial masters or their puppets point of view who want to continue the old game of exploitation and cheating. BBS has never asked youth to take weapons into their hands. BBS considers anybody attacking another as an enemy transplanted by enemies of BBS mission. Pillay should ask her UN agents in Colombo to examine the BBS website and other BBS meeting records and satisfy herself that her statement was not correct.  Buddhists say “…”Come and examine,”‚ not come and believe as in the case of Carter or Tutu.

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18 Responses to “Navanethem Pillay and the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    As GR said BBS is a CONSEQUENCE of Tamil and Muslim GHETTO mentality and expansionism.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    There is only one issue and only one issue that the Tamils want and they will use any means including their current connection with the UNHRC with a Tamil woman named Navi Pillay being used to achieve their goal and that is Eelam. they failed using military method now they are using diplomatic methods.
    Every time there is an article in the Times of India these Tamil collaborators use that forum to spread their propaganda: In a recent article titled: “UN rights chief transgressing mandate: Sri Lanka” which is found under the segment titled WORLD and under the sub segment “South Asia” I quote some of the Tamil comments which are routine:

    sivarajah rajeswaran (australia) 12 hrs ago
    “The Sri Lankan regime wants it to be glorified for the for its murderous misdeeds and undemocratic practices”

    Pillai (Auckland, NZ) 1 day ago
    GoSL must take up the matter with UN Secretary-General. Concurrently GoSL must look into its own closet to find out why SL is under UN scrutiny. SL has been on international radar for quite a while. The 1958 and 1977 pogroms against minorities were blips on the radar screen but the international community were busy with the cold war. The Black-July pogrom of 1983 shocked the world and liberal nations accepted refugees by the thousands- much to the delight of the then GoSL. Human rights violations of minorities commenced on an organised scale. This has spread to all non-GoSL supporters. Lankans are helplessly watching the erosion of law and order and the increasing level of the culture of impunity. Gotabaya has threatened resumption of war (and atrocities) if TNA is elected at the forthcoming NPC election. Senior Minister Wimal has threatened repeat black-Julys. Lands and houses are being grabbed in the N&E. GoSL must try and get out of the UN human rights radar. Possible? Yes if we have statesmen who eschew Buddhist-Sinhala chauvinism”

    murgesh_mnm ()
    1 day ago
    “Best way to put Referendum for Tamil Eelam. There is no other alternative solution for Tamils, Sinhalese is the real racist they are not Buddhist they are the evils. Buddha never teaches violence. Already Tamils suffered heavily. Indian Tamil Politics are not working seriously towards Sri Lankan Tamils safety.”

    Arup Ghosh ()
    1 day ago
    COUNTRY RUNS BY MONSTERS ::: Sri Lanka turning increasingly authoritarian: UN human rights chief UN human rights chief Navi Pillay today criticised the Sri Lankan government, saying the country is becoming “increasingly authoritarian” despite the end of a civil war four years ago. In a hard-hitting statement at the end of a week-long visit to assess the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, Pillay said she was “deeply concerned that Sri Lanka, despite the opportunity provided by the end of the war to construct a new vibrant all-embracing state, is showing signs of heading in an increasingly authoritarian direction.” “It is important everyone realises that although the fighting is over the suffering is not,” Pillay told reporters. Pillay said she was happy with the government’s resettlement and infrastructure development efforts in the former battle zones. “These are important achievements and I understand the government’s concern that they have perhaps not been sufficiently recognised”, She said. Turning to what she termed the “disturbing aspect of the visit”, Pillay said the people she met during her visit had been harassed or intimidated. “This type of surveillance and harassment appears to be getting worse in Sri Lanka which is a country where critical voices are quite often attacked or even permanently silenced”. She said the UN will take up the issue of reprisals against people because they have spoken to UN. “The war may have ended but in the meantime democracy has been undermined and the rule of law eroded,” she said adding that she regretted the personal attacks carried out against her by three ministers. “They have claimed…I was the Tamil Tigress in the UN. This is not only wildly incorrect, it is deeply offensive. This type of abuse has reached an extraordinary crescendo during the past week,”

    Karthigesu Arinesali (London)
    2 days ago
    Gold: 12.7K
    Madam Navnethan Pillai had submitted an authentic report, and though the Sri Lankan government had reducled her and provoked her. One of the Government ministers publicly declared that he was willing to MARRY her! (for what?) A leading Buddhist priest had told her that she could visit Sri Lanka to enjoy the scenery but she should not criticize the government. This clearly exposed the fact that the Lankan government was trying to hide all the heinous crimes committed by the Sinhalese government.”

