Inaction from Government against TNA Fascists Puts Northern Governor in Danger
Posted on December 15th, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

TNA controlled Northern Provincial Council brought a series of resolutions that are in gross violation of the Constitution. This comes exactly a month after the Council resolved unanimously to remove the incumbent governor. It also comes in the wake of a resolution against Sri Lanka by the European Parliament.
The new TNA resolution renews calls for the removal of the governor and demands the withdrawal of security forces. According to the Constitution the appointment of the governor is a power vested in the President, not the provincial council. There is no requirement to consult the Council either in appointing the governor. National security matters also fall on the powers of the President who is the commander-in-chief. Provincial Council has no power whatsoever to influence the decision of the President on national security matters.
However, the government has deserted the Northern Provincial Council Governor to fend off TNA fascist attacks all by himself. No punishment follows TNA’s separatist and anti-Constitutional conduct. In another despicable display of sheer racism, TNA has alleged the governor of abductions and ridiculed his knowledge on Constitutional matters.
Without government moves to punish TNA fascists, there is no likelihood of Maj. Gen. G.A. Chandrasiri continuing as governor of the Northern Province. He has already done yeoman service to the nation as a military officer and as the governor. His replacement will find it even more difficult to stand up to TNA fascism.
Government inaction against TNA separatists means no one will be willing to continue in the role. With the governor put in jeopardy, TNA will be able to cause havoc and push its separatist fascist agenda in the Council. No one seems to be in control of the situation as the nation drifts from one calamity to another.
#The government must take firm and urgent action against TNA fascists without further delay. Failure to do so will certainly result in irreversible damage to the nation and hard-won peace.

24 Responses to “Inaction from Government against TNA Fascists Puts Northern Governor in Danger”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A good move but PROPAGANDA is only 10% of diplomacy. REAL reason to target SL is GEOPOLITICAL (75%). Tamilian votes is also a SMALL consideration (10%). Others 5%.

    We cannot expect any positive from the UKUSA-EU-Endia camp after another year of CHINESE developments.

    When UKUSA-EU-Endia looks at SL through their ANTI-CHINA glasses, they see an ENEMY!!

    Faced with the prospect of a third UN human rights council resolution in as many years, Sri Lanka on Sunday launched a diplomatic offensive to counter international pressure over alleged rights abuses during the final phase of its civil war in 2009.

    Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya, the military spokesman, said some eight video documentaries produced by the army had been dispatched to Sri Lankan missions overseas and the UNHRC member states.

    “These videos will give real facts about the true situation with regard to allegations levelled by the Channel 4 (British TV) and others,” Wanigasooriya stated adding that “the world will come to know about the many crimes committed by the LTTE”.

    The videos are part of the external affairs ministry’s briefings to Colombo’s diplomatic community on the post-conflict developments.

    The government has also debunked the figures thrown at it by international agencies including the UN that some 40,000 people were killed in the Tamil-dominated north during the final phase of the 30-year ethnic conflict.

    Minister Champika Ranawaka who is a senior figure of the Sinhala nationalist JHU party told Japanese peace envoy Yasushi Akashi that if the army wanted to kill Tamils it would not have accepted the surrender of around 11,000 LTTE cadres four years ago.

    Akashi was on a visit last week. Ranawaka told Akashi it was unfair for war crimes charges to be raised against Sri Lanka based on false data.

    He said a large number of the Sinhala majority community evicted from the north and east during the LTTE’s separatist campaign had not been allowed to return.

    He said that in 1981 there were 20,000 Sinhalese living in the north but today the figure was as low as 800.

    Sri Lanka is expected to face its third successive resolution criticizing its human rights record at the UN Human Rights Council next March.

    Both previous resolutions urged Sri Lanka for speedier implementation of recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

    India and US had voted in favour of the resolutions.”

    – PTI

  2. Nanda Says:

    If Maha Ranee sleeps further on this, he will be promoted to MAHA BETRAYER of the land.
    Wake up and stop this barking dogs.
    Do not betray our hero Chandrasiri.

  3. mario_perera Says:

    the nation drifts from one calamity to another – Dilrook

    As Lorenzo once wrote: the Titanic is sinking…no Vishnu in sight with a tortoise avatar to hold it up, only the band that keeps playing the ominous number: neva gilunath ban choon.

