Defeat the defeatist attitude
Posted on February 7th, 2014

Nalin de Silva Courtesy The Daily News

As Geneva gets closer the so called educated people in Sri Lanka get paranoid. Some of them think of the UNHRC punishing Sri Lanka in one way or the other, and those who are anti-government would claim that UNHRC wants to punish the government and not the country. The anti-government lobby is not homogeneous as it consists of “good governance” people who are against what they call corruption, violation of various freedoms including freedom of speech and independence of the judiciary, and “bheeshanaya” (violence) by the governmen

The list may be extended depending on the degree of anti-government stance of the individual. It is regrettable that none of these ladies and gentlemen were there to protest nay sympathize with me when I was taken to the Intelligence Bureau unit at Gregory’s Road in early nineties at midnight simply because I was against Premadasa’s so called regional university concept. A police battalion of about 15 from Kurunduwatte police station led by an IP came to our home scaling the gate surrounded the house at midnight and wanted me to come to the police station with them to record a statement.

This was after this IP had come the previous day at about 2.00 am and recorded a statement on my stand on this Premadasa concept. When my wife and the eldest son who was about eighteen years then went to the Kurunduwatte police station at about 1.00 am had been told that I was not taken to this police station. It was true as by that time I was in the Gregory’s Road joint waiting for the arrival of a senior cop to question me. My wife had contacted some politicians and she had been told that I was enjoying a discussion on higher education with a senior cop and not to be worried!

“Good governance” people

I was the President of FUTA at that time and the Gregory’s Road people after releasing me wanted me to visit them daily as probably they enjoyed those discussions on higher education of the country. Previously in late eighties I had to flee the country with the family as both the UNP government and the JVP were interested in sending me to heaven without much delay. I cite this example only to remind the “good governance” people of the “bheeshanaya” during the good old days when the good old party ran the affairs of the country. The media in general did not give any publicity to these events and I am happy to note that the immediate past President of FUTA was given a good coverage in the media apparently when he had a few anonymous telephone calls.

The main group interested in Geneva are the dispersed Tamils and some sections of the TNA and the UNP, who are after the violation of human rights of the “civilians” during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations.

The UNP that was against humanitarian operations with people such as Ranil Wickremesinghe referring to Thoppigala as a mere jungle, Lakshman Kriella claiming that any “gona” can be engaged in war, and Ravi Karunanayake having no idea of where Pamankada and Alimankada are. At least he did not identify Siri Kotha as Alimankada and we should be appreciative of his knowledge.

The UNHRC cannot impose economic sanctions but we will have to expect “indirect” economic sanctions by the Western countries in time to come and also charges on “war crimes” against the President and the Defense Secretary. In fact some anti-government people would welcome these measures as they daydream of a “regime change” with such actions by the Western countries. Then there are others who are scared of economic sanctions and would want the government to take immediate actions to punish those who are involved in “war crimes”.

The list of ‘war crimes’ in the meantime keeps on increasing and the latest being sterilization of Tamil women, after the charges on chemical warfare. The two bishops who talk of chemical warfare and bombing civilians and other “informants” should be forced to come out with witnesses as they are involved in crimes of misinformation against the state. If the country has no laws in this regard to force the ‘informants” to come out with evidence, without just informing visiting foreigners, then the government should take immediate steps to introduce such legislation. It is clear that these charges are invented as the Bishops and others who would have known of them were silent for nearly five years, and it would not have been due to any love for the government.

Catholic Church

The Bishop of Mannar who allowed the LTTE terrorists to take the statue of Holy Mary cannot be a friend or shepherd of Sinhala Catholics. However, ironically the Catholic Church maintains a deafening silence on the informant Bishops and we cannot be satisfied with mere statements to say that the Bishops do not represent the view of the Church. The LTTE on their part also had been silent on “chemical warfare during that time” and it makes one wonder whether the terrorists also did not want to accuse the armed forces for the “love of the country”.

The government should award a prize for the best inventor of “war crime” charges and there will be better “evidence” for Navi Pillais and others who visit Sri Lanka on a periodical basis.