    Ramamurthy Venkateswaran (Bangalore)
    2 days ago
    Silver: 4058
    The Government of Sri Lanka seem to be trying its best that the darker side of its military adventurism against the LTTE, the demand for Tamil eelam, etc. come to light. Initially it opposed the US sponsored resolution in the United Nations, which was supported by India. Now the Sri Lankan government slanders the representative of UNHRC of casting baseless charges. In International Law perhaps there is no provision for standing up to truth and owning up one’s misadventure for a corrective measure. Nonetheless the justice is not far away as on a particular day, one’s deeds/misdeeds will be evaluated by the Almighty. Basic values for a fellow human being/ethnic group, have not been shown in this case.”

    There many more and I match attacks on Sri Lanka with facts to which here is one comment due to my relentless defense of Sri Lanka:

    Pillai (Auckland, NZ) 2 hrs ago
    Readers of New Indian Express are discerning and will not fall for the meaningless bernardian diatribes which regularly appear in comments. For example in the boring Bernard (aka nolabernard) comments, no mention is made to the organised pogroms against minorities in 1958, 1977 and in 1983. No mention of the thousands killed towards the end of the civil war. GoSL supporters imply that violence against Lankan minorities is acceptable. This is fascism and unfortunately.”

    I suggest more Sri Lankans who believe in a united Sri Lanka and take this diplomatic fight to this well known internet newspaper and for each false accusations come up with a rebuttal which will uncover their propaganda in order to gain Eelam.

  3. Senevirath Says:



  4. Lorenzo Says:

    After winning the war, the govt. should have settled Sinhalese and Muslims in the north in hundreds of thousands.

    Now they regret for not doing it. IF we did that TNA will be very weak.

    They ALWAYS miss the bus. What a foolish govt. we have!

    BBS should concentrate on busting the Tamil Elam project.

  5. aloy Says:

    Could you find out, verify and state here, in this forum, who actually gave order to SLA to shoot to kill at Veliveriya. BBS said they did. Did they not?.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    We wonder who ordered VIOLENCE from the 5,000 or so mob at Weliweriya. Petrol bombs and sand filled bottled and grabs at Army rifles were not done spontaneously – they were planned acts of VIOLENCE from the mob who came after settlement had been reached with the aggrieved. And all done in the dark of night/dusk, so that the faces in the mob would not be recognised.

    There was NO NEED for Violence, yet Violence happened. Why ?

    We can only surmise that some people wanted a 1983 type RIOT again ! Why ?
    The 1983 trumped up Riot brought the downfall of Lanka, Exodus of Tamils to the West and the 13-A imposed under Duress.

    Our thanks to the Army for having brought a halt to another 1983 type Riot.

  7. Christie Says:

    Panchaya’s Rawana Balaya was the only group to protest against the Nawanatham Pillai; the Indian colonial parasite from South Africa. BBS was gone deaf, blind and dumb during her visit as an agent of the Indian Empire. She is no different to other Indian colonial parasites like Mohandas Karamchand Gangdhi or Yasmin Sooka.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    What did Navi Pillai achieve with her visit ? Nothing. She just made matters a little worse with some ‘divide & rule’ words – no heartfelt words for the People of Lanka, no inspiration. Mostly ‘not enough’, and outright criticism. Waste of Lanka funds.

    We ought to concentrate on our own problems and solve them ourselves. “Depend upon your Self” said the Buddha.

    * How do we deliver CLEAN TAP WATER to every household/building in Lanka ? Who is willing to help us ?

