Posted on January 4th, 2014

 Malin Abeyatunge

 Russian PM Putin didn’t mince his words when he in his New Year Message to the nation said that “quote Dear friends, we bow our heads in front of the victims of the terrible acts of terror. I am sure we will toughly and consistently continue to fight against terrorists until their total destruction” unquote.   He made this statement when  Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday threatened “terrorists” with total destruction after twin suicide strikes claimed 34 lives and raised alarm over security at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. A bombing at the main railway station of the southern city of Volgograd killed 18 people on Sunday while a second strike that hit a trolleybus on Monday claimed 16 lives. The blasts are Russia’s deadliest since a suicide raid on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport that was claimed by Islamic insurgents from the North Caucasus killed 37 people in January 2011.

 President Rajapaksa spoke the same language in the same tone soon after rescuing Mavil oya villagers from the grips of LTTE  when he firmly vowed to destroy LTTE comprehensively. It did happen on 18 May 2009 completely annihilating LTTE terrorist outfit to the surprise and disappointment of Tamil Diaspora and the western countries that appeased and supported LTTE. Need not mention how the west & India supported to keep LTTE alive. The LTTE defeat was eggs on the faces of USA, UK, Canada, Norway, EU countries and India  who tried their utmost attempts to save Prabhakaran and his terrorist gang. Instead of supporting  Sri Lanka for defeating the world most brutal terrorist organization , the terrorist supported west & India decided to take revenge against Sri Lanka by bringing “WAR CRIMES” charges at the UNHRC  session ably supported by UNSG Ban-Ki-Moon and Navi Pillay through the infamous illegal Darusman report.

 The question is whether RUSSIA will have to face the same consequences Sri Lanka had to face from the west maneuvered by USA, UK, Canada at any future  UNHRC session  for violation of human rights. The UNHRC is ready to bring War Crimes charges against the President Rajapaksa and the tri forces again in March 2014 and Russia has already pledged their support to Sri Lanka to defeat such resolutions.

I bet the west will dare to question PUTIN for any war crimes when he, as vowed  destroy the Terrorists who were responsible for the latest suicide bombing in Volgograd where the Sochi Winter Olympics Games have been planned.  Putin can take a cue from President Rajapaksa  regime in dealing with terrorists as since the LTTE was comprehensively defeated in May 2009, there were no suicide bombs or any  other terrorist crimes and even during the CHOGM which conducted without any hitch.  Sri Lanka will be waiting to see the reaction of USA, UK, Canada, EU countries on Putin if he destroys the Terrorist outfit as vowed and the way he thinks right. THEY WILL DARE NOT as Russia is a powerful country unlike a small island like Sri Lanka. The west will continue to work tirelessly thro various international organisations until they Balkanize Sri Lanka to their agenda.

So, Mr.Putin ,we wish you all the courage to defeat the terrorists  who are making mayhem in your country and majority Sri Lankans will wholeheartedly support you and in return we need your unstinted support at the next UNHRC session in March 2014.




  1. Lorenzo Says:

    From 2001 to 2009 MR had a backbone. He lost it in 2010.

    Putin has a WEAKER backbone.

    I wouldn’t expect Putin to hammer terrorists. He can’t. Too weak.

  2. Christie Says:

    Sinhala defence forces wied out the Indian terrorist outfit branded Tamil Tigers. India is behind everything.

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    President Putin is the most powerful leader of the world. He is a patriotic Russian and only person who can really challenge to Anglo American and European imperialists. If not Russia and China neo colonists will take the entire control of the Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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