“Pro LTTE elements trying to use PCs to destabilize Sri Lanka”
Posted on September 6th, 2013

Courtesy The Daily News


The pro LTTE elements may try to bargain with the excessive powers vested in the Provincial Councils, such as Police and Land powers. They may even try to re-merge the Northern and Eastern Provinces. These things could happen. After the next Parliamentary elections, they would definitely know that it would be difficult to obtain a two-thirds majority and may use the Provincial Council system to destabilize Sri Lanka totally. It may even end up in the UN like the Palestinian cause, Technology, Research and Atomic Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka told the Daily News during a recent interview.

He also said that CHOGM is a good opportunity to explore new possibilities to enhance our ties especially with the African and Asian regions.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: How important is it for Sri Lanka to hold CHOGM?

A: I am not in favour of CHOGM because it clearly shows that we are still subservient to the British. But the forum could be used to enhance our economic, cultural and social ties with other nations, especially with the African nations. However, Australia, Britain and Canada, known as the ABC countries may use the CHOGM forum to propagate a negative image of Sri Lanka by using the Tamil separatist movement. So CHOGM is a good opportunity to explore new possibilities to enhance our ties especially with the African and Asian regions. But the ABC colonial countries, especially Britain and Canada are determined to use the forum to further destabilize Sri Lanka.

The pro LTTE elements will use this as a forum for that agenda. After the elections, they may claim that this is a referendum for Tamil Eelam or crimes against humanity. They may compel the Tamil people to raise their voice to the international world saying that they have been suppressed and killed. They may also raise their voice to achieve their political aspirations.

Technology, Research and Atomic Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka

Q: The Northern PC election will be held for the first time after the eradication of terrorism. Please comment.

A: The second phase of the Tamil Eelam struggle has just begun. It would be the motto of the so called TNA Chief Ministerial candidate Vigneswaran. He would be the reincarnation of Anton Balasingham. They may propagate these ideas at the international arena and the UN as well. They may appoint a commission to investigate so called war crimes and submit a report as a Provincial Council investigation at the next UNHRC session to be held in March. Even the TNA MP Sumanthiran said so.

Q: What will be the future plans of pro LTTE elements?

A: At the right time, the pro LTTE elements may officially interact with Tamil Nadu, Delhi and the UN. They may attack Colombo politically, for example, they may destabilize the East and forge a new alliance with some Muslim political leaders.

At the next General Election, the Muslim political leader and Vigneshwaran may join hands to topple the Eastern Provincial Council as well.

They may bargain with these powers and try to use the excessive powers vested in Provincial Councils, such as Police and Land powers. They may even try to re-merge the Northern and Eastern provinces. These things could happen.

After the next Parliamentary elections, they would definitely know that no two-thirds majority can be obtained and may use the Provincial Council system to destabilize Sri Lanka totally. It may even end up in the UN like the Palestinian cause.

I am not in favour of establishing the new ministry because terrorism is still very much active and the first hand information reaches Police first.

Our military does not have a network to detect the initial signs of terrorist’ activities. It is the Police which does it.

If the Police becomes a separate department and moves away from military, this flow of information does not take place swiftly and smoothly.

This will provide terrorists and criminals an advantage. Whenever we need to deploy our military, we will be too late.

Q: What more can be done in order to protect the country from foreign and local enemies and traitors?

A: We should have a concerted effort and a strategy. We have to have a single, clear and permanent stand on every issue all the time and once we decide our stand on an issue, we should not change it on any ground. Only then can we do better in connection with protecting our country.

Our political, diplomatic and military strategy should be clear. Our diplomats were not adequately prepared to face the Tamil forces in the international arena. However, after the war against terrorism ended, at least 5,000 lives have been saved per annum because Prabhakaran is no more. We do not have any human rights issues here.

Q: What do you think about the thoughts expressed by the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navanethem Pillay after her tour to Sri Lanka?

A: The UN Human Rights Commissioner Navanethem Pillay is a Tamil racist. Her husband was charged for terrorism in South Africa. The Tamil community in Durban paid for her education. Therefore, she always represents the so called Tamil cause, out there in South Africa. She is a closely associate of Yasmin Sooka who was a member of the Darusman Panel. So I believe she was here to substantiate the charges leveled against the country by the Darusman Report.

