Chief Minister Wigneswaran against ‘Sinhalization’ of the North and East.
Posted on December 23rd, 2013

by Charles.S.Perera

Chief Minister of NP C.V.Wigneswaran speaking at the AGM of the  Sarvodaya Movement had said that the people in the North are not against the Sinhala per se, but against “Sinhalization ” of the North and East.  Gihan Nicholas of Ceylon Today,  had qualified it as a “bold statement”, but coming from Mr.Wigneswaran, it is the most  “cowardly statement” he has made.

 Because the two sons of the Chief Minister Wigneswaran are married to two Sinhala women, therefore it is perfectly in order to ask him whether  his two  sons have been Sinhalized or his two daughters-in-law got Tamilized ? 

 I am sure they live in perfect  coexistence with plenty of  love,  with the two sons of Wigneswaran remaining Tamil,  and  his two daughters-in-laws remaining Sinhala.  We wish them  and their children all the happiness.

One of my best friends was a Tamil  and he was married to a beautiful Sinhala woman.  They were the most happiest of couples I had met. My friend remained Tamil(until he died recently) and his wife remains Sinhala.

The CM Wigneswaran is an ideal person if he wants to, to reconcile the Tamils and the Sinhala and bring in more Sinhala to settle in the North, to make him more at home in an environment  in the North similar to that of the South of Sri Lanka where he was born and lived all his life.  CM Wigneswaran is a perfect example to make the Tamils in the North not to fear “Sinhalization” of the North by the Sinhala people coming to reside side by side  with them .

In speaking at the AGM of the Sarvodaya he seemed to have forgotten that fact.  He also has forgotten that having been born in the South, living  with the Sinhala people, studying with the Sinhala students, working with the Sinhala, and  living side by side with the Sinhala families he has not been Sinhalized, and is very much a Tamil, like Sampanthan, Santhiran, Sivajilingam, Anandi Sasitharan,  and all the rest of them.

There are more than 55 percent of the Tamil population living in the South, they have their, Kovils, residential homes, Commercial Units, Restaurants etc but the South has  not become Tamilized, nor have the Tamils in the South become Sinhalized,  or the Sinhala people Tamilized.

So what does this “bold Statement ” of the Chief Minister of Northern Province mean ?  He is speaking like a man who has been brainwashed by the TNA and hence forgotten his anticedents.

Perhaps it may be another way of taunting the Sinhala going on the old adage “Sinhalaya modaya. ”   No more Mr. Wigneswaran, the Sinhala will suffer indignities to a point but not beyond that, you can be sure.

 The CM NP Wigneswaran continues, “We have no doubt that the Army is stationed in the North with ulterior motives. We see it taking place. Our lands are being grabbed. Our businesses are being grabbed. Our employment opportunities are being grabbed. How long does the government want to keep its military forces in the North? These are questions which must be posed by reasonable, ordinary, humane Sinhalese in the South. It is indeed their duty to do so.”

It is indeed the duty of the Sinhala in the South to cry out  for the Chief Minister, his fellow Councillors, the TNA MPs, and the Tamils of the North to hear,  that we in South want the Armed Forces to remain in the North and the East in greater numbers as much as they are in the South.

Because we the Sinhala remained in the South trusting that the Tamils in the North and the East will remain peaceful, harmonious, honest and  conciliatory.  But they allowed themselves to be fraternised by the Indian RAW spies amoung them,  and allowed  their children to be trained as terrorists, unleashing terror in the whole of the island of Sri Lanka.

Do we want it to happen again ?

No,  we will not want it to happen again. And we the Sinhala in the South want the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to remain in the North and East for now and for ever.

 The Chief Minister of the North his fellow Councillors, the TNA ,  and the Tamils of Sri Lanka should never forget that the Sri Lanka Soldiers who eliminated terrorism in the North and East and brought peace have become a part of the North and East anointing the land with their own  blood.

Some of these young Buddhist Soldiers breathed out their last breath in   the precincts of North and East in  giving their lives for the freedom of the Tamil people in the  North and the East.

Hence Mr. Chief Minister Wigneswaran if you believe in a soul, the souls of those Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers who died  in the North and East have already commenced the process of “Sinhalization” of the two provinces.

Therefore, as the first Chief Minister of the Northern Province  after the eliminatiuon of terrorism, please adopt a different attitude than that of the TNA MPs of less education, and destructive political philosophies.

After the elimination of the Terrorists a new era has dawned in Sri Lanka.  The people in the North did not vote for the TNA. They voted thinking that you as an ex Judge who lived all your life with Sinhala people could change the lives of  these poor Tamil people in the North from what it had been before terrorism, during terrorism, and after terrorism.

