Posted on November 4th, 2013

By Stanley Perera, Melbourne

A good judge does not sit on his brain, but a good judge may sit on a case.‚  Then what kind of a judge is Vigneswaran?‚  It is up to the reader to decide and judge what kind of a judge is Vigneswaran judging by his behaviour and utterances.

A good judge does not utter anything that is useless or anything to upset anybody.‚  Then what kind of a judge is Vigneswaran?‚  Vigneswaran is a dumb judge who utters things that upset patriotic Sri Lankans.‚  Vigneswaran says that he will join with Tamil Nadoo to win his demands.‚  If a fool keeps his mouth shut everybody will doubt whether he is a fool or not.‚  Vigneswaran has opened his mouth and cleared all the doubts and proved himself a fool.‚  A good judge also does not open his mouth too often.

A good judge is the one who does not associate with the people who are of low morale and below dignity.‚  Tamil Nadoo-â„¢s Jayalalitha was kept as a mistress by late MGR.‚  Such a woman cannot be one who should be respected.‚  Karunanidhi, Vaiko, Nedumaran and Seman are un-educated bunch of thugs, who have racist ideas against Sri Lanka.‚  These Tamil Nadoos supported and are supporting the Terrorism in Sri Lanka.‚  Therefore they cannot be people of any substance.

‚  Vigneswaran is practising the Tamil Nadoo racist ideology and harbouring the racial tension amongst Sri Lankans.‚  BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.‚  If such slogans are uttered in an Arabic country, he will be flogged to death.‚  If that was uttered in Russia or China, Vigneswaran will be shot in his family jewels.‚ 


The man has been told by the Supreme Court where Vigneswaran was a judge that land powers are not meant for the PCs.‚  The President Rajapakse has said in public that Police powers are never to be given to the PCs.‚  Still this mad judge is saying that he will enforce the 13A fully.‚  What a bloody idiot he is?‚  The man thinks he is the President of Sri Lanka.‚  He does not know what his duties and responsibilities are as the Chief Minister under the Governor of North.‚  At this rate Vigneswaran is going, very soon he will run out of steam.

The man does not know where to stop.‚  In his vocabulary there is no sense of reconciliation or peaceful coexistence with the other communities.‚  So far, since becoming the CM, it is all confrontational politics that this mad judge is practicing.‚  It is important to Vigneswaran to know what happened to Perumal.‚  Soon this mad man will undergo Perumal-â„¢s fate.‚ 


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Once again Viggi has shown he CAN BE A USEFUL IDIOT.

    “[TamilNet, Sunday, 03 November 2013, 23:41 GMT]

    On Wednesday, when US Ambassador in Colombo, Michele Sison, who visited Jaffna was questioned by the local journalists on the demolition of houses by the SL military, she wanted Mr Wigneswaran to respond to media.

    The Chief Minister said he had explained certain issues to the US Ambassador. “But, this is a political matter which has to be taken up with Sri Lankan Government [implying it was an internal affair]. We can’t achieve anything by talking about this to foreign officials. But, I have explained that such things are taking place,” he said.”

    A GOOD response. Give the devil his share of credit.

    I’m not saying Viggi is a good person. NO WAY. He is a Tamil RACIST voted by 300,000 RACIST Tamils to serve Tamil RACIST purposes. But he can be a useful idiot.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “We can’t achieve anything by talking about this to foreign officials.”

    MR is the first to start “talking about this to foreign officials”. At least Biggi seems to be better than MR on this aspect.

  3. stanley perera Says:

    Then why the bloody hell he is going after the karunasleeping and the fat mistree the plum pudding?

  4. Nanda Says:

    You said,

    “Still this mad judge is saying that he will enforce the 13A fully. What a bloody idiot he is?”

    But Maha Ranee so many times said he will give 13 and more (plus), instead of saying “we have so many problems and costs associated with India imposed 13A and we are going to remove it since now the Tamil problem is solved for the time being. If it comes up again we will solve it again militarily”.
    So the idiot is following his master , like an idiot.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Bijje did not go after Karunasleeping and Fatlalitha. He openly said they are not helpful. He is only worshipping the MAN , the old Jatilaya.

