The real reason for US Resolution against Sri Lanka
Posted on February 10th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

The mainstream news released what is said to be the script of the supposed Resolution (3rd) America is hoping to pass in Geneva next month. It is a calculated move to send 2 messages to Sri Lanka’s leaders ” to subtly give a clue what US wants and how Sri Lanka’s leaders can get off the hook by giving what US wants.

While US is dangling carrots before Sri Lanka’s leaders, the world public and Sri Lanka needs to take note of some facts:

 LTTE is a terrorist organization.

  • LTTE is banned by 32 nations including America. Inspite of that US even considered saving the LTTE during the final stages of the conflict in 2009.  While the ground force and LTTE leader may be eliminated, the other brains behind the LTTE are very much alive and domiciled overseas owning foreign passports. The calls for their accountability and arrest given that LTTE continues to be banned remains. Where are the arrests of these individuals by these foreign Governments? Why have they not been rounded up and investigated or even questioned? Should the US not apply its own rhetoric and take action against ALL LTTE FRONTS operating from the US, UK, EU, Canada and Australia as well as elsewhere?

What did US do to stop LTTE terror & what will US do about LTTE fronts?

  •      The people of Sri Lanka did suffer. Why did the US and allies call for only the last 4 months to be investigated? Have they forgotten that LTTE terror reigned for 30 years? Why did the US and other entities now calling for accountability fail to submit Resolutions against LTTE and take actions against them or at least go after the LTTE fronts run by Tamils holding foreign passports. Given that children are such a concern now why has no action been taken against Adele Balasingham the nurse and head trainer of the child soldier training unit who taught children to kill and kill themselves by biting a cyanide capsule?

US is a criminal says War Crimes Tribunal

  •   The LLRC was appointed by the Sri Lankan Government in March 2010 and despite this the UNSecretary General thought fit to appoint a Panel of Experts and this has become the source on which US and Navi Pillay are attacking Sri Lanka. What about US war crimes in Iraq. A Citizens Tribunal was held after Gulf War 1 ( The Members of this Tribunal concluded : The Members urge public action to prevent new aggressions by the United States threatened against Iraq, Libya, Cuba, Haiti, North Korea, Pakistan and other countries and the Palestine people; fullest condemnation of any threat or use of military technology against life, both civilian and military, as was used by the United States against the people of Iraq”. The US was found guilty of 19 crimes. These charges included conduct attempted to provoke Iraq to justify military action, US plans to destroy Iraq economically and militarily in 1990, US ordering destruction of facilities essential for civilian life and economic productivity, US bombing civilians, destroying business districts, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, shelters, residential areas, historical sites, civilian government offices, US intentionally bombing indiscriminately throughout Iraq, US intentionally bombing Iraqi military personnel, killing soldiers seeking to surrender those who were often unarmed and not in combat zones and destroying materials related to ceasefires, US using prohibited weapons resulting in suffering to both Iraqi civilian and even US military lives, US encouraging and aiding Shiite Muslims and Kurds to rebel against Iraqi government, US intentionally deprived Iraqi people of medicines, water, food. SUCH A COUNTRY SHOULD BE PROHIBITED FROM DRAFTING ANY RESOLUTIONS.

US sold chemicals to Iraq and accuses Iraq of possessing chemicals

  • To kill one man (Saddam Hussein) did the US need to use 88,500 tons of bombs dropped in over 109,000 sorties flown by a total of 2,800 fixed-wing aircrafts as well as 2,095 HARM missiles, 217 Walleye missiles, 5,276 guided anti-tank missiles, 44,922 cluster bombs and rockets, 136,755 conventional bombs, 4,077 guided bombs. What is laughable is that US accuses Iraq of possessing WMDs and America is found to have given them to use against Iran! ” and this is the country that has the audacity to bring Resolutions against Sri Lanka that saved 300,000 civilians at the cost of 2600 military lives! In terms of military lives how many of the American people know that Gulf-era veterans since 1991 number 518,739, that out of 580,400 soldiers who served in the Gulf War 1, 11000 are dead, by 2000, there were 325,000 on permanent medical disability.56% of all soldiers served are suffering medically.(Terry Jemison/Dept Veterans Affairs)

Tamil Grievances ” Name them first

  • What needs to again be reiterated is that Sri Lanka fought and defeated Terrorists and not Tamils. Tamils need to realize this. If Tamils claim to have a grievance those grievances have to be ones that they exclusively suffer from and are only enjoyed by Sinhalese alone. We need real grievances with facts and not concocted ones. There is not a single grievance that can be given that ONLY Tamils suffer legally denied to them.

