Senator Segal: accuses Commonwealth’s Kamalesh Sharma as stooge of Sri Lanka regime
Posted on October 14th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe‚  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

14 October 2013

The Honourable Senator ‚ Hugh Segal (Conservative from Kingston-Frontenac-Leeds of Ontario)
Upper Chamber, the House of‚  Commons

‚ Ottawa

Dear Senator Segal:

Reporting from Delhi to The Guardian, Robert Booth and Jason Burke, headlined their report saying -ËœCommonwealth chief is stooge of Sri Lanka regime -” Canadian envoy.‚  Hugh Segal accuses Kamalesh Sharma of defending regime accused of human rights abuses, intensifying row over summit.-

Oops! Senator, did you real say that? By that very statement, did you not know that you undid Canada-â„¢s slip and her claws have begun to show?‚ ‚  Ummmm-¦strange, but it is too bad as no one knew that vicious side of Canada when we Canadians are guilty of human rights violations against our own First Nation peoples big time, which had been going on for donkey-â„¢s years.

I am absolutely stunned that you have not considered Commonwealth-â„¢s Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma as an intelligent diplomat who has great insight to figure out where you were coming from representing the Conservative Harper Canadian Government.‚  He is no fool.

Senator, you acted like a spoilt child running crying out to your Mother, -Mummy-¦.Mummy-¦.Sharma is not moving the Commonwealth Summit from Colombo as my boss‚  Harper wants him to, may be to our Markham-Eelam.‚  Sharma is no good. He is a stooge of the Sri Lanka regime-¦.he even beat me playing -keepsie- marbles and took all my marbles away!-‚ ‚  That-â„¢s what it boils down to, Senator Segal!

I retired from political activism in Canada on the Sri Lanka file on August 4th after a 30 year stint, but decided to come out temporarily to speak out on your unfair comment on‚  Kamalesh Sharma, who has understood Harper-â„¢s motives to go after Sri Lanka, with daggers drawn and a hockey stick under his arm.‚  It-â„¢s all about domestic politics wanting to garner every Tamil vote for the Conservatives from the Greater Toronto Area at the 2015 federal election. Your comment got my goat and several Sri Lankan-Canadians, Sinhalese as ‚ ‚ well as moderate-Tamils from Toronto requested me to comment on your abusive statement on Kamalesh Sharma and tell you how wrong you were.‚  I have decided to abide by those requests and let my voice be heard, hopefully for ‚ one‚ last time.

I have been a card carrying Conservative from Manning-â„¢s Reform days, and will not renew my membership after December and nor will I be voting Conservative at the next federal election.‚  My conscience will not allow me to draw a cross against the name of the Conservative candidate who represents a bunch of Sri Lanka-hater-Conservative -ËœBah! Humbugs-â„¢.

Senator Segal, here is the sad story about the Sri Lanka-hating-Conservatives.

1. Here-â„¢s ACT 1 of the storyline of -ËœBah-¦Humbug Canada-â„¢: ‚ Canada-â„¢s Conservatives seem to be gung-ho about Sri Lanka-â„¢s -alleged human rights abuses which until 2009 was engaged in a brutal civil war.-‚ ‚  Well-¦Senator-¦aren-â„¢t the goody-two-shoes Conservatives lacked the honesty to acknowledge the fact that the Sri Lankan Government ‚ by eliminating the Tamil Tigers militarily on 19 May 2009, gave back the most sacred human right of any human being, the right-to-life, to 22 million Sri Lankans that was hijacked from them for 27-bloodying years. This is a classic text book example of how to honour human rights of peoples. And now not a single working Sri Lankan has to put his or her palms together or make the sign of the cross with a quick prayer each morning before getting on to a bus or a train to go to work wanting to return home in one piece and not in a wooden casket in a puzzle of a head, limbs, heart, skin, blood clots, ‚ and bones having been blown to smithereens by a Tamil Tiger claymore mine or by a suicide bomber. ‚ ‚ This was an every day affair in Sri Lanka prior to May 19, 2009 for 27 long years.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  When every other country patted the back of Sri Lanka saying -Good show, Sri Lanka,‚ ‚ way to go-, Senator, do you know what Canada-â„¢s reaction was? Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon put out a pathetic Press Release not acknowledging this great achievement of getting rid of the most ruthless terrorists in the world.‚ ‚  That pathetic Press Release achieved one thing for the Conservatives.‚  They won the hearts of the Tamils and a promise that they were not going to send 30,000 Tamils over to Parliament Hill and Wellington Street under a sky of red Tamil Tiger flags demonstrating against you all, ‚ ‚ a repeat of March, April and May of 2009.