According to the war reports from the US marine forces and other soldiers, nearly 109,000 innocent civilians were killed in Iraq in 2009. Navi Pillay should investigate Bradley Manning’s claim because they are official figures.

Tag_CHOGM2013_2.jpgQ: You and the ITI which is under the purview of your ministry played the main role during recent DCD issue. What can be done in order to protect consumers in similar food contamination which is possible in future?

A: We should educate the people about the nutritional level and the calcium phobia created among women. They are talking about osteoporosis and some energy drinks for children. It is unethical to sell products by scaring the people. We should not allow such advertisements and the artificial markets created by them to thrive. That artificial market has vanished now after the DCD detection and only the genuine market exists.

We are ready to handle the situation and prevent such incidents in the future. We have modernized our facilities. There will be a modernized state-of-the-art laboratory set up at Malabe soon with the assistance of the Japanese government. Our scientists are ready to take up the challenge. It is not only imported milk powder, but, other imported food items such as alcoholic items, wheat flour and sugar will also be checked. We will use the Sri Lanka standard to standardize the products. We hope our doctors, specialists and other responsible people will take the initiative to educate the public on these issues.

Q: Religious harmony was one hot topic which caught the attention of the local media and society recently. Please comment.

A: All recent incidents related to religions and religious institutions had been exaggerated.

There was nothing serious in them and they were isolated minor incidents. Certain elements are trying to blow these incidents out of proportion so that they can create serious tension between Sinhalese and other communities. In 1971, the Muslim population in Colombo was just nine per cent and now it is 40 per cent. So what type of so called ‘tensions’ are certain persons and groups talking about?

This is actually a kind of propaganda against Sri Lanka saying that the majority Sinhala people suppress other minor communities – earlier it was the Tamil community and now Muslim community as well. It was the LTTE which suppressed the Muslims and destroyed mosques.

How can Sampanthan talk about the rights of Muslims when he supported the LTTE to chase away Muslims from the North? He must realize that the Muslims were liberated by sacrificing the lives of 26,000 Sinhala youths.

Q: The cruelty of crime is on the increase. How you explain this trend?

A: The lumpenization of the society and economy is the prime cause for this situation. In every sphere this black money created lumpen type of societal forces. They may now have come to the political arena as well. You can see some leading politicians and their backgrounds.

This lumpenization may come to religious leaders, entrepreneurs, social workers etc as well. This lumpenization can create a type of cruelty towards children, animals, the environment etc. This is a very serious problem.

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4 Responses to ““Pro LTTE elements trying to use PCs to destabilize Sri Lanka””

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Regarding CHOGM. I am in support of the present gathering in Sri Lanka since it not only includes Commonwealth nations but also nations vital to Sri Lanka’s security first and economy second. China, Japan, South Korea are some of the non Commonwealth nations that will attend this aghast meeting.

    ‘It is also important that Sri Lanka hosts it for many nations wanted to boycott the meeting based on biased notions of human rights violations. Just in investments the last time it was held in Australia she gained eleven Billion in investments and it is projected that by hosting this meeting Sri Lanka has the potential of gaining around four Billion in foreign direct investments.

    Regarding the LITE issue what the Rajapakse government has done to date has nullified a good deal of their effort. The singular act of signing a “cooperative Strategic partnership” with China hit headlines in many internet magazines including Asia Times that went on to state that this singular act alone has rendered the leadership of Tamil Nadu into the dustbin of history. The ongoing relocation of Buddhist Singhalese is a necessary precaution to reduce the dominance of any minority group in any section of the land and keeping with the promise that all Sri Lankans have a right to live in any part of Sri Lanka.

    Since TESO is active and LITE is getting funds the presence of the military in lands that would go to make up Eelam is a necessary fact (I will not use the word evil as is customary) It is a necessary fact for as long as there is a movement for the creation of Eelam the military has to remain in those lands and powers have to be centralized which means the 13th amendment should be rendered null and void.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    So long as Tamil Caste/poverty problems exist as a human problem of extensive proportions in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka will experience Tamil Separatism. There are some 11 Million Tamils classified under Scheduled Castes. Why this must be in this day and age, we cannot fathom. Tamil Nadu still employs some 95,000 Tamil coolies as ‘night soil carriers’. Till TN has a modern sanitary system and eliminates this type of caste based jobs, Lanka has to beware.

