Merchants of global human rights & American formulas
Posted on February 2nd, 2014

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

Game of blaming America

Corrupt leaders of former colonies have found an easy scapegoat in the selfish American establishment policy of exploiting other countries’ resources. For example, American state department is not like Sri Lankan foreign office or any other office. Presidents will come and go, ministers will change of green to blue or red to blue but the caravan called the establishment’s department passes. Until recently, even India had such a system of stability and short and long-term consistency. Any third world country idiot who comes to power should realize that America like any other powerful country is there to exploit his/her country as well as the rest of the world.  Therefore, trying to pass the buck, of his or her own stupidity and corruption, to an American ambassador or American people would not work in the long run. American establishment and ambassadors know this game very well and they have systematic and comprehensive mechanisms and spy networks to monitor host countries. If a local politician has in the home a picture of him/her shaking hands with Bill or Hillary Clinton or George Bush, prominently displayed, the chapter on humiliation is opened with an inferiority complex.

American formulas (tricks)

America was the only country in the world, which air dropped food and medicine on to some areas of a country, while dropping cluster bombs to another area of the same country (Sri Lanka is another exception in the world where a Tamil could go to the post office in a terrorist controlled area and draw his pension and then go and fight against the army). A classic  trick played by the American establishment in not opposing directly the South African apartheid regime in its crisis days (or to kill several birds with one stone) was to send there a tall black American as US ambassador (Edward Perkins) in 1987.  SF president P.W. Botha had to always look up to see the black ambassador’s face.  Now one can say, the state department (or Robert Blake suggested) to appoint an Indian-American to handle its South Asia desk, because when she visits Sri Lanka it looks like an Indian-Sri Lanka affair rather than a white American-black-white Sri Lankan affair. Take the World Bank or the IMF. White Europeans run the show from hidden offices at the top leaving field work to Asians or Arabs hired to bell the cats. This was the same thing with American cities. White mayors gave up leaving the big cities in the hands of blacks and Hispanics, and the outside world thinks in America minorities are in control. Nisha Desai Biswal

Cut pork on the flesh of pig

Not an American trick, but an American strategy, now is to apply the old colonial rule of divide and rule to local situations. For this it is important to get a foot hold on local soils by splitting locals. For example, Arabs were divided into two groups by promoting Saddam to invade Kuwait. In India, Hillary Clinton had the nerve to meet Jayalalitha without the Delhi even knowing about it.  In Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya or any other country America finds a section of the population willing to embrace America as the good guy and American makes its position very clear as the supporter of the good guys. In North Korea they could not establish such link with the locals. The American strategy is not to define who the good guy is, but to hint who is going to be the bad guy. In Sri Lanka, UNP and JRJ were always identified as the American supporters, but only after the NPC election in November 2013, the American ambassador can now claim to have a fraction similar to Benghazi in Libya.  Any military ” police interference will now be interpreted as suppression of human rights of Tamils in Jaffna, not a bad achievement for the American establishment. Christian Marxist, Dayan Jayatilleke must be so happy.

If Nisha Desai Biswal is not a Christian it should be surprising. In USA the assimilation is so easy for Christian immigrants.  In their case even the first name in most cases is Christian. Such immigrants get picked up by the establishment masters. A good example was Dinesh D’Souza, who says colonialism was the best thing happened to his grandparents in India. Louisiana Republican governor Bobby Jindal is another Indian like that. These people do a better agent job than a white American. Think of US embassy in Colombo. In its history how many non-Christians, non-Colombo people had it hired for jobs? Even at UNO, how many Sinhala Buddhists were nominated or hired for jobs?

