Manmohan Singh, a Prime Minister propped up by political morons Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.
Posted on October 15th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

Manmohan Singh hasn-â„¢t the backbone to stand up against Tamilnadu to ask them to get off his back, ‚ and for once take a decision of his own as the Prime Minister of supposed to be a great Democracy in the World.

A leader should know how to assert his leadership, if not he is not fit to be a leader.‚ ‚  It applies more so to a political leader who is at the helm of the government such as a Prime Minister.‚  A Prime Minister should not allow himself to be blackmailed‚  by a coalition partner‚  to do what pleases them in return for their support.

Our neighbour the Prime Minister of India who claims leadership in Asia suffers from an inferiority complex unable to assert his right as the Prime Minister‚  to take political decisions without fear or fervour.‚ 

Manmohan Singh ‚ cannot stand alone as the Prime Minster of India to take political decisions, even if he knows it is in the best interest of his country. ‚ ‚ Through out the terrorist -war- in Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister of India propped up by South Indian politicians without whose support‚  he fears he will politically topple over, refused to take political decisions on his own.‚ 

Even today he is unable to take a political decision‚  which he thinks is correct‚  due to his‚  fear that his weak coalition-â„¢s supporters the Southern TamilNadu politicians will refuse their vote at the next Lokh Sabha elections.

It is a sad situation for a Prime Minister to be in.‚  Apart from his office of‚  the Prime Minister of India, if he has any principles of his own, he will call the Tamil Nadu politicians and explain to them the political necessity to stand by a neighbouring Sovereign State despite any political disagreements on certain issues, and assert his right to take an Independent decision, as to whether he participate or not in the CHOGM that is to be held in Sri Lanka.

Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India should not behave like Stephen Harper.‚  Harper is a distant away from Sri Lanka, his refusal to attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka does not have any political‚  impact in Sri Lanka or on Canada.‚  But India being‚  Sri Lanka-â„¢s -next door neighbour- the political impact of such a decision ‚ to both India and Sri Lanka ‚ is of a different nature.‚ ‚ 

The elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka‚  was a relief for India as well and the terrorist of Sri Lanka had caused a greater loss to‚  India in the elimination of a young and a promising Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi.

Further more the politicians of TamilNadu haven-â„¢t‚  got the political maturity to understand the implication in isolating a neighbouring Sovereign State purely for ‚ sentimental reasons.‚  Therefore they have to be informed of their necessity to develop a broader political awareness to give India the leadership in Asia.‚ 

The Indian government cannot remain‚  -prisoner- of the whims and fancies of its Chief Ministers, and‚  political morons like Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

What is the political gain the TamilNadu State is expecting in holding its Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ransom, preventing him‚  taking a decision not favourable to TamilNadu-â„¢s sentimental attachment to the Tamils in Sri Lanka ?‚ 

Is it not an insult to the Office of Prime Minster that Manmohan Singh ‚ holds,‚  to be dictated to by sentimental TamilNadu politicians , and withhold his‚  right to take an independent‚  decision in keeping with his Office of Prime Minister ?

Manmohan Singh-â„¢s remaining the Prime Minister of India after the next Lokh Sabha elections is doubtful even with the support of Tamil Nadu, therefore in that doubt he should at least now assert his position of being the Prime Minister of the leading nation of Asia next to China, and attend the CHOGM‚  come what may.‚ 

That is only possible if he has the -backbone- to stand up for his right as a Prime Minister.

21 Responses to “Manmohan Singh, a Prime Minister propped up by political morons Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia NEVER wanted to attend CHOGM in SL.

    Manmoron Singh told Jeyalalitha to start some riot so that he can use it as an excuse.

    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!!!

    (Dr Manmoron and Mistress Jeya).

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    CHARLES !! No he has no BACKBONE. That is for sure, the way he is wavering to attend a next door event.

    Yes he has a BEARD. Mistress Jeya as Lorenzo refers, is threatening to set it on fire. NAAKI RAVULA PUCHCHAGANNA BAYAY.

  3. dhane Says:

    With the help of United Nations General Assembly and other Western countries in 1948 created in middle east Jewish state of Israel.

    Ever since no peace to any other middle eastern countries. Thereafter western countries start making money out of selling arms ammunition. This what they were planning.

    Same as creating Israel western countries and the UN wants to create another country Tamil Ealam either in India or Sri Lanka and do the same in Asia and business for them. Indian know this western plot and to keep away Ealam as long as possible on their soil they helped LTTE to create Ealam in Sri Lanka. Now after 27 years we have peace which Western countries, UN and India cannot digest. After North Elections we can see the division among the Tamils themselves. Very soon we can witness killing each other for power.
    India is playing games to safeguard themselves Prime Minster Manmohan Singh dancing according to Tamil Nadu. We Singhalese have no other country than Sri Lanka. By any chance if Ealam created either in India or North of Sri Lanka. There will be no ending war in Indian Ocean like middle east having Israel in the centre.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Political Blackmail in FULL SWING!

