Raj Thavaratnasingham of Canadian Tamil Congress does not want the Commonwealth summit to be held in Srt Lanka
Posted on November 8th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

8 November 2013

The Editor (Letters)


Dear Editor:

Raj Thavaratnasingham, the President of the Canadian Tamil Congress-â„¢s‚  Opinion Diplomacy essay, -Why Commonwealth nations should boycott the Sri Lanka meeting- is silly and churlish.

-Sri Lanka should be suspended from the Commonwealth for these abuses, and certainly should not be hosting CHOGM,- Raj continues.

If Raj-â„¢s barometer of judgment is human rights violations of a country to qualify for the approval of other Commonwealth nations to host a Commonwealth Summit, then he is out of luck.‚  I will bet my last dollar that the present host, Sri Lanka, will have an immense difficulty to send out invitations to the Commonwealth nations who are squeaky clean on human rights and of its violations to sit around the table with the Queen-â„¢s representative, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth and the host for a High-Noon Ceylon-â„¢s Orange Pekoe Tea Party with Sri Lanka-â„¢s traditional goodies like kavun and kokis.‚ ‚  And neither would Canada get an invitation with our record of human rights violations of our aboriginal women.‚  That is indeed the rub.

Nor has Canada the moral right to be judge and jury for Sri Lanka to be in the Commonwealth, when Canada has failed miserably to acknowledge the classic text book example of promoting human rights in Sri Lanka when they gave back the most treasured human right to her 22 million people, their right-to-life, when they eliminated the most ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists militarily on 19 May 2009, who had hijacked that right from‚  every citizen of Sri Lanka for 27 bloodying years. ‚ ‚ Other western nations acknowledged this achievement by patting on Sri Lanka-â„¢s back and saying -Bravo! Way to go Sri Lanka.-

Canada did abdicate the crown as the promoter of squeaky clean human rights in Sri Lanka when‚ Canada has‚ had difficulty to acknowledge yet, that the Sri Lankan armed forces liberated 295,873 Tamils on 19 May 2009, from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who held them for 30 months as a human shield.‚  And worse, Canada nor the Canadian Tamil Congress protested to the Tamil Tigers to let these 295,873 Tamil go and not shoot at them when they wanted to break away from the shield. Not a pip-squeak of a protest.

Further more Canada has had difficulty to acknowledge another classic text book example of promoting human rights when puny Sri Lanka performed a miracle by preparing a million meals a day to feed these liberated Tamils a hearty, breakfast, lunch and a dinner for months until the surrounding terrain was demined of over a million landmines and their homes were repaired and rebuilt for them to‚ return to their homes which happened within three years after the war ended.

Raj is full of piffle and got it wrong in a big way, and Canada has no moral right to tell the Sri Lankans that -We are Holier than Thou,-‚ ‚  This is a Canadian ‚ hypocritical trait that I have difficulty to swallow.

Asoka Weerasinghe


2 Responses to “Raj Thavaratnasingham of Canadian Tamil Congress does not want the Commonwealth summit to be held in Srt Lanka”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Who the hell is this Raj ? He appears to have a BEEG title.

    Canada is complicit in killing many Men, Women, and Children of all communities in Sri Lanka, by helping Tamil Terrorists in civils in Canada, collect $3million a month to by ordnance. With blood on their hands, it is the Lords above that do not allow them to step into Sri Lanka, to participate in a Commonwealth Event.

    CANADA and INDIA should not step into Sri Lanka, period.

  2. Nanda Says:

    ” liberated 295,873 Tamils on 19 May 2009″
    But they say ( see Lingam comments) they did not want to be liberated.
    Has any Tamil Parasite ever said ” Our President Rajapakse finally liberated us from fascist regime of Vallepunday Paraballan ?”
    They willingly sent their children to kill people.
    They brought up telling there kids “Sinhala are our enemy, they are inhuman yakkas and we must kill them””.
    They were willingly undergoing all hardships hoping for an Eelaam in year 3000.
    “Liberated” is a word too good for Tamil Parasites.

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