Rights of trees and animals

It is unfortunate that we do not have anybody from the Buddhism or Pali or history departments of universities in Sri Lanka who is willing to spend time to tell the world (especially the imperialists of the white Christian world), that in Buddhism the rights of even trees and animals were recognized 2600 years ago.  In the case of trees this had happened in USA only in 1972 (Should trees have standing, Christopher Stone). Not just the example of Mahamevna Uyana  (a modern version is the Central Pak, New York), but in Sri Lanka villagers used to wash their hand after eating food on top of or at the root of their Karapincha plant/tree close to their kitchen, giving it an oily bath.  In his landmark essay titled, “The historical roots of our ecological crisis,” Lynn White Jr., (1967) asked the question, if the Christian belief that God created animals (and plants) for man’s benefit was to be blamed for the problems of environmental degradation and pollution.

The Buddhist view is that man (human) is part of nature and not separate from it. If, as the Bible says, woman was created from a rib of the man, or as Hindus believe, if four categories of people came from four body sections of Brahman, then we should begin HR issues and R2P weapon directly from those man-made constructs. This may be why two non-Buddhists, two ex-Indian presidents, repeated recently, that the solution to world’s problems could be found through Buddhism.  It is also interesting to note that the Indian presidents did not say so about Jainism found in India whose adherents refrain from eating even root crops because the root crop such as yam is considered as giving life directly to plants, unlike seeds or branches. The difference here is that in Buddhism the concept of ahimsa is influenced by the rule of the Middle Path or the reasonableness doctrine in popular western jurisprudence. Unlike in Abrahamic religions based on faith or belief where life is linear, in Buddhism life is cyclical and impermanent.  As Marx said, everything solid melts into thin air.

Christian vs. Buddhist human rights

How funny and strange then it is to think that a Sinhala Buddhist society run by a Sinhala Buddhist president with a Buddhism minister and constitutional clause of giving Buddhism something, is getting hammered by Christian political establishments (in the present case USA and UK) for violating human rights? The reality that Sri Lanka never had a Sinhala Buddhist government in Sri Lanka after 1948 but one always under the control of Christian black-whites is buried under false propaganda; if ten people say you are carrying a camel on your shoulders then the lamb becomes camel!  More importantly, our politician black whites want someone to fool them and abuse them so that they can in turn abuse people.

What goes on now is exactly this. The history of colonialism is using something to hide true reason of colonialism. It was exploitation of other countries resources at any cost. But to recruit soldiers (Portuguese) for the dangerous missions (Vas co da Gama or Columbus) they were promised profits in this world and the heaven for doing God’s work of converting infidels. In the colony it was a matter of bringing civilization, progress and modernization (read Gananath Obeysekere’s books). Christianity is everything, including Christian names.  In addition to the sword there was thus the psychological weapon of humiliation.  Even in 2014 take Nisha Biswal’s job. Is she not humiliating MahindaR and co.?  It is amazing that so many years after 1505 Sri Lanka is now treated as a country to be civilized using HR and R2P. We cannot blame Biswal for this. We have to blame our UNP, JVP and SLFP politicians.  But at present the blame goes to MahindaR for his commissions and omissions.

Church sex scandal

For some reason MR has not understood the bull of the eye.  When the Catholic church sex scandal was raging on some tried to justify it saying even Buddhist temples in ancient Tibet had such child molesting cases.  When a Wisconsin university researcher said this I challenged him and got him to accept the fact that the issue, the real crime, was not that priests did it, but the bosses of priests, the Church Authority, hid it instead of taking action to stop it.  Similarly, MR and his yes men black whites have become ostriches hiding their heads in the sand. They have failed to understand that by accusing America of its war crimes or HR abuses or what England did in Sri Lanka in 1818 or 1915, Sri Lanka cannot escape from the question they ask from the MR government; Why he has not implemented what he himself had promised to Ban Ki Moon and Manmohan Singh, days after May 19, 2009? There was an escape strategy from this trap if he was listening to the Sinhala Buddhists who helped him to become president in 2005. Instead the perception is that he is getting advice from the Catholic Cardinal and the Christian black-whites.

So many facts are so clear.