    Tamil Nadu Blackmails the Union Govt of India with Lok Sabha Elections in the offing,

    India Blackmails Sri Lanka to DISMEMBER ITSELF on the eve of the CHOGM,

    Poor Sri Lanka FAILS to return the Favor. Are we HELPLESS victims?

    On the Contrary … WE ARE NOT HELPLESS!

    1. To SINGE the Beard of Tamil Nadu, a NATIONWIDE REFERENDUM should IMMEDIATELY be held to REVOKE the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVE the Provincial Councils and REPLACE them with Government Agent administered Districts.

    2. To get India off Sri Lanka’s back and render it IMPOTENT, the GOSL should CANCEL ALL Commercial Agreements with India including the Sampur Power Plant Agreement and grant them to China. Furthermore, Sri Lanka should grant China the Role of Developing Trincomalee into the Most Powerful Heavy Industrial and Naval Port in the entire region. IT IS TIME to get out of India’s DEADLY EMBRACE!

    The BLACKMAIL exerted by Tamil Nadu on the Central Government of India WILL NEVER GO AWAY. It can only be RENDERED IMPOTENT by INSULATING and MAKING Sri Lanka IMPERVIOUS to ANY & ALL actions of India & its Tamil Population. Begin the Process NOW!

    THE TIME has ARRIVED for Sri Lanka to UNAMBIGUOUSLY ASSERT her Sovereignty!

    STAND UP straight and FIGHT for our DAY in the SUN now, or WITHER AWAY into the woodwork without a whimper! We MUST DECIDE NOW!

    Indian PM to consider all factors before deciding to attend CHOGM in Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 15, Colombo: India’s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that he would decide on whether to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Colombo next month only after considering all relevant factors, including sentiments of Tamil people.

    Indian PM has said this in a letter to M. Karunanidhi the leader of the Dravida Munnethra Kaagam (DMK), a Tamil political party in Tamil Nadu.

    “I wish to inform you that a decision on the issue of my participation in the CHOGM conference will be taken only after considering all relevant factors, including the sentiments of your party and the Tamil people,” Indian media quoted Dr. Singh as saying in his letter to the DMK chief.

    PM’s statement comes after he was informed of the deteriorating health of a pro-Tamil activist K Thiagarajan, who is on an indefinite fast in Chennai since October 1 demanding that India boycott the CHOGM.

    PM in his letter asked the DMK chief to persuade the activist to call off his fast.

    The Indian Prime Minister is under immense pressure from the pro-Eelam political parties in Tamil Nadu to boycott the Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka on the issues of alleged attacks on Indian fishermen and resettlement of Sri Lankan Tamils.

    The DMK has demanded that India must not attend the summit in Sri Lanka and assured that if the central government fails to heed their demand they will stage state-wide protests.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “The BLACKMAIL exerted by Tamil Nadu on the Central Government of India WILL NEVER GO AWAY.”

    Yes. TN racism against Sinhalese will continue until Sinhalese are no more.

    SL has to think OUTSIDE THE BOX to TAME Tamilians in TN and SL (they are CONNECTED).

    SL CANNOT do what Isreal does – elimination of ANY THREAT ANYWHERE in the world.

    What SL can do is have a REBEL GROUP that targets SL’s enemies over concocted excuses. A group like LTTE should be raised again. They should DEMAND a TAMIL NATION, etc. and get rid of ALL those who stand in the way to make Tamil Madu independent.

    When LTTE was around Jeyalalitha kept SILENT on Tamil racism. Now she is like the bandit queen in a town of no police.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said:

    “When LTTE was around Jeyalalitha kept SILENT on Tamil racism. Now she is like the bandit queen in a town of no police.”

    I could not agree more. The LTTE had issued a death warrent on Jayalalitha, and she pleaded for protection from the State … which, of course, that fox Karunanidhi happily rejected. So, Jayalalitha went into HIDING, kept silent, and practically disappeared from the political arena.

    Now that the GOSL had tamed the TIGER, Jayalalitha feels safe and immune to any real physical threat. Now she has become the Champion of the TAMED Eeelamists, seeking glory leading the Tamil Nationalist charge with the Tiger flag raised high in the wind.

    However, these conventional Tamil Nadu politicians have no idea of the deadliness of the Tiger they are riding now., and the holocaust that will consume them should the Eelamists seize power in Tamil Nadu.