Tell me Senator Segal and be honest.‚  Aren-â„¢t you Conservatives a bunch of Bah Humbugs when it comes to the Sri Lanka policy file?‚ ‚  Give me a break! For God-â„¢s sake‚ ‚  give that intelligent diplomat, Kamalesh Sharma a break who is doing an honest job.

‚ 2.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  ‚ Here-â„¢s ACT 2 of the storyline of -ËœBah-¦Humbug Canada-â„¢. ‚ ‚ ‚ By 19 May, 2009, Sri Lanka liberated 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who used them as a human shield herding them for 30 months from the west coast to the east coast like unwashed cattle.‚  The Sri Lanka government prepared a million meals a day to feed these refugees a hearty nourishing -” breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sent everyone back to their recreated and reinvented war damaged homes within three years, and cleared over a million land mines from the terrain which these homes were sitting on, planted like a field of mushrooms by the retreating butt-whipped Tamil Tigers. This is another classic text book example of how to honour human rights of peoples.‚  Puny Sri Lanka did it.‚  It was a miracle.‚ ‚  And Senator what did Canada do or say?‚  ‚ Absolutely, sweet nothing! Harper-â„¢s government wasn-â„¢t honest enough to acknowledge this human rights miracle, the biggest rescue mission of peoples in recent history, and Sri Lanka did it with class and dignity, saving over a quarter million Tamil peoples from death from the jaws of Tamil Tigers terrorists and along the way let 7,000 of their soldiers die.‚ ‚  And you all didn-â„¢t have that honesty to protest against the Tamil Tigers for taking these 295,873 Tamils as a human shield.‚ ‚  We didn-â„¢t hear even a pip-squeak from anyone of you lot.‚ ‚  That is how pathetic and dishonest you (my) Conservatives have been.

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  So give me a break Senator.‚  And also for God-â„¢s sake give Secretary-General of the ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma a break. ‚ He knows that you Conservatives are a sham. ‚ All wanting to appease the Tamil Bloc voters by gunning at Sri Lanka unfairly.‚ ‚  Shame on you lot.

‚ 3.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Here-â„¢s ACT 3 of the storyline of -ËœBah-¦Humbug Canada-â„¢. ‚ Canada feels strongly about the alleged human right abuses in Sri Lanka and so her Prime Minister decides to boycott the Commonwealth Summit in November in Colombo, Sri Lanka.‚  Here-â„¢s where Harper-â„¢s -ËœBah-¦Humbug-â„¢ becomes a crude joke and falls apart wanting to knock Sri Lanka around, when he himself is not an equal opportunity moralist.‚  What a bunch of Byward Market baloney! He decides not to go to Colombo but he attended the Francophonie Summit in Dr Congo last year.‚  This is a country according to the UN 22 per cent of men and 30 percent woman were victims of war rape.‚  Senator, explain to me what all this irrational human rights hocus-pocus code of Canada is all about.‚  I can-â„¢t figure this Canadian human rights morality code out nor would a man or a woman walking down Wellington Street opposite your Senate Chambers.‚  Give me a break Senator!‚  For Pete-â„¢s sake give that intelligent diplomat, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma a break too.