  6. Marco Says:

    An interesting read of the Speech given C V Wigneswaran when he was appointed a SC Judge

    The new Supreme Court Judge, C. V. Vigneswaran in his ceremonial
    address on Wednesday said it was not devolution nor sharing of power
    that the Tamils in the North and East sought. They only sought the
    restoration of their rights which had been snatched away from them.

    Justice Vigneswaran said, “My stint as a judicial officer in the
    Northern and Eastern Provinces enlightened me as to the feelings and
    aspirations of the vast majority of the denizens of those two
    provinces. It is not devolution nor sharing of powers they seek. They
    seek the restoration of their rights. Rights which were snatched from
    them by virtue of mathematical innovation where the majority in two
    provinces were added to the majority of seven provinces and thus made
    into the minority in nine provinces. This was sought to be corrected
    when laws pertaining to the Reasonable use of Tamil were formulated in
    1958 and 1966. But even these were given up without understanding the
    implications involved.”

    The Bench and the Bar paid tribute to the two New Supreme Court Judges,
    Justice Hector S. Yapa and Justice C. V. Wigneswaran at the ceremonial
    sitting held at the Superior Court Complex to welcome them on

    Associated on the Bench with the Chief Justice, Sarath N. Silva on the
    occasion were Justices, Dr. A. R. B. Amerasinghe, S. W. B.
    Wadugodapitiya PC, Priyantha Perera, Dr. Shirani A. Bandaranayake, D.
    P. S. Gunasekera, Ameer Ismail, P. Edussuriya, H. S. Yapa and C. V.

    President of Court of Appeal Justice Asoka de Silva and other Judges of
    the Court of Appeal, High Court Judges, Judges of the Colombo District
    Court, Colombo Chief Magistrate and Additional Magistrates were
    accommodated on the dais.

    Registrar of the Supreme Court Bandula Abeyratne and Mrs. Neelambika
    Motilal Nehru officiated.

    Justice Wigneswaran speaking in all three languages said:

    “I thank you for your kind sentiments. This is indeed a rare occasion
    in the life of an Original Court Judge. More so when one realises that
    having started as a Combined Court District Judge cum Magistrate after
    15 years of practice, as one of the youngest in the hierarchy at the
    point of entry into the Original Judiciary, despite many a young
    officer being appointed above him, not due to any intrinsic capability
    absent in himself, but due to the discretion of the Executive of
    whatever hue in power who preferred kindred spirits in the Higher
    Judiciary, that it was yet possible to enter the portals of this
    hallowed institution even at this comparatively late age. I am aware
    that age, judicial experience, eldership coupled with erudition
    together are no more relevant in appointments.

    I have a purpose in speaking to you in my mother tongue which I am
    delighted to note is the tongue of you Mr. Attorney.

    As a Tamil speaking citizen if I do not use my mother tongue, I would
    soon be forced to converse in my brother’s tongue only. Some may ask
    why not! But it should not be so if I feel pressured to do so. It
    should not be so if by design I am compelled to do so. It should not be
    so if by arbitrariness I am forced to do so. Let us not forget that
    each of us is Sovereign in this country.

    Singapore and Ceylon in the old days had the same problem. One country
    decided to give equal recognition to all four languages right from the
    beginning and that country flowers and flourishes. The other forced one
    language in preference to the others on all and that country is in
    precarious political turmoil. While such turmoil goes around in this
    country, Globalisation goes on and Mother Earth is becoming a smaller
    place to live on, with technological advances ensuring instant
    correspondence, intermingling of races and indorsing of international
    tongues for easy communication.

