Speech delivered by Secretary Defence at “Defence Seminar – 2013” An Open Letter to the Sri Lankan Muslim Community
Posted on September 19th, 2013

Bisthan Batcha

‚ Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu
Now that all the Hot Air generated by some members of our Community, subsequent to the Defence Secretary-â„¢s Speech, has dissipated, it may be an opportune moment to examine dispassionately the content of his speech pertaining to our Community. The segment of the Defense Secretary-â„¢s Speech where reference was made to the SL Muslim Community is as follows:
-Similarly, it has been observed that there are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community, thereby reducing their integration with the rest of the population. It is a known fact that Muslim Fundamentalism is spreading all over the world and in this region. This is a situation that our Law Enforcement agencies and Security Forces are concerned about, particularly as there have been instances where extremist elements were found in transit in Sri Lanka and were arrested and handed over to appropriate authorities. The possibility that such extremist elements may try to promote Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka is a cause for concern.
One of the consequences of the increasing insularity amongst minority ethnic groups is the emergence of hard line groups within the majority community. This in turn causes further tensions amongst other communities, which leads to a vicious cycle of greater fragmentation of the Sri Lankan identity. Sri Lanka had enough divisions in the past that ultimately led to conflict; we must learn the lessons from our past and ensure that history is not repeated. This is a critical challenge that faces the entire nation today-. ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ (Source : www.defence.lk)
A few Muslim Organizations and Personalities expressed their displeasure publicly at what they perceived to be detrimental references to our Community. But are these references truly adverse in content ?‚  Let us examine each of the 8 sentences, that constitute the above two paragraphs, critically.
Sentence 1 : -Similarly, it has been observed that there are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community, thereby reducing their integration with the rest of the population-.
The core section of this sentence is the segment –¦ there are some foreign groups that wish to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community-¦- It should be noted that this segment of the sentence ‚ does NOT in any way cast aspersions on the SL Muslim Community -” only on some unidentified -foreign groups-.‚  Unfortunately, the speed with which some Critics responded to this Statement may create the impression in the minds of some people that ‚ in fact there are SL Muslims who identify themselves MORE with the Global Muslim Community and choose to integrate weakly with the rest of the population. The truth or falsity of the complete sentence lies in the truth or falsity of this segment. The only way to disprove this segment of the sentence is for the Critics of the Statement to provide evidence to the effect that‚ ‚  that there is NOT EVEN ONE foreign group that wishes to encourage Sri Lankan Muslims to identify themselves more with the global Muslim community. ‚ This unfortunately would be an extremely difficult and impractical exercise.
We should therefore focus on the fact that what is being expressed in the above sentence is an Observation and it-â„¢s Implication (-..thereby reducing their integration with the rest of the population..-) To test the veracity of this observation, all we require is the identity of at least one of the -Ëœforeign groups-â„¢ and details of it-â„¢s modus operandi‚  – which regrettably we cannot ‚ expect the Defence Secretary to reveal because of it-â„¢s confidential and sensitive nature. However, what we should seek from the Defence Secretary is an understanding of the basis for such an observation. We should request the Defence Secretary to identify the specific aspects of our Islamic Lifestyle which causes the SL Muslims to be seen as identifying themselves more with the global Muslim Community. We could then examine each such aspect critically and unemotionally and respond appropriately. We should bear in mind that Perception is more important than Reality. Is the SL Muslim Community being perceived as having a stronger Global Identity than a National Identity by our Non-Muslim Brothers & Sisters ? For instance, can a SL Muslim who is reluctant to demonstrate his respect for the National Flag or sing the National Anthem really expect the other Communities to accept him as a -ËœTrue-â„¢ Sri Lankan ?‚  How about the actions of those SL Muslims who insist on supporting Pakistan when they play against Sri Lanka at cricket? ‚ At the end of the day, we are responsible for the image that we project of ourselves as a distinct Community in Sri Lanka.
Sentence 2 : -It is a known fact that Muslim Fundamentalism is spreading all over the world and in this region-
As in the case of most major religions, Islam has it-â„¢s share of Extremists, Fundamentalists, Moderates, Secularists and (God forbid) Agnostics. Now, it is a matter of pride to all Muslims that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the World. If this is accepted as being true, then would it not be correct to conclude that this growth is being driven to a much greater extent by the Fundamentalists rather than by the Moderates & Secularists ?‚  And if so, does not this phenomenon lend credence to the belief that Muslim Fundamentalism is spreading all over the world ‚ ? Note that this sentence does not in any way speak disparagingly of SL Muslims.
Sentence 3 : -This is a situation that our Law Enforcement agencies and Security Forces are concerned about, particularly as there have been instances where extremist elements were found in transit in Sri Lanka and were arrested and handed over to appropriate authorities-