What rule of law in the US!

  • Rule of War and the supposed freedoms and decentralization of powers the US pretends to promote omits to say that in America, every American is being watched (NSA Whistleblower William Binney) while America tells Sri Lanka to give more freedom, America does not mind eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the entire EU! A good read of the US Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act reveals that unknowingly Americans are prisoners in America under a bogus “protecting America” slogan ” but the Americans are finally waking up. While US is calling Sri Lanka to scale down on its military ” America’s population in Washington is 646,449 but Washington DC has 854,000 people with top security clearance! Some of Edward Snowden’s revelations show that Americans are disillusioned if they think they live in a free land with free media. That media makes sure they filter what the Americans should know and they don’t know much of what is really happening around the world. With all the talk of rule of law why does the US have the highest prisoners numbering 2.2million with 70,792 juveniles in detention in 2010?

Sovereign nation cannot be dictated to

  • US is just another nation ” how can US decide the internal processes of another country or how those processes should be conducted? Do we pass Resolutions to ask US to stop surveillance in America? Do we ask to visit America’s prisoners and question how well the US prisoners are being looked after?
    • Sri Lanka’s military is located on its own sovereign soil. The land whether north, east, south or west belongs to Sri Lanka and the Government has every right to decide where to position its troops which can be done for strategic reasons or even security reasons or for any other reason. They do not need to explain why or where or how many they position to another country. America does not seek approval of other nations on where or how to station its troops. However, given that the argument revolves around troops ” why does the US not respond to its illegal occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and scores of 1000 other bases around the world through an agreement called Status of Forces Agreement? Are the people of Okinawa not fed up with US troop presence? Is it possible that the sudden interest in Sri Lanka comes with US now hunting for a military base in view of Diego Garcia lease not being extended? As far as resettlement is concerned we would like to know how many of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia/Kosovo, Libya the US/Allies have resettled given that these invasions and occupations were all illegal. There are 1.3million Iraqis who are homeless since 2003. Sri Lanka resettled virtually all of the 300,000 within less than 3 years of the end of war. Yet, after all its violations US has only allowed 19,491 to be settled in US.

Name the Allegations

  • Instead of making sentence allegations, it is good for the US state department to provide what these allegations of torture, abuse of detainees, arbitrary arrest and detention are ” when US talks of detainees all that comes to mind is what are the US doing about detainees in Guantamo Bay, Diego Garcia and the scores of extraordinary rendition programs. We recall the reference to 19 journalists in an attempt to accuse Sri Lanka of media attacks yet it turned out that of the 19, 4 of them were not journalists but members of the LTTE, while 7 of the 19 were killed by the LTTE ” therefore all these loose allegations need to come with names.
  • The press and those local NGOs who are paid from foreign sources did not condemn the LTTE beyond a general statement no different to the diplomatic ones issued. None of the current lot of ‘intellectuals’ ‘lawyers’ ‘media personnel’ went out of their way to globally travel and call for bans and arrests of LTTErs but now they have enough of funds to claim there is no rule of law! Interesting.
  • The level of freedom media enjoyed can be given by one example easily. Whereas the US wetted every article written by chosen journalists who functioned as embedded journalists, India’s Murali Reddy not only had free access to the internet inside the war zone, but nothing of what he wrote was ever even looked through and passed by the Sri Lankan military. His accounts are revelations of the extent of freedom he enjoyed.
  • However, by media freedom if what US is indirectly implying is to allow Western-biased, Western-paid local media entities to distort truth, create lies, carry out malicious media campaigns as they currently do all we need to ask is would the US allow such a similar scenario on its turf ? America needs to solve its own domestic matters -3 trillion in debt is what the Government has subjected its people to.

