Australian & New Zealand Parliamentarians doing ‘politics’ in Sri Lanka, deported
Posted on November 11th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

Australian Greens Party Senator Lee Riannon and New Zealand Greens Party MP Jan Logie, who had visited Sri Lanka on tourist visas, had been deported as they had been engaged in local‚ ‘politics’. Their mission had been funded by the Global Tamil Forum. The Greens Party is famous for supporting bogus refugees from Sri Lanka.

Having visited the North, they had attended pre-arranged meetings with Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi, PLOTE, TELO & EPRLF.
Their discussions had been on topics such as war‚ crimes, human rights, devolution etc. The tour and talks had been under the auspices of the TNA. The visiting Parliamentarians had been pursuing anti-Sri Lanka propaganda to discredit the country just before the CHOGM is held. A meeting arranged by the TNA at their office in Colombo to brief the media had been prevented by Immigration officials and the two Parliamentarians deported. What if some of our MP’s went to Australia or NZ or any other country to preach how to run their countries ?

In the past, the LTTE funded the Catholic Clergy from Australia and New Zealand to visit Sri Lanka. During their short stay they were‚ ‘fed’‚ with anti- govt and anti- Buddhist propaganda‚ so that once they return they could give talks and collect funds for the LTTE. The TNA is now doing something similar by getting down foreign Parliamentarians, funded by the Global Tamil Forum, so that once they return they could give talks to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka and support the‚ LTTE goal for a separate state.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Australian PM seems to understand what Canada, India, and the UK leaders PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND!

    There is NO EMPATHY for the VICTIMS of the LTTE; SYMPATHY is reserved for the TERRORISTS!

    To the jaundiced holier-than-thou critics of Sri Lanka plying their own self serving agendas, it is only A QUESTION OF WHOSE BULL IS BEING GORED!

    Most important civil right in Sri Lanka is to live without threat of war, Australian PM says

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 11, Colombo: Affirming his participation in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka this week, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the most important civil right is the right to live without the threat of death or violence through a civil war.

    In an interview with Alan Jones of Radio 2GB on Monday, the Australian PM said it is getting better in Sri Lanka for the war-affected Tamil people in the North and ordinary civil society is resuming in the Tamil parts of Sri Lanka.

    However, he said he will be urging the Sri Lankan Government to respect everyone’s rights when he visits the island to attend the Commonwealth summit beginning on November 15.

    When the interviewer referred to the detention of the Australian Green Party senator Lee Rhiannon and the Indian Prime Minister’s refusal to attend the summit on the basis of human rights, the Australian PM said he is attending the summit because he respects the Commonwealth and he wants Australia to be a good participant in the Commonwealth.

    “I want us to be a good international citizen generally, but I certainly don’t want us to trash one of the very long-standing and important bodies that we are a senior member of. So, I’ll be going to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka,” Abbott said.

    He further noted that Sri Lankan Government is very committed to stopping illegal boat arrivals from Sri Lanka and readily takes back the illegal immigrants.

    “If a country is cooperating fully and effectively with Australia, it seems right and proper to maintain the best possible relations with them,” the Australian PM pointed out.

    When asked whether he would raise the human rights concerns the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper raised, Abbott replied that he will not lecture other countries on human rights.

    “I am not inclined to go overseas and give other countries lectures; really aren’t,” the Australian PM said.

    Emphasizing that the Tamil Tigers were the inventors of suicide bombing and “an absolutely vicious outfit” Abbott said it’s not to say that the atrocities were all on one side.

    “Now, that’s not to say that the atrocities were all on one side. I don’t pretend that for a second. The Sri Lankan army fought a savage war against the Tamil Tigers and yes, terrible things happened in that war, no doubt about it and it wasn’t all on one side. I accept that. But the war is over,” he said.

    “I don’t say everything’s perfect there for a second, but I think things are getting better and while, yes, I will be urging the Sri Lankan Government to respect everyone’s rights, I think I will also be acknowledging that a lot of progress has been made and in the end the most important civil right is the right to live without the threat of death or horrific violence through some civil war,” the Prime Minister said.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “Most important civil right in Sri Lanka is to live without threat of war, Australian PM says”


    This further PROVES Tamil votes DON’T COUNT (except in SL and Endia).

    Australia’s biggest trade partner is China.
    SL does boat diplomacy with Australia successfully.

    These 2 factors are MORE IMPORTANT than Tamils votes.

    Same with Malaysia where Tamils votes are 6%!!!

    In Canada and UK Tamil votes are JUST 2% but they are AGAINST SL. Why?

    Because of GEOPOLITICS.

    Canada and UK KNOW FKKKING well about the LTTE. That is what they banned and continue to ban on LTTE PLUS TRO, WTO, etc., etc.

    Then why they continue to support the LTTE RUMP?

    Because of GEOPOLITICS NOT because of Tamil votes which are INSIGNIFICANT.