This is information of a factual nature and can be verified easily. It was reported in the mainstream media in January 2012 that -Sri Lanka has reportedly ordered 161 foreign Muslim preachers to leave the country for flouting visa regulations-.‚  This sentence too does not cast any aspersions on SL Muslims.
Sentence 4 : -The possibility that such extremist elements may try to promote Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka is a cause for concern-
This sentence merely expresses a -Ëœpossibility-â„¢ based on the existence of -such (foreign) extremist elements-. Criticism is directed at such extremist forces and NOT at the Muslim Community. If SL Muslims believe that no such foreign extremist elements exist, then clearly there will be no promotion of Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka by such forces. The onus is on the Muslim Community to ensure that no such foreign extremist elements exist in Sri Lanka. There is not much purpose served in stubbornly insisting that there is no such thing as -ËœMuslim extremism-â„¢ in Sri Lanka. Have the Members of the Muslim Community already forgotten the horrific and violent incidents that occurred in Kattankudy in December 2006 between a Sunni Sect and a Sufi Sect ? Do they not remember the atrocious events that occurred in Beruwela between two different Sunni Sects that resulted in 2 deaths and injuries to 40 other Muslims ? Would not such incidents, smacking of intolerance, between two groups of Muslims create a perception among Non-Muslims of growing -ËœMuslim extremism-â„¢ in our Motherland ? Would this perception not be enhanced by the fact that of the 4 major Religious Groups in Sri Lanka, intra-religious violence has erupted ONLY among the Muslims ? Have there been any -ËœBuddhist versus Buddhist-â„¢, -ËœChristian versus Christian-â„¢ or -ËœHindu versus Hindu-â„¢ violence of a similar intensity during the past ?
‚ Sentence 5 : -One of the consequences of the increasing insularity amongst minority ethnic groups is the emergence of hard line groups within the majority community-
This is a natural social phenomenon. If a Community chooses of it-â„¢s own volition to build a wall around itself, then it only invites those outside the wall to view what is happening within the walls with suspicion and fear. It doesn-â„¢t take long for the emergence of Opinion Leaders among those outside the wall to sow discord and fear in the minds of the general population regarding the minority residing within the wall. ‚ It should be noted that this sentence is applied to all -Ëœminority ethnic groups-â„¢ -” not specifically to our Community. The question that SL Muslims should ask themselves is why they are being perceived as becoming -increasingly insular- as a Community.
Sentences 6 : -This in turn causes further tensions amongst other communities, which leads to a vicious cycle of greater fragmentation of the Sri Lankan identity-
This is absolutely correct
Sentences 7 : -Sri Lanka had enough divisions in the past that ultimately led to conflict; we must learn the lessons from our past and ensure that history is not repeated-
This is absolutely correct
Sentence 8: -This is a critical challenge that faces the entire nation today-
This is absolutely correct
The criticisms leveled at this Statement by the Defence Secretary by various Muslim Organizations and Personalities basically focus sharply on denying bluntly the existence of extremism in any form among the Members of the Muslim Community, denying the possibility of such sentiments developing in the future and refusing to accept the possibility of external forces having any influence on SL Muslims in this regard. These types of Knee-Jerk responses are utterly unbecoming of self-styled Leaders and Opinion-Makers of the Muslim Community, who appear to have failed to understand that such -Ëœexternal forces-â„¢ need not necessarily belong to the Global Islamic Community. They could for instance belong to any Group that seeks to destabilize our Motherland by promoting disharmony between the Buddhists and Muslims in Sri Lanka. We only need to open our eyes wide and see what is happening in various predominantly Muslim Countries in other parts of the World to realize the likelihood of such a possibility.
The Statement by the Defence Secretary has served to -Ëœshine a light-â„¢ on the Muslim Community -” illuminating specific perceived aspects of our lifestyle which are a cause for concern and apprehension among the Majority Community. Rather than issuing blunt denials, it would be far more practical for the Muslims to demonstrate their empathy by engaging in an introspective assessment of their way of life and taking the necessary bold steps that would obviate or at least reduce all such concerns and apprehensions significantly. Empathy on the part of our Community, or better still -ËœProactive Empathy-â„¢, is the Need of the Hour.
As our Community strives to ensure that our present and future generations‚  can continue to live with dignity and respect in our Motherland without fear of experiencing physical harm or mental trauma by virtue of our religious beliefs, in all our words and deeds there are two important facts that we must bear in mind at all times :
Fact 1 : The Tolerance demonstrated by our Buddhist Brothers and Sisters towards our Islamic Way of Life‚  must NOT be misconstrued for Acquiescence on their part.
Fact 2 : It would be a serious fallacy on our part to feel that we -” the SL Muslims – alone are entitled to the right of being angry and offended.
Let us therefore as a Community use the Defence Secretary-â„¢s Speech as an opportunity to demonstrate our willingness to empathize with the Majority Community rather than conceiving‚  it as a threat to our well-being by taking misplaced umbrage‚  at wrongly-perceived slights.

