John Key & Co must expose the wolf in sheep’s clothing – NZ Herald 24th October
Posted on October 27th, 2013

Dr. Chula NA Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association NZ,

The Editor,

NZ Herald.
‚ Dear Editor,
‚ Amnesty International-â„¢s call to expose wolves in sheep-â„¢s clothing in relation to ‚ Sri Lanka, for alleged 40,000 civilian casualties in it-â„¢s war of liberation from three decades of Tiger terror., is welcome. However who the wolf is the question, given that AI is orchestrating this allegation that ‚ ‚ the Tiger Diaspora originated , after having received a grant of $50,000 from their war chest of billions in Jan 2012 in Canada.

The other ‚ ‚ orchestrator of these numbers, is ‚ Tamil‚ UNHR chief , sitting in judgment in a dispute between Sinhalese and‚  Tamis ‚ in Sri Lanka. How fair is that?

Support for these allegations have come mainly from Channel 4 films based on un-attributable,‚  uncorroborated videos, with muffled voices and blurred faces and Tiger diaspora posing as an‚  independent witness , held together by a biased commentary.

The diaspora motivation in this conspiracy, is that a peaceful‚  ‚ Sri Lanka would‚  end their comforts in the west, as refugees.

The journalist said to have‚ ‚  disappeared , has turned up comfortably in France and the impeachment of the CJ followed due process and has precedent.

Prime Minister Key has done New Zealand proud by not being‚ ‚  victim to this conspiracy .

Dr. Chula NA Rajapakse MNZM

Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association.,

Lower Hutt, NZ




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