1. HR of former CJ Bandaranayaka or Lasantha Wickrematunga or terrorists killed in May 2009 is not why American is after MahindaR. These are used as smoke screen to hide the true intention which global and regional geopolitics. If there are two countries in the island America can use conflicts between the two countries to capture or get access to Trinco harbor in the north and to install an openly pro-American, Christian UNP puppet government in the south.

2. America is willing to forget about HR, if a country is open for exploitation. There is no country in the world with oil that America had close connections despite HR problems. HR started after Christians in Europe killed each other and to punish those who fought against America and England. Recent disclosures of America willing to withdraw March Geneva plan if MR agrees to certain conditions prove the bogus nature of America’s crusade over HR.

3. HR has become a big business for some white professional entrepreneurs in the west who are self-employed in a lucrative profit-making NGO network. R2P with American university links was the safest job security for these NGO employees. After the war Sri Lankan army found that so many NGOs did not use funds to help Tamil people but themselves and a few Prabhakaran agents. Yet, Sri Lankan government could not effectively regulate or monitor NGOs even now in 2014.

4. When the American establishment wants to achieve something it does not act in a hurry. It waits for 30 or 40 years if that is one is needed. The end of communist Russia took 70 years. The creation of WTO took waiting for 40 years. Thus it can wait even another decade to break Sri Lanka into two. By that time perhaps, MR, RanilW and SarathF are all gone.

5. The use of UNO for American purposes became derailed after UN Security Council veto power of China and Russia. So America found UN HRC-Geneva with R2P. The voting in this is not by countries using this principle or that principle. It is based on exploitation, religious influence and bribes. This is why what Dayan Jayatilleke boasts as his 2009 victory is no victory. America will go on until it gets what it wants.

6. All this means Sri Lanka should look inward and handle its domestic front properly, the Buddhist way. There is no question that:

a. Sri Lanka needs a new constitution;

b. Sri Lanka needs a new civil administration system which fits with its ecology;

c. a system to get rid of corruption, crime, waste and inefficiency;

d. a system that will reduce spatial inequality and income disparity;

7. After defeating a 30-year old terrorist outfit MR gained world’s respect and he could have become a model ruler for the Third world leaders. The problem in Sri Lanka was corrupt party-politics after 1948 which created an economic problem and an ethnic problem. The economic problem was gap between the rich and the poor and the disparity between Colombo and the villages.  The ethnic problem was two-fold: the fear of the Sinhalese of Tamil Nadu aggression and the desire of Tamil politicians to have some power of governance (because they were deprived of the leading roles that had under the colonial system of divide and rule). If Sinhala politicians used Buddhist principles they could have solved the two ethnic issues long time ago. Dudley S and Mrs. B had the best of times to do that, but they did not.

8. If MR is willing he can still solve this ethnic problem. The first step is to demarcate GSN units using ecology-hydrology. The second step is to create a ten member committee elected by people on non-political party basis to decide on their local day-to-day living issues. This was what LLRC also recommended, but ignored by Lalith Weeratunga. If LW had as his implementation plan the village level empowerment, then Wigneswaran or Sison or Biswal cannot confront MR the way they are doing now. The irony was that MR was willing to take this Jana Sabha path, but suddenly succumbed to the Divi Neguma bait.

If the thinking is that March Geneva could be a beggar’s wound for elections, people will not forget that MR created a serpent in NPC which now negates the war victory won by GotabhayaR and the Hasalaka Hero. Not Mrs. Chandrika, but if any other neutral person like Ven. Madudluwawe Sobhita contests election MR will be facing an uphill battle because only a person like Sarath F who will talk with his foot in his mouth.


15 Responses to “Merchants of global human rights & American formulas”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “but if any other neutral person like Ven. Madudluwawe Sobhita contests election MR will be facing an uphill battle because only a person like Sarath F who will talk with his foot in his mouth.”