6 Responses to “Speech delivered by Secretary Defence at “Defence Seminar – 2013” An Open Letter to the Sri Lankan Muslim Community”

  1. Dr.K Says:

    Dear Bisthan Batcha
    Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

    It’s great that you have analysed the reality of defence sec’s speech in simple and humble manner to the Muslims brothers and sisters who have cricised the speech from their extremists views. The Sri Lankan Muslims should understand that they are living in the Sinhala-Budhist country in a freindly environment that budhist always offer them to be a part with them as a one nation- Sri Lankan. They should not be the followers of International Muslim Extremists.

    Sentence 2. The anser to this sentence could have been proved by giving some examples of that how muslim fundamentalists have acted to convert originally budhist countries into muslim dominant countries like Indunisia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and currently with serious attempts in Philipine and Thailand.

    The Muslims Extremists should understand another point that there are borne muslims who hate their extreme policies and convert to Budhists.

  2. Caesar Says:

    Here is clear proof what Muslims are going to do. We need no explanations any more.

    Stop this or face the consequences. This is Sinhela Buddhist country.

    You shit muslims go to Saudi or die!

    Pls. read the following interview with a Muslim Extreamist of Pakistan Jamaat Islamia. There is a mention about what they will do to Sri Lanka too.

    This is a very confidential communiqué we received through reliable personal intelligence sources connected with KGB.


    Hi Oliver,

    I read your mail with the heading, “those attacking Muslims today should read this carefully”

    Those who speak highly of Muslims should read this as well. Please disseminate this too among the friends who received your earlier article.

    Sent from my iPad

    What Islam Wants!

    Let’s Hear From Pakistan Jamat-e-Islami Leader, Maulana Nabiullah Khan

    “Jamhooria Islamia”, a monthly Baluchi magazine published from Panj-gar, published an interview with Maulana Nawabzadaa Nabiullah Khan, a confidant of and adviser to the Amir of leading Pakistani Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana Qazi Ahmed, which was conducted by Jalil Amir. The following constitutes are excerpts from that conversation which reveals the fundamentalist ideology and designs of the organisation and its leader.

    Q: The women issue is very controversial nowadays. Taliban and some fundamentalist organizations restrict the freedom of women while some progressive Muslim intellectuals are insisting that the women are equal to men in all spheres. What are Qazi’s views on women?

    A: As I said earlier, the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) views on women are the exact views of Qazi Ahmed and the Jamat. Equality of men and women is stupidity. What men can do, women cannot do. Women are weak physically and mentally compared to men. Men have to take care of women all the time.

    Women should not have a life outside the family. Education can be provided to them, but not to compete with men in public.