    Mr. Attorney and Mr. Gunaratne, I must confess that I have had a
    background and conditionings which makes me truly Sri Lankan. My
    parents hailed from the Northern and Eastern Provinces. I was born here
    in Hulfsdorp in the Western Province. My early education before joining
    Royal Primary School was in the North Western and North Central
    Provinces. My father had worked as an officer of the Government inter
    alia in the Central Province and Southern Province where I had occasion
    to mingle with the people of those areas. I have worked as a Judicial
    Officer in the Uva Province and I count the friendship of many from the
    Sabaragamuwa Province. I feel every inch a native of this country. I
    have always felt proud in foreign forums to be recognised as a person
    hailing from this blessed Isle. All three languages spoken by the
    denizens of this country have nourished me. I have been nurtured not
    only in one but in all four major religions of this country having
    started comparative study of religions from an early age. I am one of
    the few still living among those who organised from the then Congress
    of Religions in 1965 or thereabouts the visit of the then Mahanayake
    Thera of the Malwatte Chapter to Jaffna. It was a relative of my
    mother, Sir Ponnampalam Ramanathan, who risked his life to travel to
    England to place the case of the Sinhala Buddhists before the Queen in
    the early part of the last century. Thanks to the education I had at my
    Alma Mater, I have never felt second to any human being in this country
    despite the disabilities decreed on my community, though I have
    respected and do respect most humbly the intrinsic humanity and the
    unique individuality of every human being. I do respect their talents
    and capabilities sometimes different from mine. I respect the divinity
    in everyone of them. Loving kindness cannot be a mere concept. It has
    to be a living reality. Often today we miss the wood for the trees when
    we wax eloquently about the Teachings of the Great Masters in
    mesmerising language forgetting the spirit of their Teachings and
    failing to imbibe them in our lives. Otherwise how do we account for
    the echoing of war drums of hatred from the portals of Love and

    My stint as a Judicial Officer in the Northern and Eastern Provinces
    during the turbulent period from 1979 to 1986 enlightened me as to the
    feelings and aspirations of the vast majority of the denizens of those
    two Provinces. It is not devolution nor sharing of powers they seek.
    They seek the Restoration of their Rights. Rights which were snatched
    from them by virtue of a mathematical innovation where the majority in
    two provinces were added to the majority in seven provinces and thus
    made into the minority in nine provinces. This was sought to be
    corrected when laws pertaining to the Reasonable Use of Tamil were
    formulated in 1958 and 1966. But even these were given up without
    understanding the implications involved.

    I have always referred to an incident that used to happen when we were
    marble playing youngsters in school. Some of our seniors who were not
    Prefects would pounce upon us suddenly and illegally confiscate all our
    marbles in order that they would themselves play with them. When we
    protested they would keep 90% of the marbles and offer us 10% and
    thereafter progressively increase it to about 20% forgetting that all
    the marbles were ours and the seniors had no right to confiscate in the
    first instance. The majority of those in the Northern and Eastern
    Provinces were always Tamil speaking until Independence and their
    Language, Religions, Culture and Customs – mainly Islamic, Christian
    and Hindu, and ways of life within the special topographical and
    climatic environment should have been allowed to blossom and flourish
    without interference after Independence. So too the special culture and
    way of life that had grown up in certain areas of the Central Province.
    These were not done and we face the consequences today.

    Even though you Mr. Attorney and I are today in our respective honoured
    positions we cannot forget that two sparrows would not make a summer.
    In fact there were many more sparrows in high positions due to their
    intrinsic worth in almost every field during the middle of the last
    century. But we are today progressively depleting in numbers in this
    part of the Island and like the Burghers we too would soon be hardly
    heard of in Judicial, Legal or Governmental Service or even the Private
    Sector. It is a sad reflection of our times that after me there had not
    been a single Tamil speaking President of the Law Students Union after
    1962 at the Sri Lanka Law College.