    Yes. Sobitha can SERIOUSLY stuff up MR’s chances of getting re-elected. He will NOT be the president but he can REDUCE MR’s votes. Sobitha CANNOT reduce UNP votes. UNP will win.

    NPC, mosque, church attacks have driven minorities (including Sinhala Christians) AWAY from MR. That is 30% of the vote. At a presidential poll ALL this will go to UNP. MR still hold the Buddhist vote. He needs 50/70 = 71% of Buddhists voting for him to win 50%. But with Sobitha, he CANNOT do it. Sobitha will get ATLEAST 15% of all Buddhists’ vote. 100% – 15% = 85%. UNP black vote has at least 20% of the Buddhist vote. MAXIMUM MR can get is 65% of the Buddhist vote. That is NOT enough = 65% x 70% = 46% of the national vote. DEFEAT!

    Don’t forget NPC will play HAVOC knowing very well it will bring Tamils to UNP out of love and Sinhalese will go to Sobitha out of hate. Ravi K will kill Wimal W and patriotic votes will go to Sobitha even more.

    After the election Sobitha will join Run-nil.

    Run-nil will HANG patriots like GR to satisfy his Tamil voters with the help of USA.

    IF democracy is to be used to CORRECT the wrongs this will be the outcome. That is why a temporary military take over is the ONLY solution AFTER this Geneva nonsense NOT BEFORE unless MR CHANGES.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Now that Sri Lankans are experiencing first hand the treachery of internal opportunistic forces ever willing to join hostile forces, if there is something to gain personally, and those foreign nations with an agenda for Sri Lanka, resulting in the fabrication of lies against Sri Lanka through various NGOs individuals and other means at their disposal, will neutral and wise Sri Lankans ever believe the allegations the Western nations made against independent leaders of countries the west invaded or applied sanctions against, such as, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Libya, Serbia, Uganda, Iran, Syria, China, Russia etc,

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The human rights issue is being used by western countries as a pretext and tool to pursue selfish interests, demonize the image of developing countries and intervene in their internal affairs.

    The US State Dept publishes annual reports on human rights practices in other countries since 1977, lashing out at human rights conditions in more than 190 countries and regions. The US has been accustomed to, and is intent on, behaving as a “self-proclaimed human rights judge”. The US has never hesitated to point the finger at other countries’ human rights and to advocate that “human rights are superior to sovereignty” when it serves its own interests. But the US has refused to sign some of the major UN human rights covenants. Recently the UN Human Rights Council made 228 proposals for the US to improve its own human rights conditions, including urging the US to ratify some key international human rights treaties, improving the rights for minorities and reducing racial discrimination. However, the US refused most of these proposals on the grounds that its human rights allow no intervention from the outside.The double standard embraced by the US testify to the fact that human rights are being used by some countries as a tool to interfere with others’ internal affairs and the idea that “human rights stand higher than sovereignty” has become a political slogan for some to justify their hegemonic activities. Until the outbreak of World War II, Western countries were still enmeshed in their history of colonialism, racial discrimination and outside aggression. The widespread national liberation and democratic movements across the world following the end of World War II quickly resulted in the collapse of the West’s long-held moral excuses that were used to justify their past crimes and “use of force” and it turned to concepts, such as “humanitarian intervention” and “human rights are superior to sovereignty”, as the main means to regain their lost moral dominance and maintain their dwindling domain of influence throughout the world. By using abstract terms and their own criteria to define the concept of human rights, Western countries have attempted to completely separate human rights from sovereignty and then cause conflicts in specific countries and regions from which they can benefit and achieve their own political purposes. Human rights in individual countries can only be realized and protected in a sovereign country, when there are still strong and weak countries and when hegemonic activities and power politics still prevail.

