British PM David Cameron has got his wires crossed
Posted on November 20th, 2013

Malin Abeyatunge

British PM David Cameron, his conservative party and the opposition Labour party have become the puppets of the LTTE rump. LTTE rump rules UK now and what a shame for once a big Empire. British citizens may be crying in silence. When our President was invited to address Oxford University, LTTE rump headed by‚ Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum protested and demanded the British Government to stop him addressing the prestigious Oxford University and even went to the extent of asking the British Government to arrest him for war crime when he lands on British soil. The Cameron Government without a wink appeased the LTTE rump and connived with University and cancelled the invitation to the President Rajapaksa to address the Oxford University for security reasons. So the LTTE rump had the last word on UK Government on this issue. David Cameron should realise that the Government of Sri Lanka ‚ could have easily stopped him going to Jaffna‚ (despite domestic protests against the GoSL decision) mentioning security reasons as his Govt did to President Rajapaksa but GoSL did not want to stoop to that low level where British PM had sunk into.

Then came the film MADRAS CAFƒ”° which ‚ was to be screened in UK movie theatres and LTTE rump made a big hullabaloo saying that LTTE is exposed as a terrorist outfit (WHY Not? That-â„¢s a fact) in the film and stopped screening it. Then, the LTTE rump forced Cameron to watch the Channel 4 Fictions on Sri Lanka before his departure to CHOGM and he came to Sri Lanka with pre-conceived pro-LTTE thoughts‚  which was clearly reflected in his speech and behaviour. All these show that the current British Government ( Including even previous Governments) acting as a puppet and manoeuvred and manipulated according to the LTTE rump-â„¢s needs. A British Empire once who ruled half of the world (right or wrong) has become a timid fox who dances to the tune of LTTE rump. Aren-â„¢t you Britishers ashamed of yourselves?

David Cameron has got his wires crossed thinking that he is still a colonial master and that Sri Lanka would listen to him and also using the CHOGM platform to air his anti-Sri Lankan views to appease the LTTE rump in UK. Let Cameron be reminded when Milliband & Kouscher were shown the exit to shut up and go by President Rajapaksa when both attempted to intervene to stop the war to enable for LTTE chief Prabahkaran to run away.

CHOGM is not Cameron-â„¢s or Britain-â„¢s private property but a meeting of 53 countries to discuss common agenda and none of the countries had any intention of lambasting other nations of the Commonwealth. But it was obvious that the hypocritical Cameron used CHOGM platform to please LTTE rump in UK ‚ for the sake of his domestic political advantage. Despite thousands of atrocities committed by the British‚ rule in Sri Lanka over our people, there was still remaining some respect for a few of the Suddhas (White men). But with the Cameron-â„¢s visit and his arrogant behaviour, that little respect we had was also vanished now.

Cameron should read and read again and again Tony Abbott-â„¢s address at the CHOGM as Cameron has a lot to learn from him who has only about three months experience as the Prime Minister of Australia unlike David Cameron has may be over 3 years-â„¢ experience. Tony Abbott showed brilliant statesmanship unlike the stupid Cameron who exposed his naivety in world politics. Following is an extract of his speech worthy of recognition.

Quote -Finally, I acknowledge Sri Lanka as our host and as Commonwealth Chair for the next two years. This country has emerged from many troubles. But with peace has come more freedom and more prosperity – so we are here to praise, as much as to judge.

Sri Lanka’s willingness to host this Commonwealth shows its commitment to democratic pluralism and freedom based on law and ought to reassure all its citizens that just as today is better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today- Unquote

Lastly, we as Sri Lankans challenge him to release the full CHILCOT REPORT on Iraq invasion before his threat to GoSL demanding to complete LLRC recommendation before the next UNHRC Session in March 2014. Wonder whether he is speaking from his mouth or somewhere else?

Malin Abeyatunge

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  1. helaya Says:

    These buggers killed a scientist (WMD inspector) who reported no WMD in Iraq. What a human right protector.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    PM Cameron did a disservice to the Commonwealth (Pres. MR aptly called it our “Common poverty”) and British Royalty too, with his hard remarks and future threats. What got into PM Cameron ? Perhaps he wants to prepare for future Cold Wars and thinks wooing pet ex-Tigers and Tamil Nadu is the way to go ? Perhaps he also felt that attack is the best lines of defense when proven Brit guilt gets exposed. It is more than just British elections and the Tamil vote there.