    The country appears to be a rudderless ship. The consequence of lawlessness has even engulfed the lawmakers. Just see the scandal surrounding the Prime Minister’s office. Where is the the indomitable spirit that won the war for the nation? What has led to the total break down of the government? The entire machinery of good governance appears to be at a total standstill.

    If the military is touched, the morale of the army will break down. That will spell disaster. The TNA is attacking the most vulnerable pawn on the Northern chess board: the governor. He is a battle scarred warrior and will battle one, but without the support of the Commander in Chief his resistance must give way. The day he is forced out of his post, he could well say: after me the deluge (apres moi le deluge).

    the tremendous hope generated by the war victory is now turning to despair.

    Mario Perera

  4. Nanda Says:

    Hanuam rights trumph card has reached the Tamil seperatists at street level.
    I was talking to a three wheeler driver ( a Tamil) yesterday in Wellawatte area.
    He was saying he doesn’t have the freedom to speak, worse than LTTE time.
    Stupid bugger dare to tell me this, proving he has ALL THE FREEDOM.

    But the alarming fact that the Tamils have gathered energy from Hanuma rights nonsence.
    Tamils now are not afraid, which is dagerous. A Tamil witout fear of Law = A Tiger.
    Tigers are rebourn.
    Lawlesness of the Maha Ranee Andare Natyam is pulling us down in to sht hole.
    Maha Ranee loosing all the credibility.
    There is absolutely NO ONE now who can say Maha Ranee is not corrupt.
    I want to cry. Cry loud. Periyapullais, AnyLingams and Sakkilis are laughing.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    I want to cry. Cry loud ? Nightmare ! wake up my Chinhala sakotharam !

    Sorry I am not laughing mate ! wakeup not too late !

    together We can win (remember We kicked out IPKF from mother Lanka with you help)

    give & take !!!

    Unity in diversity , no short cut ! United Provincial council of Mother Lanka ( UPCL) !

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    “Tamils now are not afraid, which is dagerous. A Tamil witout fear of Law = A Tiger.
    Tigers are rebourn.”

    Glad you have REALIZED what I have been telling all this time. You feel the pain because you are a patriot and you REALIZED the truth.

    That taxi bugger is a HONEST Tamilian. MOST are not. They PRETEND to love or indifferent to SL with Sinhalese but undermine SL tactfully.

    But SOME patriots are TOO UNFORTUNATE to realize this FACT.

    So lets continue to pin hope on this messy system to save SL like foolish hamsters paddling the same wheel!!

    Ignorance is TRUE BLISS!!

  7. Nanda Says:

    One of Ranee’s siblings is married to one my good friend’s sister. That friend’s wife’s nephew is a young patriot lawyer.
    Ranee himself has called him recently warning him to shut up, saying he knows how to rund the country.
    How the hell are we going to change the stupid messy system, when Ranee believes it is the best in the world ?

  8. Nanda Says:

    If we do not resotre the honour of Chandrasiri and redicule the Tamil idiots and bring them under the Gun NOW, we are doomed.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    bring them under the Gun NOW, we are doomed.-
    Nanda, its remind VP& co ruled last 33 years !

    Why this kolaveri , Kolaveri mate !

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Some Hard Facts and Numbers on the Fish Poaching Issue by Xinhua.

    Apparently, the GOSL has complained to International maritime organizations and the EU (?), to NO EFFECT.

    Therefore, GOSL has to CONTINUE TAKING ACTION against the POACHERS and INFLICTING FINANCIAL PAIN, until the PAIN is high enough to make the Tamil Nadu Government WINCE & REVERSE course.

    India-Sri Lanka ties netted in fishermen poaching issue

    Dec 16 (Xinhua) COLOMBO- Tension between Sri Lanka and India has spiraled as both sides arrest fishermen crossing into each other’s maritime boundaries with arrests increasing to hundreds on both sides and triggering calls for diplomatic intervention.

    Just last week the Sri Lankan Navy arrested 140 fishermen and 23 boats within just two days. India, not to be outdone, arrested 98 Sri Lankan fishermen in just 13 days in December and with numbers increasing daily. Deeper tensions between Colombo and South Indian state Tamil Nadu seem inevitable. Tamil Nadu and the Sri Lankan government have traditionally had strained relations as the Indian State, home to the largest number of Tamils, has for decades empathized with their Sri Lankan counterparts and their struggle for equal political rights in Sri Lanka.