    A country belongs to all its people and the country’s sovereignty is the concentrated embodiment of its collective human rights. The existence of sovereign nations constitutes the foundation of the current international society and under this precondition human rights conditions worldwide have made continuous advancements. In the absence of sovereignty, a country will have no ability and means to protect the human rights of its people. From Kosovo to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, under the pretext of “human rights being superior to sovereignty”, Western countries have chosen to use guns and bombs against the governments of these countries to realize their own ulterior motives. But the use of force has failed to bring the people in these countries improved human rights, on the contrary it has plunged them deep into humanitarian disasters and cost many their lives. Protecting human rights is a universal pursuit of people of all countries across the world. But if this issue is rigged by a handful of countries as the excuse to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs, the human rights of these countries and their people are ignored. Military interventions under the guise of moral slogans are in essence a kind of neo-colonialism

  4. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Since the 1950s Western imperialists have been in the business of regime change, assassinations and propping up client states to pillage the wealth of nations.
    In 1953, England and America overthrew the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh of Iran. The coup was orchestrated by the intelligence apparatus of both countries after Mohammad Mosaddegh nationalized the oil industry that was controlled by foreign interests. They set up Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (the shah of Iran) as a puppet authoritarian ruler who relied heavily on U.S. support.
    In 1961, in the Congo, the CIA in collaboration with Belgium plotted the overthrow and subsequent murder of Patrice Lumumbathe country’s first post colonial prime minister and installed Joseph Mobutu who served Western imperialists for 32 years until his own demise at the hands of Clinton administration backed proxies, Rwanda and Uganda. The war caused the death of 6 million Congolese.
    In 1966, Ghanaian independence leader Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was deposed by the CIA using ambitious enemies from within Ghana while Dr. Nkrumah was abroad in China on a peace mission attempting to mediate the Vietnam conflict.
    Another gross example of U.S. meddling in the affairs of others was the September 11, 1973 ousting and assassination of the legitimate, elected government of President Salvador Allende of Chile. The coup d’état was organized by the Richard Nixon administration and Chilean military, ushering in the brutal dictator General Augusto Pinochet. These are only three examples out of many that can be named as examples of America’s pursuit of wicked foreign policy objectives.
    A dictator becomes a ‘dictator’ abhorred by his countrymen when he has overused his authority & power. These are good lessons for such leaders overstepping their power because they have come to equate power as their right. Such have been the countries that the West have been quick to ear mark & target for overthrowing these countries has been an easy effort to enter & dislodge these leaders. It is these very citizens who end up helping the overthrow take place, thus the non-requirement for stretched military equipment or personnel & the use of their own to minimize the casualties to their own countrymen. Collateral damage is what the West would call this. The countries where these leaders become ‘dictators’ are often rich in natural resources which are one reason why they end up misusing the mandate given to them & becoming power hungry & their stooges & families end up devastating the country to which they are supposed to function as custodians.
    It is the lack of answering this all important question that demands the West not to use these false clichés of ‘freedom from dictators’ as an excuse. No sooner these ‘dictators’ are overthrown the first thing the West ends up doing is to tap the natural resources, take over the economic hubs & privatize all channels that will supply their countries a steady flow of monetary returns & economic gain. All those who played an indirect role in aiding the West by providing support end up just turning their heads away. Therefore, when we all know Iraq was a mistake it is good to now ask whether Syria is going to be another – where the consequences to the future of the people of these countries were never part of the strategy or overall plan!
    It is not hard to deduce that all of the efforts to overthrow Governments whatever type of governance has taken place in these countries are done so purely on the basis of acquiring the wealth of these nations. The calls for removal of these ‘despots’ or ‘dictators’ are mere slogans helped greatly by the mass media that provides the visuals of sensationalism to justify the overthrowing by painting the perfect picture of saviors against despots. It took no time for Mubarak of Egypt, the one time darling of the West to be portrayed with so much hatred by the media with no reminder to the public that he was an agent of the West. This is what is likely to happen to all other political leaders who think they will remain the darlings of the West & continue corrupt leadership.
    In any democracy where people come to power on the strength of a vote it is natural that almost half the nation will not vote in favor of the overall winner. This is certainly not basis for any country to say that a leader is opposed & plans set to overthrow him.
    The countries that are currently earmarked for regime change will know from diplomatic statements where their countries are heading for & this alone should suffice to ensure the country is set in order & issues that are likely to be used as excuses are properly taken care of. Corruption being one excuse is a perfect area to ensure that politicians, their stooges & the corrupt public service immediately function as they should & not as they want to run for the repercussions are far more dangerous in the present context.
    If any country should be saved by the West it should be Palestinians suffering in Gaza for years as a result of Israeli. What does the US do instead – it vetoes Resolutions brought against Israel in the UN.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Outside of the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service or the dreaded tax system and outside of Home Security or the NSa the most powerful department is the State department. The employees of this department have life time careers and they determine the US foreign policy regardless who is in the Executive Branch or the Presidency or who are the Congressmen or the Senators. The US state department has shaped world policies since it was created.