    Qazi had said once that when JI comes to power in Pakistan, he will abolish the voting rights of women and minorities. Only the Muslim men can participate in voting or standing for elections. When I asked the proof from Hadiths, he had quoted many Hadiths in support of that. I asked him why is it that it is never talked about openly in the public by the Jamaat? Qazi had said that the hints are all over the place. But JI did not make it a big issue since the women who currently have the voting rights may vote against JI in the elections if such a thing is said openly.

    Q: That brings us to the question of minorities. Will they have to pay Jizya tax?

    A: Yes. They have to pay the tax. As explained by Qazi Ahmed , the idea of Jizya is not protection money. But it is a monetary force on the non-Muslim to convert to Islam. Once the Jamaat comes to power, the minorities will be induced (forced) to become Muslims either by monetary or psychological factors.

    JI is already equating India with Hindus so that the Hindus of Pakistan will be forced to become Muslims. This was a very successful strategy during the Babri Masjid riots. JI was actively involved in destroying the Hindu temples in Punjab and Sindh. We ordered the destruction of the Hindu family property too. But our main aim was to destroy the Hindu temples. We wrote in the JI pamphlets that destroying each pagan temple makes a Muslim move closer to the heaven of Allah. We used the Hadiths in all the pamphlets. Babar destroyed the Ram temple in Ayodhya because he was a true believer. The same way, every Muslim should take it upon himself to destroy the Hindu temples in Pakistan. O! ur idea was to encourage the Muslims of India also to destroy the Hindu temples in India. But this was not met with much success since the Hindu police in India started attacking the Muslims who were doing Allah’s duty.

    Q: What kind of government does JI envisage for Pakistan?

    A: It will be the Sharia government. Sharia will be made our constitution so that the eminent Muslim scholars who had completed the schooling in Madrasas will be appointed as the Judges in every court. Qazi wanted to make the presidium on the same model as the Khalifa. Presently our idea is that the entire top leadership of JI as well as all three military Generals will be part of the presidium for which the Qazi will be the Khalifa.

    Our motto is “Constant Jihad”. The idea is to keep Pakistan in a constant state of Jihad all the time. Qazi’s vision is that Pakistan will be! the centre of the new Islamic Empire that stretches from Burma to Afghanistan and from Srilanka to Tajikistan including Kashmir

    Towards that end, the Jamaat will use all tactics from terrorism in the kafir-controlled areas to negotiations in the Muslim controlled areas. Already the Jamaat leaders of Bangladesh and Jamaat leaders of India have accepted the primacy of Pakistani leadership in this regard.


    Q: What about Srilanka and Burma?

    A: Both are Buddhist nations. For that matter even Baluchistan and Afghanistan were Buddhist once while Sindh and Punjab were Hindu earlier. Buddhists are generally weaker in matters of faith. Hence we hope they will become Muslim with a little pressure. But that will happen only after Jamaat conquers first Pakistan and then India.

    Q: What are the plans for India? It looks like the entire India policy of the Jamaat revolves around Kashmir.

    A: Yes that is true. But that is for a very good reason. See Kashmir is like a keystone that sits on top of the arch. It is true that the arch holds the entire weight of the keystone. But if you remove the keystone, then the whole arch falls down. That is why it is called the keystone. Kashmir is the keystone for India. Once you remove that, then India can no longer be secular and it will not be a united country either. Once Kashmir is taken out, these militancy movements will break India by asking the similar freedom for Nagaland, Kerala, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Jharkand, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Khalistan.

    Q: Coming back to the same point, if India was to become many countries, how do you deal with the individual Hindu States? They may even become big enemies of Pakistan. Or they may again re-group to challenge Pakistan.

    A: Given the differences between the nationalities in India, the options for Pakistan are endless. Qazi’s vision is to make the entire India a 100% Muslim Nation. A United India, where Hindus are majority is an impediment to that. Like Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) made Muslims out of pagans of Arabia, Qazi also wants to make Muslims out of the pagans of India.

    Q: This is a great vision since this was not even possible for the Muslim dynasties and Moguls who ruled India for the last 700 years.

    A: True. That is because they had never really established the Muslim Empire. Though the Kings were Muslims, they had entertained the Hindus in positions of power. When you make an unequivocal statement that only Muslims are voters and declare that India is an Islamic Republic, then automatically the people will become Muslims. Little bit of terror had to be applied to the heart of Hindus and Christians. I will give you a best example. The portions which now constitute Pakistan had 25% Hindu population before Independence.