These Tamil people of the North deserve new hope and new relationships outside a narrow Communal system,  and end  having to live under the continuing aggressivity of the  TNA MPs.

Therefore Mr. Chief Minister, please do not act like  a  robot manipulated by the TNA, but act like a wise man who can take his own decisions, being nobody’s puppet.

 The Chief Minister then spoke  of media gossip of the anti Government Lanka News Web, “The latest we hear is that a former LTTE military commander is being commissioned to restart an LTTE outfit, subservient to the powers that be. Thus the ‘White Van’ drama could now be enacted by a different cast.”

It is another ruse to serve on a platter to  the International interferers, of another possible means to discredit the government and making it difficult at the UNHRC Sessions in March next year.

 There is no reason for the government to endanger the country with another round of terrorism even under its own control. The Armed Forces itself will not support such an adventure.  These are rumours that should not perturb any one, least of all the Chief Minister of the Northern P.C.

34 Responses to “Chief Minister Wigneswaran against ‘Sinhalization’ of the North and East.”

  1. Chancy Says:

    Excellent piece of writing! We should send this to all the foreign embassies in Colombo so that their governments may realize that for those of us who want real peace are saying, “Enough is enough”.
    Sinhalese, Muslim, Burger people will not tolerate this attitude of Tamil superiority and the bashing of our soldiers.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Sinhalization of the north and DE-TAMILIZATION of Colombo IS the SOLUTION.

    But the question is does the govt. have the backbone to do it. I think NO.

    Wigneswaran = Jeyalalitha

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The very presence of Tamils is the Tamilization of an area. The very presence of Sinhalese in any area follows the same logic that it is the Sinhalization of any area. Chief Minister Wigneswaran cannot split hairs by saying that the presence of Sinhalese is not the issue but the Sinalization is the issue. On cannot go without the other. What Chief Minister Wigneswaran must address is the law that allows any Sri Lankan of any ethnic background to live in peace in any area of the land. to make the north and east as exclusive Tamil areas is to subtly promote Eelam and that has to be stopped!

  4. stanley perera Says:

    If Vigneswaran saying Tamils are not against Sinhalese but Tamils are against Sinhalisation of the North what are the Tamils doing in the South? It is tit for tat tacktics Sinhalese saying Sinhalese are not against Tamils but Sinhale are against Tamilisation of the South, East and the North. Petty minded racist Vigneswaran at his age of seventees harbouring racist seperatism. It is good for Vigneswaran to Tamilise the South for seventy years. All of a sudden Vigneswaran wants no Sinhalese in the North. Did he ever say that slogan during his 70 years living with Sinhalese. The dog’s tail can never be straightened.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    stanley perera
    The dog’s tail can never be straightened.- that why man cut dog tail , you know what I mean !
    Maththara Maththaya can & will cut sooner or later , than CM will back to his home at Cinnoman garden .

  6. mario_perera Says:

    Some of these young Buddhist Soldiers breathed out their last breath in the precincts of North and East in giving their lives for the freedom of the Tamil people in the North and the East. – Charles

    One tends to forget an all essential criterion for claim to land…that of BLOOD. There are countless examples of young soldiers fighting wars who have settled down on the lands on which their comrades shed their blood. Their blood guaranteed the very survival of those lands. There are even cases of American soldiers refusing to leave Vietnam and settling there for the rest of their lives. Many ‘Pieds noirs’ (French settlers in Algeria) stayed over and made Algeria their home even after the bloody war between the two countries.

    Thirty years is the period of a lifetime for a young adult. Sinhalese soldiers, Buddhists, Catholics or other, spent thirty excruciatingly incomparable years in the North and East fighting and dying to give those lands a new lease of life. It is their BLOOD RIGHT to settle on those lands. That right NO ONE, not even the Goverment (leave alone a petty insignificant come and go Provincial Council) can deprive them of.

    Mario Perera

  7. Nanda Says:

    “Some of these young Buddhist Soldiers breathed out their last breath in the precincts of North and East in giving their lives for the freedom of the Tamil people in the North and the East. ” – Not true.

    Please speak the truth. They died defending our motherland. They died for you and me, not for Bijjeswaran.
    If you call youself a Buddhist do not try to be diplomatic like our politikkos.

    Tamils desire is to overpower all the Sinhelas in the future or make Sinhela a minority.
    Their aim is to make the whole of the island Eelam, one day. Ask Andy Lingam.
    Only a small minority wants to remain as a minority in Sri Lanka.

    Our soldiers knew this and they died for the motherland, not for the foolish idiots who do not value human life and supported LTTE.