Grievances are political opportunities

  • Whereas certain politicians, paid local NGO heads, anti-nationalist media working cohorts with West, anti-national lawyers may claim Sri Lanka had an ethnic problem, the rest of the people including the majority of Tamils are living and getting on with their lives. They are traveling freely from North to South and South to North and that journey is not taxed. Likewise, the Southerners are also travelling to areas they never could travel to. Reconciliation does not require foreign interference, foreign intervention, UN, UN HRC head, or international agencies. Throughout the war, the people worked and lived together and we had no issues. The politicians have issues because they need issues to survive. The people do not have issues ” the people need to live in peace and we do not need outsiders coming and telling us how to live or on what benchmarks we should live. We will decide so let us decide. It is laughable to note how Reconciliation can take place if all the recommendations of the US and Navi Pillay are followed?

Sri Lanka General Public are Happy. Do not use them as guineapigs

  • The people are well aware that Sri Lanka had a terrorist problem. Their terror came to an end after scores of peace talks, negotiations and ceasefires all promoted by the West failed miserably. The West could not offer any solution in all of the 30 years that terror prevailed nor did the West stop the LTTE inspite of allowing key LTTErs to live and function on their soil.

Reconciliation cannot have deadlines by West or UN   

  • Similarly, we question how far Reconciliation will succeed by allowing media, international aid agencies, human rights groups into all regions of the country. Is it for them to create the foundation for lies and set the ball rolling for a Western base in Sri Lanka thereafter turning the nation into no different a climate than Libya, Iraq, Kosovo, Haiti etc.

So this is what US is after…..

  • Why is the US so interested about the North and the East all of a sudden. Did the LTTE not restrict access to these areas for them throughout 30 years? If so was it not a problem for the US to make similar demands from the LTTE or were these items that US is now recommended all enjoyed by the US during LTTE rule?
  • The last recommendation really sums up the real intent of the Resolution and more or less puts the cat out of the bag. It spells clearly why the US finds the current Government a pain in the neck (to put it mildly).
  • So what are US “interests” and it is because Sri Lanka is not giving these “interests” that these Resolutions are being brought. It’s a scenario no different to what Syria is experiencing but over there the US has sent scores of rebels claiming to be Syrian.  The disclosure of the Resolution to the public probably has a catch and is meant to test the water to see how far Sri Lanka’s leaders may dabble with the idea of selling the country for its own survival. That option is one that no national leader should take. It may look an easy option out of the Resolution in Geneva but it will come at the cost of the Government and leaders to be declared traitors of the nation. By virtue of striking a deal in order to remain in power would realistically equate to mean the Government ending up losing power and popularity both of which they now hold. Given this catch 22 situation with a Hobson’s choice before the Government it is best that they devise ways to divert Sri Lanka’s interests to quarters that would not carry such shallow tactics as the US Government is doing to Sri Lanka and has been doing to all the nations that have faced similar overt/covert operations.

As for Sri Lankans it is imperative to now look beyond the current levels of thinking in particular the Opposition MPs and take cognizance of scenarios in all of the nations that the US/West through the UN/UNHRC have toppled by various ways but with the same objectives ” securing Western white interests. In these countries none of those who helped topple the Government/Leaders ended up enjoying their perks!

We are looking at a future world of white supremacy once more in almost a replica of colonial rule where the West came to Asia, Africa and Latin America with men holding guns in one hand and the Bible in the other (commerce, conquest and conversion). Think a little further and picture the clash of the civilization theory where preparedness is in full swing for a clash between Muslims & this time a change in stance by outsourcing the job to converted Asians and Africans now that the West are giving up their faith having become disillusioned with the ills-taking place in the name of that religion ” thus a growing number are now embracing Buddhism.

The people of Sri Lanka now need to look beyond and realize the dangers in store for Sri Lanka. A handful of our own locals have fallen prey to luxuries and perks heaped upon them to satisfy their personal interests ” these too are a picture of the Indian sepoys who fought against their own on the side of the British and the Lascoreens who sided with the Portuguese in Sri Lanka.

If America says it is doing what its people also think ” the recently concluded Gallup poll reveals that 80% Americans don’t trust their Government ” our thoughts exactly.

