U.N.Agency, U.S. and Ex-Tigers
Posted on February 7th, 2014

Ira de Silva Canada

The Editor,
The Island
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dear Sir:
This latest report that the International Organization for Migration has violated it’s mandate by arranging a secret meeting a top level U.S. delegation and  and the Tigers (they can not be considered “ex” as they are still operation as Tigers to achieve their goal of Eelam} is very disturbing. The report states that the U.S. delegation included the U.S. Ambassador, Ms. M. Sison.
It seems that almost every day someone from the U.S. Embassy is involved in undiplomatic activity and continuously working with the LTTE to promote  U.S. goals against Sri Lanka. It is baffling to the ordinary Sri Lankan that this administration, that had the courage to defeat the “invincible” LTTE is now acting in this careless and submissive manner and not doing anything to uphold the sovereignty and honour of the country. When are the authorities going to act in a responsible manner and stop this type of subversive activity on the part of diplomatic personnel and other agencies based in Sri Lanka?
Is the Government going to accept the explanation that the Colombo office of the IOM was unaware of the meeting of it’s branch in Killinochchi? Is the office in Killinochchi in another country? That seems to be the  attitude of the IOM.  The IOM in Colombo is responsible as it is the main office. In the circumstances, why has the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office not asked for a more plausible explanation and, in the absence of one, not advised the IOM that unless it conforms to the protocol under which it operates, it can shut down and leave? The same applies to the intrusive, undiplomatic activities of almost everyone in the U.S. mission in Colombo. If they are unwilling to behave as diplomats rather than as the “Governing Authority of Sri Lanka”, they too should be held to account. It seems that Ms. Sison is carrying out the same strategy that she had in Lebanon and seems to want to create the same chaos in Sri Lanka which would be beneficial to the U.S. and it’s client the LTTE. 
If Sri Lanka is facing international pressure from overseas it is because of the negligence of the personnel in the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence who seem to be either unaware of what is happening in the country and overseas or that they are so involved in their petty differences and one-upmanship amongst themselves that they are letting external forces gain the upper hand and dictate what happens in Sri Lanka.
To ordinary Sri Lankans it appears that the Government as a whole is facilitating the gradual take-over of the country and that it does not seem to care that all that the country suffered and achieved by defeating the leadership of the LTTE in 2009 is being gradually handed to the LTTE on a platter via the LTTE proxies in the foreign embassies in Colombo. Unless and until the GOSL stops looking at it through the lens of getting so-called aid which is heavily in favour of supporting the LTTE goals and stops the meddling in internal matters by the U.S., and India it will be responsible for helping these unfriendly countries to establish Eelam,
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva

10 Responses to “U.N.Agency, U.S. and Ex-Tigers”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    What can you expect from a chap who received American dollars as bribes to cross over? This chap is increasingly getting deaf, blind and dumb purposely to back the Americans and the Terrorists. As the foreign affairs minister this chap does not display any professionalism in dealing with the Americans and Indians. All he wants is to enjoy all the perks and remain in power. Useless idiot holding a responsible position.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    When the row between India and the US broke over the charges, strip search (which was should never have been done, and was done repeatedly while that diplomat was humiliated to tears) and arrest on charges of assaulting a servant, India went to the extent of removing any special treatment to US diplomats and their families. Further action to limit the US diplomats continued in India.

    Time to take a page from India and limit the special privileges against the US diplomats and their families in Sri Lanka, regularly given to foreign diplomats. Furthermore demands must be made that any action that US diplomats intend to take need prior approval. If approved they must be escorted by the Sri Lankan Secret Service agency.

    This is not unique as China regularly practices this with not only diplomats but tourists as well. Time to reign in the power of the US on Sri Lankan soil. Then limit it in the UN. If one looks at US foreign policy it is like a rabid bull in a china shop. In every nation the US has blundered into, that nation is left with a series of complaints against the US. Lets not prolong this rash behavior of the US diplomats from Washington D.C. who has taken a liking to treating the citizens of the US in the same manner of a Colonial power. If so do not expect any decency from these self imposed arrogant and stupid US diplomats.

  3. aloy Says:

    There is a saying in Sinhala to effect that even the man who climbed a kitul tree (which does not belong to him) to have a drink of toddy has an explanation. UN agency’s and US embassy’s explanations for meeting the LTTErs are the same.

  4. Chancy Says:

    Thank you,Ira for your letter to the Island. I hope this newspaper will continue to hear our plea about the unfair treatment to our nation. It is high time all of us unite, no matter to which party, religious affiliation or ethnicity we belong, in order to counteract the shabby way Sri Lanka is treated.The Sri Lankan media needs to wake up and act for the good of the nation.

    I agree with Mr. Wijeyasingha that no special treatment should be given to the so called “American diplomats” and their families. Ms. Sisson has been a terrible ambassador. She was known as the “Governor General of Beirut” because she manipulated the political system of that country and brought it to ruin.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Our bloody govt. is more UNGRATEFUL than Tamils.

    In 2011 China battled ON OUR BEHALF to save us. What did the GOSL do? Went to bed with disgusting ENDIA and sidelined China!

    Now we are BEGGING China again.

    At least this time, get China in and push Endia OUT.

    “External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris will visit China from February10 to 13 as a special envoy of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to garner the much needed Chinese support.

    During the three-day visit on the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yee, the minister will meet Chinese Deputy President Li Yuanchao, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Li Baodong the Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of UN and HR Affairs.

