THE C4 VIDEOS ABSOLUTE FAKES -ICTA chairman decries misuse of technology:
Posted on December 27th, 2013

Video forgery is a technique for generating fake video by altering, combining, or creating new video content …:

Experts who extensively studied the content of videos produced by Channel 4 in UK have clearly stated that these videos are forgeries, ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) chairman Professor P. W. Epasinghe said.

Speaking as the Chief Guest at ICTer 2013 held at the BMICH recently, Prof Epasinghe decried the misuse of technology and reminded the audience that the country had witnessed the negative impact of the controversial video ‘Channel 4’.

“We all know how technology could be used against humanity and the stability of an emerging nation like Sri Lanka. Some media organisations sometimes misuse technology to pursue their own agendas. Some misuse technology, especially communication technology to achieve their narrow individual objectives,” he said.

“As citizens of this country, we all witnessed the negative impact of the controversial video, ‘Channel 4’ attempting to disseminate falsehoods about the last days of the humanitarian operation in the North.

“According to subject specialists, video forgery is a technique for generating fake video by altering, combining, or creating new video content,” Prof. Epasinghe said.

“The videos produced by Channel 4 have been extensively studied by experts who have stated in no uncertain terms that they are forgeries,” said Prof. Epasinghe who is also the Peradeniya University Chancellor.

Prof. Epasinghe, who is a Senior Presidential advisor also strove to drive home to the audience the need to stand for fairness in the global community.

“Do small militarily weak countries have access to justice even before a body such as the United Nations?” he asked.

He gave an example that indicated the precarious situation that some emerging nations found themselves in. “For example, Mr. Robin Cook, a former British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary was asked on a live international television show in 2003 by the BBC whether he had any fears that some of their officials would be dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for their unjustified invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and subsequent murders of tens of thousands of citizens of those countries. Britain also holds veto powers on the UNSC; the one organ where the ICC derives its authority from.” Mr. Cook said: “This is not a court set up to bring to book Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, or Presidents of the United States”.


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11 Responses to “THE C4 VIDEOS ABSOLUTE FAKES -ICTA chairman decries misuse of technology:”

  1. Dr Romesh Senewiratne Says:

    The Channel 4 propaganda exercise has done a lot of damage to the interests of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan people. It is clear that the documentaries and news “coverage” has been biased in the extreme. In addition, there is good reason to believe that atrocities committed by the Tamil Tigers has been systematically blamed on the Sri Lankan armed forces.

    I have followed the use of the Channel 4 propaganda films by people involved with Amnesty International in Australia. It is clear that the videos have been used in an orchestrated way, timed to embarrass the Sri Lankan government at politically important moments. A case in point is the way my father, Brian Senewiratne, used the Channel 4 videos in an effort to market his own propaganda videos purporting to give “background information” on Sri Lanka. My father was first employed by AI in 1961, when the British propaganda organization was first floated. These videos include graphic atrocity photographs that were circulated by the LTTE international propaganda operations to try an win the support of the “International Community” (as they called it).

    One series of photographs is of the Martin family, who were tortured and killed in 2006, after returning to Vankalai in 2006. This is from Wikipedia:

    “The Vankalai massacre was a massacre of a family of four minority Sri Lankan Tamils from the village of Vankalai in Mannar District, Sri Lanka on June 8, 2006. The victims were tortured and the mother was gang raped before her murder.[1] The Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) accused each other of perpetrating the killings.

    The village of Vankalai is located about six miles southeast of the town of Mannar, in Mannar District…
    Some former residents returned to the area following the 2002 ceasefire between the LTTE and the government. Among them was the Martin family – carpenter Moorthy Martin, 27-year-old Mary Madeleine (known as Chitra), formerly a teacher with the Jesuit Refugee Service in Tamil Nadu, and their nine-year-old daughter Lakshika and seven-year-old son Dilakshan – who returned to Vankalai from southern India.[2][3]”

    I have noticed that the same photos of the hanging, blood-stained bodies of the children have been used in propaganda films by Vaiko (in Tamil Nadu), Bruce Fein (in the USA) and Brian Senewiratne (in Australia). The fact that the LTTE had planted “evidence” implicating the army at the scene of the crime (as mentioned by my father and Bruce Fein) points to this being a premeditated atrocity by the LTTE in an effort to win public sympathy.

    This is only one example, but it shows the LTTE modus operandi some time before Channel 4 lent its dubious credibility to the LTTE’s global propaganda operations.

    More detail can be found in my documentaries, “Understanding the Tamil Tigers”, which have been posted on YouTube:

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Of course they are FAKE and Tamils KNOW they are fake.