‚ 4.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Here-â„¢s ACT 4 of the storyline of -ËœBah-¦Humbug Canada-â„¢.‚ ‚  So Prime Minister Harper, of all the places in the world, chose Indonesia to announce that he will not be attending the Commonwealth Summit held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, owing to that country-â„¢s -unacceptable human right violations!-‚  Ummm-¦.interesting! I doubt the UN nor Amnesty International will give Prime Minister Harper-â„¢s Canada a clean bill of health about Canada human right-â„¢s.‚  Far from it.‚  That-â„¢s what Canada-â„¢s -ËœWe are Holier than Thou-â„¢ hypocrisy is all about.‚  It-â„¢s full of deep scars of unholy ‚ Human Rights pock marks.

‚ But, here is what was wrong with the choice of the country to display his hissy-fit against Sri Lanka.‚  Indonesia has been infamous for two genocides. Didn-â„¢t ‚ Prime Minister Harper know this?‚  The first one was in 1965 when General Suharto overthrew President Sukarno and during the purge killed over a million people who were supposed to be Communist leaders and its party members. And then the paramilitary gangs killed opposition party members, leaders of the labour movement, teachers and student leaders.‚  That kind of arrogant hissy-fit theatre by a country leader is not worth two prairie straws nor a couple of capelin washed onto the shores of Bonavista Bay.

‚ Senator Segal, Adi Zulkadry, a death squad leader, speaks out in a film from a Mall in Jakarta, -We shoved wood in their anus until they died.‚  We crushed their necks with wood.‚  We hung them. We strangled them with wire.‚  We cut off their heads.‚  We ran them over with cars.‚  We were allowed to do it.-‚ ‚  And isn-â„¢t it pathetic that Prime Minister Harper, the -ËœMister Human Rights Morality Super-Man-â„¢, had to pick this Indonesia to announce his hissy-fit against the Commonwealth Summit to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in November.‚  Shish!‚  What a rude come-down for the whole of Canada.

‚ The second genocide, a human rights violation that Prime Minister seems so vile about happened when President Suharto invaded East Timor in 1975 and his troops slaughtered a quarter million Timorese.‚ ‚  But that gross human rights violation didn-â„¢t matter two hoots to Prime Minister Harper and it was here in Indonesia that he announced that he will not attend the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.‚  Why?‚  Because he is not happy with the Sri Lankan alleged human rights violations.‚  All this strange animated unholy theatrics were for the eyes and ears of the Tamils in the Greater Toronto Area. Senator Segal, my reaction to all this crude theater is to say, -Whoopee-¦.do.‚  I don-â„¢t think it impressed any of the other 52 Commonwealth leaders.‚  As the Australian Premier Abbott said it perfectly‚  ‚ on Prime Minister Harper-â„¢s decision, -You do not make new friends by rubbishing your old friends or abandoning your old friends.-‚  That was Rumi wisdom and was honest and beautiful.

‚ 5.‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Here-â„¢s ACT 5 of the storyline of -ËœBah-¦Humbug Canada-â„¢: Canada which never fails to posture before the world as a self-righteous, goody-two-shoes moral guardian of universal human rights is now facing the embarrassing situation when all the Commonwealth nations ignored Prime Minister Harper who played Pied Piper and expected every other nation to fall behind him at attention to follow him wanting the Summit to be moved from Colombo, Sri Lanka.‚  And now Canada stands isolated of its own doing trying to drag domestic Tamil ‚ electoral politics into the Commonwealth multi-lateral parleying.‚ ‚  Tough tiddy, Senator.‚  It is embarrassing, isn-â„¢t it?

‚ But let us get this right, Senator.‚  It was the‚  Tamil Tiger terrorism that were responsible for the killing of over 100,000 innocent civilians ‚ including a former and an incumbent heads of states, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, which was the main cause for the violations of the human rights in Sri Lanka.‚ ‚  They were allowed to operate on Canadian soil almost with impunity, under the very noses of Canadian authorities, and some parliamentarians even aided and abetted their terrorism by patronizing their fund raising activities.‚  These are facts that you know and I know, and so does CSIS and the RCMP know.