As for countries voting against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC they must now ponder over one question only ” “Today Sri Lanka: Tomorrow Us”

Shenali D Waduge

US Resolution against Sri Lanka

Following is the full text of the resolution:

Whereas May 19, 2013, marks the four-year anniversary of the end of the 26-year conflict between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Government of Sri Lanka;

Whereas the people of Sri Lanka suffered greatly as a result of this conflict, the impact and aftermath of which has been felt especially by women, children, and families;

Whereas the Government of Sri Lanka established a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to report whether any person, group, or institution directly or indirectly bears responsibility for incidents that occurred between February 2002 and May 2009 and to recommend measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future and promote further national unity and reconciliation among all communities;

Whereas the LLRC report was presented to the Sri Lankan Parliament on December 16, 2011, and officially translated into Sinhala and Tamil on August 16, 2012;

Whereas the LLRC report acknowledges important events and grievances that have contributed to decades of political violence and war in Sri Lanka and makes constructive recommendations on a wide range of issues, including the need to credibly investigate widespread allegations of extrajudicial killings; enforced disappearances; intentional targeting of civilians and noncombatants; demilitarizing the north and the country as a whole; reaching a political settlement with minority communities on the meaningful decentralization of power; and promoting and protecting the right to freedom of expression for all through the enactment of a right to information law and additional rule of law reforms;

Whereas the Government of Sri Lanka developed the National Plan of Action to implement just 82 of the 285 recommendations of the LLRC in August 2011, and although the Government of Sri Lanka has made some progress on rehabilitation, resettlement of displaced persons, and improvements of infrastructure in the North and East, there are still many issues of major concern;

Whereas the Government of Sri Lanka has yet to reasonably address issues of reconciliation and accountability through internal processes;

Whereas the Department of State�s 2012 Human Rights Report on Sri Lanka outlines ongoing concerns regarding landownership and property restitution, particularly in the Jaffna Peninsula, where large numbers of persons have not received restitution for land that remains part of government high security zones, and while citizens generally were able to travel almost anywhere in the island, there continues to be police and military checkpoints in the north, and defacto high-security zones and other areas remained off limits to citizens;

Whereas the Government of Sri Lanka has not taken tangible steps toward demilitarization of civilian functions, particularly in the North and East, and continued military presence on private lands in the North is preventing the resettlement of internally displaced persons who desire a return to peaceful life;

Whereas the Department of State�s 2012 Human Rights Report on Sri Lanka also includes reports of serious human rights violations such as unlawful killings by security forces and government-allied paramilitary groups, often in predominantly Tamil areas; torture and abuse of detainees by police and security forces; and arbitrary arrest and detention by authorities;

Whereas the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution supported by the United States and adopted by the UNHRC on March 21, 2013, expresses concern at the continuing reports of violations of human rights in Sri Lanka, including enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture, and violations of the rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly, as well as intimidation of and reprisals against human rights defenders, members of civil society and journalists, threats to judicial independence and the rule of law, and discrimination on the basis of religion or belief;

Whereas the Government of Sri Lanka expressed its commitment to addressing the needs of all ethnic groups and has recognized, in the past, the necessity of a political settlement and reconciliation for a peaceful and just society; and

Whereas tangible progress on domestic and international investigations into reports of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other human rights violations during and after the conflict and promoting reconciliation would facilitate enhanced United States engagement and investment in Sri Lanka: Now, therefore, be it

That the Senate-

(1)commends the representatives of the United States on their leadership on United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution (UNHRC) 22/1, adopted by the UNHRC on March 21, 2013, which promotes reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka;

(2)calls on the United States and the international community to establish an independent international accountability mechanism to evaluate reports of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other human rights violations committed by both sides during and after the war in Sri Lanka;

(3)urges the Government of Sri Lanka to allow unimpeded access for media, international aid agencies, and human rights groups into all regions of the country, as well as to detention sites that may hold political and war prisoners;

(4)urges the Government of Sri Lanka to end its media restrictions, including the obstacles to the flow of information in the North and East, and bring to justice those responsible for attacks on journalists and newspaper offices; and

(5)calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests

18 Responses to “The real reason for US Resolution against Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “calls upon the President (NOBAMA) to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests

    So this is the REAL reason. Others are just excuses like WMDs.