    * How do we teach good spoken English (as a link language) to the rural folk

    * How do we create jobs for all who wish to work here ?

    * How do we integrate the likes of the Army deserters and the JVP ? (they are hurt members of society here)

  9. Christie Says:

    Let us understand our plight. We are the subjects of the Indian Empire. Nawanathum is another Indian imperialist like Mohandas Karamchand Gangdhi, Chndra Bose and J Nehru.
    People from the Indian subcontinent have been our enemies since the time of Rawana.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sometimes, we are own worst enemy in that we do not recognise our real problems. Are we afraid to do so ?

    Indians do recognise their problems somewhat better than we do, in spite of their caste/poverty problems. We are bogged down in our Colonial past.

  11. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you..Dr. Wijeyawikrema>>>as usual a fine thought out article. We are BUDDHISTS & are against VIOLENCE, and do not practice as a means of settling disputes. BUT even Lord Buddha would agree, IF WE ARE PROVOKED we are like a LION in many ways.

    Sometimes we tend to take LAW into hands & punish the guilty WITHOUT waiting for courts to settle. It is such calamity we faced as a SINHALA BUDDHIS NATION, when we sleep walked TILL INDIA & Tamils in Sri Lanka DESTROYED OUR COUNTRY for 37 years.

    NOW what else can we do.. WE are NOT like India who suppreses decent or BRIBE politicians or KILL the unwanted, Low caste people, BUT we are too compassionate. ONE TAMIL I met in Canada, said immediately when I asked him for his NAME. He did not answer BUT SAID he is origianlly from COLOMBO.

    As some of your responcees said, TAMILS in Colombo & many other Sinhalese Christians are UNITED as a force to keep Colombo under ANGLICAN leader who gets DEFEATED TIME & AGAIN. But so called Int: Community starting with INDIA are the GOD FATHERS of these groups, who plan & excute AGENDAS of some of western countries.

    THIS IS WHY I SAID in many articles I wrote, to GET COLOMBO CITY free from TAMILS, MUSLIMS only Sinhalese must live in our CITY. FOREIGN owned businesses can OPERATE IN Colombo & suburbs BUT they cannot own ALL valuable propwerties in Colombo DISTRICT.

    As the governing MINISTER of Urban Dev. Authority our Gotabhaya Rajapakshe can see to it that COLOMBO is inhabitaed by ONLY SINHALA BUDDHISTS. Our President should IMMEDIATLY pass legislation to NAME SRI LANKA as PREDOMINANTLY BUDDHIST NATION. Then it is legal & and acceptable to SRI LANNKANS of all stripes.

    Sombody here in Calgary- CANADA asked me why if you are a Buddhist YOU accept & promote organizations such as BBS or Ravana Balaya. THE REPLY is gven in my FIRST paragraph ..Although Buddha preached NON – VIOLENCE, we had to be pro-active & PUNISH anyone, I mean anyone who CONSPIRE, DESTABLIZE our MOTHERLAND. It took 37 years, BUT at least NOW there seems to be NO TERROR attacks, or UNDUE violence re: most matters. True that there is Violence against WOMENN & CHILDREN , RAPES & many other.. These are due to RULING party members MOSTLY get away scott free & are immune to laws of our country.

    THIS IS why I suggested to Ms.SHENALI WADUGE to organized ALL female population who are educated & done well in lanka as well as in the USA & EUROPE to help MEN of Sri Lanka to have some checks & ballances. A FEMALE TOUCH is necesaary for MEN to think twice, before jumping in to HARSH methods of dealing with decent.

    I know I have babbled a lot, all in all if all men & females TOGETHER BABBLE or WRITE , PROTEST to UNJUST laws, and TRY TO END CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, our President will be happy to engage HIMSELF in doing some more for the betterment of our Motherland…..Thank you all & it is heartening to see 10 responses to CW’s article.

    May the Noble Triple Gems GUIDE & GUARD LANKA, May God BLESS our UNITED FREE UNITARY STATE for ever ~J

  12. jay-ran Says:

    PILLAY is realy a PILLIYA!!!
    Look at her face?-Its like that of a Kakkusi Hodanna and with no respectful glamour.
    For Instance,Look at George W Bushe’s wife? How Calm and Decent Her Look wsac and is?

