Deepening China – Sri Lanka Cooperation: Pathfinder – CPAPD Agree on Action Program
Posted on October 15th, 2013

Press Release – the Pathfinder Foundation

Mme. Yan Junqi, who is a senior state leader from China, has just concluded a productive visit to Sri Lanka with her 12 member delegation.

Mme. Yan called on H.E. President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday. Prof. G L Peiris, Hon Minister for External Affairs and Mr. Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President was also present at the meeting. The cordial exchanges at their meeting reaffirmed Sri Lanka-â„¢s elevation to Strategic Cooperation Partner status, announced during the President-â„¢s recent state visit. China-â„¢s generous support for Sri Lanka-â„¢s infrastructure development program will now be supported by concerted efforts to expand trade and investment. A bilateral FTA is expected to be signed shortly opening up new export opportunities. Sri Lanka-â„¢s key products, apparels and tea, are among the many items expected to benefit. Chinese companies, which are being encouraged to -Ëœgo out-â„¢ by their authorities are also looking at Sri Lanka as a favourable investment destination. The Harbour City Development Project, which is expected to be announced shortly, will be China-â„¢s largest single investment in the region.

12 member delegation held extensive discussions

Mme. Yan also had a productive discussion with Hon. Chandima Weerakkody, Deputy Speaker, on enhancing exchanges between the parliamentarians of the two countries.

Mme. Yan, who was in Sri Lanka on the invitation of Mr. Milinda Moragoda and the Pathfinder Foundation (PF), held extensive discussions with him on ways and means of buttressing the excellent bilateral political relations, wide-ranging economic cooperation and expanding trade and investment with greater people-to-people exchanges in the social, cultural and educational spheres. In this connection, Mme. Yan was also able to interact with a number of local Friendship Associations and think-tanks. In response to a question raised regarding human right issues Mme. Yan categorically stated that China-â„¢s bilateral relations are based on the principles of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries and living in peaceful co-existence.

Chinese People-â„¢s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD and the PF have identified the following areas for practical action to be taken forward:

  • A joint study on -A Vision for Sri Lanka -” China Peoples-to-People Relations- which would focus on political, business, cultural, religious and sports relations.
  • Enhance capacity for Chinese Language teaching in Sri Lanka to support the increased tourism, trade and investment flows.
  • A joint scholars-â„¢ exchange program for academics and researchers.
  • Build on the progress already being made in promoting Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka.
  • Cooperation in the fisheries and agriculture sectors.

PF and CPAPD, which have signed a Cooperation Agreement, agreed to establish regular consultations to take forward and review the outcomes of their collaboration. The PF will seek to play a catalytic role in intensifying the people-to-people relations between Sri Lanka and China.

Mr. Milinda Moragoda and the Pathfinder Foundation

During her brief stay, Mme. Yan was also able to visit Galle where, inter alia she was able to see the inscription marking Admiral Zheng He-â„¢s historic visit to Sri Lanka. She also had the pleasant surprise of an unscheduled meeting with a group of Chinese tourists who were also visiting the city.

Mme. Yan-â„¢s program was organized by the Pathfinder Foundation with the support of the Embassy of the People-â„¢s Republic of China in Sri Lanka. It was part of the ongoing collaboration between the PF and CPAPD based on a Cooperation Agreement signed in June 2012.


3 Responses to “Deepening China – Sri Lanka Cooperation: Pathfinder – CPAPD Agree on Action Program”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    China and Russia are the World’s true superpowers. The US appears to be creating wars all over the world and making a big noise, unable to cope up with this reality. Sri Lanka is wise to help and cooperate with China and Russia.

    The World will be totally different in a decades time: Those who work hard, look after their country and are not bragging and bullying around will be the leaders of the World.

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    “Mme. Yan categorically stated that China’s bilateral relations are based on the principles of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries and living in peaceful co-existence.”
    China proved that she is a true friend of Sri Lanka. We had friendship with China many centuries ago. If we compare with Anglo Americans and India, China genuinely helped us always. “Friend in need is friend indeed”
    When India trained, tamil terrorism era China gave their fullest support to us. Hence U.K, USA and India supported our enemy LTTE with training, logistics, political and moral support and humiliate us in every forum even yet. It is very simple to understand who our friend is and who our enemies are.
    We should not bow down or crawl towards Anglo Americans neo colonialists or Indian expansionists. Reality is world supper power is China. Therefore has to go with the powerful and genuine friend for our security and benefit.
    I happened to read an article about Indian northern railway project to Killinochichi . Some conditions are: 1). Railway engines and compartments should be Indian made. 2). Maintenance only by Indians. 3) Even CGR’s Chinese compartments cannot use for northern line for any reason. 4).From every ticket fare 75% must give to India. In addition inflated project cost + interest has to pay by Sri Lanka government. Indians are worse than Anglo American neo-colonialists. Indians take advantage from tamil racism and trying to create another Sikkim in northern and eastern Sri Lanka.
    It is high time to get rid of Anglo American and Indian hegemony. Since 2009 what we did was, we got the political support from China and Russia to avoid U.N resolutions but business gave to India and Anglo Europeans. At least good we realized that we must have a bilateral FTA with China.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Chinese policy seems to be live and let live. They do look after their interests but also willing to help other nations to develop without interference. The world should be thankful to China and Russia, the only super powers able to stand their ground against threats by destructive forces like the NATO led by US, which is focused on dominating the world and exploiting the resources of powerless third world nations. China and Russia failed Iraq, Libya and Serbia by allowing NATO to bomb these nations to total destruction of their infrastructures and economies. However, it is heartening that they have stood their ground in Syria by not falling to the trickery of NATO/US alliance. Let us hope these two super powers would be able to block any future hostile plans initiated by the Nato and their stooges, against countries like Sri Lanka. Today India cannot be relied upon, as India under Manmohan Singh is no longer a true non-aligned nation as they have got too close to the USA.

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