Never again Pillai has disappeared-“A week of madness” :
Posted on September 10th, 2013

Lalin Fernando

UN building in New York

Tag-Point-of-View-2013l_32.jpgNavaneethen (Tamil for freshly churned butter for the Gods) Pillai (Pillay in SA) came blowing hard to make waves in a country that had faced natural and manmade tsunamis. She knew there were turncoats here. She left with her credibility if not her facial expressions in tatters. It confirmed her propensity for voicing her concerns on what she has “‘heard”‘ blinding her to what she must and should have come to see.

Did she not know that almost all what one hears in Sri Lanka is based on rumour, downright lies or conjecture? But all she did was to regurgitate what she had been coached and spouted on ages before.

A lot of it was silly but one was bordering on the vulgar but it was all expected. She really did not have to waste UN (including our) funds to come all the way here to make speeches about things we all know and she fantasizes. Her top of the charts bangs were to deny her ethnicity and try a stinking cheap gimmick with flowers that never arrived, that failed at Nandikadal.

She repeated almost daily that she had never spent so much time in one country as UNHR top gun as she did in Sri Lanka. (She said she had visited 60 countries). Was this gratuitous affinity to SL a compliment or a WMD in the making?

Do we not know how this will be construed nay twisted at Geneva? The 60 countries included Rwanda where 800,000 were killed in 100 days in 1994. She was for eight years a judge in that war crimes tribunal and yet she was not there for even seven days! Some agenda for SL! Is it a wonder why the war lord and now PM Kagame (minority Tutsi) who apparently shot down President Habyarimana”‘s plane which set off the horrendous killings, has still not been charged as a war criminal?

War crimes

Despite calling the LTTE “…”murderous”‚ and “…”ruthless”‚ why did she forget to mention they were also terrorists that held Sri Lanka in their venomous, brutal, horrible and bloody thrall for 26 years? While murderers and ruthless people can be dealt with by law courts, should she also try to get the remnants of the LTTE to face war crimes trials where she could be one of the witnesses, now that she has confirmed their criminality?

Lakshman Kadirgamar
Neelan Tiruchelvam

Though she cunningly said some were “…”glorifying”‚ the LTTE, she forgot to mention there are many actually supporting them to rise from the ashes and go on another bloody rampage “-as she herself threatened in an insidious way.

Apparently she is a second generation Tamil in South Africa, descended from “‘indentured”‘ labourers (euphemism for what?) and a bus driver. She said she was “…”proud to be South African”‚ as a counter to remarks she had heard that she was branded in SL a “‘UN Tamil Tigress from SA”‘. We were not told exactly who said it. It must be wrong unless there Tamil Tigers too in SA?

Everyone in Sri Lanka knew she was a Tamil and thought she would be proud that she was a Tamil-like all Tamils all over the world. Was she not proud to be a Tamil? In SL they all are, for very good reasons. Shame on her. Was it a tactical fib?

Was she an exception? Did she want us to believe it? Even SA President Mbeki in canvassing their votes said he was proud of the Tamils in SA (Did he mean also those SA Tamils who supported the LTTE) and wanted the Tamils to do their “…”duty by voting”‚ for his party. However she does not claim to be a proud Tamil.

She might now if she reads this. Is she really “‘proud”‘ to belong to a country that has the world”‘s highest murder, rape and robbery rate and AIDS cases? Want to bet where she will eventually let the grass grow over her? Definitely not her shanty town Durban. Silly.

Multi race capitalism

The first view of Pillai was at the Colombo airport escorted by odd looking, shifty duo in designer dark glasses like Sierra Leone”‘s rebel militia, the West Side Boys. Were they also “‘proud South Africans”‘? Pillai”‘s grand stage entrance was made to look really comic by them.

Pillay apparently prefers Western dress to Indian. After all she was a “…”proud South African”‚. The dress she prefers appears to be an odd caricature of what the oppressor apartheid whites wear. Since SA”‘s apartheid white capitalism has been replaced by equally exclusive multi race capitalism, who can fault her?

For her veiled combat role in Sri Lanka, traditional Zulu Impi dress would have been more suitable. But she calculatingly wore part (without dupata) Indian in the North. Not clever enough for the “‘proud”‘ SA to fool the SL Tamils. Tricky.

There were the chronic smiles too when she met Ministers who the government is not sure of. One represents only himself as was evident in the way he received her and the other did not have the spine to stand tall and tell her off when she had the full blown if aged cheek to ask him why he did not have the Law and Order Ministry under him.