    Regarding Christianity and immigration there is no correlation from my experience as a Councilor in the University of California where I was in charge of non visa immigration issues and health issues. Race and not religion is the undercurrent of the US culture. I have personally witnessed the ease at which European students are accepted into the community while Asian and African students have a hard time at it. These students come from the very creme de la creme of their nations. The normal fee for an eight week course back in the 1980s was two thousand five hundred. In addition since they have to come on the F-1 non visa student application, they had to prove they had between five to ten thousand dollars to meet their daily bills since they could not work in the US.

    These high strung upper class students faced the full brunt of American racism. It was not uncommon for Taiwanese or Japanese female students to simply break down or even faint from the harsh realities from an area of the US renowned for its tolerance. For African students it was even worse. They had no preconceived notions of the hatred of being slaves. But they had to face the same discriminatory looks and actions from the populace as if they are African Americans. When they chose the company of African Americans they were told to hate the “whitey”. They were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. A couple went crazy. One stood in front of our department and threatened murder.

    Even though the most blacks live in projects they have defined the culture of the US. from the days of Jazz and blues both black creations to the present rap gangster culture now embraced by teenagers of all races, blacks have made their presence felt from music, sports, business, politics (President Obama) to what Andy Warhol called the “pop culture” where any American has access to the same product be it blue jeans, to music it is the same from one end of the nation to the other.

    The US is the largest Christian based nation in the world but in reality there is little “Christian” about it. Adultery is common place, and so is gang violence, drug use, abortion, and if music is supposed to represent the soul of a culture then rap would be appropriate. Without racism being the undercurrent of this society it will fall apart and racism is not found in the Bible. Jesus Christ is treated differently in this nation than in Sri Lanka where I first grew. There is a statement in the Bible, in Genesis that God created man in his image. If so looking at present the present day American culture of debauchery and lavishness, One only has to look at man to know what this Christian God is all about, and it is not a pretty picture. The collapse of this nation is so fast that many other nations are still under the delusion of the wealth and stability of the US. Simply Google “US National Debt Clock real time” and see for yourselves. It is unsustainable.

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more issue. The oldest Asian community in the US are the Chinese and yet they congregate in glorified Ghettos called “China towns” where they construct their buildings according to Chinese architecture and speak Chinese. I have met 5th generation Chinese businessmen with thick Chinese accents and a bad grasp of the English language.

    Minorities thrive in the US not because they assimilate with the larger population but because they congregate with their own. Chinese, Korean, Japanese all have little towns named after their ethnicity. Among the Indian population it is even further divided by the language of the Indian. Sikhs have their own community as do Gujarati, Tamils, etc.