    I can stand Maha Ranee saying this kind of nonsense but from a patriot like Charels, I did not expect.

  8. Nanda Says:

    “Thirty years is the period of a lifetime for a young adult. Sinhalese soldiers, Buddhists, Catholics or other, spent thirty excruciatingly incomparable years in the North and East fighting and dying to give those lands a new lease of life. It is their BLOOD RIGHT to settle on those lands. That right NO ONE, not even the Goverment (leave alone a petty insignificant come and go Provincial Council) can deprive them of.”

    Well said Mario and thank you. These are the kind of statements Sinhelas should make. Direct, honest and truth.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Inventor of the AK-47 gun has died aged 95.

    We thank him for his invention that helped us win peace. It is like electricity or nuclear energy. Bad use leads to destruction. Good use produces good results.

    May he RIP.

  10. stanley perera Says:

    I didn’t say that Vigneswaran is the dog’s tail. What I meant was Vigneswaran is the dog and the TNA is the tail. Therefore the tail wags the dog. That scenario is the prerequisite to be the dog and its tail. Normally the dog wags the tail In this situation the tail wags the dog. The dog and the tail are equally a necessary evil for the racist Tamil to survive. The A.S. is a free loader was riding on the back of the Sinhalayas for 72 long years and by overnight shredding clothes of the lamb and turned into a racist and seperatist Tamil Tiger. This public menac e must be exterminated sooner rather than later. If you tolerate this racist A.H. for a while, the racist cancer will apread his next generation. So be quick to take remedial treatment.

  11. thurai Says:

    Tamil Politicians in Sri Lanka want to be powerful persons among Sri Lankans Tamils as Jeyalalitha and Karunanithy Family in Tamilnadu. They speak anything,do anything to cheat the Tamils in Sri Lanka and in other countries.

    Main cities in the North and east must be changed as Colombo.When all communities live peacefully in the North and east there will be no chance to the dogs to bark about discriminations.

  12. stanley perera Says:

    Thurai, your suggestion is what the peace loving Sri Lankans are saying loud and clearly. What is the diffficulty faced with the Tamil peaople not to call them as Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka is for all Sri Lankans? Shred that racist element from all communities and adopt live and let live policy. All Sri Lankans must call my Sri Lanka.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Wigneswaran appears to be skirting around the formation of the Eelam idea again. This is what appears to ordinary people when they read his comments since his appointment as Chief Minister, Northern Province.

    It appears that the TNA is out of ideas what to do for this small nation, Sri Lanka. Political parties based on ethnicity is outdated in small Lanka. Political parties based on ethnicity, religion ought to be banned in Lanka. They only bring in divisive politics, and serves no real purpose. What we need is sincere national thinking re Security & Development in Lanka, not divisive and corrupt politics. Only National political parties ought to be allowed. A National Govt. too may better serve all Lanka citizens.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    stanley perera
    All Sri Lankans must call my Sri Lanka- to do basic , vary basic, National Anthum should sing in our own Mother tang for our soul !

  15. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your comment that the Eelamists are “taunting the Sinhala going on the old adage “Sinhalaya modaya. ” has revived a haunting memory of the Eelam War IV period 2006-2009. During that time, I and many other Patriots were blogging at the DefenceWire blog trying to guess what the Eelamists were going to next, and strategizing how to counter them.

    Until 2009, it was not apparent to the Eelamists that they were going to be TOTALLY CRUSHED this time, and no one was going to save them despite their global wailing as victims. So they kept commenting at Defencewire how the Thalaivar was invincible, how the Sinhala Army will be wiped out, how Kilinochchi will become the “Stanlingrad” of the Sinhala Army, how Unceasing Waves attacks were imminent, how the GOSL was lying about the military disasters already suffered, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, all predicated on the INVINCIBILITY of the LTTE.

    Accompanying all of those comments was a steady drumbeat of “Sinhala Modaya” insults, in their deluded conviction that somehow Sinhala people were inherently inferior and incapable of doing anything right. As Kilinochchi fell without a whimper, and the LTTE kept getting corralled like sheep into the minute Mullaitivu pocket, those Sinhalaya Modaya comments abated and finally vanished. After May 19, 2009 all of the Eelamist propagandists vanished from Defencewire …. there was NOT A HUM from them … their SHOCK was almost PALPABLE.

    Now, with the rise of an Eelamist controlled Northern PC, that CRUSHING DEFEAT of 2009 has faded from the collective memory of the Eelamists, and Eelamist hopes are being resurrected. They have forgotten the lesson they learned that underneath that tolerant Sinhala Buddhist exterior there is a Sinhala Lion ready, able and willing to fight given sufficient Provocation. These stupid guys have forgotten that they with all of their vaunted “Superior Intelligence” that is an “Inherent Characteristic” of the Eelamists, were OUTSMARTED wholesale and totally DEFEATED by those they called “Sinhala Modayas”! So, they are back at the game of Demonizing Sinhala people and Hurling Insults all over again.