    If the Eelamist Tamil Nationalists come home roost in Tamil Nadu, all of these Racist Conventional Politicians will be ousted, and murdered without mercy …. as they were in Sri Lanka.

    In Sri Lanka the current crop of TNA politicians survived only because of the Physical Protection they received from the GOSL in GOSL controlled Colombo. The ingrates that they are, while they hid from the deadly embrace of the Sole Representatives of the Tamils holding sway in the Wanni, they served as POLITICAL PROXIES of the LTTE far away in the safety of Colombo. We harbored and protected the separatist snakes striking out at Mother Lanka now!

    Just like Jayalalitha, the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA are now parading in safety Championing the Eelamist cause of the SunGod who tormented and threatened their lives, and from which they hid in Colombo during Prabhakaran’s reign under our collective sarong!

    TRAITORS UNPUNISHED are TRAITORS ENCOURAGED! And so, the Eelam Farce continues to Play, because none of these TRAITORS have been held accountable for their TREASON committed during the last 30 years.

    Tamil Nadu Politicos are beyond the reach of Sri Lankan Law; but why should the TNA TRAITORS go SCOT FREE? WHY?

  7. thurai Says:

    LTTE +Terrorism+Bloodmoney+Blackmoney= Tamilnadu Politicians
    Tamilnadu Politicians have problems with any one of the above subject. Tamilnadu people know very well
    who are cheaters. But they vote and elect DMK or ADMK. They have no other way. Like TNA in northern province.

    DMK and ADMK want to show (cheat) the Tamilnadu by disguising as Tamil´s Guardians. There are many States in India who watch the Manmohan singh and Tamilnadu. India not only for Tamils. DMK and ADMK has direkt or indirekt
    controlled by blood money from LTTE Terrorism. DMK and ADMK run to Delhi to safeguard their own strentgh of Jeyalalitha´s Friends Relations and Karunanithy´s Family in Tamilnadu not for Tamils in Tamilnadu or in Sri Lanka.

  8. stanley perera Says:

    To hell with India. Indians have never been a friendly nation to any of the surrounding countries. Pakistan, China and Russia are our true friends. We can manage our affairs without the filthy Indians. If Manmohan has no back bone, might as well employ a puppet like Sonia to take decisions. Sonia is a thief plundering the poor Indians wealth. The mistress and the seenile Nadoos do not know the meaning of diplomacy or the International politics. The ignorant and uneducated dumb fools do not understand the meaning of integrity and the honesty. Seenile’s daughter Kanimozi the biggest thief in Tamil Nadoo. Sri Lanka does not miss Singh. We do not want the unclean to dirty CHOGM seats. Go to hell Singh with zeenile and the mistress.

  9. Charles Says:

    Manmohan Singh is not only consulting Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha to function as the Prime Minister of India, but he has also invited Wigneswaran to india to advise him whether he should or should not attend the CHOGM.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    CM Wigneswaran already said openly He wants Manmohan Singh to come for CHOGM to discus any issues !

    Well done CM , what else you can proof to our Sinhala Bros & Sis We Tamil want to live in United Mother Lanka !

    Who trained us & who whipped out(with out bold in their hand ) us We both community knows very well !!!

    have We learned any think ? No

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Delhi Centre will always try to please Tamil Nadu and TN leaders, whilst also trying to control their Separatist tendencies. Delhi USES Sri Lanka for these purpose of satisfying Tamil Nadu leaders. Tamil Nadu will always be more important than Sri Lanka to Delhi Centre. Sri Lanka seems just a convenient scapegoat for India’s problems with Tamil Nadu.

    Re the illegal Tamil migrants into Lanka, illegal fishing by Tamil fishermen in Lanka sea waters : GoSL is told to turn a blind eye to these activities. GoSL is also asked to buy substandard pharma products from TN, as well as allow ‘pirate goods’ from TN be sold in Lanka. So called tourists & businessmen from India enter Sri Lanka on the ‘visa on arrival’ SAARC ticket, and probably never go back. That coal plant and housing for N&E from India – do the Indian workers who come with the aid ever go back ? Re Trade, it is almost a one way business with a large balance of payments in India’s favor.

    Delhi Centre uses all issues, internal and external, to CONTROL both Tamil Nadu as well as Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu too uses Sri Lanka. Everyones USES Sri Lanka for their own purposes. What does Sri Lanka get for all these accommodative actions ? A bad name and Kallathoni troubles with those who don’t have an iota loyalty to Lanka ? It appears that the Delhi Centre, without Tamil Nadu, will be bearable for Sri Lanka. But will that ever happen ?