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here it comes …. the RE-MERGER of the North and East on the eve of the TNA seizng control of their Provincial Governments.

    The call is for “Shared Sovereignty” …. on the way to Eelam!

    All of our WARNINGS and PLEAS to the GOSL have fallen on DEAF YEARS. Even as Navi Pillai comes and offers UN support to encourage the Separatists towards a Unilateral Declaration of Independence in the future.

    The FUTURE PATH of the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA is CRYSTAL CLEAR …. ACT NOW to STOP THEM from dividing and destroying our Motherland!

    Sri Lanka Tamil party calls for a merged North and East in a federal structure

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 04, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in a manifesto released for the upcoming Northern Provincial Council election has called for power devolution in a merged North and East under a federal structure.

    In its election manifesto, the TNA, once considered as a proxy for the terrorist group LTTE during the war, has called for devolution of power on the basis of shared sovereignty over land, law and order, socio-economic development including health and education, resources and fiscal powers.

    “Power sharing arrangements must be established in a unit of a merged Northern and Eastern Provinces based on a Federal structure, in a manner also acceptable to the Tamil Speaking Muslim people,” the manifesto said.

    The southern polity of the country says the demand to re-merge the two provinces is an LTTE separatist agenda and the Tamil party’s call for re-merger is aimed at establishing an Eelam state in the region.

    In July 1987, the two provinces were merged as part of the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord after the Indian government intervened to bring about a negotiated end to the island’s armed separatist conflict. The Supreme Court on October 2006 ruled that the 1987 order by the then President of Sri Lanka merging the two provinces was not in keeping with the country’s Constitution.

    The TNA also sought to enforce the recommendations made by the Panel of Experts appointed by the UN Secretary General and the Resolutions adopted at the UN Human Rights Council in March 2012 and March 2013.

    The manifesto called for a meaningful demilitarization to return the north-east region to pre-war state existed before 1983.

    The alliance reiterated its call for an international investigation into the allegations of violations of international human rights and humanitarian laws made against both the government and the LTTE during the last stages of the war to ascertain the truth and ensure justice and reparation to the victims.

    The manifesto claimed that present constitutional arrangements for power sharing with the provinces are unsatisfactory since the government has overriding powers through the provincial governor.

    “The TNA firmly believes that sovereignty lies with the People and not with the State. It is not the government in Colombo that holds the right to govern the Tamil People, but the People themselves,” the party said.

    Addresing the land and police powers, the party said it believes that the most effective police force for the North-East would be those directed by the Provincial Council as currently there is no trust between the people and Police service in the Northern Province.

    The statement stressed that no democratic government has the right to seize land without due process and therefore, the government will have to respect the rights of private property owners and restore such lands to the rightful owners.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    TNA attempt to blame army for rape incident backfires
    September 5, 2013

    An attempt by the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora to place the blame on the army for the alleged rape of a 47 year old Tamil woman on the eve of the arrival in the country of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay came a cropper.

    Iit has now transpired that the alleged rapist was in fact an ex-LTTEer who was involved in the recruitment of child soldiers.

    This strategy by the TNA coupled with their irresponsible remarks hurling baseless accusations against the army was a means of countering the party’s rapidly waning popularity in the Pooneryn area while at the same time driving a wedge between the Army and villagers who have been enjoying a cordial relationship.

    This false allegation and misleading malicious media campaign to tarnish the image of the Army was led by TNA Parliamentarian Sridharan at political rallies. Later TNA Chief Ministerial Candidate C. V. Wigneswaran also joined in the campaign against the SL Army and even had a secret meeting with a top official of the Canadian Embassy and another person to apportion blame on the military.

    However, the incident leading to this crime took a new turn with the discharge of victim Mrs. Thevarasa Punidarani from Kilinochchi Hospital on 30 August 2013. On her return she has revealed the details of the perpetrators identity.

