Posted on January 21st, 2014

Reported by Keerthi Warankulasuriya (The main news item published in Sunday Divaina of 19th January ”translated by Ranjith Soysa)

If the government forces are removed from the North war crimes charges will be withdrawn The demand rejected by the Sri Lankan government

.Sri Lankan government has totally rejected the American demand to consider withdrawal of Sri Lankan Government forces from the North and five other stipulations. The Americans have stated that if the Government of Sri Lanka agrees to implement these six stipulations the proposed motion on war crimes will not be tabled in Geneva in March.  The senior government sources told Sunday Diviana that the Sri Lankan government will not sacrifice the national interests and the national security in consideration of the US proposals.

Among the US demands are  : to provide all powers to the North and the East including the powers regarding land and the Police, to initiate an independent inquiry into the defence force personnel who are alleged to have committed war crimes, to let the NGOs and the media operate without any restrictions, to take legal action or to free the LTTE suspects presently in custody.

The according to the Government sources they have refused to consider the proposals favourably as the US demand is closely connected to the national security and if accepted will pave way for the armed separatism.

Meantime, most of the countries have informed Sri Lankan government they have no alternative but to support the American proposal as they are dependent on American aid. The motion   against Sri Lanka which will be tabled on 26th March  will be sponsored jointly by the USA, Canada, the UK, Switzerland and Norway



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    USA is after Tamil Elam and REVIVAL of LTTE.

    This time it is going to get WORSE. Previously ONLY USA sponsored resolutions now USA, Canada, the UK, Switzerland and Norway.

    But govt. has already WEAKENED national security in Jaffna peninsular by reducing the army to 12,000.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    This is what our traitors like Ranil are hoping for. And this is also the result of MR NOT having a competent persons and a plan to deal with the aftermath of the war – Not just winning the WAR militarily but having a plan to deal with the aftermath as well. – S de Silva – London

  3. Nanda Says:

    Lets see the action of ALAJJEE (shameless) after the usual “tough words”.

    They will
    1.Reduce troops further
    2. Give All the powers to LTTE
    3. Prosecute some innocent War heroes.

    and TRY whether the BIG BOSS is satisfied. NO it will not happen – This is the “Suicide Pragmatism” invented by Maha Ranee.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Obama government has violated the US constitution. The NSA has basically gutted the 4th amendment or the right to privacy. The massive government has gutted the 10th amendment or restrictions on the role of the Federal government. Laws are being passed to gut the 2nd amendment or the right to bear arms. The first amendment or the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression is coming under heavy scrutiny by the NSA.

    Obama care has destroyed more business than any other crisis. No business can run without purchasing Obama care for her uninsured employees. President Obama is determined to bypass the Congress on a slew of issues, and on and on it goes. Just type “US national debt clock real time” and see how quickly the US debt is going to destroy this nation and Obama plans to spend a trillion dollars per year for the next two remaining years.

    The last thing Washington D.C which is now a haven for the elite who run this nation like an Oligarchy is to lecture to another nation about what that government should or should not do. Take Iran for instance, all the crippling sanctions did not work. Tehran kept going on her nuclear weapons program and now Obama suddenly has decided to drop most of those sanctions based on a promise from leaders who are known not to keep to their promise.

    Yes nations like Sri Lanka have to stand their ground against traditional bullies like the US and India or open their society for equal inspection by nations like Sri Lanka for human rights violations. Question is why are nations like the US and India exempt of massive human rights violations?

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    This is called “Exceptionalism”; some are more equal than others ! There is no more decency in the world. Catholic Church and the Unholy See with their pants down are saying before the UN officials who are investigating Church crimes against children that there are only responsible for 30 children in the Vatican State. It is alright to pontificate to the whole world on rights and wrongs with no responsibility for her actions throughout the world.

    Britain has a 250 page dossier showing abuse of Iraquis by their armed forces. America is the universal peeping tom apart from God Himself and yet they have no shame. France the most shameless and despicable colonial power is going after minnows in Africa.

    Sri Lanka has to defend herself and must get ready for this noble cause. Getting ready to cover the posteriors of the higher ups alone will not suffice. Only cause open is to increase our military strengths; at least then the powers that be, will recognise Sri Lanka as another Exceptional country.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “Only cause open is to increase our military strengths; at least then the powers that be, will recognise Sri Lanka as another Exceptional country.”

    NO. That cannot be done. SL can NEVER have military strength to make the west recognize SL as another exceptional country.

    What we should do is destroy LOCAL traitors in the most effective way so that they can NEVER rise again. We have to be TACTFUL. Boats, planes, fracking for oil in Jaffna/Mannar, ganja, “paippa wathura”, snipers, LTTE, etc. should be used as tools.

    Fish live in water. If you can’t bust them, drain out the water. They will be busted.

  7. Christie Says:

    “Balallu lawa koseta bawanawa”. The God Hunaman is using US pussy to pick up hot nuts from the hot ashes. Why doesn’t Haunuman use its sacred fingers now without waiting for the Geneva voting day as it did last time?

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