    I think we should HELP with US security interests IF we are not helping Chinese security interests. It is better than Endian security interests. We are too small to stand on our own feet against big powers.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “US is just another nation – how can US decide the internal processes of another country or how those processes should be conducted?” The US achieved this role from Great Britain after empire collapsed, but took real meaning during the cold war with the Soviet Union.

    Part of the reason why the US has decided the fate of other nations is that the Western powers did not question the self imposed authority of Washington. Only by challenging it can one destroy it. Cuba never failed to challenge Washington D.C.’s extra judicial role of dictating to other nations and won. Now Sri Lanka is doing the same. Earlier Iran and North Korea did the same and again won. As long as nations are silent to the intrusive nature of the US and the UK they by their silence give consent.

    China and Russia are yet other nations who have stopped US intrusions and again succeeded. Sri Lanka is not alone as she has two members of the Security Council on her side. Both Russia and China will challenge the US in that Council on any decisions brought up regarding Sri Lanka. In that light Colombo should be relentless in demanding that both India and the US back off on issues that they either fostered or are using for issues other than human rights violations… and Sri Lanka will win.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The US motivation for undermining Sri Lanka is captured by the last two words of the US Resolution against Sri Lanka quoted by Shenali: “SECURITY INTERESTS”.

    At the bottom of it all, is the US FEAR OF CHINA and the consequent need to setup India (as a whole, or part-by-part, depending on India’s continued future existence as a single nation) as a counter to the growing might and economic power of China.

    Having confronted China in the past, seen the economic miracle the Chinese have wrought through sheer hard work and sacrifice, and brilliance of Chinese people in all fields of human endeavor, they have good reason to be fearful if global domination in perpetuity is the American goal. The much balleyhooed commitment of the US to an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people of the world, does not extend to peaceful co-existence with newly emerging superpowers who might overshadow them one day. That, then, is the very essence of Western Neo-Colonialism, contrary to the fig leaves of human rights and democracy they wear to cover their nakedness.

    China is creating a “string of pearls” alliance around the world, and the US is moving to destabilize and undermine those pearls and to create its own “string of counter-pearls” such as Qatar and Tamil Nadu all over the world. The world is teetering on the cusp of a new wave of proxy wars that will dwarf those of confrontation between the NATO and Warsaw pact powers of the not too distant past.

    These is nothing that SRi Lanka do to appease the United States and divert it away from the path it has chosen. Even if Sri Lanka were to fall, the move to setup India as a bulwark against China will continue, irrespective of wether the Democrats or the Republicans hold sway in Washington DC.

    Given that appeasement will inevitably result in the partition of Sri Lanka in two or more states, without even a reliable economic benefit comparable the existing alliance with China, the choice Sri Lanka must make is crystal clear: Sri Lanka must preserve its alliance with China, and other friendly countries, and resist US moves to dismember it the best way it can. There is NO OTHER CHOICE.

    Economic self-sufficiency in critical imports (eg. oil and gas and medicines), and developing links to a global currency alternative to the US Dollar (such as the Chinese yuan) should become high priority goals for Sri Lanka, but under no circumstances should Sri Lanka yield to US blackmail.

  4. Christie Says:

    Time to top bashing US UK Canada and Europe and look at the real villain. There are lots and lots of Indian colonial parasites and Indian vermin in the US. The Deputy Attorney of US woo visited the island is a Indian vermin. The provide lots of funds to Democrats and there are lots of them with money and in high places in the US. They are agents of the Indian Empire.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    ‘US interests’ translate into ‘western interests’. Basically, all ex-colonists want CONTROL of their past colonized countries.

    America, India & Sri Lanka are all ex-colonies of Britain.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    From ex-Colonists point of view : It’s easier to handle ‘small fry’ Sri Lanka than India. Better still, get ‘big boy’ India to handle Lanka.
    But does India want to be re-colonized ? Does Lanka want to be re-colonized ?

    The East should ‘make lemon aide out of the all the Lemons’ ! Grow, be Independent as far as is possible, and be filled with Joy of living – and spread that around the entire World !