    This is a strange, dissatisfactory, and illegal Peace with our Neighbors.

  12. Indrajith Says:

    There’s an interesting article in today’s “Lanka Page” about a speech made by the Army Commander.

    Addressing troops gathered at an event at the Security Force Headquarters-Wanni (SFHQ-W) in Vavuniya, the Army Commander said certain groups, buoyed by the Tamil party’s victory at the Northern Province elections think the victory is a mandate for a separate state and attempt to separate the country once again.

    The Army Commander said although the terrorist organization was defeated the underground members of the organization and intelligence operatives are still very active, especially overseas, and are trying to create problems in the country again.

    “Our message to the society is anyone can live in a democratic society within the framework of democracy but if anyone attempts to step outside the boundaries of democracy and takes extreme measures to separate the country, the only thing that will be separated is their heads from bodies,” the Army Commander warned.

    A very bold and straight forward statement. Well said Mr. Commander!

    The full story is here!

    It is worth reading!

  13. jayasiri Says:

    THANK you again Mr. Charles S Perera…..It is true what all our respondants have said collectively. INDIA either created this DEPENDENCY on TN VOTE, to justify, NOT attending the CHOGM.. If INDIA has not gratnted TAMIL as official language in India, and ONLY few weeks ago, TN politicians again asked India to grant that status.INDIA HAS REFUSED.

    ARE WE FOOLS to grant FULL EQUAL STAUTS to Tamil language in 1956, when their population was ONLY 12 %. What INDIA doesn’t delver SHE insists Sri Lanka should delver. WHAT sort of diplomacy is his? A MAFIA LIKE OUTFIT telling us how we should GOVERN OUR OWN COUNTRY? What Indian Foregn Minister has asked IS LANKANS think that we ( INDIANS) are Donkeys..for Mr. Rajapakshe DENYING about one agreemnt with India.
    WELL MR. Menon if the CAP fits wear it. We know what inteligence Indians have?

    Since 1956, India has pressured, DEMANDED, THREATENED OUR political leaders & continue to do so. For what purpose do we WANT INDIA? Only the few governing politicians think that THEY CANNOT delever & govern our country without INDIAN ASSISTANCE. It is JOKE.

    AS USUAL it is the fault of Sri Lankan govts from Sir John Kotelawaka’s time. ONLY he had the guts to ht back in proper language so that NEHRU(then then PM of India) had to back down. IT IS SAID, that Mr. Nehru asked why Sir John did not discuss with him before Sir John made that speech to ASIAN CONFERENCE in Bandung -Indonesia.

    SIR JOHN has asked DID YOU SHOW ME YOUR SPEECH before made yours? Nehru had to crawl back. THIS IS why I say, INDIA understands ONLY the threats & civil disobedience in case IT ATTEMPTS again to INTEFFERE in a Soveriegn State. we may be a small country BUT our lone soldier showd Rajiv Ghandhi how our people react to INTERFERENCE.

    For a start WE CAN IMMEDIATLELY recognize, that JAMNU & KASHMIR BELONGS to PAKISTAN & are INTEGRAL part of Pakistan. That is ONLY the start.We have many ways of doing reciprcoal harm to Indians as well. So our leaders should NOT be so timid to FIGHT for our country. DIPLOMATIC language India does NOT understand.

    My own feeling is INDIA is giving us an excuse. IF TN is so powerful, IS THIS WHY INDIA wants a similar situation here in Northern lanka, so that WE HAVE CONSULT NPC for all what our President has to do? NO THANKS we dont allow any Province in lanka to have SPECIAL STATUS. In which case it is best India accept ALL INDIAN & SRI LANKA Tamils too to their mist. This will solve our HEAD ACHE, LIKE A CANCER, sucking blood out of our Govt & our people.

    Thank you all……Just another expat exprssing his frustations with our politicians….~ J

  14. stanley perera Says:

    Thurai and Kumar, we needd Tamil friends like you to unite the two communities. Lanka web has never been anti-Tamil. Same with the contributors to Lanka Web.e are all anti racists.

  15. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Naughty Jayalolita is remote controlling, and Karuna Nidhi is laughing his sides out., giving Singhee a bumpy ride. Whatever the Drama, Man The Mohan will enter Sri Lanka with Pompous Pagentry, Wait and see. He is the piece-de resistence, with the TUBHAN AND BEARD. He will be met by another nothern BEARDEE with a Verrtee, and a political sash over the shoulder. That is the latest trend of those aspiring to heavenly heights.