    Judging by the recent remarks, Tamil Nadu’s K’nanaidhi just loves PM Cameron’s ungraceful performance at the CHOGM. Therein lies the sure indicator for Sri Lankan observers of international affairs.

  3. jay-ran Says:

    He was thouroughly UNFIT TO ATTEND SUCH A GREAT EVENT!!!

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Lorenzo Says:


    OMG! I can’t believe this.

    This is the biggest SLAP ON THE ARRSE of Cum-Moron!

    Now SL should bring a UNHRC resolution against UK IF they bring any resolution against us.

    “Soldiers from an undercover unit used by the British army in Northern Ireland killed unarmed civilians, former members have told BBC One’s Panorama.

    Speaking publicly for the first time, the ex-members of the Military Reaction Force (MRF), which was disbanded in 1973, said they had been tasked with “hunting down” IRA members in Belfast.

    The former soldiers said they believed the unit had saved many lives.

    The Ministry of Defence said it had referred the disclosures to police.”

    – BBC

  6. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the country where 80,000 kids do not have a home, the one who took part in NATO’s criminal campaign in Libya and who tried very hard to start the same sort of campaign in Syria, before Russia smashed him back down to size, to start opining on human rights issues, or any others for that matter?
    David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the country where streets are unusable after six o’clock p.m. because they are filled with marauding drunkards bawling obscenities or drug addicts kicking old ladies in the face on the pavement to steal their meager pension money.
    David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the country where the corporations report profits of billions while farmers struggle to survive and old folk have insufficient money to keep warm in Winter.
    David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the country where railway stations reek of excrement, whose trains are so splattered with graffiti that you can hardly see out of the windows, whose trains are decked knee-high in trash.
    It is patently apparent that the world of David Cameron is a cosy little place in the Home Counties where “good chaps” get together and chortle over a bottle of port and sweeping policy-making decisions are taken by drawing lines on maps, settling the affairs of the world in a top-down, simplistic approach which runs along the lines of civilizing savages with the Bible and the bullet, what?
    While NATO is based upon the same precepts, the rest of the world is not. Sri Lanka has its own institutions to deal with legal issues, as its President said in answer to his British upstart of a guest. David Cameron, for all these reasons, is not fit to represent the United Kingdom at the Commonwealth Summit, or indeed anywhere else.
    David Cameron has questioned Sri Lanka’s human rights record is another example of the intrusive arrogance that goes hand-in-hand with NATO foreign policy, yet another example of sheer hypocrisy, insolence and chauvinism.
    The pig-faced arrogance with which NATO committed war crimes in Libya, entering the country with boots on the ground in direct breach of UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973, the sheer callousness of its attacks on civilian targets without any regard for human lives or well-being, the strafing and cold-blooded murder of the Gaddafi grandchildren, roasted alive in their skins by a NATO coward-murderer in a military aircraft, sent a shiver down the spine of every single well-meaning, good human being on this planet.
    The hypocrisy with which the United Kingdom entered the Libyan civil war was stunning, as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, presided over by William Hague, actively supported terrorists on its own list of proscribed groups, among these the LIFG, which despite claims by the FCO, was still on the lists when it was being supported as it committed atrocities against the Libyan civilian population.
    The participation by the United Kingdom in the Libyan Civil War was in two words, a war crime. Those responsible for this human rights outrage are war criminals because they were actively engaged in financing, aiding, supporting, sponsoring or committing actions which occasioned murder, grievous or actual bodily harm to non-combatants, or to combatants outside a formal declaration of war, and destruction of property, mutilation, acts of terrorism and rape.
    David Cameron was a key player in this human rights outrage, whether or not it is true that he was the one who gave the instruction to “get Gaddafi” like some spoiled prep-school boy preparing to gang-up on an isolated pupil in an act of bullying, or like some escapade by the stuck-up prigs of the Bullingdon Club, readying themselves to get drunk and trash a restaurant, destroying the jobs and livelihoods of those working there.

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Please watch

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