    IF Tamil votes are the driving force, MALAYSIA would be our biggest enemy after Endia.

    Endia is a FOOLISH country. It has put Tamil voters AHEAD of geopolitics. Endia will leanr a bitter lesson for this stupidity.

    SL is also foolish to put Tamil voters AHEAD of geopolitics (China).

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    A classic example of hoe UNIMPORTANT Tamil voters and their politicians are.

    SL DEPORTED these JUNK while the Australian PM (THE BOSS) praises SL.

    So Tamil voters are UNIMPORTANT.
    GEOPOLITICS is more important.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Even in India it is Geopolitics which created the cowardly monster Pukkaharan and continue to do so to keep Sri Lanka underdeveloped. They cannot allow a strong economic power 20 km away !
    Skunk Singh has to worry that Indian Sakkilis will somehow revolt. Viko is already threatening with the more deserved Homeland there. This again is Geopolitical more than the stupid votes !

  5. Marco Says:

    Would the author Samaraweera or Ananda please explain how US, UK, Canada & India have proscribed and banned LTTE as Terrorist Organisation whilst Australia have yet to ban LTTE under sec 102 of the Australian Criminal Code.
    Has Australia pretended not to understand the untold carnage the LTTE had carried out on Sri Lankan citizens and should be banned as a Terrorist organisation
    Before a bright “spark” picks up on LTTE being listed under the Charter of the United Nations Act as a terrorist organisation for asset-freezing purposes only and Australia being a UN member state should abide by those rules.

    I wonder who is pretending not to understand?

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Lacksiri (Micro)

    There are more Tamilians in Saudi and Malaysia than Australia but has Saudi or Malaysia banned the LTTE?

    No. KP was living there!

    But they are good friends of SL when it comes to destroying Tamil dirt. There is more than one way to skin a “cat”.

    USA has banned LTTE but keeps Rudra the new LTTE leader!!

    UK banned LTTE but keeps Adeal anni!!

    Endia has banned the LTTE but keeps Vaiko, Jeya and Karuna!!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    The US, UK, Canada, and India banned the LTTE only when their own security was threatened by terrorism, and under general anti-terrorism legislation enacted to protect their own countries.

    US and Canada faces terrorism by Muslim terrorists, UK from Irish and Muslim terrorists, and in the case of India from Muslim terrorists and the LTTE itself after the IPKF fiasco, Rajiv’s assasination and potential for resurrection of secessionist activities in Tamil Nadu (There were a number of Tamil separatist movement in TN, and a “Tamil National Army”; they are emerging again today. I don’t think the LTTE is banned in Canada.

    Australia has also suffered from Muslim terrorism of South East Asian origin, but has not yet banned the LTTE. The current Australian PM’s words of support for Sri Lanka is tied to its effort to stem the flood of illegal immigration to Australia and in recognition of the FULL cooperation it has received from the Sri Lanka government. Sri Lanka is demonstrating the link between the terrorists, fake refugee claims. and illegal immigration, and Australians are beggining to see the truth of it, and how their country is suffering from the outright exploitation of their refugee laws.

    There is also a CHANGE OF HEART taking place among Australians, affected by a poor economy, against massive illegal immigration into their country, and increasing impatience with the lax attitude of previous governments towards that problem. As the situation worsens in Australia, they may move to protect their country even better by banning those organizations, such as the rump-LTTE and Tamil Diaspora fronts, that are creating those problems. Australians are also increasingly worried about the links to terrorism these kinds of immigrants bring with them. You will see more aggressive moves against these criminals in the future.

    While Australia tends to follow the lead of the US and the UK on these matters, they live in a completely different part of the world, are exposed to different threats, and are now beginning to take action in the own National Interest.

    As the volume of refugees entering developed countries INCREASES DRAMATICALLY, partly due to the chaos they themselves create in under developed parts of the world (e.g. South Asia, Middle East, Africa), and as their economies are deteriorate creating massive unemployment, there are INCREASING calls to stop/reduce immigration, legal and illegal, into those countries by their citizens. We see this in the US (13 million illegals), Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Spain, Australia. In the future, immigration into these countries will be severely curtailed, and more draconian laws will be enacted against criminals and terrorists who profit from smuggling people into these countries and create the conditions to generate that exodus in their home countries.

    That is why the current Australian PM said ““Most important civil right in Sri Lanka is to live without threat of war”, because the absence of that threat of war reduces illegal immigration into Australia, and makes the claims currently being made by those illegals patently false. In other words: they are ECONOMIC illegal immigrants, not bona fide REFUGEES fleeing for their lives! ECONOMIC immigrants must enter LEGALLY after applying for and getting an immigrant Visa, and are NOT ACCEPTED as REFUGEES!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! I said ” I don’t think the LTTE is banned in Canada”. That is wrong, Canada banned the LTTE in 2006.

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