US, UK, Canada and India trying to create a separate state using bogus human rights concerns
Posted on February 9th, 2014

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It is very obvious from US,UK, Canada and India’s outrageous behaviour that they are out to misuse the UNHRC sessions yet again in order to force Sri Lanka to grant extra powers to the provincial councils including land and police powers and much more. Their only aim in this disgraceful exercise is what it has always been: to carve out a separate state out of the northern and possibly eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.
In the short term, it is obvious to anyone with an iota of a brain that bogus human rights concerns are used to create fear within the Sri Lankan Government so that they are terrorised to hand over land and police powers and other powers to the provincial councils and much, much more such as setting up of a federal state and subsequently a separate state. This the Sri lankan Government should never ever, ever, ever do unless we want to create a separate state.
The north and east of Sri Lanka comprise over 28% of the land area of the country. It also comprises two thirds of our coastline. Besides this, the Exclusive Economic Zone (the large ocean area around the island) that the country can claim as Sri Lanka’s is eight times the size of Sri Lanka itself! Over four times of this is within the remits of the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.
It should be obvious to anyone that around 11% of Sri Lankan tamils or the TNA have no right whatsoever to claim the north and east as an exclusive tamil homeland. What does the rest (which is the vast majority of this country of over 88%!!!) i.e. sinhalese, muslims, malays, catholics, burghers and up country tamils entitled to then? In the east, it is the sinhalese and muslims together who are in the majority anyway!!!
The sinhalese have lived in this island for over 2,500 years, with our earliest ancestors living in this island for a much, much longer period of time than even more than 2,500 years as evidenced from the prehistoric cave man archaeological finds some as old as 40,000 years!!! The sinhalese kindoms spanned all parts of the island especially the north central, northern and eastern areas of the island from the very beginnings i.e. from more than 2,500 years ago and for very long periods of time, until 1,300 AD. Therefore we have fundamental rights to this island and to live in any part of the island which cannot be taken away by anybody.
A homeland can only be claimed if those people alone as a people lived in a territory from time immemorial and no one else. The northern, eastern and north central parts of the island were part and parcel of sinhalese kingdoms for most of the past 2,500 years.  So more recent arrivals i.e.  the Sri Lankan tamils cannot claim northern and eastern areas as somehow exclusively theirs since these areas have been inhabited by the sinhalese for very long periods of time as part of the sinhalese kingdoms during a very long earlier history from 2,500 years ago until at least 1,300 AD with a somewhat more diminished presence afterwards until the present day. In fact, it is the sinhalese kings who built most of the irrigation tanks and reservoirs in the north and the east which survives to this day such as the Giant’s tank or Yoda wewa and Kanthale wewa, for example. There are so much more examples of irrigation tanks built by sinhalese kings in the north and the east and that itself is enough said.
Therefore what has been proposed as a solution to problems which is the presently functioning provincial councils is more than enough and this should be stated by the Sri Lankan Government categorically and unreservedly especially to the TNA, India and any other international busybody countries. The Sri Lankan Government should state that the presently funtioning provincial councils is the political solution and there will be no more political solutions anymore. The Sri Lankan Governent should state categorically and unreservedly that there will never ever, ever, ever be a handover of land and police powers or any other extra powers to the provincial councils. Nor should there be any more extra powers than at present handed over to the provincial councils ever. The problem is not with the provincial councils but the misuse of the provincial councils for the setting up of a separate state.
Besides the Sri Lankan Government should insist from the TNA that all the sinhalese and muslims who were thrown out of the north by the LTTE have a fundamental right to go back to live up north and the TNA has no right whatosever to stop this process. In addition, the Sri Lankan Government should emphasise to the TNA that both the sinhalese and muslims (and for that matter the catholics, burghers, malays, up country tamils and everyone else!!!) have as much a right to live in the north and the east as the Sri Lankan tamils and that this is their historical and fundamental right and that the TNA should have no say whatsoever in this matter.
It should be emphasised to the TNA, India, the international busybody countries such as the US, UK, Canada, EU and anyone else that the whole island of Sri Lanka belongs to all its peoples i.e. sinhalese, Sri Lankan tamils, muslims, malays, catholics, up country tamils, burghers and veddhas and that no bit part of the island can be claimed exclusively by any group of people exclusively.
It is obvious that bogus war crimes charges are used to create fear within the Sri Lankan Government so that they are terrorised to hand over land and police powers and other powers to the provincial councils and much, much more. This the Sri lankan Government should never ever, ever, ever do.
It is also obvious that the US, UK, Canada etc. are after the resources of this ‘separate state’ that they are out to create and also to set up naval, air bases etc. for example at Trincomalee and to grab the resources such as minerals, oil, the vast sea resources etc. by creating a ‘separate state’.
The Sri Lankan Government should not listen to these jokers i.e. India, US, UK, Canada etc. and go tell them to fly a kite. However, the above stated points should be emphasised to these busybody countries and the TNA and they should be told not to infringe on the fundamental rights of the Sri Lankan people anymore which they do not have a right to do whatsoever and that enough is enough.

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