It is unfortunate that the educated in this country as well as in the other Afro Asian countries are misguided by the Western knowledge that has been created in the West during the last five hundred years or so.

It is the Western science that leads this misinformation claiming to possess a so called scientific method that is not found in other systems of knowledge. In Western science abstract theories that are merely stories are invented to explain sensory perceptible phenomena, the stories being non sensory perceptible, as in the case of gravitational theory of Newton. These stories are blatant lies (pattapal boru) as we have shown at a lecture conducted in Mahanuwara recently. The interested reader may listen to the lecture in Sinhala, which is in three parts on,… ,

The West lies hiding their intentions and objectives, and in the case of Sri Lanka the “war crimes” and charges on violation of human rights are only a bogey as what they are interested is separation of the country and in order to achieve it in a “regime change”.

The England led West wants to punish the Sinhala people (I refer to the ordinary people and not those misguided by Western education) as it was they who fought and continue to fight the Western colonialists.

The English who wanted the Tamil Vellalas to rule the country on their behalf are now using the dispersed Tamils in the West to establish an Eelam.

They want to punish the Sinhala people as well as the government for not listening to them and defeating the LTTE terrorists.

Human rights issue

We should not be misled by the West to believe that they are interested in human rights of the people. They are interested only in propagating their culture and at present use the NGOs, Dispersed Tamils, Liberals, Marxists, Bishops and others to punish the Sinhala people. The UNHRC is only an instrument to dominate the world through the human rights issue and Navi Pillais are only paid servants of the West in this regard. We should identify the intentions and objectives of the West and should not be preoccupied with responding to the so called charges of violation of human rights.

The government should continue with the exercise of exposing the West to the other countries and thus defeating the England USA led resolution at Geneva in March. Even if we fail to do so we should not worried much as we can defeat the intentions and objectives of the West if the vast majority of the people, ignoring the combined opposition and the so called educated people, rally round the country.

The Sri Lankan majority who united to defeat the LTTE terrorists against the wish of the West can defeat the present Western intentions and objections if we identify the problem without being misled by Western knowledge. The defeatist attitude that has been cultivated in the minds of the people has to be defeated and that is the path to victory at the end irrespective of what happens in Geneva.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “The defeatist attitude that has been cultivated in the minds of the people has to be defeated and that is the path to victory at the end irrespective of what happens in Geneva.”

    IF govt. bends to every Tamil demand, Sinhalese are defeated. That is what should be fixed.

    A defeat of SL in Geneva should be RETALIATED by a DEFEAT for Tamils in SL.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    When one looks at the effects of sanctions perpetrated by some Western nations upon other chosen nations the results have been abysmal. Even the severe sanctions on Iran has not only failed, the US is now talking to Tehran of “agreements” and “peace talks”.

    Just a few years ago around 2008 or 2009 the Iranian people rose against Tehran. I remember reading the news of the cabal of Western nations urging the protestors drooling at the thought they would topple the government. Then suddenly the whole protest movement fell like a house of cards as Tehran unleashed terror on the protesters. Sanctions followed and sanctions failed. This has been repeated ad nausea to other nations to no awail.

    If Colombo gets the assurance of key nations who have steadfastedly supported Sri Lanka during the past human rights motions for open commerce and trade then let the sanctions FROM A SELECT NUMBER OF NATIONS occur. India will be forced to join or be exposed for being weak and ineffectual. When India joins the sanctions it would be similar to India shooting herself in the foot.

    Sanctions from India will cripple Indian business in Sri Lanka, distance New Delhi and most importantly Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka while opening commerce to those nations which have given assurance of support in all areas. It will also isolate the Tamil National Association and expose them of their treachery. The greater the sanctions the stronger the role Sri Lanka should allow China to play. Invite China’s navy to station in some of Sri Lanka’s ports and offer the same to Russia. It is time that these western nations realize that Sanctions is a two edged sword. More Sanctions and Embassy after Embassy start closing. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Sanctions continue and the 13th amendment is dissolved, the TNA are treason to the nation and dwelt with accordingly. As the Sanctions continue remove Tamil as an official language. Sanctions continue and push a bill to make Buddhism a state religion.

