Treatment of Minority in India
Posted on December 25th, 2013

By Afshain Afzal

The state citizens of disputed Jammu and Kashmir are not Indian nationals and are struggling for their independence from the Indian illegal occupation of their state. Jammu and Kashmir state is among those numerous independent states of British India who were forcibly included in Indian union without any legal provision. Struggle for independence is their fundamental and legitimate right guaranteed by United Nations but a drama is being staged as if internal unrest in India is linked with freedom struggle in held Jammu and Kashmir state, insurgency in the North East and left wing movement in the country.

In a recent statement, Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief disclosed, “The spread of Indian Mujahideen (IM) is the biggest threat to Indian internal security”. A week earlier, while addressing a three-day conference of Directors General of Police (DGPs) he dubbed members of IM as terrorists and declared the organization as threat to the world peace.

Interestingly, the worthy well informed Intelligence chief failed to realize that Indian Mujahedeen are Indian nationals and his statement would be an evidence that proves that home-grown terrorism comes from within India. One wonders how New Delhi could miss another opportunity to blame neighbouring Pakistan and freedom struggle in Jammu and Kashmir state behind the acts of terrorism in India.

It appears that there is a communication gap between New Delhi and its Intelligence network as IM has nothing to do with independence movement in Jammu and Kashmir. It seems that the statement has been propagated to hide the series of terrorist acts carried out by Hindu extremist groups, who have already made confession before Indian courts with regard to their involvement in Mumbai, Bangalore, Nandand, Samjhota Express and other bomb blasts.

Confessing Indian home-grown terrorism, Indian Union Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde claimed, “The terror outfit IM is responsible for three out of four terror attacks that have taken place in the country this year while the forth blast that took place in Bangalore was the handiwork of some misguided Indian fundamentalist belonging to Al-Ummah outfit”. The Home Minister pronounced, “India is facing multifarious challenges on the internal security front in the form of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir insurgency in some parts of the North East, the threat of left wing extremism and terrorism in hinterland of the country”. In other words, the Minister has admitted that terrorists behind Hyderabad twin blasts, explosions in Bodhgaya, Patna and Bangalore were carried out by Indian home grown terrorists.

In the same regard, Indian government claims major breakthrough in fight against terrorism by arresting hundreds of Indian terrorists in order to bring them to justice. With all the respect for Indian IB’s judgement in differentiating between freedom struggle, insurgency and terrorism, how they term Kashmiris’ links with Kashmiris across the Line of Control (LOC) in Pakistan as insurgency, when right of self determination of Kashmiris on both sides of LOC have been recognized by UNSC’s resolutions. No doubt, the artificial LOC cannot stop the Kashmiris including the minority to visit their own land on the other side.

During the recent Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) at New Delhi, top Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Geelani as well as other Kashmiri leaders of repute met the Pakistani delegation and demanded a resolution on the Kashmir issue. Although, under the mutual agreement between the representatives of Hindus (All India National Congress) and Muslims (All India Muslim League) on partition, state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as other independent states were to be dealt vide Cabinet Mission Plan but in 1955 India backed out from the agreement and illegally announced held Jammu and Kashmir state as integral part of India.

The Resolutions of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed in 1948 and 1949, accepting the right of self determination of Kashmiris through plebiscite were also not honoured by New Delhi. Criticizing meeting of Kashmiris with their Pakistani brothers on the sidelines of ASEM, Indian puppet Chief Minister of disputed Jammu and Kashmir state, Omar Abdullah while dubbing Kashmiris as enemies of India said, “The biggest misfortune of Kashmiris is that our enemies are not outside our state, we ourselves are our enemies.” The Kashmiris are behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ but how long the civilized countries of the world and International humanitarian organizations would ignore right of elf-determination of these Indian black propaganda ridden state citizens, internationally recognized as refugees.

It is interesting to note that Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh in his address to the UN General Assembly this year pronounced UN Resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir outdated, asked Pakistan to shut down terrorist machinery on its soil and said that there can be no compromise on the territorial integrity of India of which Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part. He said, “State-sponsored cross-border terrorism is of particular concern to India, also on account of the fact that the epicentre of terrorism in our region is located in our neighbourhood in Pakistan.” If we analyse the statement of Chief Minister of disputed Jammu and Kashmir state we would come to the conclusion that Kashmiris who vow for the right of self-determination on the basis of UNSC resolutions are treated as enemies of India,    “… our enemies are not outside our state, we ourselves are our enemies.” One wonders why India fails to track back her own statements about its home grown terrorism and malign Pakistan for terrorism on India soil at international forums and platforms. It has become a routine for Indian leaders visiting foreign countries during conferences, seminars, workshops and high level visits to malign Pakistan for her own misdeeds but this time they have crossed all limits and dubbed their own Muslim minority as terrorists.