    With the new rise in fishermen arrests this already tenuous relationship has been further strained with Tamil Nadu politicians accusing the Sri Lankan government of turning the narrow strip of sea dividing the two countries into “an open air prison.”

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram is one of the most vociferous critics of Colombo’s human rights record and last week sent a letter accusing Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of being too soft on the fishermen issue with Sri Lanka’s government.

    Even though discussions between the two parties have been mooted for next year, they are yet to get locked down, with fishermen getting caught in the middle.

    Just days after the 140 Indian fishermen were arrested, Colombo hit back blaming Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram for keeping Sri Lankan fishermen “hostage” in order to achieve her political goals.

    Deputy Minister of Fisheries Sarath Kumara Gunarathne said that by arresting Sri Lankan fishermen and holding them in Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha is attempting to win the support of Indian fishing communities.

    Speaking in Parliament, the deputy minister claimed that the Tamil Nadu chief minister is demanding that Indian fishermen be allowed to poach in Sri Lankan waters using large scale fishing gear. The deputy minister said that the methods used by Indian trawlers to catch fish is damaging marine life in Sri Lankan waters when they cross the international maritime boundary.

    He urged the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which is Sri Lanka’ s main Tamil party, to raise the issue with Jayalalithaa as it is affecting the livelihood of fishermen in the North that is governed by the TNA.

    Gunarathne also pointed out that attempts are being made to scuttle ties between Sri Lanka and India by using the fishermen issue. However he said President Mahinda Rajapaksa is keen to ensure ties with India and interaction with the Indian central government remain strong.

    Rajapaksa himself earlier this month appealed to India’s Navy Chief D.K. Joshi to end the deadlock between the two countries but little progress has been made.

    Indian fishermen have also alleged that the Sri Lankan navy has attacked them, an accusation that is vehemently denied by the navy.

    According to Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Rajitha Senaratne, the industry loses an estimated 78.9 million U.S. dollars’worth of fish from illegal poaching from South India. The government has targeted 500 million U.S. dollars in revenue for 2013, but has had to keep its expectation low due to the significant losses from poaching.

    Sri Lankan studies estimate that an average of 1,056 Indian boats cross into Sri Lankan waters illegally, which means 19.72 million U.S. dollars is lost from their shrimp catch alone.

    In total Indian fishermen poach at least 65 million kilograms of fish each year. Satellite images suggest that the poaching is done in a highly-organized manner as the bulk of the boats operate in the night and scramble across the international maritime boundary line by four in the morning.

    Colombo has previously defended its soft-peddling of the issue by pointing out that if reports are made to international bodies, most of South India’s fishing industry will be shut down and this could not be allowed because of the close relationship enjoyed by the two countries.

    As many as 400 fish processing plants subsist on this catch and hints have been made by the minister that strong political backing is given by the Tamil Nadu government.

    Sri Lankan officials have complained that international bodies such as the European Union (EU), which is a key market for both India and Sri Lanka, have done nothing to stop the poaching.

    However, EU spokesperson Oliver Drewes told local media that the EU is not empowered to address disputes involving one country with its neighboring countries.

    “It is up to the relevant states to deal with bilateral disputes on fisheries in line with the provisions of international law,” he said. “There are no double standards in the application of the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Regulation which is based on non-discrimination.”

    Drewes said Sri Lanka had, however, not yet lodged an official complaint with the EU on the Indian poaching issue. “Illegal fishing threatens the livelihood of honest fishermen and it puts at risk the fish supply for the future. At the same time it threatens the environment and the livelihood of coastal communities,” the EU spokesman said.

    The skyrocketing number of arrests on both sides demand some form of diplomatic engagement to take place, say analysts

    Previously both countries agreed that the way forward should be amicable and put in place joint committee with top officials from both countries to interact between the stakeholders but this has gone silent, while allegations and arrests have mounted.

    Relations between Tamil Nadu and Colombo have become even frostier if that is possible, in the aftermath of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), for it is generally believed that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh boycotted the event due to pressure from Tamil Nadu politicians.

    In such a sub-zero environment, dealing with fishing issues has become even more challenging, analysts believe, but it is evident that something must be done fast.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    We are already DOOMED. Signs of DOOM appearing like cracks on a ship’s hull.

    Maharanee is getting into bed with DAYAN J again!!

    People struggling to LEAVE the SINKING SHIP.

    Korea, Middle East, Australia or wherever they can go by whatever means.