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Even after so many years, Katrina storm affected Americans are still languishing in Trailer parks in Louisiana and New Orleans. But within 11 months 240,000 Tamil speaking Sri Lankans from their refugee camps were able to settle in their land mines infested original homes which were ravaged from a 27 year war. Wow!!
    USA has lots of things to learn from Sri Lanka !!!!!!

  8. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Though LTTE used Tamil speaking Sri Lankans as human shields, killed them, denied them food and medicines, it was the Sri Lankan Army that braved LTTE attacks and mines to save 294,000 Tamil speaking Sri Lankans while US was busy using drones to kill innocent women and children in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    You have it backwards: the main culprit is the US, not India.

    The US orchestrates the appointment of Indian Americans to positions of political power, in global bodies such as the UN, in financial bodies such as the IMF, in its diplomatic cadre, and in various positions as jounalists and talk show hosts, all to exploit the Indian origin of these Brown Shahibs to camouflage their unrrelenting pursuit of the “Pit India against China” foreign policy. This process has accelerated under Obama, guided by Hillary Clinton as the former US Secretary of State.

    The policy does not emanate from Delhi wary of US policies of the past towards India, although these are willing collaborators if there is any gain to be had for India and Indian politicians.

    This “Pit India against China” foreign policy was formulated during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as the US Secretary of State as a part of a Global Strategy to undermine and create “popular uprisings” in developing nations all over the world and to install “Internet Democrats” allied to the US in power. As we all know, that latter strategy, exemplified by the “Arab Uprisings” has backfired BIGTIME on the US with the most virulently anti-US groups taking hold of every one of those countries, most of which hare now dysfunctional anarchies.

    With regard to Sri Lanka, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”before China started stringing them together, you may recall how Hillary Clinton visited Tamil Nadu to confer with Jayalolita, Karunanidi and all other TN politicians warring against each other. She urged them to unite against Sri Lanka and the orchestrate their political pressure on the Govt of India to with-hold support for Sri Lanka at the UN using the Lok Sabha elections as a political lever.

    That same strategy is at work now, with the US moving a 3rd Resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN, on the the eve of the next Lok Sabha elections that the Congress party is slated to lose.

    In summary, it is not the Govt of India that is calling the shots here; it is the United States that is orchestrating these moves, pursuing its “Pit India against China” foreign policy formulated and implemented by Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of Defense.

    God help Sri Lanka, and other develpping nations of the world, if Billary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States. She is a Machiavelli Incarnate!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! Sorry!

    I meant to write …

    In summary, it is not the Govt of India that is calling the shots here; it is the United States that is orchestrating these moves, pursuing its “Pit India against China” foreign policy formulated and implemented by Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Investigate, Indict, Arrest, Prosecute, Convict and Severely Punish these SEPARATIST Traitors lurking within the TNA!

    Sri Lankan government to probe activities of Northern Provincial Council – report

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 10, Colombo: The anti-government activities of the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka had come under government scanner and the government has decided to conduct a special investigation into the Council’s recent measures.

    According to a report in Sinhala weekly The Divaina on Sunday, the government has become seriously concerned with the activities of the Council violating the Constitution and working against National Security and the country’s Foreign Policy and decided to conduct a special probe.

    The government has requested a report from the Governor of the Northern Province G.A. Chandrasiri in this regard, the report said.

    The government has also focused attention on a discussion held by the Provincial Minister of Education of the Northern Provincial Council Thambirasa Kurukularasa with the US Pacific Command for Asia Pacific region.

    In addition, the government has reportedly learnt that some of the councilors of the Northern Provincial Council have instructed the schools in the north not to hoist the national flag and not to sing the national anthem.

    Meanwhile, the intelligence services have informed the government that students at the Olumaddu School in Mullaitivu have been following the defunct terrorist group LTTE’s greeting customs during school sports meets, The Divaina further said.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    So there is a dispute of who the REAL enemy of SL is.

    3 candidates. NOT in order.

    1. USA
    2. Endia
    3. Tamils

    I say the number #1 enemy of SL ALWAYS was, is and will be TAMILS. But this is DISPUTED by some. So lets look at it in another way.

