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Posted on November 6th, 2013

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson United Sri Lanka Association,

To: Rt Hon. John Key,
Prime Minister of New Zealand.

‚ Dear Mr Key,

I am writing further to our brief meeting earlier this evening at the Diwali Celebrations in Parliament,‚  to reiterate the deep appreciation of the Sri Lankan community in Wellington and New Zealand , atyour continued and enthusiastic support of the CHOGM in Colombo, despite the relentless barrage questioning your stance.

This barrage is based on poorly substantiated and often patently untrue allegations against Sri Lanka , originated by the international Tiger Diaspora, but now being orchestrated by powerful media and NGO allies often acquired through inducement received from their ill gotten war chest of billions.

One such glaring example is Amnesty International orchestrating these allegations in NZ having admitted to receiving a US 50,000 grant from the Diaspora in January 2012 in Canada.

It is also ironical that this Diaspora, now renamed ‚ ‚ British Tamil Federation, World Tamil Federation and Trans National Government of Tamil Elam, are the ones who financed the Tiger Terrorists for three decades when they threatened ‚ 20 million Sri Lankans with violation of their‚  most basic human right , ‚ the right to life. The very same ‚ ‚ are now leading the charge to allege human rights violations by the Sri Lankan forces during the last three months of their war of liberation from Tiger Terror!

Another motivation for the Diaspora to continue with such allegations is‚  that, a peaceful Sri Lanka would, for many of them, see an end to their comforts in the west as‚  refugees.

By withstanding this barrage as you did on the issue of boat people and human smugglers, you have demonstrated an extent of strength of character and courage of conviction , not easily ‚ seen among‚  politicians and leaders. We applaud you for these attributes ‚ ‚ and‚ ‚  feel very pleased to be in a New Zealand led by you.

We hope and trust that you would take these attributes to the CHOGM ‚ too and help to guide it to meaningful and constructive conclusions for all.

With our heartfelt and sincere thanks and best wishes ,

Yours Sincerely,

‚ Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM



United Sri Lanka Association,

3 Responses to “Support of CHOGM”

  1. Podda Says:

    Thank you Dr Rajapaksa. Happy to note that the voice of the Sinhalese people too is expressed against false propaganda by Tamil diaspora. Keep up good work.

  2. Dr.K Says:

    Dear Dr Chula.

    It’s a great message very simple and effective.

  3. jayasiri Says:

    thank you Dr. Chula……….Recently a similar sentiment was made by Australian /Sri Lankans who are deeply concerned about the LTTE & Tamil Diaspora funds being used to buy political favours from HR organizations & general public, by spreading half truths & dramatizaton of the plght of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    Tamils are managing allright, thanks to GOSL spending billions in North & East. THERE WAS NO TAMIL problem it was CREATE by handful of Tamils who wants to BE EQUAL TO SINHALESE. How can this happen when they make up ONLY 4.5% of the total population.

    As I said many times before, if they go to Europe or other NON -ENGLISH speaking countries THEY HAVE TO LEARN the language of the HOST COUNTRY. Why should the situation with Sri Lanka be ANY DIFERENT. Learn Sinhalese & be part of the Sri Lankan community. DO NOT CONSIDER yourself as TAMIL first, BUT A SRILANKAN first, then may be if they want call theselves TAMIL. it doesn not bother us a bit.

    We have already granted too much, it is time to CLAWBACK…….Why I am repeating these, is because I understand that AUSTRALIA is the ONLY country that has NOT BANNED LTTE & Tamils terrorists. It is time, as 32 countries of the world have already banned this terrorist outfit. They sometimes change their names to COMMUNITY orgs or whatever to avoid detection.

    I hope you would contact Australian Assn of UNITED SRILANKA & impress upon to take up matters to get Australia ban this organizaton.

    Thank you again……Another expat expressing his views.from far…..~ J

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