Former LTTE child soldiers

Most of her smiles were mere flashes reeking of insincerity. She often smiled without parting lips. Smirking suits her best as in the photo in a newspaper article that states she is the “…”most famous SA Tamil”‚ (not just plain South African). Yes Tamil she is which she liked to disown when in Sri Lanka but must obviously lap up when she is with Mbeki or the overseas Tamils. Really silly.

The look on her “‘enigmatic”‘ face while watching the Sri Lanka President talking to animated schoolchildren on the lawn of the President”‘s residence, a regular occurrence, tells a story. She must have recognized that quality that comes naturally to citizens of Sri Lanka and which the president does not lack.

She though warmly welcomed and generously cared for must have felt completely out of place, knowing she had come to Sri Lanka with far from pleasant thoughts about the President and the people. Yes guilty was the look. Her response or was it revenge was to say on her departure that Sri Lanka was fast becoming an authoritarian state. Rebuffed?

Western media

Pillay, to demonstrate her impartiality said she had visited Sri Lanka earlier for Tiruchelvam”‘s memorial lecture (at the ICES) and asked whether she would have done so if she was pro LTTE? She should ask the ICES whether those who are pro LTTE do not come there. Actually why did she come? She did not come for Lakshman Kadirgamar”‘s funeral. Why not? Did she fool us? Idiotic.

She wanted to pay a floral tribute at of all places Nandikadal where the last of the terras bit the dust. She had made secretive arrangements with three Western media outfits to cover the event and forcibly kept local media out. However she couldn”‘t do it as local intelligence picked it up and stopped the delivery of the wreath. She explained she did it in Russia too. What an answer for a diplomat.

Would any judge go to a mass murderer”‘s grave site to lay flowers for the murdered? Gross vulgarity. Did the Nuremburg judges place flowers at Hitler”‘s grave site after WW2? Having been caught with her SA or UN skirts billowing, she accused the government of sending agents to question “‘those who spoke to her confidentially”‚.

Even if this was true it was as though questioning people about what dirt a foreigner was poking around for, was a form of “‘intimidation and a serious violation”‘. God (with fresh butter or not) knows what rules she invents on the way. Was the voice that whispered to her P Sothy”‘s? Chronic.

Navi said she treasured the moment when a tear stricken Tamil woman hugged her though she could not communicate with her in Tamil being a SA. She also spoke about sexual abuse cases she had heard about, even though she did not speak Tamil, yet implying it was the work of the Police and Securoty Forces.

The known records show that Tamil on Tamil abuse was by far the most frequent of reported cases, both in the IDP camps and thereafter in the North. Did the TNA back this story? If so did they report it to the police or wait years until Navi appeared?

She should have spoken to that brave Tamil politician Anandasangaree who said that the accusations of rape in Jaffna by the forces especially before the 1983 ambush were false. Has she met any Australian Immigration/Border Control officers recently? They too could have told her quite a bit what actually happens in IDP camps.

Sri Lanka regretted that Navi had no time in seven days to visit Sinhala and Muslim villages where the LTTE massacred hundreds, the ex child conscripts and the rehabilitated LTTE cadres. She avoided the LTTE torture and extermination chambers.

She had little to say about Sri Lanka efforts at rehabilitation and reintegration. She made sarcastic comparisons between the need for HR and about the astonishing development she saw of roads, homes, farms, hospitals, school, businesses, the provision of electricity and running water to those who had never ever had it before like in Mannar and the Wanni and for 30 years in the North and land mine clearance.

That their quality of life had grown exponentially in the last four years or that 70 per cent of the government”‘s financial commitment and efforts had been in the North where the Tamils live, was lost on her. Absurd.

Benefactors over Syria

She having been taken ostensibly to see Independence Square but really to furtively observe a Buddhist flag flying there, had remarked it was not correct. Just who the hell is she to think, say so or be concerned? Are we to take her for a world diplomat? Is she a finger in every pie highly paid singer for UN? Cheap. Mean. Ridiculous.

No one accuses Navaneethan Pillay of having made a disgraceful, ugly, dishonest, wasted, pre judged, prejudiced and worthless visit to Sri Lanka. After all she butters “‘Gods”‘.

For the sake of her “‘Gods”‘ may the butter not run rancid while she awaits the latest throw of the dice by her benefactors over Syria where Nuclear, Biological and Chemical war is not an unlikely outcome. She had nary a word about it in the seven days in Paradise yet took time off to take Mervyn Silva”‘s tomfoolery seriously. What a come down. Take a bow Pillay-UN HR top gun or Don. We”‘ll see you in Geneva knowing that the US has shown it does not care a dime for the UN. Please don”‘t play silly fellows with us again.

“‘If I had only known”‘ always comes too late.

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