    The TIME HAS CLEARLY COME for the “Sinhala Modayas” to ADMINISTER that Lesson AGAIN, this time not in the battlefield of WAR, but in the battlefield of National POLITICS and Political STRATEGY, by REPEALING the 13th Amendment altogether, DISSOLVING the Provincial Council System, BANNING all Communal Parties, and ADOPTING Ethnic Integration as National Policy with wiping out Regional Ethnic Concentrations in Sri Lanka as its centerpiece, and INCREASING the presence of the Armed Forces throughout the former war zones and coastal borders.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: This is a WAR. We don’t need their Acceptance; we need only STRICT compulsory Compliance with the law by EVERY citizen of Sri Lanka, irrespective of community. VIOLATE the LAW, EARN Hard Labor in PRISON.

    Let the “Sinhala Modaya” insult BOOMERANG in their faces ….. ONCE AGAIN!

  16. Sri Rohana Says:

    First my hats off to thurai and S.A Kumar! yes northern brothers we all are Sri Lankans and we are not against tamils but we only against LTTE terrorism and TNA racism.
    Totally disappointed to hear ex supreme courts judge, present CM Wigneswaran’s statement? I thought he is a gentleman before PC election. Now he proved he is too a typical tamil racist politician. Wigneswaran’s wig had fallen to TNA pit.
    Wigneswaran cannot hide that Sri Lanka civilized by Sinhala nation. Ever since tamil invaders tried their best to destroy it. Thanks to our great Sinhala kings we survived as an independent nation and we are proud of our Sinhala civilization and our heritage.
    If Sinhala son and daughters cannot live in their own country where the hell they live! Wigneswaran can live in either in Sri Lanka or in tamil country (tamil nadu) as he has ancestral rights and tamil roots in tamil nadu. But we Sinhala don’t have any country other than Sri Lanka.
    It is a fact that tamils have tamilized Sinhala north and East. There are many historical, archaeological evidences to prove it. Therefore on what basis he says that northern districts are tamil areas? These are neo nazi ideology and in near future tamils will say Toronto and London also as tamil areas.
    What an idiot? Don’t know who corrected his entrance exam papers in law colleges. Was it corrected by a tamil tutor and inflated his marks to get admission to law college as common tamil practice.
    “Tiger may change the jungle but never change the spots”

  17. Nimal Fernando Says:

    How much longer must the people of this small nation listen to this absurd claim of ‘Tamil areas’?

    So far, only Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said it loud and clear: that “ethnic enclaves
    have no place in Sri Lanka.”

    Thus, the only question that remains is: why is it taking so long to make said ‘ethnic enclaves’ a thing of the past?
    Truth be told, not too many Sinhala leaders have had the stomach to point this out, preferring instead to
    pussyfoot around the problem.

    Overwhelming numbers of the majority and minority communities have lived in harmony for decades.
    This kind of shared destiny can only grow in the absence of ethnic enclaves. The resettling of the north by all communities will prove to be the lasting solution, no matter how unpalatable it would be for a minuscule minority, which continues to promote a separatist agenda.

    Surely, an overwhelming majority of Sri Lankans, irrespective of their political leanings, will expect this
    government to finish the job. And along with a great deal of goodwill, they might even hope the
    decision makers will make the happy discovery of at least one more Gotabhaya Rajapaksa …

  18. Nanda Says:

    In Singapore majority Chinese sing “Majula Singapura ” not in Mandarin but in Malay.
    Why ? because it the Malay country outnumbered by illigal migration by Chinese.

    In Sir Lanka illegal migrant 10% Tamil minority don’t want to sing the majority Sinhala country national anthem in Sinhala. What kind of jokers are they ?

  19. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Charles Perera….& all who responded. It is a catch phrase now, SINHALIZATION” of North & East. Only yesterady I noticed in “SRI LANKA RESOURCE” paper about this.

    I wanted to know futher & after many attempts, I managed to see the TRUE CONTENT & AUTHOR of this. It is none other than TAMILNET. that a reliable source? Hide behind “Sri lankan Resources” paper trying to LEGITAMIZE their argument.

    I am all for COMPLETE Sinhalization fo North & East, about time we teach them what happens WHEN A DULY elected legitimate Sovvereign Govt. is TERRORIZED by bunch of Tamils(no all) most of them, because they want to some how carve a place called – I cannot say that as IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL for them to use it.