    After Independence, a lot of Hindus migrated to India. Yet after the migration, the Pakistani Hindu population was 15%. Do you know what is the percentage now? It is less than 1%. How was this made possible? How did the Hindus convert to Islam in a short span of 20 years whereas for 700 years they had never converted to Islam? That is purely because of the terror of the Partition.


    That terror forced the Hindus who remained in Pakistan to become Muslims. Pure and simple. JI used similar techniques in Punjab and Sindh. Each time a riot breaks out in India, we had used that pretext to strike terror among the Hindus, Christians and Ahmaddiahs. The similar terror will be at the heart of every non-Muslim, both Hindu as well as Christian, in the coming years in the entire of India.


    Qazi is an analytical genius who knows every strategy that was used by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and which will be and should be used in India to achieve the total submission to Allah.

    Q: Do you envision a possibility that when Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan, there could be large-scale riots in India against Indian Muslims? Hence unwittingly Kashmir could lead to more deaths of Indian Muslims and damage Islamic Ummah.


    A: Yes that is a possibility. But our ideology is based on Quran and Hadiths. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in numerous Hadiths and Allah in Quran had said that any Muslim who associates with a polytheist is a polytheist. Muslims cannot be friendly with a non-Muslim. This includes the Christians, Jews and Hindus. Also Mohammad (PBUH) says that even if the Muslim ruler is not good, the Muslims stay with the ruler rather than go out to a non-Muslim country. Hadiths and Quran are very explicit regarding this. All the Muslims who did not migrate to Pakistan during Partition are in essence Hindus. They may think that they are Muslims. But not before Allah.

    They are as self-deluded as the Ahmaddiahs who think they are Muslims when everyone knows that they are not Muslims. Hence the Muslims of India who had decided to stay in India during Partition are not Muslims and their progeny are not Muslim (since they did not migrate to Muslim lands).

    Another thing that I noticed in my journeys in India is that the Hindu farmers generally offer their entire harvest to their gods at the end of their harvesting season. This makes the entire crop as haram for Muslims. Yet these so-called Muslims of India are forced to eat this food which was already offered to some other God other than Allah.
    This is explicitly forbidden in Quran.


    And this is one of the serious problems of living in non-Muslim countries. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) knew such things; that is why he ordered Muslims not to live in non-Muslim areas. Yet knowingly these so-called Muslims live in India. AGAIN ALL THE MUSLIMS WHO MIGRATE TO OTHER NON MUSLIM COUNTRIES AND US ARE NON MUSLIMS . Only the Muslims who intend to come back are Muslims not the ones who decide to stay in such countries. Hence we do not care if such Indian Muslims die in the riots.

    But due to strategy reasons we do have excellent relations with these Muslims. All the Muslims who work for Pakistan and for the glory of Ummah are real Muslims. They are our front line troops in non-Muslim countries. Hence we have to distribute the arms and ammunitions to these real Muslims in case riots come to their door.

    The Kashmiri Muslims are pure Muslims who are toiling under the yoke of Hindu rule. They are victimized by the international conspiracy to keep them under the Hindu rule. That issue is part of the incomplete Partition, whereas the Indian Muslims have accepted Partition and stayed on in India knowingly.

    Arabians own slaves. Though Allah says that the slaves should be treated in a nice manner, he did not advocate the abolition of slavery. If slavery is bad as considered in today’s world, Allah certainly would have said that slavery is wrong. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also said that the slaves should be treated in a good manner and the slaves should be released often. But if there is no slavery, how can anyone release slaves? Hence the re-introduction of slavery in Pakistan is one of the future plans of the Jamaat.