    Even the native Americans live in reservations cut off from the major population. Now who is this “major population”. They are not “whites” but Italians, Irish, Germans, etc. Even among the ocean of Whites there are towns only made up of Italians, Irish, Germans,

    this also spills into religion where Catholics and Protestants still do not fully incorporate. There are two Catholic states, Maryland and Louisiana where the latter’s laws were and to a degree still based on the Napoleonic laws while the rest of the Protestant states are based on the common law.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Finally a short note on the plight of the Indians. Yreka Herald stated this in his newspaper “The Yreka Herald”:

    We hope that the [California] Government will render such aid as will enable the citizens of the north to carry on a war of extermination until the last redskin of these tribes had been killed. Extermination is no longer a question of time – the time has arrived, the work has commenced and let the first man who says treaty or peace be regarded as a traitor.”

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    This is FANTASTIC.

    SL should COPY this Saudi law except the king part.

    Actions that threaten Saudi Arabia’s unity, disturb public order, or defame the reputation of the state or the king – will be considered acts of terrorism under a new counterterrorism law which has come into force in the gulf kingdom.

    The new legislature was ratified by King Abdullah on Sunday after being approved by the Cabinet in December, following the initial proposal by the Interior Ministry and advisory Shura Council.

    It defines terrorism as “any act carried out by an offender … intended to disturb the public order…to shake the security of society… stability of the state… expose its national unity to danger… suspend the basic law of governance or some of its articles,” according to its text as cited by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

    Terrorists can also be considered those individuals who “insult the reputation of the state or its position… inflict damage upon one of its public utilities or its natural resources,” or those who attempt to force “governmental authority to carry out or prevent it from carrying out an action, or to threaten to carry out acts that lead to the named purposes or incite [these acts].”

    The legislation, made up of 40 clauses, allows the security forces to arrest and detain suspects for up to six months with the possibility to extend the confinement for another six months. Suspects are allowed to be held incommunicado for 90 days without the presence of their lawyer during the initial questioning.”

    – RT

  9. ranjit Says:

    Lorenzo are you day dreaming how on earth can UNP win or Sobitha or anyone win if thre is going to be an election in the future? Those are parasites and scavengers which nobody will give their votes except traitors. All the peace loving patriots will give their vote whether Buddhists or Christians or Tamils or Muslims only to MR nobody else my brother. Mark my word. PARA SUDDA cannot change or divide our Motherland with the help of traitors like Ranil or Magalaya.
    The nature will punish those who think of harming our tiny nation of peaceful people. Only blind idiots like Navi Pillai and the American stooges cannot see the progress in our country since the end of the bloody war. You see how God is punishing them with cold winter,twisters, floods,sicknesses etc They will suffer more in the future for their crimes against humanity. Before they take our leaders to courts those murderers like Bush,Tony Blair and the rest of EU Para Suddas and those Tamil terrorists like Vaiko AND THE BLOODY INDIAN cowards must be sent to Haige to answer what they did to the world in whole and to our beautiful country for last thirty years.

    I will not forgive any human being who talk against us after all the hardships we went thru for last thirty years of terrorism. I will curse all the Sinhala & Tamil traitors to our Motherland. We cannot forgive Indians nor the Sinhalese who betrayed our Motherland by helping the most ruthless terror group in the world L.T.T.E. You enemies can try all your tricks on the book but we Sinhala Buddhist will prevail.

  10. Charles Says:

    CW, It was a great pleasure reading your excellent article. Thank you.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    I share your sentiments.

    BUT the numbers say it. MR’s victory can be turned to defeat by DIVIDING the Buddhist vote. Gonzeka could not do it because he is a total fool. But Sobitha is FAR MORE cunning. He can DIVIDE the Buddhist vote sufficient enough to give Run-nil an easy victory.

    The sad part is MR has forgotten the Sinhalese and giving everything to UNGRATEFUL Tamils. He should SCRAP 13 amendment, DISSOLVE NPC, STOP demilitarization, PUNISH traitors now.

    I don’t believe god alone can save us. We have to work hard to save SL AGAIN.