    Y = (U)*(E)*(T)

    * = times

    Y = total anti SL power
    U = USA
    E = Endia
    T = Tamils

    How to make Y=0?

    We CANNOT make U or E =0. They are TOO POWERFUL. We MUST accept this FACT. If we knock our head on a rock our head gets smashed, not the rock.

    But we CAN make T=0. When that happens Y=0!!!

    So lets pick a battle we CAN win. Lets pick the BUSTABLE enemy which is the PAWN of powerful anti-SL forces and BUST it.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council resolution: an action in the wrong direction
    February 11, 2014

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) controlled Northern Provincial Council (NPC), which was reconstituted in September 2013, set in motion its political machination with what seemed like an honest intention to experiment politics of collaboration and cooperation with the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Chief Minister elect, C.V.Wigneswaran went all the way to Colombo to take oaths before the President in his official residence, Temple Trees. The TNA also acknowledged the need to work with the government to better serve the people of the North. Given the problematic nature of relations and the history between the two groups, the TNA should have known that politics of collaboration was not going to be easy.

    Obviously, the TNA made series of demands, which it argued were necessary to carry forward the provincial administration. The Government which has several on-going projects in the North to ensure national security from Colombo’s point of view, refused. For example, the TNA wanted the Governor and the Chief Secretary of the Province replaced. The Government ignored them.

    Disappointed, the Council turned hostile and is currently making radical decisions. One of these radical actions is the recent resolution adopted in the NPC calling for an “international investigation” into the alleged human rights violations committed or what the council calls “ethnic cleansing” by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The call was made in view of the upcoming UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions in Geneva where Sri Lanka’s human rights record will come under scrutiny.

    The NPC resolution is highly problematic for several reasons. First of all, it seems that the Council is suggesting that it is the decision of the Tamil people and the resolution reflects their feelings. This assertion is unsubstantiated. There is no evidence to suggest that the TNA or the provincial administration consulted the people of the North before moving the resolution and getting it ratified. What is imperative to note here is that the whole idea of an international investigation did not emanate from the Tamil groups in Sri Lanka and indeed it was mooted by the some of the vocal Tamil diaspora groups and Western states. Then the TNA adopted the idea and went to Geneva to prop up the call for an international investigation.

    The Tamil people on the other hand remained ignorant of these projects including the call for greater ethnic harmony and reconciliation as they had several immediate and burning issues to resolve. They are concerned about and they actively seek resolution to the problems such as disappeared kith and kin, resettlement and normalization. They do not believe that an international investigation will resolve these problems. Therefore, as of today, the resolution remains the action of some of the radical members of the NPC and the TNA.

    Second, currently it is the United States which leads the campaign against Sri Lanka on accountability issues in the UN Human Rights Council and promotes what it calls a credible international investigation. So far the US has successfully introduced two resolutions and it is highly possible that yet another resolution will be presented in March this year. However, one cannot easily believe that the US is carrying forward this campaign purely on human rights and humanitarian concerns and spending substantial time and energy with the wellbeing of minority communities in mind. After all the US was an ally who propped up the Sri Lankan government’s military campaign against the LTTE.

    One of the plausible hypotheses which could make sense is that the US is trying to remain relevant in Sri Lanka through the UNHRC process. The US was a traditional ally of Sri Lanka and carried considerable clout. This position was lost to China in the recent past as the Asia giant has made serious inroads into Sri Lanka and emerged as the most powerful external actor. The UNHRC process however offers the US an opportunity to have a say in the affairs of Sri Lanka. Currently, all sorts of American officials are visiting Sri Lanka on fact finding missions or to offer assistance. The point is that the American actions are motivated by strategic designs and interest. The Northern Provincial Council, which is trying to buttress the American projects with its own resolution, could become a casualty if and when the US strategic interests are achieved. Therefore, the NPC has a responsibility to tread carefully on this issue rather than acting on erroneous assumptions.