    All the captured Hindu Indians and Srilankans will be made slaves to work for Pakistani Muslims. Every God-abiding Pakistani Muslim will get slaves once we conquer India. All the slaves who embrace Islam will be set free. Slavery is Islamic. Jamaat is the only political party, which does not voice any opposition to the slavery in Pakistan. We went around all over Arabia. We were surprised to know that there are some Hindus in Yemen. These ancient Yemeni Hindus are not Indians. In my opinion, these Hindus are traders from India in the ancient times. I was also surprised to know that they have a Shiva temple in Yemen. Qazi was very unhappy over this. When he talked to the Yemen leaders, he broached this subject. But the Yemeni leaders refused Qazi’s suggestion of forced conversion of these people to Islam. I don’t know why they refused. I think it may be due to the large population of Hindus from India who work in Yemen and Arabia. He disliked the current leadership of Arabia for this reason.

    In his opinion, Arabia should not allow any non-Muslim into the holy lands of Arabia. Arabia should be 100% pure. A large number of Hindus in Arabia is corrupting the Arabians. Though they live as contractors, they have the potential to corrupt the minds of the Arabians.


    One such thing is the presence of Arabians in the Qatar Hindu temple. First the king allowed the Hindus to build a temple and church in the holy lands, thereby polluting the Holy Land. Second is that even a member of the Royal family visited that temple to inaugurate that temple. To the horror of Qazi, he had learnt that one of the powerful members of the Qatar Royal family is a devotee of a god called Aayappan. This news resolved Qazi to fight the force of the devil thousand fold.

    Q: Such things happen in Pakistan today. I mean a friend of mine goes to a Hindu temple. Another friend goes to church meetings.

    A: Yes. One of Qazi’s relatives wanted to become a Hindu. He did not have a child for many years and it seems he had prayed to a Hindu God and got the child. Hence he felt thankful to that god and wanted to become a Hindu. Qazi got to know of this and called him and threatened him with dire consequences. That relative did not become a Hindu. But that incident made Qazi read more about apostasy.

    Quran and Hadith clearly say the punishment for abandonment of Islam is death. Since Sharia is not the law in Pakistan, and the current Pakistani Constitution grants the right to change religion, it is legally correct to declare oneself as Hindu or Christian. But once the JI takes over the government, it will make Sharia as the Constitution. Then Pakistan will also legally execute any person who leaves Islam and joins Ahmaddiah, Christianity or Hinduism the same way Iran and Taliban treats its apostates. He also opined that the presence of the Hindu temples in Pakistan is the root cause of the problem and hence we want to destroy all the Hindu temples and Churches in Pakistan.

    Q: This brings us into another area. Right now the Internet is becoming widespread. Even Saudi Arabia is connected with the outside world. Destroying the temples may be good, but how can we insulate the Pakistani and Muslim people against the corrupting knowledge totally?

    A: JI had taken a principled stand on the matter of science and religion. Religion is far superior to science.


    Whatever man needs to know is in the Quran and Hadiths. Knowing more will create problems like the Atom bomb and Television.

    MUSIC TV AND PHOTOGRAPHY ARE SATANIC AND HARAM Quran and Hadiths are explicit in denouncing pictures. Yet the lure of Satan in the form of photography and television is eating our lives.

    Music previously was confined only to the vocal singing. Now science and technology made the music widespread at a cheaper price. These are the lures of Satan. We have to be on guard against these harami things.


    Hence, more science and technology is bad for the civilization. I had completed civil engineering. Hence I am privy to scientific knowledge. I can tell you how corrupting that is. It even makes you question the glorious Quran.

    EARTH IS FLAT There are many Hadiths, which say that the earth is flat. But any science will tell you the earth is a sphere. But you can use the same science like the relativity theory to prove that the earth is flat. It is the same case with evolution. But the point being that doubt is sown in the minds of the people on the validity of the Quran as the word of God. More and more we work hard to prove the Quran’s scientific correctness, more and more people will get apprehensive of the truth of the Quran. This is an abomination.

    This is why when we talk of education, we talk of religious education and not scientific education.

    It is true that science grew after the Prophet’s revolution in Arabia. That was the start of science. Now each and every science is filled with anti-god stuff. If you want to become a doctor, you have to read evolution. If you have to read any engineering, you have to believe in the billions of years old universe theory which effectively says that human beings came to the world only just one or two million years back.

    Q: But we still need the arms and knowledge of the Western world, which believes in science. And again you had referred to television as evil. If we abolish photography how can we have passports or identification cards?

    A: Yes. That is strategic. With the help of Allah, we will be given oil for them to run their cars and we will have arms in that place. We will use their arms to destroy them in the course of time.