  12. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Lorenzo: You are absolutely right! Buddhism has some unique qualities about it that enable the faith to become the national faith. The three jewels of Buddhism: I place trust in the Buddha, I place trust in the Dharma and I place trust in the Sanga. Is as powerful as the Sharia laws of Islam. In Thailand, Hinayana Buddhism demands that all Thai boys serve a period of time in the Sanga, making all Thai men a monk for a part of their lives. Thai Buddhism strengthens the faith in a manner not seen even in Islam.

    In Tibet where Vajrayana Buddhism is practiced the Dalai Lama is placed in a position greater than the Pope of the Catholic faith for he is the reincarnation of the Buddha himself. Every Dalai Lama is chosen by the Lamas as a living form of the Buddha. Such expressions of power within the Buddhist faith surpass other religions.

    In Sri Lanka what is unique is our unbroken written history that has given to the people a sense of a Buddhist nation eons before the concept of a sovereign state was developed in the West. It would be as natural as clear water for Sri Lanka to have a state based faith of Hinayana Buddhism that in her nature of tolerance permits other faiths to function but stops other faiths from practicing conversion. A Buddhist based Constitution will do away with the Hindu practice of animal slaughter to their God Skanda and do away with the Caste System from Sri Lanka.

    It will stop the evangelists and the radical rise of Islam in Sri Lanka. Lorenzo you got my full support.

  13. ranjit Says:

    Lorenzo I fully agree with you regarding the “Sad part” of yours. It’s true he gave so much to ungreatful Tamils forgetting the Sinhalese but not everyone because he has given more than any politician to the south too. He should be more strong than ever before and tell these traitors that they cannot play anymore with our Sri Lankan lives and he should bring the traitors to books be anyone. He should stop corruption.He should not take anyone or give nomonations to people who are corrupt,murderers,rapists etc.Must be a well educated person or a graduate should be sent to Parliament from his party. We dont want film stars or singers to be our representatives or a criminal. We must have decent well educated persons to represent us and work for the future of our country.

    Our nation has briliant sons and daughters in every corner of the land select from them and take us to a wonder land. Every day we see a politician involved in Murder, drugs or Rape or some kind of criminal activity.Why cannot MR select educated people who will work and can work? He must think seriously and get his team in order. We want people like Gota,Basil,Wimal etc.not people like Mervin,Mangalaya and others. Anyway at this juncture we must be united and give our full support to this Govt not anyone else. UNP & JVP has nothing to offer to Sri Lankans.They are true traitors going behind white man’s green bucks and these gun slinging American vultures cannot do a damn to us as long as Russia and China is our friend. Evangelists or Extreme muslims or LTTE terrorists cannot raise their heads again as long as we the Sinhala Buddhist living in Sri Lanka. Let them try my brother.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    BW and Ranjith,

    We AGREE on the IMPORTANT matters.

    NEVER forget the western law (constitutions are also law) are based on JUDEO CHRISTIAN beliefs and TIT FOR TAT!!

    But they DON’T say their constitutions and laws are based on it.

    So there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong in SL having a BUDDHISM based constitution. A constitution is not only for people. It is for the country, animals, environment, etc. as well. It will be courteous to other religions as well. But it should be BUDDHISM TEACHINGS based not SANGHA based.

    Bahujana sukhaya bahujana hitaya (translates to “for the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many”).
    The present constitution is based on Sulujana sukhaya bahujana hukaya concept. It MUST change.

  15. Nimal Says:

    Glad to read elsewhere that GOSL had refused the visa of a US state department woman official to enter SL and she had had a program to go up north. This is one way to show our displeasure. Patriots must find out the disputed lands where the Native Americans are harassed to grab their land recourses like oil and gas. There are some places in US. Which I can’t remember at present. We could reciprocate by have a counsellor office there, a temple there. Each time a GOSL delegation visits US, must visit that place, bring their grievances to UN and to the US govt. occasionally recall the ambassador, showing displeasure and stop foreign delegates visiting north. It’s beggar’s belief that Cameron was allowed north to visit the separatist sympathizers there. We can go further by not participating in international sporting events like CW games.

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