    It is because I love this country and all its people including those
    who hate me for what I am, that I take this opportunity to say-not for
    my sake, not for the sake of the Tamil people but for the sake of
    cordial relationship among all communities in this Island of ours, for
    good governance and a progressive future, that unless we recognise that
    the Tamil Language and its culture are to the Tamils what the Sinhala
    Language and culture are to the Sinhalese and therefore make Tamil the
    dominant language of the Northern and Eastern Provinces requiring the
    study of it compulsory for all in those two Provinces just as Sinhalese
    is recognised as the dominant language of the other seven provinces,
    with English as the link language between equals, the wrong done by the
    enthroning of one Language in 1956 could never be erased; the havoc
    created by the deletion of Article 29(2) of the 1947 Constitution and
    the doctine of ultra vires from subsequent Constitutions could never be
    put right; the feelings of the Tamils wounded inter alia by the 1958,
    1977 and 1983 riots cannot ever be assuaged. Whether the Tamil Language
    is spoken and preserved in other countries is irrelevant. The Sri
    Lankan Tamils need to develop their language and culture peculiar to
    themselves in their mother country. The sterile and impotent cosmetic
    provisions now appearing in our Constitution has little meaning to the
    Tamil speaking people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. They need
    to govern themselves in their own Language with the little interference
    from out side.

    An Original Court Judge cannot under the present system of nomination
    to the Higher Judiciary ever hope to occupy the highest office in the
    Judiciary except due to the condescending discretion of the Executive.
    Therefore I must feel that the acme of my career has arrived today,
    that I cannot aspire for anything more but only fade away with time
    into oblivion.

    I nevertheless thank both of you for making this a memorable event for
    me. I thank all my well-wishers who found time to be present here

    May all beings be happy! May Divinity descend upon their Hearts!”

    Courtesy : Daily News – Friday, 9 March 2001

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    the 13A !

    law of land & Indo Lankan Two country agreement(Accord) !

    Supreme Court & The President are not above Law of Land !!!

    United mother Lanka , No short cut , Unit in diversity !!!

  8. Charles Says:

    What a stupid speech to come from a Supreme Court Judge ? Experience in the bench has not improved his capacity to think wisely. His speeches today are no better than the stupid racist speech above.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    SL needs this. Fantastic. If they don’t have the money jail them until they find the money.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill that forces relatives of terrorists to pay for damages caused by their attacks. It also boosts penalties for launching, participating, or financing militant or terrorist groups.

    Under the law, all damages – including moral damage – should be compensated “at the expense of the means of the person committing the terrorist act and also at the expense of the means of his [or her] family, relatives and close people.”

    The term “close people” refers to those whose lives, health, and well-being are valued by the terrorist, due to the terrorist’s personal relationships with the individuals.”

    – RT

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Someone had previously commented at LankaWeb that Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka RESENT their compatriots working abroad when they come to Sri Lanka to setup new enterprises, for “not having shared the burden” during the war years. Nothing could be further from the truth: Expatriate patriots have not only done their best to turn back the tide of Eelamist Propaganda, but have also contributed MASSIVELY to Sri Lanka’s foreign income helping to keep the economy afloat.


    Investment in enterprises by Expatriates PALES in comparison to their MASSIVE CONTRIBUTION to Sri Lanka’s economy and finances, by the funds sent to support their families, build homes etc in Sri Lanka. This INFUSION of hard currencies by 26% of Sri Lanka’s working citizens employed abroad is the LARGEST SINGLE foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka!

    Without that INCOME in hard currencies, NONE of the INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTS transforming Sri Lanka today into the New Wonder of Asia would be possible. Those programs, and the interest due on construction loans, are ultimately financed by the remittances of patriotic expatriates.

    Sri Lankans should be GRATEFUL to these worker bees who REFUSE TO FORGET their kith and kin in Mother Lanka!

    US$10 billion target for 2020; Expat remittances to hit $7 b. mark

    By Rasika Somarathna
    November 6, 2013

    Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera while noting that present trends indicate migrant worker remittances will hit the US$ 7 billion mark for the first time this year, said his ministry targets US$ 10 billion in remittances by 2020.

    Current figures show with over 1.7 million Sri Lankans working abroad, migrant workers constitute 17 percent of Sri Lanka’s working population.

    Remittances by the country’s migrant workers has shown a 10.9 percent increase in the first eight months in comparison to figures for the same period last year. Minister Perera expects remittances will surge to over an unprecedented US$ 7 billion at the end of 2013.