    As far as photos are concerned, they will be banned as it was done in Afghanistan under Taliban. If there is no need for people to go out of Pakistan, where is the need for the passports? For those who have to travel to other countries like the leaders of the revolution, they only will be given the passport with photos. For that, we will allow limited photography licensed only to the government. And the biggest corruption in today’s Pakistan is Indian satellite TV and Indian cinemas and Indian songs. We have to abolish these too.

    ARABIC WILL BE MADE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF PAKISTAN (Punjabi, Sindhi languages will be wiped out !!!)
    Q: Currently we have a lot of opposition from Mohajirs regarding reservations. What kind of reservation policy will the JI will have in Pakistan?

    A: We approach that problem as the problem of language. Urdu-speaking Muslims and Sindhi-speaking Muslims are fighting now. We plan to abolish all the regional languages like Pashto, Sindhi, Baluchi, Urdu, Punjabi and Brahvi. We want all the people of Pakistan to speak Arabic which is our divine language. This will make everyone equal before everyone else and there would not be any need for language or region based reservations. We also hope that this will make the Quran and Hadiths easier to understand and will make the people follow the Quran and Hadiths to the letter.

    Q: There could be language riots. One such language riot resulted in Bangladesh.

    A: Bangladesh was not a result of language riot. The very idea that they are Muslims will bring the Bangladeshis to Arabic. We already fund heavily the Arabic language courses all over India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. From Morocco to Iraq speaks in Arabic, I don’t see any reason why from Morocco to Burma we will not bring Arabic to the people. Even Bangladesh will start speaking in Arabic. That time there won’t be any Bangladesh where the country name itself has the name of the language. Yes. Right now our aim is just for reunification without touching on the language issue of Bengali. JI of Bangladesh is working towards this aim.

    Q: The secular journalists of Pakistan oppose the JI. For example the Dawn and News are very critical of the JI. How do you see their role in the future?

    A: Ardheshir Cowasjee is able to work only because of the present Constitution of Pakistan. When Sharia becomes the Constitution, he cannot even approach the court, as he is a kafir. We see secular journalists as our main enemy in the current struggle to reach power. These secular journalists are digging our statements we made during the pre-Independence days and trying to beat us. Of course we opposed the creation of Pakistan during the British times. But that was a different Jamaat. Our history starts with Independence.

    Secular journalists are not Muslims even though some of them are carrying Muslim names. Let them come to us and let us ask questions on the Quran and Hadiths. We will prove each and every thing we say is from Quran and Hadiths. Let them prove what we say as wrong from the Quranic angle. Then we will accept them. But they cannot. They cannot match us in any debate concerning the Quran and Hadiths. We can comprehensively prove that they are indeed non-Muslims.! They are like Quadianis who say that the Muslim need not take up Jihad as an obligation. That is pure nonsense.

    Q: Thanks for your time.

    A: May Allah’s blessings be with you.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Bro ever one have own dream ! live We have TE dream , You have Shinala Bhuddist lanka , Muslim bro have the avoe … ect….
    end of the day live & let live !!!!

    Why this kolaveri !!! Yal devi is in Killinochchi now ,NP’s CM will meat MR next week & week after to meet Jeyalalitha to solve fisher mans problem etc …. what else we want !

    Long life to MR !!!

  4. NAK Says:

    Some times truth hurts. Especially when it is directed at a point that really hurts. That may be why they reacted the way they did.

    As the article explains there’s absolutely nothing for them to get pissed off.

    The religious leaders and the political leaders as well better soon take a decision soon rather than late.
    whether the Muslims of Sri Lanka wishes to be Muslims of Sri Lanka and look and behave like a Sri Lankan or be a Muslim In Sri Lanka for whom the future will not be as smooth as it has been.
    This is not inciting against Muslims but just what we see coming.

  5. Nesta Says:

    JI – a very dangerous group.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    GR has been TOO MILD!!

    But I don’t approve this type of statements.

    “You shit muslims go to Saudi or die!”

    This is WRONG. Muslims can live in SL as their own country if they respect SL as a Sinhela Buddhist nation and reduce population growth. Subject to that they can practice their religion.

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