UNHRC and the Will of the People of Sri Lanka
Posted on February 2nd, 2014

” S de Silva ” London

What must we do at the UNHRC to challenge the much talked about investigation against Sri Lanka, proposed and supported by the US,UK,EU and abetted by Navi Pillai?

The answer is to secure a powerful majority vote in the Sri Lankan parliament that SL will NOT accept a unilateral (= one sided) accountability investigation confined to Sri Lanka. Instead, the publicly stated Sri Lankan position of the GoSL to the UNHRC and the rest of the world and ratified by the Sri Lankan Parliament must be that “ANY investigation must include ALL parties to the conflict: ie the LTTE and their financial diaspora supporters and India, covering the full 30 year period of the conflict”.

That MUST be the terms of reference for SL to submit itself to such an investigation and no other. (Remember this is the very ‘justification’ put forward recently by the Northern PC to the International Community to investigate the GoSL!) That MUST be the acceptable terms of reference for SL to submit itself to such an investigation.

A majority vote in the SL Parliament in support on these lines is essential to credibly reject / block international pressure to the contrary. It must be stressed to all concerned that any other terms of reference will be unacceptable to SL and SL is ready, in that event, to cease to participate in the biased UNHRC matters any further.

The recent mutterings of the UNP to help SL against the International Community is welcome, instead of being traitors!  This indeed should be the unshakable ‘Will of the people of Sri Lanka’

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you S de Silva for this EYE OPENER.

    Give them a DOSE of their OWN medicine!! NO ONE can deny SL’s right to its own affairs. We ca REMIND them this by a vote.

    As a BYPRODUCT it will show who the TRAITORS are in the govt.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    the human right crimes commited by India during “Operation Blue star” where chemical weapons were used which goes against the regulations of the Geneva Conference to the ever present massive Indian presence in Kashmir should be part of a list of much larger human rights, many of which continue to this day including what is taking place in Myanmar, Egypt, Hong Kong (against her immigrant workers), Syria, has to be hammered in till it sticks.

    Colombo should hire agencies that would promote her point of view, point to the double standards of the UNHRC and demand that the human rights violations that started well before 2009 and are continuing in other nations be addressed first.

    The Tamil Diaspora has been successful in pushing their point by paying lobbyists in those western nations to push more and more blame on Colombo. That is a game both can play. It was successfully done between the US and the Soviet Union during the cold war era and it can be done again. Several entities should be hired to represent the Sri Lankan point of view till it sticks. It does not matter if it does not win everyone, but if if changes the opinion of some key nations the battle has been won. Once such information is disseminated pointing to those who supported the genocidal acts of LITE it will never go away.

    A classical example is Israel. No matter how long it has taken Nazi members are still hunted down because Israel is determined that the Nazi regime is punished till the last Nazi lives. The Jews have been so successful in rewriting history that the Holocaust is a Jewish issue when more Christians died not only in the death camps but in the bombed European cities to the millions of Christian soldiers. In sum total the 6 million odd number of Jews killed pale in comparison the the tens of millions of Christian based soldiers on both sides who died including Christina citizens and yet the world sees the Nazi Regime through the prism that it was to purge the Jews and only the Jews.

    I point this to show how effective it is to have a strong voice to present Sri Lanka’s side. Colombo must and has to get professional media companies and Lobbyists to push and to push the Crimes commited by the LITE and to the point those in India who supported their genocidal crimes. Colombo needs to roar louder than the US or the UK till they stop to listen to Colombo and not the other way around.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    India is taking Colombo for a ride, by telling that India has not decided on whether to support the US resolution or not. This is a cunning way of disarming Sri Lanka, so that Sri Lanka in the false belief that India might oppose the US resolution, Sri Lanka would foolishly refrain from any preparation to push for the investigation of India and IPKF for some of the despicable crimes committed.

  4. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you S.De Silva & others. YES it is time to ASK INDIA to account for TRAINING LTTE in Indian teritories from Mumbai & other cities. WE MUST insist upon the influential people, writers, professors of Universities in European & USA capitals to SPEAK UP against TAMIL DIASPORA & their false propaganda against Sri Lanka.

    INDIA has already said she would NOT SUPPORT SRI LANKA come March 2014 at Geneva. Other talk about being UNDECIDED is a lie, they always play till the last day & then VOTES AGAINST Sri Lanka. In the meantime Indians GET ADVANTAGE of GOSL being a LAME DUCK in foreign affairs. Get Mannar Oil blocks, SAMPUR power project and so on.

    This is why our PATRIOTS should huddle up and send a VOICE that they ( the Int. Community ) cannot ignore. The TWO PR firms Sri Lanka has hired are NOT A GOOD prospect for us. TEAM UP with the Professionals who are familiar with International Law, and how to NEUTRALIZE any adverse effects OTHERS push USA & UK to abide by.

    I know we all suggest, talk, BUT very few take action. If our legal professionals from Australia & other University Profesors can get together to hammer out a resolution TO COUNTER USA / UK resolution, THAT WOULD BE THE IDEAL situation.

    Another suggested that we go forward to ICC in Hague and lodge a complain about the INFLUENCE & FALSE propaganda put out by Tamil Diaspora, would also help. One lawyer suggested it has never been done BEFORE, BUT even if we fail ,at least we MUST TRY & make a dent in this criticism & treatment by powerful countries who have NOTHING BETTER TO DO, than de-stablizing small countries……………Thank you all- if anyone feels or have any ideas, please contact LANKAWEB to pursue this matter further………….J

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Sikh Diaspora in UK demanding UK to investigate British involvement in OPERATION BLUE STAR by Endian army in 1984 against Sikh terrorists.

    In June 1984 this deal happened.
    In October 1984 Indira was killed.

    Foolish woman trusted Sikh bodyguards!!

    Fools in SL trust TNA to rule NPC!! Worse.

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