  16. cassandra Says:

    It seems to me that we should spare a charitable thought for Manhoman Singh (MS) considering the predicament in which he finds himself, rather than be too critical of him. Such are the compulsions of domestic Indian politics; the poor fellow cannot act independently. With national elections not too far away, MS has to do what is considered best in order to ensure victory for the Congress Party and act according to the dictates of those ‘who call the shots’ in New Delhi, one of whom is undoubtedly an Italian lady who wants her son to succeed MS as PM. And then there is the considerable pressure from Tamil Nadu.

    General Sarath Fonseka once said that Tamil Nadu politicians were jokers, and so they are. Sadly, jokers they may be, but the beggars have a lot of clout with the central government in New Delhi. And I have no doubt that the pressure they, among others, will bring to bear on Manhoman Singh will be so strong that he will be compelled to not attend the CHOGM in Colombo.

    As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, it should take this in its stride and not get too fussed about it. As hosts SL has invited other countries in the Commonwealth to attend, and if some of them opt not to come, so be it. SL should note with regret that they are not coming but not bother beyond that.

    But one thing that the likes of Stephen Harper and Manhoman Singh (if he decides not to come) should consider seriously is how well they will serve their countries’ interests by not attending the November CHOGM. Surely, the best way of ensuring that Canada’s interests in the Commonwealth are best served and for Canada to make a meaningful contribution to the deliberations of the CHOGM is for the Canadian PM to attend. By being away, he will have no influence at all. Ditto for Manhoman Singh and the interests of India. In this situation not attending the CHOGM would be tantamount to cutting your nose to spite your face.

    Manhoman Singh (like the major political parties in India) is a prisoner of the Indian political system. The various states are all language or racially based and candidates from the local parties invariably secure victory at the state polls. And for the Congress Party to form government in New Delhi, it must necessarily depend on the support of these state parties. And so these parties are able to make extravagant demands of the Congress Party as a price for their support. And don’t they enjoy this king maker role!

    And so, as regards Mr Singh; if he decides to not come, that’s his prerogative. Let’s just accept that and move on.

  17. SA Kumar Says:


    first Show -SL Tamil boys Invited , Trained to dance for 33 years than wipped out with out bold in their hand ( MR , GR & SF got bold & get their saram wet when ever UN meeting )

    Second show – Rtr Judge Wigneswaran invited , trained to dance for another 33 years than …….

    Have learn any thing ? No

    Modaya & Sakkiliya never learn any thing any way !!!!

  18. Marco Says:

    I’m of the opinion Manmohan Singh will attend CHOGM on the basis that India being our closest neighbour & relation, the rest of the international community would be very concerned of its non-attendance, Prince Charles & David Cameron are due to visit India on-route to Colombo, Manmohan is a seasoned politician who is likely to pacify/do a deal with the Tamil Nadu politicians (to the detriment of Sri Lanka).
    His non- attendance would have to be justified to the outside world (its like the big brother not attending little sisters wedding) which i believe will have serious repercussions to the Indo-Lanka relantionship and more so to Sri Lanka in March 2014. Further more people forget it was India who strongly supported Sri Lanka to hold the CHOGM when there was talk amongst many countries to move the venue a year back. (There may have been an ulterior motive).

    A fleeting visit by Manmohan for 24-48 hours (similar to Prince Charles agenda) would suffice to keep the ball rolling to pacify what is regarded as a waste of money on this jamboree to massage a few egos.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    CHOGM summit is only the tip of the iceberg.

    What is more important is SL becoming the COMMONWELATH PRESIDENT for 2 years.

    That is what hurts these kallathoniyas (SL Tamils, TN Tamils and diaspora Tamils) MOST.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    stanley perera

    we needd Tamil friends like you to unite the two communities ! All most all of Tamils are for United Srilanka ( yes always few jokers like Sivajilingam Former MP , present NP councilar) .

    First of all We two community train to trust each other !!! & also We have to accept we all have un human behaviour !

    As Franz in form advise We should have regular meditation for all of us to get read off this evil behaviour which is no good for any one !

    I believe think are in right track now !
    Yaldevi & Urudra Devi will meet at Anurathapuram very soon ( All NP products (70% are farmers) will be send to South for Rampuddan & mangusthan etc….) What lovely oldern days !

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Points to Ponder :

    * India may keep off CHOGM in order to avoid facing Caste based problems such as that in Tamil Nadu (offloaded into Lanka from the 1920’s) ?

    * The Tamil Diaspora is largest in Canada. Canada may be quite deliberately distancing herself from CHOGM & Lanka to keep away another hoard of new Tamil ‘refugees’ ?

    * K’Naidhi has a stake in Tamil Separatism as any Tamil Eelam will purchase his Tamil films from his & his family main industry, film making.

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