Canadian Sham Human Rights Concerns Exposed – Canada a Major Violator of Human Rights in the Middle East
Posted on December 2nd, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

Canada boycotted the November 2013 CHOGM summit in Colombo alleging human rights violations by Sri Lanka. However, this fake concern for human rights by Canada fell apart just a few days later! On November 25th, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution naming 2014 as the ‘Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.’ 110 nations voted in favour; 7 opposed and 54 abstained.
The great self proclaimed champion of human rights ” Canada ” voted against it along with six (6) other countries including Israel (the perpetrator), Australia, USA and de facto US territories.
If Canada is so concerned about human rights, it ought to have supported this resolution. But driven by its unprincipled and opportunistic stance, Canada voted against it.
As a nation of migrants Canada can do way better than follow its petty, unprincipled and opportunistic approach to human rights. It can take a stand on human rights and detach its realpolitik manoeuvres to something less important than human rights.
This resolution is significant as it builds upon the November 2012 UN General Assembly resolution to grant Palestine the Observer status.
It can be expected that there will be many more resolutions against Israel at the UNHRC 2014 sessions due within a few months.

Canada and USA are on the wrong side of history. Following the Palestinians, Pacific Islanders must demand their respective nationhood and demand the stolen and occupied islands are returned to the rightful nationalities of the Pacific.

2 Responses to “Canadian Sham Human Rights Concerns Exposed – Canada a Major Violator of Human Rights in the Middle East”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I wonder what SL did in this resolution?

    IF SL voted in FAVOR then there is a problem. We cannot support the DIVISION of Israel and NOT let others support the division of SL.

    UNHRC is all about the anti-Israel camp (STRONGEST PRO-SL countries) bashing Israel and anti-SL camp (STRONGEST PRO-ISRAEL countries) bashing SL. Both countries are in the same boat in 2 opposing camps.

  2. Ramanie Says:

    Well done Dilrook and thank you for the article. Canada voted against the resolution because “Big Brother” forced it to vote this way. Britain also must have voted against because it is Big Brother’s lap dog. Anyway why worry about Palestinians! There are no Tamils in Palestine. Rudra

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