Catherine Russell and Women’s Rights
Posted on February 10th, 2014

Warna Hettiarachchi Toronto Canada

Ms. Catherine Rusell,

Your objective is to introduce tension and disharmony in Sri Lankan society where women and men exist in perfect harmony with equal rights before Americans even knew about it. We had a female PM and a female President of our nation, where America never had a woman president!

 Sri Lankan society treats a woman as a mother or a sister and with high esteem and respect. With modernism settling in Sri Lankan society, women are at the forefront of politics, industry, labor force, farming to fashion and corporate management from village to the city.  A Sri Lankan woman would be an honorable lady with honesty and integrity in their heart. They do not have the cunning and dishonesty American women nurture as screw others as long as  only Americans should live attitude. If that is the material you want Sri Lankan women to taint their hearts and minds with, you will never be welcomed in this land where Theravada Buddhism flourished for over 2600 years, which teaches a woman is worthy of a mother and Mother is worth worshipping as the Buddha himself at home.

 Your ulterior motive in this rush depicts what you have been doing to many nations around the world – to destabilize their political system and instill an US-allied dummy to get your agendas activated.  Your counterpart Victoria Nuland said “F^CK EU” when they backed away from supporting your plans to overthrow a democratically elected Ukranian government to place Yankee Dummy to control Ukraine’s petroleum and Natural gas reserves in an effort to give the finger to Russia! Is that the kind of women’s rights that you want Sri Lankan women to have?

 Despicable and disgusting that you call yourself human or even a WOMAN!!!

 You should go to India, where a woman, girl or female infant is raped, assaulted, abused or burnt alive every minute. Their police and politicians are corrupted and often are the rapists or sponsors of the crimes themselves But you dare not go there, as India has already licked your Yankee boots.

 I challenge you go to Saudi Arabia, your big ally, buddy, who is allowed to have every exception to the rule. You go tell Saudi King to give EQUAL RIGHTS to women there, let them drive their own cars, wear what Americans wear including string bikinis in the hot sub-saharan beaches, have equal voting rights, rights of expression and women should never be beaten and to introduce monogamy!!! You can rest assured try to convince him to hold the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in the Sunny Saudi-Arabia!!!

 Are you afraid of them, that you do not speak for the battered, abused and victimized women there, because they pay you Yankee Doodles with Crude Oil Barrels?

You are a disgrace to humanity!!!!!

 Warna Hettiarachchi




3 Responses to “Catherine Russell and Women’s Rights”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    This is what should be read out at the UNHRC meeing in March….well said and hope Cathy gets to read it!

  2. Nanda Says:

    When will the USA WOMAN President be elected ?
    Sri Lanka had the world’s 1st Prime Minister back in 1960.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Don’t even think about it!

    First US woman president will be that Ho Hillarious Clitoris.

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