The international intelligence community has been so much brainwashed by Indian agencies and leadership that they are unable to distinguish between persons holding hard-line beliefs for independence and terrorists. It is an open secret that the Indian Army Northern Command and Para Military Forces have been tasked by New Delhi to hunt Kashmiris in fake encounters and operations, just like wild rabbits, in order to prove their link with other half of their state in Pakistan. Kashmir living in Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir state are lucky that their state is not under the Indian Union otherwise their fate would not have been different from Indian Muslims who are dubbed as Indian Mujahideen.

New Delhi is much perturbed as Indian terrorists have penetrated in a number of foreign countries including Gulf and neighbouring South Asia states. According to an estimate, alone in Pakistan, over 4.8 million Indian national are residing illegally. Most of them penetrated illegally after 1972 and many of them have even arranged computerized national identity cards to evade their illegality and are in occupation of abandoned properties. In the recent past, on the request of Indian government, Saudi Arabia has deported three wanted Indian terrorists, who have been identified as Abu Jundal, who was involved in Mumbai attack, IM activist Fasih Mohammed, who was involved in Delhi and Bangalore blasts and another terrorist Abdur Rayees, who was involved in  2009 explosive haul case in Kerala. Few day back New Delhi has again requested Saudi Arabia to deport a group of another four Indian terrorists, who entered Saudi Arabia on Indian passports.  The said so called terrorists are claimed to have been involved in bomb blasts Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi. It has also come also come to light that a number of Indian terrorists have been successful in acquiring Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali passports to operate their terrorist activities from other countries. One wonders how a country like India can dreams permanent seat in UNSC when it dubs its own Muslim minority as terrorists and is not ready to honour UNSC resolutions.

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7 Responses to “Treatment of Minority in India”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia does what is good for Endia but SL does what is BAD for SL.

    Endia knows where to keep its minorities but SL doesn’t.

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    India is a terror state and it’s a curse of South Asia. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives are not peaceful on Indian state terrorism.
    India and their spy agency RAW trained more than 15,000 tamil terrorists in India and had 22 tamil terrorist training camps in Uttarkhand and many in tamil nadu. In 1980’s Sri Lanka army was nearly 25,000 men. They trained equal man power of terrorists to attack on Sri Lanka. India trained terrorists to blast bombs in populated area in Colombo and targeted economical sensitive bodies. Indian trained tamil terrorists blasted Air planes, Passenger trains, Passenger buses and many civil targets. India trained tamil terrorists killed many anti Indian Sinhala politicians. The crimes they done to Sri Lanka is enough their leaders send to Nuremburg type trail.
    World know that Indians killed more than a million Muslims during 1947 when create Pakistan. They invaded Kingdom of Sikkim and merged to India and threatened to Nepal sovereignty. Bhutan never allows deciding independently. Myanmar’s Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by forcedly occupied thanks to British invaders. India trained tamil terrorists group PLOTE invaded Maldives and tried to assassinate the President of Maldives and capture the country.
    On expansionism Indians occupied Mauritius as an Indian country and now natives in Mauritius become minority. Indian are now 70% of the population. India tries to do the “Mauritius example” to every south Asian nation.
    Asoka dharmachkra on India national flag must remove and add Nazi Hitler’s “Swastik” on it.

  3. Christie Says:

    Thanks Sri. Can I add that the saw called RAW is what India tells the world. In Bharata (India local name) the intelligence service is called the Third Eye. It was formed by Chandra Bose, Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. One of its first acts was to help Nazis and Japan during the second world war. In Ceylon it funded and managed SWRD Bandaranayake. It trained Tamil terrorist in Palestinian Refugee Camps in 1979.
    Indian as partners of the British-Indian Empire has done more damaged to humanity than any other group of people in the world and they continuing to do it. They use non-violent aggression and oppression as the weapon. Victims are not aware of the suffering but the wounds are worse.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    The GOSL ENCOURAGED the Eelamists Separatists by rainsing the TNA to power in the Northern Province, and now REAPS its REWARD!

    EVERY DAY, in EVERY WAY the Eelamists will undermine the GOSL and threaten the PEACE & SECURITY of the Nation.

    When will the GOSL WAKE UP, REPEAL the Foreign Imposed 13th Amendment, DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System, INCREASE the presence of the Armed Forces in the former war zones and along our borders, and Adopt a National Policy of Ethnic Integration designed to HOMOGENIZE the distribution of Ethnic Communities throughout the country?

    SOON we hope, before the NATION falls prey to these Separatist Racists …. and degrades into a patchwork nation of communal Apartheid Bantustans perpetually at war with one another!

    Main Tamil party of Sri Lanka pushes for an international probe into war crimes allegations

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 28, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has said that it will push for an independent international probe into alleged war crimes committed by the government during the final phase of the civil war against the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    Tamil party parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran has told media that a TNA delegation will go to Geneva to present their case at the UN Human Rights Council session in March next year.

