Canadian High Commissioner Shelley Whiting responds
Posted on December 19th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

19 December 2013

Her Excellency Shelley Whiting
High Commissioner for Canada in Sri Lanka
Canadian High Commission
33A, 5th Lane, Colpetty 
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Attention: High Commissioner Shelley Whiting

Dear High Commissioner Whiting:

I have just read with great interest ‘Canadian HC responds to Sri Lanka HR situation like ‘elephant in room’ in today’s The Island.

I am afraid, it certainly wasn’t convincing and you certainly got your knickers in knots, trying to defend what is un-defendable.

You certainly know the truth, but then you are paid by the Canadian Government, and you have very little choice to say other than what the Conservative Government wants you to say.

And here is my problem with your defense:

  1.  Canada being a country which tries to emulate to the world that we are squeaky clean when it comes to Human Rights even though we have been lambasted by the UN for our Human Rights violations on our aboriginal women, Canada has no moral right to preach to Sri Lanka on Human Rights.  Why?
  2. Here’s why High Commissioner. Sri Lankan Government gave back to its 22 million peoples their right-to-life, the most basic treasured human right of any human being in the civilized world, when they eliminated the Tamil Tigers on 19 May 2009.  And Canada has had difficulty to acknowledge this classic text book example of restoring human rights to a nation’s people, when every other country patted Sri Lanka’s back and said “Way to go, Sri Lanka, as we are all trying to eliminate terrorism after the 9/11 incident, and you did it single handed.  Bravo!”   Read Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon Press Release on it.  It was pathetic.   You will croak!  The 22 million peoples ‘right-to-life’ was hijacked for 27 years by the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers, whose rump that the Conservatives are flirting with right now, and joining them  to do  their Tamil tom-tom jig at gatherings.
  3. Here is why High Commissioner.   I doubt Canada understands the modules of Human Rights.  We certainly haven’t considered that liberating 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists who herded them like unwashed cattle for 30 months from the west coast to the east coast during the last phase of the war as a classic act of Human Rights    You figure that one out High Commissioner.  With such a backgrounder pretending that we are the champions of human rights in the civilized world, Canada has the gall and temerity to preach human rights to Sri Lanka.  That is a bunch of baloney hanging from a stall in the Byward Market, isn’t it?
  4. Coming to the issue o Parliamentary Secretary Deepak Obhrai’s flight  from Jaffna and laying a wreath at Elephant Pass which  you have been trying to find a fool-proof answer, unfortunately has pock marks like  bleeding red polka-dots on a white  maple leaved canvas.
  5. You say that the “private airline informed us at short notice that flights were cancelled due to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.”   Hmmmm….that is a bit iffy, isn’t it, when the SLAF who were facilitating this requirement for the delegates says that they were never requested for such a service by the Canadians.  So that fact has been established.  You all didn’t, for obvious reasons.  As you all wanted to travel overland by passing Elephant Pass with a hidden wreath in the trunk of a vehicle.   Didn’t you?
  6. I don’t think you have identified that Private airline company that you had made such bookings with.
  7. But my hunch is High Commissioner, this whole Act is part of  the Theater of  Thuggery and Cunning.  All along you all had planned to come overland to place a wreath at Elephant Pass with photographers on hand to take proof of the incident to bring it back to the Tamils in the GTA and tell them, “Here is proof that we laid a wreath for your Tamils who died during the three historic battles to take over the isthmus, and we expect you all to vote for us at the next federal election.”  Part of your cunning was to have a wreath ready to be laid on the salt-sands of Elephant Pass.   A private airline would not have provided that opportunity.   They would  not have flown at a low altitude to open a hatch to drop the wreath on Elephant Pass, when it would have fallen and smashed  in to pieces, but then there would not have been a  photo opportunity of the event.  Right, High Commissioner?
  8.  The Theatre of “Thuggery and Cunning”, I said earlier.   Sure it was thuggery when Deepak Obhrai went ahead and laid the wreath when he was asked not to do by a Sri Lankan official.   You all slapped the face of the host country, and I wished Sri Lanka slapped the face of Canada by asking Deepak Obhrai to leave Sri Lanka for breaking diplomatic protocol, as we did to General Charles De Gaulle of France.  That was the right that Sri Lanka had.
  9. That wreath, obviously was brought all the way from Colombo, with a banner, and I doubt it was bought in Jaffna.  If you did, it would be nice to know which was the florist who made it for you all as well as the graphic/silk screening company who made the banner which said in Tamil, that it was laid in  memory of the Minorities who died during the war.  That left out the majority Sinhalese who were killed by the Tamil Tigers.