    SL was saved from Run-nil’s CFA by the 2004 tsunami which killed more Tamils. Another disaster on Tamils may be needed to shape things up unless the military takes over.

  12. douglas Says:

    Did you all read the speech made by the Chief Minister C.V.Vigneswaran in presenting the Budget for the year 2014?

    It would be interesting to recapitulate some for the “Benefit” of this Government. He said: “It was the political agitation by the minorities that resulted in the establishment of the Provincial Council. More specifically it was for the benefit of the Tamil speaking people of the North and the East that Sri Lanka and India formulated the Provincial Council system which resulted in the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution. But the then Government made the Provincial Council System applicable to the whole Island and thus stultified the whole concept of power sharing essential for the Tamil speaking Northern and Eastern Provinces”

    Also in answering anyone who would question him “why we decided to contest the Provincial Council Election if the Thirteenth Amendment lacked teeth and was insufficient?”, he goes on to give two reasons:

    (1) “Only if we stood for election could we bring out to the notice of the world the feelings and aspirations of the people of the Northern Province and show that the Government was portraying a false picture”

    (2) “without power, without authority in our hands to proclaim insufficiencies in the Thirteen Amendment at Colloquiums and Seminars made no impact on the Government nor the International Community”

    So do you all and specially the Government see what is “INTENDED” and what is in the “AGENDA” of this Provincial Council. After this speech and the “speech” of the MP Sumanthiran in the Parliament stating openly that the Northern Provincial Governor lacks “Constitutional” knowledge, a Minister in the Government has asked the President to open a “dialogue” with the Chief Minister and bring in a “compromise”. This Minister is none other than Mr. Vasudeva Nanayakkara – the Minsiter of National Languages and Integration. Is this man “fit” to be a Minister? and what do the people who voted him to Parliament or other “Leaders” who entrusted Ministerial Functions have to tell the country and the Nation?

    Don’t these Ministers and the Government understand that this is the “AGENDA” of the “Diaspora” and this “Man – the Chief Minister and the Provincial Council” are the “well oiled and planted men and women” entrusted with the next “game” to play in their pursuit of establishment of “Tamil Eelam”? They all know it and are trying to “hoodwink” us. So let us tell this to the entire country and the people and keep them educated and make them understand the dangers that are awaiting to engulf us.

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  14. Nanda Says:

    Ranee already threatening his own relatives and friends who supported him. He is getting greedier and greedier. Endia has netted him using Ranees massive corruption paid by Endians. His hands and legs are tied. Mouth is shut. Only the
    2nd mouth is working and working very hard.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE Tamils back!

    Look at the ANTI SINHALA TAMIL RIOT that happened today morning. See how Tamilnut INSTIGATED violence.

    “[TamilNet, Sunday, 15 December 2013, 23:12 GMT]
    Colombo has schemed a sinister move to demographically annex Thennai-maravadi, a strategic ancient Tamil village in Kuchchave’li division on the border of Northern and Eastern Provinces with the Sinhala dominated Padavi Sripura division of Trincomalee district, civil sources in Trincomalee told TamilNet. By annexing Thennai-maravadi to Padavi-Sripura, all the administrative affairs of the village would be taken over by the Sinhala officials. This will make it easier for Colombo to carry out the Sinhalicisation of the entire area, Tamil officials in Kuchchave’li Divisional Secretariat said. The lands belonging to Tamils will be seized and handed over to Sinhalese settlers with the aim of permanently wedging the demographic contiguity of the northern and eastern provinces. ”


    “Two excavators and a tipper truck which were parked in the Wilgamvehera area on the Trincomalee-Anuradhapura main road, where a reservoir in being built, have been set on fire and destroyed along with other machinery by a group of persons, police said.

    A group of seven individuals had arrived at the location last night, assaulted and tied up the security guard stationed there to safeguard the equipment before carrying out the act of arson.

    Uppuveli Police and the Navy’s fire brigade managed to douse the fire, however the tipper truck and machinery have been completely destroyed.

    The damages caused by the fire have been estimated at around Rs 9.5 million, police said.”

    This is the work of LTTE Tamils to STOP non-Tamils settling in this area.

    Mavil aru – 2 has happened. What the govt. is going to do?

  16. douglas Says:

    TO ALL THE POLITICIANS IN THE COUNTRY: Please contemplate on the following :-


  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    All this is happening for Regime Change and formation of Eelam.