    The TNA will brief the diplomatic communities ahead of the UNHRC session on the situation in Sri Lanka and the need to conduct an independent investigation.

    According to Premachandran the party at its annual convention held in Vavuniya last week has decided to step up their efforts at the UNHRC this time to call for an international investigation.

    The government anticipates the western governments to force the UNHRC to adopt another resolution on Sri Lankan calling for an independent international investigation into the war crime allegations at the March 2014 session in Geneva where the UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navanetham Pillay will present the formal report on her August 2013 visit to Sri Lanka.

    External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris recently said that the international pressure to achieve the tasks recommended by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to achieve reconciliation is not productive.

    He said the threatening and the international pressure are not the path for Sri Lanka to go forward and asked the international community to give Sri Lanka a vote of trust, “because the Sri Lankan government has the greatest will to do things right and is dedicating great resources to reconciliation and reconstruction.”

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    There should be a ONE-TO-ONE correspondence in PENALTIES METED OUT TO THE TNA with the TNA’s Anti-National Activities.

    EVERY TIME the TNA launches an move to UNDERMINE the GOSL and move towards Eelam, ONE MORE Pribviledge enjoyed by the TNA in the Northern & Eastern Provinces should be ELIMINATED …. in the National Interest.

    That way, the TNA will realize that its Anti-National ACTIVITIES are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and results in further limiting its FREEDOM OF ACTION & PRIVILEGES enjoyed before.

    Better still, the GOSL should do the following:

    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution,

    2. DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System in favor of appointed Government Agent administered Districts,

    3. BAN all COMMUNAL parties with communal party names and party constitutions with communal agendas,

    4. INCREASE the presence of the Armed Forces in the former SEPARATIST war-torn areas,

    5. ADOPT a O)NE-NATION National Policy of Ethnic Integration to HOMOGENIZE the ethnic distribution of population in the nation, with Government Sponsored and Promoted Voluntary Settlement of people as its centerpiece,

    6. SETTLE Armed Forces personnel and their families in the North & East with salary incentives, civilian infrastructure (nice homes with gardens that can be farmed, schools and technical colleges, hospitals, post offices, shopping centers) with incentives for employment-intensive business to locate there) to form the nucleii of the Ethnic Integration settlements,

    7. DEPLOY the NAVY and the COAST GUARD in bases within eyesight of each other along the coastline to guard the nation and its maritime resources against terrorist and economic human summglers, gun and drug runners and fish poachers,

    8. REDUCE & DISCOURAGE involvement by India in Sri Lanka’s CULTURAL, ECONOMIC, MILITARY and DIPLOMATIC areas. Impose STRONG Visa requirements against Indian visitors, ARREST and DEPORT all Kallathonis, Heavily Tax Indian products, impose strict Quality Standards on Indian goods and give Incentives to local producers of import substitution goods. Impose a strict Quota on Indian citizens residing in Sri Lanka for ANY Purpose …. business or otherwise, and deny visas to Indian journalists from Tamil Nadu. STOP ALL FORMS OF COLONIZATION of Sri Lanka by India. India is NO FRIEND of Sri Lanka.

    9. INVEST HEAVILY in Civilian Infrastructure and Education/Training of Sri Lanka’s citizens as opposed to spending on CURRENT CONSUMPTION. Make Sri Lanka SELF-SUFFICIENT in Energy and Food, promote Innovation and Local Production for Export not only to Western countries, but also to the Developing world. Let Sri Lanka become the friendly purveyor of advanced technologies, reliable manufactured goods, and technical/professional services to the developing world.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    As you had chances to learn UMPTEEN TIMES GOSL will NEVER do any of those.

    ONLY a pro-people military rule will have the balls to do those things.

    It helps if all patriots plant their feet firmly on ground and not on fairy lands or clouds.

    ONLY a military take over can save SL.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Two more Tamil RACIST appeasements. One already happened the other SOON!!

    This pro-Tamil govt. is so predictable.

    1. “Tamil Nadu fishermen delegation meets PM” – Endia news

    So now the Endian PM will ORDER SPINELESS MR to release those criminals. ASSURED!!

    2. “Colombo, 28 December, (
    Major General Udaya Perera at present the Security Forces Commander Kilinochchil, will be the new Security Forces Commander – Jaffna Peninsula, effective from 1st January 2014.”

    During the war he did many good work we should appreciate.

    But his most recent qualification – spending defence money and making the world’s tallest X-mas tree in Kilinochchi!!!

    (Obviously all this done with the AGREEMENT of GR.)

    This was another TNA demand to SACK MG Hathurusinghe. DONE!

    MR is the obedient servant of Tamil RACISTS. But soon he will find it difficult to keep pace with Tamil racist demand. So he will fail at UNHRC. What a coward!

    (Please don’t delete this comment as it is the truth as it is undiluted.)

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