My comment to The Daily Mirror 14/11/13:
Posted on November 14th, 2013

‚ S de Silva London

The Daily Mirror reports that William Hague MP expects -Accountability for Past Crimes-.‚  Fine! ‚ Please remind Mr Hague, without being vague!, that ANY accountability has to apply to ALL and that must include the LTTE and their financial backers in the West and also cover the full 30 years of the conflict and NOT just the last 3 months for the convenience of the LTTE.‚  And while Mr Hague is on the theme of accountability he should really direct his mind also to ‚ the vast crimes his forefathers have committed during their illegal occupation in Sri Lanka over a Century – Otherwise all this will be a load of utter hypocrisy!!


Yours Sincerely,

‚ S de Silva


3 Responses to “My comment to The Daily Mirror 14/11/13:”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    But the BACKBONELESS govt. will not say so.

    At least get Mervin to say it loud.

  2. Nanda Says:

    No point Mervin saying it, no one will take seriously- wrong surname too!
    We need a new “Government Spokesman”.

    How about new army commander ? All he has to say is his statement applies to foreigners too.

  3. jayasiri Says:

    It seems Daily Mirror has become a spokesperson to many. What can be published & not. I have doubts as to whether the Editor or somone who approves comments, are even been impersonated by another.

    Whatever the reason, ACCOUNTABILTY is a very loose word, everybody uses it. Another man who used it, is NOW trying to settle the dispute in the Canadian Senate. There are three people accused & accountabilty somehow missd its meaning.

    But ofcourse these very people are MORE INTERESTED in what is happening in Sri Lanka or some outpost, rather than their own shortcomings.

    I feel this hypocracy of the leading countries is NOW QUITE APPARENT. Only blame others to cover up their own mistakes. One leader in Bush administration said that WHEN IRAQ is libertaed, the people there, will come & praise them (US & other forces) for liberating them.

    No garlands or praise YET, but killings & terror is rampant even today. This is why when UN asked why the leading countries are prompted about their mistakes, they DO NOT EVEN respond to UN. This is why I feel Asians SHOULD have seperate UN for Asia, becasue we cannot TRUST the present holders of the workd body.

    Thank you all…….be alert & express your opinion when you see someone is blaming Lanka for all problems of TAMIL people. Tamils have had never so good……….~ J

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