    Whatever government tries to unify the People of Lanka whilst pleasing Eelamists, Minorities, churches etc. meet the same fate – Sri Lanka govts are challenged and thrown out. Saw the UNP/SLFP duo in action (CBK/RW) earlier ? All done with vested interests and media. Arson as a method of destabilizing Lanka is the latest ploy.

    Parliament (not just GoSL) has to get tough and activate the 6-A. Arsonists must be severely dealt with through confiscation of property and even the death penalty. Only the tough implementation of Law can save Lanka.

    What else is left ?

    Form a National govt. That seems to be our only hope.

  18. Samanthi Says:

    The Wilgamvehera incident cannot be taken lightly as a minor or an isolated one.
    It is a great threat and challenge to the national security. Hope Secretary/MOD will
    take a serious note of it & bring the terrorists to books and provide adequate protection
    for this site in particular and increase the presence of armed forces in this area in general.

  19. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  20. Nanda Says:

    Time has come to dissolve the two PCs run by hanumans and reinstate Army governement so that Tamil will learn to be human again. Without the Gun they always revert back to monkey business.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes that is right. LTTE Tamils are back!

    GR is currently in New York. I don’t think MOD will capture the TERRORISTS behind this. Instead they will stop the project!

  22. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said, “Form a National govt. That seems to be our only hope.”

    A National Govt with whom? The TNA, the UNP and the DNA? You have to be kidding! Those parties are among the most Anti-National groups in the country.

    Forming a National Govt with them, and allocating Ministries to them, will further dilute the Patriotic Forces of Sri Lanka and GIVE THE ANTI-NATIONALS MORE POWER to undermine the Nation. The TNA would LOVE a bargain that gives them an Eelam on a platter in return for a “National Govt”!

    All of the Patriotic Forces are ALREADY part of the UPFA which is as close to a PATRIOTIC National Govt as you are going to get.

    In fact, some people who hold Ministries now don’t qualify as Patriots but as Opportunistic Gadflies waiting to undermine the Motherland. Vasudeva Nanayakkara is a good example.

    It is people like them within the UPFA who prevent the GOSL from REPEALING the 13th Amendment and DISMANTLING the PCs.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda is right.

    A national govt. comprising UNP, etc. cannot do ANY good. It will be a TRAITORS’ party.

    Only a military take over and changing this system works.

  24. jayasiri Says:

    A very angered crowd stating the obvious. How can Sinhalese or Anti – Tamil elements PROVIDE some USEFUL ADVICE to Governing party, when we ourselves are not sure of what type of Govt. will help patriots of Lanka. We always get angry BUT we must turn our anger to achieve some degree of progress in MOVING Tamils & Muslims out of Colombo.

    Tamils have NO RIGHT to come to Colombo or to the South, they do it beacuse Sinhalese in Colombo are selling their homes, properties to highest bidder & move to interior. Re: Governor of North Major Chandra Siri stays & no other Governor should be appointed, mainly because HE is a stable,IMPARTIAL leader who has governed NORTH so successfully.

    If this request is given, THEN there will be more TILL all areas will be governed by TAMILS, without any input of the GOSL. We have to move people from Colombo & Southern province to North & East. To make this happen NO NEW BUSINESSES of Indian origin. should be allowed to be opened in the South. This is one way of INDIANIZATION of the South.

    Moving drug dealers & undesirables from Colombo district & other places is the ONLY way to bring PEACE & SECURITY to Lanka. I still wonder why NONE of our contributors to LABKAEWEB at least, has taken the challenge to LEAD A DELEGATION to HE Rajapakha & see what he can do. ONLY if he declines or delays, then it is upto MASSES to take action. PROTESTS & gathering are quite successful when TRADE UNIONS do them. THEN why not educated expats , legal & other professions in Lanka NOT protest & demand, the WAY TAMILS & MUSLIMS DO.

    In a recent news item a Singaporean TAMIL has been eported from USA, due to his involvement with LTTE. Where are the actions against LTTE & their supporters WHO ARE ALREADY IDENTIFIED & marked by the GOSL? WHY is there complete SILENCE about the atrocities done by TAMILS & LTTE.

    I know although I say this I am unable to visit or take active part due to ILL HEALTH. But while in Sri Lanka, I never allowed them to MESS AROUND. Mostly LEGAL & PROFESSIONALS should get tother to make presentatiions to the President, if not he would not listen………Keep the spirits up & FIGHT ON… J

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