    Their country is TN, Tamil Nadu go there do not hoodwink, USA, CANDA & EUROPE to beleive ther is discrimination period. 12% of the Tamils now reduced to 4.5% STILL clamouring for more, at the expense of Sinhalese. This should not be allowed, move more Sinhalelse & Muslims to NORTH & ONLY Sinhalese to East.

    It will be a peace effort by the GOSL to do this. No one should complain because it is our country & our Govt. An American who has visited Lanka in wayback, when has said HE DID NOT now that the TRIP was paid by LTTE RUMP. They have enough intelligence to probe others, BUT did not know Tamils & Tigers sponsored his trip.. Come on now be sensible & tell us the truth.

    I feel if sufficient number of Snhalese people are moved to North this EXCLUSIVITY will vanish & they will learn how to live with Sinhalese as THEY DO NOW IN THE SOUTH & in COLOMBO.


  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Nimal Fernando! No “Ethnic Enclaves” in Sri Lanka …. EVER!

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    “Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said it loud and clear: that “ethnic enclaves have no place in Sri Lanka.””

    But he has FAILED to make it happen.

    Just stating this won’t work because THERE ARE TAMIL ONLY GHETTOES in SL. It is a FACT. They must be DISMANTLED by settling Sinhalese and Muslims.

    e.g. If you leave water filled buckets in garden mosquitoes will grow. No point denying it. Just BUST these enclaves.

  22. Nanda Says:

    It is the same in 1973. That time Gotas were saying the same, leaving the bucket. They didn’t bother to overturn the bucket, nor to get rid of the mosquitos Prabha, Uma etc. See what happned.
    Turn the bucket upside down now when you can. 10 years down the line surely UNP will make a comeback. Gota , MR and the relatives will die one day. If bucket remails Sinhale will be infected again.

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    YES LORENZO, Gota hoodwinks the people by saying something to put a smile on the peoples face. Yet NO ACTION.
    ALL…F…No…S. Just baloney. Humbugerry.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    The GOSL census of WAR CASUALTIES covering 1983 to May, 2009 completed on December 20, 2013, will be checked to prevent duplication and false data, and will be released in March, 2014.

    The TNA is already trying to discredit this Census for it will DISPROVE their FALSE ALLEGATIONS, and will saddle the Eelamists with civilian casualties from their own terrorism outside the LAST PHASE of the war.

    The TNA wants to focus on the LAST PHASE ONLY, but the Census will SHED LIGHT on their murders throughout the ENTIRE CONFLICT.

    It will expose their murder and mayhem in Sri Lanka, and will hold them responsible for all of the deaths leading up to that final despicable act of cowering behind a human shield in the Mullaitivu pocket, while the CHORUS of Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora WOLVES in VICTIM’s sheepskins wailed “Save Our Surya Deva” … to no avail.

    It looks as if this particular stick of Eelamist Dynamite, held aloft to be thrown at us, will blow their own arms off!

    POETIC JUSTICE …. me thinks!

    Sri Lankan government rejects Tamil party’s claim, asserts census of missing in war follows international norms

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 26, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government Thursday has vehemently rejected a claim by the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance, that the census conducted by the government on human and material losses due to the war will attempt to play down the number of casualties.

    The Department of Census and Statistics dismissing the TNA’s claim said the census conducted by the Department was done according to international standards and norms with every aspect of loss being addressed.

    The TNA claimed that the circumstances of incidences of disappearances and deaths were not accommodated in the census process and the party could not agree with the procedures employed by the Department.

    Speaking to local Daily Mirror, the Director General of the Census and Statistics Department, D.C.A Gunawardena has said that the TNA’s claim was a “political gimmick”.

    According to the Director General the census was carried out completely following international standards and practices of data collection.

    “We have devised a questionnaire after consultation with a steering committee which comprises experts in their relevant fields and all stakeholders,” he was quoted as saying.

    The assertion by the TNA is wrong and is based on their politics, the official has said.

    The Director General has explained that contrary to the claim by the TNA, the questionnaire comprised the causes of loss and every other factor relating to the loss.

    He has said that the census procedure inquired about all the circumstances of a death and also the census officials checked the documents and other material evidence of the relatives or family possessed in order to ascertain the authenticity of their claims.

    According to the official, the census was carried out island wide ensuring that all data was gathered without duplication.

    “This was not conducted in an ad hoc manner, we provided the technical expertise to the officials who are conducting the census. We are trying our level best to eradicate any duplication or gathering of false data,” Gunawardena told the Daily Mirror.

    He said the Department was following all internationally laid down procedures in conducting the census.