‚ And in March of 1992, the Toronto Star exposed the narco-terrorists operations run by Tamil Tigers who had openly listed their Headquarters in the Canadian telephone directory.‚ ‚  An investigator said, –You-â„¢ve got the terrorists and you-â„¢ve got the heroin traffickers.‚  They are all one happy family.-‚  And that is how the Tamil separatists collected funds to stuff the Canadian Tamil Tiger war-chest with two million dollars each month for 13 years with which the Tamil Tigers bought sophisticated arms to fight their separatist war which brought about human rights violations.‚  So why this righteousness, when we were one of the Godfathers of Sri Lanka-â„¢s Tamil Tiger terrorism?‚ ‚  This revelation is a bit too much for you to swallow, isn-â„¢t it Senator, when you are trying to paint us Canadians lily-white and attack the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma unfairly.‚  Wo-¦wo-¦wo-¦.what Black theatre of the Bah-¦ Humbug?‚ 

‚ And do you know what Senator?‚ ‚  Now the Liberals and the NDP are claiming that the boycott happened because of their pressuring Prime Minister Harper not to attend the summit.‚ ‚  Both parties are vying for the same Tamil votes that you Conservatives are after.‚  There will be a three way split of the Tamil votes at the next federal election and my crystal ball‚  reading says that the Conservatives are going to be in trouble in nine GTA ridings by 2015.‚  And that is how the cookie crumbles when you have an unholy alliance with the separatist-Tamils and drag domestic politics to an all-important decision of participating at the Commonwealth Summit in November.‚ ‚  Well, it was Prime Minister-â„¢s decision, and let me tell you one more thing to you Senator Hugh Segal. With all the support that Sri Lanka is getting from the rest of the Commonwealth Heads of nations, on the day after the Summit concludes, Sri Lanka will have the last laugh on Canada and I can bet my last dollar that the sun will still rise from the east on Sri Lanka and set in the west as it‚  has always done for‚  beautiful Sri Lanka.-‚  And do you really think that the Sri Lankans who are shunted every day in trains pulled by locomotive engines marked Newfoundland,‚  Quebec. Manitoba and Alberta, gifted ‚ once upon a time by the then friendly Canada care about Canada anymore.‚ ‚  They will sing in unison – –O hell No – let them Go-.

‚ It must be disheartening for you who went to Sri Lanka on a fact-finding mission, as well as for Minister Jason Kenney who on January 7th introduced himself as -I have come to Colombo as the son of the preacher man to preach ‚ to you ‚ all on human rights, when on the very same hour the First Nation ‚ Attawapiskat peoples were demonstrating a stones throw away from his office on the Hill because their rights had been violated by the Canadian government. This was an immensely embarrassing moment to all Canadians in our -ËœWe are Holier than Thou-â„¢ political history.‚ 

‚ After all this strange unholy ballyhoo, and isolating Canada from the rest of the 53 Commonwealth nations, all what the Conservatives can aspire is to receive one-third of the Tamil bloc votes in the Greater Toronto Area.‚ ‚  You will be extremely lucky if you get 5 per cent of the Sinhalese Sri Lankan-Canadian votes from across Canada at the next federal elections.‚ ‚  ‚ ‚ You bet, the Conservatives will certainly won-â„¢t get mine.

‚ Now that you Conservatives led by the -ËœBah-¦Humbug Canada-â„¢s-â„¢‚  Harper-Baird Commonwealth wrestling tag team failed to pin Sri Lanka down to a count of 1 -” 2 -” 3 ‚ and move the summit elsewhere, like Canada-â„¢s ‚ Eelamist-â„¢s Markham, don-â„¢t spray your venom and bullets at the Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma.‚  Let-â„¢s not descend to that lowest denominator in parliamentary courtesy and protocol.‚  He doesn-â„¢t deserve that Canadian brand of nastiness and please stop rubbishing him.‚ ‚  And let us not pretend that Canada is a friend of Sri Lanka because we are damn well not.