    Sri Lanka is a small economy and does not need tens of Billions to keep her growth going. That is the advantage of a small nation. Tourism by and large should not be effected. The biggest slap on Sanctions is a thriving economy.

    Finally to address another part of the article it was Europe that gave birth to so many isms. Communism’s bible Das Capital and the “Communist Manifesto” was written by Karl Marx a German Jew which led to the greatest mass killings in Stalinist Russia and Maoist China. Secularism which made legal the murder of babies by abortion, Homosexuality and the separation of church and state has done equal damage.

    Fascism a form of radical authoritarian nationalism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation and asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations. Atheism or the denial of God went hand in glove with Communism where man was no better than the beast. Capitalism is a state of affairs in which insider corruption, nepotism and cartels dominate the system. In Marxian economics this is considered to be the normal state of mature capitalism.

    It is these evil seeds spawn by the demented western mind now put on a pedestal and used to exploit the world in both spiritual and commercial means. These beliefs and the nations that spawned them should be seen for what they are and receive the due disrespect.

  3. Marco Says:

    Excellent satire if you don’t read between the lines.

    Dear Mr. President Obama

    I am writing you before the Ides of March!!

    I am a Sinhala Buddhist from Sri Lanka and I want to be blunt right at the outset: You are an idiot!

    Who are you to impose sanctions against the greatest country in the world? Who are you to pass any resolutions against us? You are an idiot. Let me tell you why.

    obama-horn_-1280x960Ours is the greatest country in the world. This is known as Dharmadeepa- the island of righteousness. This land has 2500 years of written history. That history is a history of non-violence because there were Buddhist monks all along advising our kings on non-violence. Yes. We did have some wars in the past. But they were merely to protect non-violence. I know that you know some English even though you are African. So read Mahawansa in English. Even at the war against the foreign king Elara only one and half human beings were killed in our country. All others had not entered the Path and, therefore, they were not human beings. How many times do we have to tell you that human beings have to be Sinhala Buddhists?

    Mr. Obama you are an idiot. You are going to work against us because of that shitty Channel 4 thing. It was made in an NGO studio in Colombo. There are some Sinhala traitors in Colombo. That Channel 4 thing is their handiwork. It is something like Wag the Dog the Hollywood movie. Not that I am into Hollywood. In our country no one watches Hollywood crap because our people are Buddhist and they know that Hollywood is there to instigate desire in human beings. With our Buddhist upbringing, we can resist Hollywood with no problem. But I have heard of Wag the Dog, and channel4 is exactly like that.

    Speaking of Hollywood, the audio-visual wing of American imperialism, has totally failed in Sri Lanka. Our government has not banned Hollywood stuff. In fact they are available everywhere in the country. But people don’t give a damn about them because our people are Buddhists. Since our honorable monks have trained our people in the practice of non-attachment and so on the people treat “Desire” as the main enemy. So Hollywood is a total failure in Sri Lanka. Mr. Obama, be honest, that is why you are against us.

    An American consumerism! Another failure in Sri Lanka. With our Buddhist upbringing we normally don’t indulge in gratification of senses. We don’t like owning desirable objects. And, moreover, we are non-violent and against any form of killing. That is why your car culture is a total failure here. We only trust in economical public transport and bicycles. Come and see any town in Sinhala Buddhist areas, you will see pure simplicity. And McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC!! They couldn’t sell a single meal in our country. No. Our government did not prevent them from coming in. They all tried to start business here. But Sinhala Buddhist would not go to them. There are some non-Buddhists and non-Sinhalese eating at them. But the Buddhists! No way!! That is how our Buddhism has trained us in non-attachment, non-violence and simplicity. As Buddhists we have successfully resisted consumerism, capitalism and even Western modernity. As our greatest living thinker Professor Nalin de Silva have elaborately expounded in his weekly treatises in Sinhala paper Irida Divina and English paper The Island, Sinhala Buddhism is only real challenge to Western modernity and Judaic-Christian thought. Be honest man, that is why you are against us.