    In accordance with one of the recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, the Department of Census and Statistics last month commenced the nationwide census to ascertain details of people injured, disabled, and missing since 1983 up to May 2009.

    The survey, carried out in 14,022 Grama Niladhari Divisions, island wide deploying 16,000 officials to collect information, was completed by December 20th. In North one enumerator handled every 500 households while in South every 1000 households were questioned by one.

    The report of the island wide survey will be available in March next year, according to the Department.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    We sincerely hope that the War Causalities (2009) will be separated from the Tsunami (2004) dead and missing. Also who knows how many Tamil children the ltte killed when children snatched by them ran away or disobeyed the ‘masters’.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA going to do their OWN census to cook the number of war dead!!!

    When BOTH are presented at UNHRC, there will be confusion and ultimately the 40,000 figure which is the popular figure now will prevail!!

    And look who is financing this TREASON of TNA. Government!!! It is the NORTHERN PROVINCIAL COUNCIL using tax payer money that is doing this ANTI-SL BS census.

    MODAYA govt. digging its own grave.

    “COLOMBO: The provincial government in Sri Lanka’s main Tamil region said on Thursday it would compile its own death toll from the country’s ethnic war, saying an ongoing census would play down the number of casualties.

    Tamil officials said the census ordered by President Mahinda Rajapakse last month would give a distorted picture because of its “flawed” terms of reference, arguing that a more credible alternative was needed.

    “The council will work out the logistics of taking a count,” Dharmalingam Sithadthan, a senior member of the Northern Provincial Council, told AFP from the regional capital Jaffna.

    “This is something we have to do because we don’t accept the government census.”

    The United Nations has estimated that at least 100,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka’s 37-year separatist war with about 40,000 civilians killed in the final months of fighting in 2009.

    The Rajapakse government kicked off its own census late November after disputes over the scale of the killings in the final phases of the war dominated a Commonwealth summit in Colombo earlier in the month.

    Sri Lanka has repeatedly rejected allegations that its troops killed civilians while battling the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who were also accused of using civilians as a human shield.

    While launching the government census in November, the head of the public administration ministry, P.B Abeykoon, said they had “nothing to hide”.

    But Suresh Premachandran, a member of the Tamil National Alliance party who represents Jaffna in the national parliament, said the census had been designed to minimise the death toll. Compilers of the census would only be able to ask survivors whether they had lost spouses, sons or daughters and would not be allowed to ask survivors about the fate of their parents, said Premachandran.”

  27. Nanda Says:

    This is getting ridiculous day by day ! Can’t belive.

    We are the Modayas who supported Maha Ranee.

    We must say “Neechaya Government”. Maha Ranee now has eraned Neechaya (meaning scared,no backbone and even betray) doctorate after Run-Nil ( Ball-Nil).
    You can see this endless Thanha of one man.

    But Buddha said “Thanhaya jayathi Sokho” ( Craving gives birth to sadness or suffering). This fool will learn Buddhism when “sokho”” arrives, then it will be too late.

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    These CHALLENGES to the Authority of the GOSL, which allowed the TNA to gain control of the Northern Province, instead of REPEALING the Foreign Imposed 13th Amendment and DISMANTLING the Provincial Council System, WILL NOT END HERE but will CONTINUE as long as the Provincial Council System exists and the Tamil Separatists HOPES of a SEPARATE STATE are kept alive.

    We WARNED the GOSL of what will happen; this is JUST THE TIP of the Eelamist Iceberg that will ATTEMPT TO SINK Sri Lanka!

    The ONLY WAY to END THIS and Achieve PEACE & SECURITY for ALL People of Sri Lanka, is to DEMOLISH these HOPES and make the Eelamists FEEL HOPELESS!

    Northern Province surveys: NO GO FOR BOGUS CENSUS

    By Chaminda Perera
    December 23, 2013

    *Surveys conducted by dept. on par with international norms
    *Attempt to conduct alternate survey illegal, unacceptable

    Census and Statistics Department Director General D.C.A. Gunawardena yesterday said that no organization other than the Department of Census and Statistics is authorized to carry out surveys or a census of persons, in the Northern Province.

    Gunawardena’s comments came in the wake of the Tamil National Alliance’s (TNAs) announcement that ‘an alternate survey on human and property damage in the Northern Province during the 30 year conflict’ will be conducted by their representatives.

    He said that his department is empowered by law to conduct surveys on any subject in the country, including the North as and when necessary, and that the surveys by non-state actors are illegal and will not be acceptable.

    “Various persons and entities are trying to conduct surveys contrary to accepted norms and practices”, he said, adding that the surveys conducted by his department are strictly as per international norms and practices.