‚ And as a last thought, I feel sorry for our Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deepak Obhrai, who has been recognized to be the Joe-boy to carry the Harper-Baird Canada bucket of the anti-Sri Lankan myopic selective vision into the‚  portals of the Commonwealth Summit, to sit among 53 Heads of Commonwealth nations to tell them -” -Hey people! We Canadians are the best and we are always right when it comes to Human Rights despite our failings with our First Nation peoples.-‚ ‚  I could hear the silent echoes of -Booo-¦..- at our Canadian in the vast meeting room.‚  I hope that Minister Obhrai won-â„¢t hear it.

‚ Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

‚ Sincerely,

Asoka Weerasinghe‚ ‚  (Ottawa-Vanier riding)‚ 


3 Responses to “Senator Segal: accuses Commonwealth’s Kamalesh Sharma as stooge of Sri Lanka regime”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    Thanks Asoka, for analysing the hypocracy of Harper ministers & envoys who preaches all the right things, to garner votes.

    This is NOT Sinhalese & other SriLankan’s opinion, very prominent journalists from Jeefrey Simpson to a Prof of University of Minesota,USA have commented on Indonesian debacle & also Mr Harper’s CHOICE of venue to INFORM the general public that Consrvative govt. is boycotting CHOGM in Colombo, SRI LANKA.

    Mr. Harper & his beloved ministers should remember ONE Mr. David Millband (the former foreign secretary) who bashed Lankan govt. for NOT saving LTTE & their cohuots. He came to lanka with french foreign minister TO STOP THE WAR.

    Our President had enough of these nonsence & he said in uncertain terms to GO BACK TO UK. He(Mr. Millband) did BUT HE LOST his seat, with ALL THE BACKING OF TAMILS (300,000) strong. Now this is good lesson to Mr. Harper to remember, JUST BECAUSE he supports LTTE & Tamil brothers & sisters, DO NOT EXPECT them to vote for you. Some will ofcourse, BUT DO NOT expect any landslide VICTORIES becase of Tamil VOTE.

    I do not have to go into details about Mr. Harper’s statement, as many journalists have commented & it is THUMBS DOWN for Mr. Harper. WHATEVER happen to Canada, when Mr. Lester B. Pearson & Mr. Trudeua was ta the helm.

    All the countries in Commonwealth & UN treated Canada as a very responsible, FAIR & practiced what they preached. Boycotting Sri Lanka SUMMIT is counter productive according to many heads of State. This is stated by Mr. Cameron the British PM, AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND PMs just to mention a few. All other leaders are WITH SRI LANKA.

    Canada’s absence will not be missed……Another expat from Canada expressing his views ~ J

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Canada is in a predicament, just like India is. The current leaders seem to have been promoted to these positions through US manipulations and Tamil separatist diaspora funding. They are behaving in a most disgraceful manner to remain in power through LTTE support as they control marginal seats. Both the US and LTTE would like the Canadian leaders to embarrass Sri Lanka using trumped up charges on human rights violations. Therefore, if Mr Harper attends CHOGM, he will have to come out with these unsubstantiated allegations against Sri Lanka. If he does do that, then, some nations might highlight the major human rights issues faced by the Canadian First Nation. One issue is the missing indigenous women numbering over 600 and the high unemployment rate in their community, as divulged by their leader. The best way to dodge these issues is to boycott CHOGM.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    It just hit me in a blinding flash!

    I know how to set Canada straight …. send a US Diplomatic team to Canada to teach them Good Governance!

    Hopefully, they will shut down the Canadian Government too!

    I know, I know … my brilliant ideas … no one appreciates them!

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