    By the way get your Embassy in Colombo collect Nalin de Silva treatises. Are you puzzled by his name? No he is not Portuguese. He is using that name to mock you Westerners since you don’t accept any great idea unless it is put forward by a Western White man. Our great thinker, de Silva, argued in Divina several times that we need to arm ourselves to go to war with America if needed. He is right. You know what. We are ready. Bring it on. By resisting Hollywood, consumerism, Google, and the like we have won the cultural war against the imperialism of your country. With the same spiritual power, we can beat you in the war. Bodu Bala Sena, led by a giant-like monk, is getting ready for that. By the way, having seen that extremely honorable monk’s photos you would think that, in the amount of flesh in his body, he equals a typical American in size. I have heard thus (Evam me sutam): he got that kind of physique by the merits he gathered in his previous lives and this life. Though a heap of merits, he is no hurry to reach Nirvana. He will surely reach New York leading a battle ship, if you really insist. You are an idiot! Who is afraid of Geneva?

    Your kind of embargos, resolutions will not obstruct our speedy flow to a great future. Our president is the most foresighted one in the human history. I cannot reveal you all the tricks he has against your idiotic embargos but I will tell you some so that you have time to rethink your plans. Economically, we are not scared at all. Our president has so much wealth and he is ready to sacrifice it all. He is coming from a very rich family with connection to royalty going to back at least 20 centuries. He has land everywhere in the country. In case of emergency he will sell them all to feed us, people. Once he became the president, he asked one of his brothers to get 10% from every development project, business and so on. The brother did exactly as he was told. Now, all that money is in a place you will never able to freeze. That countless amount is called “Nation Saving Fund.” It is enough to feed us for decades in case of emergency. All ministers (about one hundred of them) also have used the same technique to contribute that Fund. Our first lady, too, has come out to help us along with her brothers and relatives. The Lady Fund, under able leadership of her brother, has raised so much money that it has already bought a whole fleet of airplanes in case your sanctions jeopardize our international travels. That is a bit on our economic front. You are an idiot!

    One more thing, your country too has unwittingly contributed to our economic strength: When two of our president’s brothers were in America they made some dollars working as janitors, dishwashers, gas station attendants and so on while they were following higher degrees at Harvard and Columbia. When they returned to Sri Lanka in 2005 to help their brother to save the country, they brought those dollars with them. In case of economic sanctions against us, they have that money, too. You do not know what personal sacrifice is. Learn it from these exemplary brothers, you idiot.

    If you were to go ahead with your plans in March, I am afraid; it will hurt American people very badly. I cannot imagine how they will live their life without the stuff we export. Without our fish, rice, butter, clarified butter, organic vegetables, oranges they will starve to the brink of death. Many other countries too will stop exporting those things to your country in support of mine. Without Ceylon tea in the morning, Americans will be sleepy all day. And it will affect their efficiency and productivity. Without the lingerie made in Sri Lanka, American love-life will be in danger. The voluptuous American Victorias will lose their sensual Secrets. (As Sinhala Buddhist I have been taught not to think of such worldly pleasures but I am telling these to get you to think.) The other side of the coin is equally important. If we stop importing American stuff! It will be a huge dent on American economy. This is only the suffering of American people. People in Europe! They practically live on the things we export and on the money we import from them. Mr. President, you are an idiot!

    In the field of international relations, we are pretty much prepared. Our able Foreign minister, Professor GL Peris, has been traveling the world for months. He knows the art of persuasion. The leaders of many powerful countries, whose names I hold back for now, have agreed to support us because they all have learned international law from the books our professor has written. Yes. You just went to Harvard Law School. Our man is a law professor who has shelves of books to his credit. The professor gave up that illustrious career to help our president to build the country. Now, under the visionary leadership of the president’s elder son who is also lawyer, who has won historic courtroom battles, the Law Professor has already persuaded world leaders to vote against you. Mr. President, you are in idiot!