    He added that special permission has to be sought from the Presidential Task Force on Northern Development, if an organization intends to conduct a survey in the Northern Province.

    The Department has started an islandwide census to assess the human and property damage caused during nearly three-decades of conflict.

    The nationwide survey is a key recommendation of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). Meanwhile, Public Administration Ministry Secretary P.B. Abeykoon said his ministry has mobilized Grama Niladharis and other government officials at village level to conduct this survey efficiently and accurately. The first legal sanction in Sri Lanka provided under the Census Ordinance was granted in 1968 on the lines of the English law for the conduct of the first Census in 1871.

    This was amended in 1880 and repealed in 1900. A new Ordinance was drafted thereafter on the lines of the Indian Census Act and was passed by the Legislature. The Census

    Ordinance of 1900 substantially remained the basis for census taking in Sri Lanka throughout the years, with minor amendments in 1945, 1955, 1980 and 2000.

  29. Lorenzo Says:


    “Census and Statistics Department Director General D.C.A. Gunawardena yesterday said that no organization other than the Department of Census and Statistics is authorized to carry out surveys or a census of persons, in the Northern Province.”


    Can he stop that? NO!

    And which census the international community and TAMIL B***H’S UNHRC will trust? TNA census!

    Do you still think this rotten system can correct itself? NO, Ananda, NO.

    Nearing the UNHRC March 2014, TNA antics will INCREASE.

    Even if you DISAGREE with a military take over, SUPPORT IT to put pressure on these jokers.

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    Just as I expected.

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has said it will push for an independent international probe into alleged war crimes committed during the final phase of the civil war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009.

    TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said that his party would push their case when the UN Human Rights Council meets next March in Geneva.

    The party would also brief the international and diplomatic communities on the need to conduct an independent investigation, PTI reported.”


    Can the system stop TNA terrorists destroying SL using SL taxpayers money? CAN’T!

  31. Ananda-USA Says:

    The GOSL ENCOURAGED the Eelamists Separatists by raising the TNA to power in the Northern Province, and now REAPS its REWARD!

    EVERY DAY, in EVERY WAY the Eelamists will undermine the GOSL and threaten the PEACE & SECURITY of the Nation.

    When will the GOSL WAKE UP, REPEAL the Foreign Imposed 13th Amendment, DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System, INCREASE the presence of the Armed Forces in the former war zones and along our borders, and Adopt a National Policy of Ethnic Integration designed to HOMOGENIZE the distribution of Ethnic Communities throughout the country?

    SOON we hope, before the NATION falls prey to these Separatist Racists …. and degrades into a patchwork of communal Apartheid Bantustans perpetually at war with one another!

    Main Tamil party of Sri Lanka pushes for an international probe into war crimes allegations

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 28, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has said that it will push for an independent international probe into alleged war crimes committed by the government during the final phase of the civil war against the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    Tamil party parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran has told media that a TNA delegation will go to Geneva to present their case at the UN Human Rights Council session in March next year.

    The TNA will brief the diplomatic communities ahead of the UNHRC session on the situation in Sri Lanka and the need to conduct an independent investigation.

    According to Premachandran the party at its annual convention held in Vavuniya last week has decided to step up their efforts at the UNHRC this time to call for an international investigation.

    The government anticipates the western governments to force the UNHRC to adopt another resolution on Sri Lankan calling for an independent international investigation into the war crime allegations at the March 2014 session in Geneva where the UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navanetham Pillay will present the formal report on her August 2013 visit to Sri Lanka.

    External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris recently said that the international pressure to achieve the tasks recommended by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to achieve reconciliation is not productive.

    He said the threatening and the international pressure are not the path for Sri Lanka to go forward and asked the international community to give Sri Lanka a vote of trust, “because the Sri Lankan government has the greatest will to do things right and is dedicating great resources to reconciliation and reconstruction.”

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    There should be a ONE-TO-ONE correspondence in PENALTIES METED OUT TO THE TNA with the TNA’s Anti-National Activities.

    EVERY TIME the TNA launches an move to UNDERMINE the GOSL and move towards Eelam, ONE MORE Pribviledge enjoyed by the TNA in the Northern & Eastern Provinces should be ELIMINATED …. in the National Interest.

    That way, the TNA will realize that its Anti-National ACTIVITIES are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and results in further limiting its FREEDOM OF ACTION & PRIVILEGES enjoyed before.