    She has revealed the details of the crime in front of her elder brother, and other officials and stated that a person known to her by the name of Kandasami Tharanigaran from Kowdarmunei and another person around 25 years of age who is unknown to her raped her.

    When asked from her why she didn’t reveal these details earlier; her explanation was she was confused and under extreme mental agony that she couldn’t believe what happened to her. In addition she has revealed that Kandasami Tharanigaran came to see her twice to Kilinochchi Hospital and threaten her not to reveal his identity.

    Kandasami Tharanigaran was a person who happened to be a fisherman, and his two siblings joined the LTTE and died during the fighting. Further he( Tharanigaran) was a person who used to have strong links with regional LTTE political leaders thus actively engaged in forcibly recruiting and kidnapping youngsters and others for the LTTE.

    At present there are some persons living in Poonaryn who happened to be his victims during the LTTE occupation period. The villagers held Kandasami Tharanigaran in contempt due to his adverse track record and criminal behaviour.

    There are justifiable reasons to believe that this was a staged crime to frame Army Troops and discredit the government. The involvement of TNA Politicians, their irresponsible remarks and baseless accusations proves the motive for the incident.

    In a background where TNA is highly unpopular in Pooneryn this was an incident created to cause dissent among the civil population thus antagonising them away from the Sri Lanka Army personnel who maintain a cordial relationship with all the villagers.

    Some reasonable doubts were also raised since this incident took place prior to the arrival of UN high Commissioner for Human Rights Navaneethan Pillay suggesting that there is a conspiracy behind the incident with the intention of accusing the troops.

  15. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The ongoing diplomatic actions taken by the Tamil diaspora to denigrate, lie and deceive anyone who is paying attentionn continues and as long as it continues I will report what they are writing and the falsehood of their comments. It has now spread to the New Indian Express magazine. This comment comes from the Times of India under the heading of “World News” and under the sub heading of “South Asia” in an article titiled “UN Rights Chief transgressing mandate: Sri Lanka”:

    Arup Ghosh ()
    15 hrs ago
    Platinum: 28.5K
    [email protected] SLAUGHTER Sri Lanka: Slaughter in the no fire zone The Sri Lankan government still denies responsibility for the killing of up to 70,000 Tamil civilians at the end of the civil war in 2009. So why has it been chosen to host a Commonwealth summit asks Callum Macrae, director of a harrowing film about the massacre I have spent the best part of the last three years looking at some of the most terrible images I could have imagined. I’ve covered wars and seen some awful things, but few that could prepare me for the hours of video and mobile footage that emerged from the last 138 days of Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war between the government and the Tamil Tiger secessionists; a war that ended four years ago – and whose bloody denouement is the subject of my film No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. The film records what happened when the government of Sri Lanka told some 400,000 civilians to gather in what they described as “no fire zones” – and then subjected them to merciless, sustained shelling. We humans are good at reducing terrible massacres to statistics. We instinctively distance ourselves from the lost humanity represented by heaps of corpses or rows of dead bodies. But it is more difficult to avoid the anguish of those who survive. For example, the two young girls, crying hysterically in a fragile bunker of sandbags in the immediate aftermath of a shelling. They want to rush from their shelter to help the injured, but a woman is holding them back – because one shell is almost inevitably followed by another. The girls are weeping as they look at the carnage in front of them. And then, in a chilling moment, one of them recognises someone, and her hysterical cries turn to anguished screams: “Mama!” Two men – one is probably the girl’s father – ignore the danger and stumble blindly from the bunker to fall beside, and hold, the horribly damaged corpses in front of them. This awful story is just one of tens of thousands of such incidents. The most recent UN report suggests that as many as 70,000 civilians died in the last few months of the war in 2009, possibly more.”

    This is the kind of propaganda being used in order to pave the way for Eelam.