    Mr. Obama, let me tell you one last thing. Sri Lanka is a universe in itself. We have all the knowledge, science, technologies that we need. Buddhism has given us all the wisdom we need and we have used that wisdom wisely. It is the Judaic- Christian thinking that teaches that human world is interconnected and we are inherently bound to the rest of the world. Our Sinhala Buddhist thought is radically different. We think that our country is a separate universe in the Universe and we are not all that concerned what is going on elsewhere. Therefore, we do not care where Geneva is. Whatever Geneva decides to do does not matter to us at all. With our great mental concentration and meditative power we can always hold the Evils of Geneva at bay.

    Since we are a universe unto ourselves, we do not need any knowledge from anywhere else. We have more than a dozen of great universities producing all the knowledge we need. And those universities function very well under the guidance of one of the greatest statesmen named SB Dissanayake and his buddies, incredibly wise vice-chancellors. All those vice chancellors have created the knowledge needed for the universe named Sri Lanka. If you want just check out their publication records in university websites. Minister SB Dissanayake and our president, with great effort, persuaded them to stop their knowledge-production for a few years and to accept vice chancellor jobs in order to strengthen ‘our knowledge front.’ Now, we do not have to borrow any form of knowledge from the rest of the world, specially from the West. University of Kelaniya is ground breaking in that sense since even God Natha is working with the scientists there. God Natha descended from heaven at the invitation of the great sage Nalin de Silva. Mr. President Obama, you always boast your great universities. Look at our ones. Specially look at our vice chancellors! Real men of real wisdom! You idiot, we are ready in our knowledge front too.

    Dear Mr. President Obama, I can go on like this for ever. But I guess this is enough for you to make up your mind. I can tell you all crimes your country committed in Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. For one thing, since we are a universe unto ourselves those things do not matter to us. Another thing is that I have seen our great orator minister Wimal Weerawansha is telling all that to our people in Sinhala so that our people know the truth.

    Mr. President you are an idiot. If you are plotting to take our president, his brothers and sons to a certain electric chair, you are mistaken. There are plenty of others to step into the shoes of those brave brothers. Take extremely wise minister Champika Ranawaka, for example. I have heard that he is ready to form a kind of coalition and become the president if the royal family is trouble. Even Mr. Weerawansha can be the president of our beautiful country. There are some other names and I will tell you about them in a personal letter. This is an open letter.

    I am a Sinhala Buddhist and I hate American imperialism. Yet I love American people. That is why I am writing this letter so that I can prevent those nice people from suffering as a result of your stupid acts in Geneva in March. Even though I write this by my own name this letter represents the collective self of good many Sinhala Buddhists of my country.

    Yours sincerely

    Kiribanda Sumanasekara


    Several of Buddhist chairmen of Local Councils (Pradeshiya Sabha) send their greetings to your wife and daughters, specially to the daughters.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    A STATELESS Tamil fool under a strange Sinhala name has written some junk.

    How good Tamils have NO country of their own!! Thank god!

  5. Nanda Says:


    You have done a great service by writing this letter to Mr. ObeMama.
    Please write a similar one to Mr. Came-alone too.
    Good righting reflecting your Tamil heritage. Well done !

  6. Nanda Says:

    “The Bishop of Mannar who allowed the LTTE terrorists to take the statue of Holy Mary cannot be a friend or shepherd of Sinhala Catholics. However, ironically the Catholic Church maintains a deafening silence on the informant Bishops and we cannot be satisfied with mere statements to say that the Bishops do not represent the view of the Church. ”

    – Very important question . MR must ask Rev. Malcom to release a proper statement on this.

  7. Nanda Says:


    “Good governance” people are the people who abducted you. But your naming of the UNPiers as “good governance people” is an insult to actual good governance.
    You should not be scared to call UNpiers as UNpiers, because if not for

    1. A man who shot another in daylight is allowed to visit the Parliament
    2. Another mad man destroying the countrie’s Hiri and Otthappa ( moral fear and moral shame) and caaling himself a Sinhala Buddhist.
    3. Endless corruption of police force who are a vital part of good governance
    4. One or two elections every year
    5. Growing Indian rubbish dump
    6. Empowering LTTE Tamil terrorists with the job title “Honourable Councillor”

    Actually we do have good governance.

    It is just that the Governement is not going this extra few inches destroying all the good work we eraned until 2009.

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