    Better still, the GOSL should do the following:

    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution,

    2. DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System in favor of appointed Government Agent administered Districts,

    3. BAN all COMMUNAL parties with communal party names and party constitutions with communal agendas,

    4. INCREASE the presence of the Armed Forces in the former SEPARATIST war-torn areas,

    5. ADOPT a O)NE-NATION National Policy of Ethnic Integration to HOMOGENIZE the ethnic distribution of population in the nation, with Government Sponsored and Promoted Voluntary Settlement of people as its centerpiece,

    6. SETTLE Armed Forces personnel and their families in the North & East with salary incentives, civilian infrastructure (nice homes with gardens that can be farmed, schools and technical colleges, hospitals, post offices, shopping centers) with incentives for employment-intensive business to locate there) to form the nucleii of the Ethnic Integration settlements,

    7. DEPLOY the NAVY and the COAST GUARD in bases within eyesight of each other along the coastline to guard the nation and its maritime resources against terrorist and economic human summglers, gun and drug runners and fish poachers,

    8. REDUCE & DISCOURAGE involvement by India in Sri Lanka’s CULTURAL, ECONOMIC, MILITARY and DIPLOMATIC areas. Impose STRONG Visa requirements against Indian visitors, ARREST and DEPORT all Kallathonis, Heavily Tax Indian products, impose strict Quality Standards on Indian goods and give Incentives to local producers of import substitution goods. Impose a strict Quota on Indian citizens residing in Sri Lanka for ANY Purpose …. business or otherwise, and deny visas to Indian journalists from Tamil Nadu. STOP ALL FORMS OF COLONIZATION of Sri Lanka by India. India is NO FRIEND of Sri Lanka.

    9. INVEST HEAVILY in Civilian Infrastructure and Education/Training of Sri Lanka’s citizens as opposed to spending on CURRENT CONSUMPTION. Make Sri Lanka SELF-SUFFICIENT in Energy and Food, promote Innovation and Local Production for Export not only to Western countries, but also to the Developing world. Let Sri Lanka become the friendly purveyor of advanced technologies, reliable manufactured goods, and technical/professional services to the developing world.

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    As you had chances to learn UMPTEEN TIMES GOSL will NEVER do any of those.

    ONLY a pro-people military rule will have the balls to do those things.

    It helps if all patriots plant their feet firmly on ground and not on fairy lands or clouds.

    ONLY a military take over can save SL.

  34. Ananda-USA Says:


    You can PREACH UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME to ME on the need for a Military Takeover, but I will NEVER support pitting Sri Lanka’s Armed forces against the POPULARLY ELECTED Government of the Nation it is sworn to serve.

    NO ONE has ELECTED the Military, but the vast majority of the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka ELECTED this Government. No one in his right mind would advocate nullifying the FREE WILL of the PEOPLE.

    Deshapremi Bedha is not something a Patriot should contribute to, and I will not stoop to doing that.

    In my postings at LankaWeb I try to define what I think should be done in Sri Lanka’s National Interest. Their content will ULTIMATELY RESONATE in the hearts and minds of those Patriots … ordinary citizens and political leaders alike of Sri Lanka who do read LankaWeb posts … and someday will re-appear as Government Policy. We can depend on the suicidal uncompromising nature of the Tamil Separatists to ensure that … for as before they will underestimate the TOLERANCE & WILL of their fellow citizens.

    I recall my Crying in the Wilderness for over 25 years in private and in public media, advocating a Military Solution to LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka, even as I was criticized as a war-monger by friend and foe alike. Most, discouraged and dispirited by our own peace-niks and the holier-than-thou jaundiced Western media that helped to propagate the myth of LTTE invincibility, said it will never happen. The situation then seemed to be infinitely darker and hopeless than it is now.

    Nevertheless, IT DID HAPPEN, under the guidance of a POPULARLY ELECTED PATRIOTIC government reflecting the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of Sri Lanka. The Patriotic Forces came together, and the entire Nation’s resources were harnessed to accomplish that goal with single-minded focus …. as I had preached over several decades. I hasten to add that I do not take sole credit for that, but perhaps in some small way my writings had planted a seed in the right minds, or gave comfort to and confirmed their own views, that there was another viable alternative to abject capitulation. It took time for those seeds planted in the minds of patriots to germinate, take root, grow and blossom as that War of National Liberation from Terror.

    Likewise, it will take MORE TIME, and REPEATED TELLING, for the truth of what I say here on the steps that should be taken to consolidate that Military Victory to hit home, and for the leaders of Sri Lanka to act upon it, but IT MUST HAPPEN without turning the Patriotic Forces of our Motherland against each other and undermining what has been achieved to date.

    In the ULTIMATE ANALYSIS, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE must triumph for they will bear the BURDEN of their own decisions. I am CONFIDENT that it will … WHEN THE TIME IS RIPE!

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