  16. aloy Says:

    Fran Diaz,
    With due respect I have to differ on the Weliveriya/ Balummahara incident. It appears you are holding on to a conspiracy theory steadfastly and putting forward argument on that line. You are writing from far away Canada and I think it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the ground situation before commenting on a serious issue like this. I was watching the shooting (probably live on TV) the day it happened on Colombo Kandy road. I saw the Brigadier giving order for the protesters to leave within five minutes; they did not and the hell broke loose. Who are the people who got killed and injured; it was bystanders and students. Was there any disgruntled ex-workers of the factory or JVPers among them?. Thanks to the development work of the government (migration to ME and other places of course the Birth control of our Sinhala women which you advocate very strongly) there is no unemployment problem for workers to agitate and cause mayhem. This was therefore mainly a drinking water problem. My brother who used to be a strong supporter of the government ( he lives near the factory) told me how it began. Even the Buddhist monk who started fast unto death got involved in it by accident, according to him. At the bigining he was not aware that a picketing on the roadside has been organised to demand for water. He had seen the picketing when he was going for a dana and stopped to inquire what it was about. It is very sad that the situation was allowed to go this far people got killed and a conspiracy theory evolved.
    Now let us talk a bit about the Colombo becoming a non Sinhala speaking city. I do not think our rulers care. I do not see any action being taken by anybody. In fact they encourage by opening none Sinhala schools and allowing them to live on top other. If we go on this democratic system where the rulers are more interested about votes we will be finished in a few years time. They will manipulate system (customs, tax, supply of narcotics by exploiting the weakness of sinhalas) and divide us on various ways.
    One simple way to avoid this is to double the sinhala population within a period of about ten to fifteen years, just like what the minorities did. There will be more people to defend the country in many ways. Look at Singapore. They doubled the population from about 3m to 6m within a period of about ten years and now that country has booming economy.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Fully agree with Aloy. Even the president, the defence secretary (despite what he said after the incident) and the army agree with him!!

    HOWEVER the govt. has done things to RECTIFY the situation at least now.

    1. Seperating the ministry of defence from the new ministry of law and order. This means the army will NOT GO ON RAMPAGE in future against bystanders, nuns, cameramen, etc.

    2. The army compiled a report on the incident. The top guy (area commander) and 3 other top officers were SUSPENDED immediately. Now WITH THAT EVIDENCE, a court marshal is called to PUNISH them appropriately.

    IF the army was NOT wrong, none of these would have happened.

    Also agree on Colombo. It MUST be done. All ethnic groups should be BALANCED in Colombo.

    “Look at Singapore. They doubled the population from about 3m to 6m within a period of about ten years and now that country has booming economy.”

    Correct. But the exact situation is EVEN BETTER. Singapore had a Chinese majority of say 51% at the time of Independance. Now the Chinese majority is over 60%. This is a REAL achievement leading to stability.

    GR and WW are building 10 flats for an estimated 40,000 people in Colombo. Over 90% of their occupants will be Muslims and Tamils (displaced illegal settlers from construction work).

    Mark my word. SOON Tamilians and Muslims will demand DEVOLUTION for a seperate administrative unit called GREATER COLOMBO-WATTALA-DEHIWALA.

    The RICHEST part of the country with the HIGHEST NUMBER of schools, hospitals, officers, shops, luxuries, etc.

    Sinhalese are chased OUT of the northern province, Batticaloa district, Trincomalee district, Nuwara Eliya district and Colombo City, Kandy city, Galle city, Negombo city!

    May be Tamils will chase away the Sinhalese in to the dry zone and occupy the wet zone. Dry zone is drier than 2,000 years ago and more people so cannot compare with those days.

  18. Christie Says:

    Christie Says:
    September 7th, 2013 at 3:49 am
    I just got some news from a friend in the island nation. He tried to put a paid advertisement in the Daily News and the Island news papers. The DN Advertising manager refused to publish it even it was a paid advertisement. The Island took it and the money but later refused to publish it and offered to refund the money.

    The ad was a 2 columns by 5 cm:

    ” Navi Pillai; Hon UNHRC You are an Indian colonial parasite from Africa Hence you should keep out of the affairs of the subjects of the Indian Empire”

    The DN is a government run news paper and the Island’s owner Upali Wijeyawardana was blown off by the Indian colonial parasites of Malaysia, agents of the Indian Empire.

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