Like the 700 policemen who had surrendered  to the Tamil Tigers with the promise that they would be sent south without being harmed but were asked to kneel, blind folded, and shot through their skulls.  Each one of them.  I say shame on Canada for ignoring that bit of ground  historic-reality by  wanting to cater to the Tamils in the GTA.

  1.   Catering to the Tamils, I said.  Sure, Deepak Obhrai did cater, as when he came back he briefed his heroic act of cunning and thuggery to the Tamil community at a meeting in Toronto,   But he didn’t meet up with the Sinhalese community to brief them.
  2.  I don’t think you should find excuses for this act of well organized Theatre of  Thuggery and Cunning.   The whole incident smells of a rotting rat.
  3.  Oh! by the way Deepak Obhrai states that the choice of Elephant Pass was because the place was “neutral”.  According to the Oxford Dictionary,  the word Neutral means, “taking neither side in dispute”.   Well…well…well… a place which saw three historic battles fought where thousands of Sinhalese army soldiers were killed by the Tamil Tigers, I am surprised that Obhrai felt that it was a neutral site to lay the wreath.  Deepak disappoints me.  He is nothing but an incompetent joker who has fallen flat on this particular cunning act.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

7 Responses to “Canadian High Commissioner Shelley Whiting responds”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Sampath Says:

    good that you came out of retirement, what made the change of heart?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SAMPATH !! Let me answer that for him. “”BURNING PATRIOTISM “”

  4. Sarath W Says:

    How can you call these low life s..t heads diplomats? Ca moron, Singh and Harper do not represent the majority of the people in their countries, but have become slaves of the Tamil diaspora.

  5. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Asoka…..It is well thought out answers to HYPOCRITES who preach to the small countries of the world, how SUPERIOR they are. But their own country Canada, discriminates Aborigini Indians, even now. Talk about Human Rights of Canada NOT about an outpost called SRI LANKA or RUSSIA.

    Keep your country out of reach of UN HRC,because they have also said together with USA & EU, Canada has participated in HR vilations in most of Middle East & in some African countries too.

    I am surprrised that this man called DEPAK OBRAI representing Canada decides to go to Jaffna, Elephant Pass, when the HOST COUNTRY asked him NOT TO. Is this man a GOD FATHER of Tamils or uneduacated that much to IGNORE diplomatic protocol? If these are the people Canada employs as REPRESENTATIVES to visit the Commonwealth CONFERENCE in Sri Lanka, GOD HELP Canadian diplomacy.

    What happen to Canada, the days when Mr. Lester B. Pearson & Mr. Trudeau were leading Canada.. THOSE days will never come, as long as Conservatives are in power. Even the countries who are fond of UN are now having second thoughts to support Canada in any UN post Canada apply to. Many times Canada get ignored or DO NOT carry any significant votes to get elected.

    I sincerely hope THE GTA Tamils will give a resounding NO to conservatives as Tamils DID in the UK to Mr. DAVID MILBAND the former Foregn Sectretary. HE SUPPORTED the LTTE bunch in UK, hoping that Tamils will VOTE for him. HE LOST HIS SEAT.

    So Canada, make sure that you have enough courage to OPENLY support TERRORISTS, hoping that they will vote for Consevatives. It is a false HOPE….Thank you all, ONE COUNTRY, UNDER ONE LEADER, FREE & INDIVISIBLE….J

  6. Nalin DeSilva Says:

    Asoka, it,s time we all got together and filed complaints to the UNHRC against UK, USA, France and Canada about well known HR violations and as to why UNHRC is not taking action, not to mention Israel. Why do we all sit and do nothing about these countries violations while they are dumping on SL?, has the SL govt not heard that the best defence is to go on the offensive!.

  7. NAK Says:

    Diplomats are generally expected to lie for their country, but to lie for politicians, shameful!

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