    Peace may be a long time coming to Lanka unless we use the River Basin idea of area demarcation and empower grass roots organizations (non-partisan) to govern Lanka. Strong Laws against illegal migration, plus deportation of illegal migrants a must. Remove the free entry visa through SAARC too. Or else Lanka will turn into Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty battle ground, destabilising the entire nation, with various international bodies chopping off bits of Lanka.

    Unitarian Meditation Centres will help too.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Mr. Defence Secretary …. Don’t budge ONE INCH from the TRUTH of what you said!

    INTOLERANT Religious ideologues of various hues (Islamic Fundamentalists and Born-Again Evangelical Christians among them), are seeking today to brainwash and convert people to their faiths, targeting Buddhist and Hindu countries, pitting their converts against people of other faiths, destabilizing and undermining national governments in the process, in a vast INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY of Rich Muslim, and Neocolonialist Western, Nations.

    Keep them, their money, and their activists … religious and non-religious …. out of Sri Lanka by Whatever Means Necessary!

    Sri Lanka for Sri Lankans ONLY …. not for Foreigners to practice their WATUSI dances …. meddling where they don’t belong …. to transform and remake our moderate Sri Lankan society in their own image of vicious fanatical discriminatory beliefs.
    Gotabhaya reiterates concern over extremism

    By Shamindra Ferdinandoa
    September 6, 2013

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday reiterated that extremism posed a severe threat not only to post-war Sri Lanka but many countries in the region as well as the industrialised world.

    The war veteran was responding to a statement issued by Justice Minister Hakeem, who is also the SLMC leader, in the wake of Rajapaksa’s address to the Defence Seminar in Colombo early this week. Minister Hakeem was obviously blind to the ground situation, he said, adding that the world was in turmoil today partly due to extremism.

    The Defence Secretary said: “We are working closely with many countries to tackle extremist acts. In fact, it is an ongoing process involving intelligence services and other relevant agencies. Due to vigilance on the part of those fighting extremism and terrorism we were able to thwart plans to cause mayhem.”

    The Defence Secretary said Minister Hakeem shouldn’t have dragged Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia into the debate as he never mentioned those countries. “The SLMC failed to comprehend what I have said”, he said.

    Extremism fueled by a few threatened all countries including the Muslim world, Rajapaksa said. “Minister Hakeem’s reference to Muslim countries backing Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council is irrelevant. At the recent Defence seminar, I discussed the threat posed by Muslim extremists as well as Sinhala hardliners.

    There is absolutely no suggestion that Muslim countries are in anyway responsible for the situation. Regrettably Minister Hakeem had misinterpreted facts.”

    The Defence Secretary said that the government had cooperated with many governments in the region as well as the US during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s tenure as the Premier. “Sri Lanka handed over an extremist wanted by the US intelligence during the UNP-led administration in which Minister Hakeem was a senior member. The present administration too acted on information furnished by foreign intelligence services to intercept wanted extremists.”

    Responding to a query by The Island, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that Minister Hakeem had misconstrued his assertion that there were some foreign groups bent on encouraging misguided local Muslims to identify themselves more with the extremist global Muslim community, thereby reducing the community’s integration with the rest of the population.

    The Defence Secretary said: “It is a known fact that Muslim fundamentalism is spreading all over the world and in this region. This is a situation that our law enforcement agencies and security forces are concerned about, particularly as there have been instances where extremist elements have been in transit in Sri Lanka prior to arrest and handing over to appropriate authorities. The possibility that such extremist elements may try to promote Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka is a cause for concern.”

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Defence Secretary is RIGHT ON TARGET when he warns of growing Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka.

    Instead of PROTESTING their DEEP DISTURBANCE at his comment, the SLMC and the ACMC Muslim Parties should HEED the ADVICE and WARNING of Gotabaya Rajapakse, and take IMMEDIATE ACTION to PREVENT the growth of extremism in their community and IMPROVE ITS INTEGRATION into the Greater Sri Lankan society.

