Saving Buddhism and Sri Lanka
Posted on February 9th, 2014

C. Wijeyawickrema


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Save Sri Lanka and Buddhism from Reactionary Buddhists Monks like Maduluwe Sobitha”

    There is only ONE WAY to do that. The VP way.

    It must be done NOW when the govt. is popular. If done when unpopular that will WORSEN it.

    Maduluwe Sobitha can seriously DIVIDE the Sinhala Buddhist vote ESSENTIAL for MR to win the next presidential election. ALL Tamils will CERTAINLY vote AGAINST MR. MOST Muslims will vote against MR. MOST Christians will vote AGAINST MR. If the Buddhist vote is divided into 3 groups even with MR getting the larger chunk of it MR LOSES.

    Election results if Maduluwe Sobitha is around.

    RW – 48%
    MR – 43%
    Maduluwe Sobitha – 8%
    Others – 1%

    In the second preference vote count, RW wins.

    Election results if Maduluwe Sobitha is not around.

    MR – 51%
    RW – 48%
    Others – 1%

    MR wins.

  2. AnuD Says:

    I think buddhist monks should not be allowed to engage in this.

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