How Can Sri Lanka Develop without Professiona Approach to Communications?
Posted on February 6th, 2014

Prof. Hudson McLean

With all best intentions in the world, without a properly functioning Telephone Communications network with Professional Approach to attending to incoming calls, Sri Lanka is struggling to overcome the “Hullooo” barrier.

The SLG switch-board operators are ill-educated, lazy, lethargic and have No sense of Service or Responsibility.

The telephones, both landlines and cell phones may ring a dozen times before they are automatically cut off. One might have to try a dozen times to get that unprofessional “Hullooo”.

With a Time Zone difference of between 3-6 hours between Sri Lanka & Europe, allowing for lunch and other breaks, the common operational time available is only about 30-60 minutes per working day.

The SLG must take up the initiative to educate the Telephone Switchboard Operators to have an increased sense of urgency.

The sooner the SLG Senior Ministers learn that although Sri Lanka has one of the best global strategic geographical  locations, a well educated Human Resources, many other benefits, for both Tourism and Industrial Investment, there are also competitive options elsewhere.

Coupled with, ever growing Corruption, Mismanagement, negative publicity on Dictatorial Governance of government & public property, as well as services, are preventing progress.

Add to all this, the resurrection of Tamil Terrorism supported by many countries, both in the West and in Asia, unless SLG wakes upto face the challenge, several other likes of the ex-General Sarath Fonseka and his son-in-law, will rise from the ashes.

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One Response to “How Can Sri Lanka Develop without Professiona Approach to Communications?”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Wasn’t the launch of the first satellite meant to improve telecommunications in Sri Lanka and include every village? what happened.?

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