    It is the ISOLATION and BRAINWASHING of Tamils in the Eelamist controlled territories over 30 years that FED & SUSTAINED the Eelam Insurgency, which destroyed and impoverished the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka. The Muslims should have pity for their community and learn from that tragic lesson.

    They should bind themselves to a single identity as Sri Lankan citizens following a MODERATE brand of Islam that has held sway in Sri Lanka for centuries and allowed them to remain a model minority. They should REJECT ALL Militant and Intolerant forms of Islam …. imported to Sri Lanka from Wahhabi dominated Muslim states … that will surely lead only to the destruction and impoverishment of their community.

    In the words of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, there are only TWO TYPES of People in Sri Lanka that we recognize: Those who LOVE Sri Lanka and those who DON’T.

    Loving Sri Lanka is the same as establishing common cause with ALL Sri Lankan CITIZENS irrespective of community, and rejecting allegiances to Foreign Ethnic and Religious Communities, and to Intolerant Dogmas alien to Sri lankan society, and holding supreme their identity as Sri Lankan citizens.

    Therefore, we say to our dear Fellow Muslim Sri Lankans, LOVE Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka ALONE, EMBRACE without Reservation ALL of its People irrespective of community as your very own, and REJECT Intolerant Dogmas imported from abroad, no matter how alluring their siren song woos your ears!

    Muslim allies of Sri Lankan government react to Defense Secretary’s comments on Muslim extremism

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 06, Colombo: A comment made by the Sri Lanka’s Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse attributing the rising religious tensions in the country to the Muslim extremism has disturbed the Muslim allies of the government.

    Both Rauf Hakeem Sri Lanka’s Justice Minister and the leader of the main Muslim party, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and the leader of the All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC), Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiyutheen have deplored the Defense Secretary’s statement alleging Muslim extremism in the country.

    Hakeem criticized the Defense Secretary’s comments saying that he was disturbed by the warning that extremist elements may try to promote Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka.

    “We are extremely disturbed by the specific reference to the Muslim community of Sri Lanka as possible breeding grounds of extremism within the country,” AFP quoted Hakeem as saying in a statement.

    “I would like to publicly contradict the assertion of the secretary of defense,” he said.

    Delivering the keynote address at the just concluded Defense Seminar 2013, Rajapaksa, who is also President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s younger brother, said that there are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community, reducing their integration with the rest of the population.

    “It is a known fact that Muslim Fundamentalism is spreading all over the world and in this region,” Defense Secretary said adding that Sri Lanka’s law enforcement agencies and security forces are concerned about the situation.

    He said there have been instances where extremist elements were found in transit in Sri Lanka and were arrested and handed over to appropriate authorities.

    “The possibility that such extremist elements may try to promote Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka is a cause for concern,” Rajapaksa explained during his speech.

    Hakeem warned him not to interfere with religion and culture and leave it in the hands of the respective people “as in the case of all enlightened democracies.”

    Meanwhile, Bathiyutheen deploring the Defense Secretary’s statement said that there has not been a single incident where a Muslim had been identified or arrested for having involved in extremist activities.

    “Muslims all over the country deplore the said statement and are highly perturbed particularly at a time when there is sudden eruption of hatred directed at Muslims by certain interest elements which we believe needs to be investigated to get to its root,” Bathiyutheen said in a statement released to local media.

    He said the Muslims in the country have tolerated the provocative attacks by extremists on their places of worship and of their faith itself as well as their practices as Muslims for more than one year now.

    “However, a tendency prevails today to depict a picture portraying the Muslim community as a whole as the culprit when a crime is committed by an individual Muslim while offenders belonging to other communities are treated as individual offenders,” he said in the statement.

    He said his party as a partner in the government has stood with it in times of need.

    “Therefore it is in the same spirit as well as in the best interest of the community that we represent that we call upon the Defense secretary to clarify this statement so as to dispel any mistrust that the particular statement has created,” he said.

    Sri Lanka’s Muslim community and places of their worship and businesses have increasingly come under attack by Buddhist extremist groups such as Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and Ravana Balaya. The BBS successfully campaigned against the Halal certification of foods in the country.

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