    He said if the foreign worker remittances go past the US$ 7 billion mark for 2013, it would be an increase of at least US$ 1 billion from the previous year. The minister said in 2012, migrant worker remittances rose to US$ 6.1 billion, the highest contribution from a single sector to the country’s foreign revenue. The workers’ remittances was 10 percent of the country’s GDP in 2012.

    He said in the first eight months of 2013, remittances rose from US$ 3.9 billion to US$ 4.4 billion. He said remittances for August alone had shown an increase of 16.3 percent.

    Meanwhile, the number of workers who went abroad for employment increased by 11,721 in the first eight months in comparison to figures last year. A significant feature is that the number of women migrants, especially domestic workers, has seen a sharp decline this year while the number of male skilled worker migrants increased significantly. In comparison to last year, there is a 12 percent reduction in females going abroad for jobs while males have shown a 29 percent increase.

    Minister Perera attributed the surge in worker remittances to the thrust adopted by his ministry to increase the migration of skilled manpower for better salaries and perks rather than unskilled female domestic workers.

  11. jayasiri Says:

    Judging by the responses, it is clear many Lankaweb readers are united in their approach. First we allow these IMMIGRANTS from India & their kids to increase their number & support them as well. Suddenly we are faced withenermous INFLUX of foregners in our land ENJOYING the benfits of Lanka.

    When the country is so overcrowded by Tamils, these Tamil leaders think that they can utter any misleading statements & get away with them. Just because Sri Lanka allows these terrorists to speak their mind, THAT DOES NOT allow them to make statements AGAINST the Lankan Govt. There are limits to what people can say & do even in a democracy.

    The people who should be arrested are still making statements, callously to get a name for themselves. They very well know that in no other country this type of country bashing & ANTI – LANKA statements are alloewed. There are laws in Sri Lanka, BUT no official or political leaders to enforce them.

    Mere 4.5% of the population of TAMILS in Sri Lanka, are going to BTF, GTF or any other, just to frighten the govt. What can they do. If you are a minority who waged an ILLEGAL WAR against a democratic govt, THE PUNISHMENT MUST BE SEVERE.

    There IS NO TAMIL PROBLEM, Tamils created it to get maximum benefit from SL govts. The best way to get attention is to INTERNATIONLISE the issue, thaats what TAMILS DID. With such a small population NOW in Sri Lanka, TAMILS MUST BE GRATEFUL to what they have, & NOT ASK for more.

    Running to India, the GODFATHER would not help, or going to USA & UK would not help either. Sri Lanka is an independent sovereign country & internal problems MUST BE SOLVED by Sri Lankans NOT by OUTSIDERS. I do not know why TAMILS are so stupid, they cannot think…..All they can do is WORK HARD….Remember how the fable or statement, that GOD came in disguise & asked Tamil man to help him cross the water.. Tamil has said I HAVE TO take the salt to the shelter.. After that I can help. BUT the Sinhalese man readily helped him.

    So even now when tamils ask for favours from GOD, they have to INFLICT PAIN so much to their bodies to get GOD to listen & grant favours. I KNOW THIS IS A FABLE, but looking at Tamils & Indians this hold TRUE. Even now the Sinhalese will work smarter, BUT THE TAMILS & INDIANS work harder. NOTHING TO with racial issues, that is how the two races WORK & see solutions to problems.

    As I said many times, ALL our expats should encourage CHANGE in the present system. That is No sooner Colombo is free from Tamils & Muslims, most of these problems will go away. Moving Sinhalese to NORTH & EAST will complete the picture.

    So my advice for all is to make things happen in this front, THEN other problems or issues will SOLVE by themselves…

    Thank you all……..GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERLAND…….J

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhalese will work smarter, BUT THE TAMILS work harder ! Agreed .

    we allow these IMMIGRANTS from India & their kids to increase their number & support them as well &
    4.5% of the population of TAMILS in Sri Lanka
    Two contradicting statement !
    how come Tamil SL 28% in 1948 become 4.5% now if you allow immigrants from TN?

    Why this kolaveri !

    live & let live .

    United mother Lanka , no short cut, unity in diversity !

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