    External Affairs Ministry sources said the US sponsored resolution that is likely to be presented at the March UNHRC sessions will be a main feature at the discussions and Sri Lanka would expect Chinese support to face the resolution.

    This year China became a member of the UNHRC. At the previous sessions when the US sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka was submitted, China had actively campaigned among member states with Chinese influence to defeat the motion.

    Last month during an email interview with Daily Mirror Chinese Ambassador Wu Jianghao said China will ‘unswervingly’ speak for Sri Lanka at the UNHRC sessions.

    The Ambassador said China recognised the progress achieved by the Sri Lankan Government and its people in economic and social development after the ‘internal conflict’ ended.

    Reiterating that China and Sri Lanka are true friends, he said a friend in need is a friend indeed. “We believe that Sri Lanka should be given more time and space to solve its problems by itself. In the days to come, we will continue to unswervingly speak for Sri Lanka at the UNHRC to uphold justice,” he said.”

    – dailymirror.lk

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    GLP is visiting China at a VERY CRUCIAL time.

    China held its FIRST EVER military drills in the Endian Ocean 2 days ago.

    Endia-Indonesia and Australia held a separate drill just a day ago.

    Things are hotting up between the 2 countries.

    SL has to GET RID of Endia now. We cannot play this DOUBLE GAME forever. I hope China DEMANDS SL to get rid of TOO MANY Endian interference in the country for it to support SL at UNHRC. Otherwise our fools will never do it.

  7. douglas Says:

    It looks the entire External Affairs Ministry is working in water tight compartments divided into various “camps”. However much GLP is alleged to be without a back bone to take good control of the affairs, he is without “tooth” to run its affairs independently and courageously as he would prefer. In my opinion, he himself has fallen into this situation because of his past gimcrack political career. From what I understand, this man has to salute and say SIR to many others who are no where near him in academic achievements. So what are we expecting from him.? He is in short a “PUPPET” well tied on to a string. So let the poor fellow survive.

    But I blame the Government for its utter failure to identify the placement of Ms. Sisson in Colombo after the assignment in Lebanon. It looks we are going to pay the price for this failure. This “cancer” has been planted and it is growing and spreading; bur we are playing a game of cards.

  8. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Ira De Silva………..IT is true we got an ambassodor from Lebonon who made a mess of that country. Even the former Abassodor arrived in lanka, after some time in lebonon. Is it any coincidence, I think not. THESE are well planned assignments to TAKE OVER FREE countries who are NOT agreeing with what USA does.

    YES it is LTTE & their supporters who will HARM this goovt. & take away the FREEDOM achieved by our GALLANT SOLDIERS.

    It is to time MOVE more troops to Jaffna & forget about what other countries say. Also MOVE Sinhalese & Muslim familaie to NORTH & EAST & neutralize their EXCLUSIVE rights to those TWO provinces.

    TODAY Yahoo has BLOCKED me from reading Lankan Newspapers. This type of ANTI – FREE jaunts are very famous with LTTE supporters……………Thank you al..>>>>>J

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    It is to time MOVE more troops to Jaffna & forget about what other countries say. Also MOVE Sinhalese & Muslim familaie to NORTH & EAST & neutralize their EXCLUSIVE rights to those TWO provinces.


    But for INTERNATIONAL consumption we have to cook up an excuse.

    Bring back the LTTE under control. Get them to WIPE OUT Tamil racists of TNA for NOT declaring UDI for TE. Then make it an excuse and send troops back. When troops are stationed for a long time Sinhalese and Muslim families can be settled.

    That is the ONLY solution.

    DENY Tamils their ABILITY to have Tamil Elam. FRUSTRATE them to the point of NO RETURN.

  10. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    It must be understood that the administrations that helped Sri Lanka against the LITE included the Bush administration and former administrations. What is unique about the Obama administration is that it has turned its back on many of her key allies. Israel has been betrayed by this administration who now curries favor with Tehran. Even Saudi Arabia snubbed a US delegation of high officials for betraying that long time ally by favoring Iran.
    Last year Great Britain was betrayed by the Obama government who gave to Russia key UK secrets, and the massive intrusion of the NSA against foe and ally has alienated the US from much of the world. Now there is a saying “It is worse to be America’s ally than her enemy”.

    Keeping this in mind that Sri Lanka has the legal right to demand that the US stop hosting and supporting pro LITE and LITE organizations. Lesser countries like Cuba have stood up to the US and got what they wanted. Even with crippling sanctions Iran did not buckle to US pressure and now the US has signed agreements with Tehran who has no inclination of honoring them. There was a time the US was a mighty power.

    But now the US debt is 16 trillion. Her total debt including unfunded liabilities amount to 63 Trillion dollars. China holds 2 trillion of our debt in bonds and the US borrows 4 billion per month from China. The “mightiness” of the US has been exported abroad where our Industrial and manufacturing sectors are in foreign shores. Close to 100 million Americans are now dependent on government subsidies, unemployment is at levels higher than the great depression of the 1930’s. Just Google “US national debt clock real time” and see the speed at which our debt is increasing by the second. No nation on God’s given earth can sustain this and the US is no exception.

    Sri Lanka is no longer facing a tiger but a toothless tiger who still can roar. Washington D.C. is full of hot air and very little to back it. In todays DRUDGE Report the Iranian navy has sent some warships to the martime boundary of the US… for the first time in her history. the rotten corpse once the golden boy called the US is emanating its stench and the wolves are circling. Time for Sri Lanka to call off the US bluff.

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