    But look at the impact.

    Even SL leaders started panicking and offer APPEASEMENTS to Tamils in fear of these FAKE clips.

    e.g. Scarecrows are FAKE. But some birds still fear it.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Last line, very appropriate, very analytical.

    All Sri Lankan Politicians FEAR TNA ” Tamil Scarecrows ” They shiver on seeing them. Often they piss in their pants.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Lor, Sus,

    Our buggers are not scared of Tamils. They are scared of their multi-billion dollar oversea bank accounts get frozen if convicted.
    These birds know that who setup scarecrows will come out and shoot.

    Thanhaya Jayati Sokho.

    FEAR the greatest suffering
    Is created by too much craving
    Whats the point of his living
    Being scared of ICC dragging

    Will this be realized by Ranee
    And put back the stolen money
    Than buying Lambogini
    while keeping Helaya in Badagini

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Makes sense.

    So that is why our CORRUPTION leaders are too scared of Tamil allegations of war crimes.

    The BILLIONS they have earned illegally driving fear.

    That is why only a military take over can save SL.

  6. mjaya Says:


    I am also beginning to think that a military takeover is the best option (as long as there is a quick return to democracy – with very very drastic modifications).

    Sri Lanka has no hope. UPFA corrupt to the core.

    UNP even worse! JVP not in a million years after what they did in the past and what they still do in universities.


    What you say about billion dollar accounts also makes sense. Abolishing the 13A and enforcing the 6A against the TNA are peanuts for the government with 2/3 majority. But they are using the 2/3 majority to make this country a (Raja)-Daniya.

    Its just like in the days of Chandrika, everybody hated her and her government for her incompetence, corruption but everyone voted for her because Ranil was far far worse.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m losing hope in GR as well.

    LIKE “peaceful” Tamils who BY OMMISSION support the LTTE/TNA cause and discrediting SL, GR is supporting the pro-LTTE govt. BS by omission. He is NOT paid to betray the country or do nothing.

    A QUICK military take over, change constitution and hand back power to elected leaders (army officials CAN contest that election) is the way.

    There is NO other hope for SL. It is FOOLISH to think UPFA, UNP, JVP, etc. can save SL. Like a dog biting into a bone. Only the smell of blood NO meat.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Just as I expected.

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has said it will push for an independent international probe into alleged war crimes committed during the final phase of the civil war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009.

    TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said that his party would push their case when the UN Human Rights Council meets next March in Geneva.

    The party would also brief the international and diplomatic communities on the need to conduct an independent investigation, PTI reported.”


    Can the system stop TNA terrorists destroying SL using SL taxpayers money? CAN’T!

  9. S de Silva Says:

    It is all very sad. We are all facing this $$hit in the absence of a credible legal back up to protect us. Taking this issue of “Fake Video” has the GoSL ever trird to sue the producers, the only sure fire means of shutting them up. We seeem to be muttering the same claim but never with the precise action to combat bogus allegations. S de Silva – London

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Two more Tamil RACIST appeasements. One already happened the other SOON!!

    This pro-Tamil govt. is so predictable.

    1. “Tamil Nadu fishermen delegation meets PM” – Endia news

    So now the Endian PM will ORDER SPINELESS MR to release those criminals. ASSURED!!

    2. “Colombo, 28 December, (
    Major General Udaya Perera at present the Security Forces Commander Kilinochchil, will be the new Security Forces Commander – Jaffna Peninsula, effective from 1st January 2014.”

    During the war he did many good work we should appreciate.

    But his most recent qualification – spending defence money and making the world’s tallest X-mas tree in Kilinochchi!!!

    (Obviously all this done with the AGREEMENT of GR.)

    This was another TNA demand to SACK MG Hathurusinghe. DONE!

    MR is the obedient servant of Tamil RACISTS. But soon he will find it difficult to keep pace with Tamil racist demand. So he will fail at UNHRC. What a coward!

    (Please don’t delete this comment as it is the truth as it is undiluted.)

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NANDA !! President can be rated as ” Wonder of Asia Trillionaire ” There is no question of putting back any monies. It is there for Happy Retirement, for family, friends, relations, faithful servants etc. They will have mansions, where the private jets are wheeled into the mansions lobby, or dining room. I have see many of the belonging to international jet set billionaires.. on intrnet. For us podians,iy is fanciful thinking In that Elevatin Things happen, That will be years away. We have to wait the time bis ripe. Who will give us this info. LEt us wait and see chuns,

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