    Third, the NPC resolution assumes that an independent international investigation against Sri Lanka is possible as it is the primary cry of the Western states. The NPC resolution was passed with the aim of strengthening this possibility. This could also be a flawed assumption. For example, every time the United States commences the UNHRC process with the “talk” of independent international investigation, but ends up passing resolutions which extend assistance to promote reconciliation etc. for two reasons. One, the US is not really serious about an international investigation and two, Sri Lanka has powerful friends within the UNHRC which could water down hardline provisions in any resolutions against the country.

    China has already declared that Sri Lankans are capable of handling their internal issues and it will do everything within its capacity to prevent an international investigation. Of significance is the fact that Sri Lanka has two close allies in the Security Council; China and Russia. Therefore, any action undertaken by the NPC or Tamil groups on the premise that an international investigation is feasible could backfire as they would create unnecessary hostilities and even backlash.

    Finally, the current NPC resolution ignited memories of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) by the first North-East Provincial Administration in 1990. Chief Minister Varadaraja Perumal passed a resolution declaring independence before escaping to India when the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) withdrew from Sri Lanka in March 1990. Perumal’s resolution lacked thoughtful deliberation or an action plan, but had serious political consequences. Treating the resolution as treachery President Premadasa dissolved the North-East Provincial Council.

    Similarly, the current resolution of the NPC also lacks clear comprehension of political reality. What the Tamil nationalists in Sri Lanka failed to understand is that a separate state of or for the Tamils is not feasible. It will not happen. This reality forces the Tamil political parties to work towards greater devolution of power. The resolution on the other hand diminishes the possibility of power sharing as Sinhala conception that any devolved powers will be used to promote separatism and against the Sri Lankan state is now reinforced. Like Perumal’s resolution, the present NPC resolution will also be seen by the Sinhala people as treacherous. In other words, instead of promoting power sharing, the resolution undermines it.

    Also, what the radical Tamil nationalists need to understand is, like Perumal’s resolution, the present one could also be used to justify action against or even dissolve the NPC. The NPC did not come about as a natural consequence of the end of the war. It took four years to conduct the NPC election and it became a reality largely due to the pressure from India. Even now, the Northern Provincial administration does not possess powers to execute its responsibilities as the Center appointed Governor remains a powerful force. Therefore, if and when the government decides to challenge the NPC, the present resolution and similar actions could be used as justifications.

  14. Christie Says:

    US did not train Indian terrorist arm branded Tamil Tigers.
    No parippu bombs in Vadamaracchi. Please read Gota’s War to see how US helped us. Indian vermin, Indian colonial parasites and India is behind all activities against the Sinhalese. US got Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Philippines if it wants help against China.
    China and India is at war about the northern borders between them.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re International politics, I don’t think Sri Lanka has any ‘enemy’ as such – it is just that Lanka gets caught up in Cold War politics, like it or not. If India goes one way, then the other side wants to control Sri Lanka in order to wag India, and make Sri Lanka go with them i.e. be anti-Indian. So the trick here may be to go with India, whichever way India goes ?

    Currently, Russia is a part of NATO, China is liberalizing slowly, and both India & Lanka are neutral re east/west politics. So why the noise ?

    The noise is mostly due to Tamil Separatists with the west stepping in. Tamils of Tamil Nadu & Lanka are trying to solve all their problems via Sri Lanka and not Tamil Nadu. India likes it that way, as India has a scapegoat in Sri Lanka for so called Tamil problems. Tamils think (brainwashed) that all their problems are solved if they have Tamil Eelam. Is that true ? NO. Even if they have a dozen Eelams, their problems will not be solved re Caste. Tamil Caste problems will be solved or mitigated only when Mr Modi implements his 100 Smart Cities Plan in India. Tamil Nadu ought to get at least 2 or 3 of these new cities.

    Let’s recap a bit of history here :

    During the COLD WAR (1946-1991), India ran with the Soviet Union, whilst Colombo ran with the west especially from JRJ times onwards.
    Prior to that, even during the Mrs B times when the LSSP was a part of Mrs B’s Coalition govt., Colombo was pro-west, as proved by the decimation of the JVP (pro-Soviet Union & Peking wing later), during Mrs B. times. Thus the inimical actions of India with Lanka. This also explains US policy toward Lanka during Cold War and aftermath. Colombo is more or less ‘married’ to the west, as is India. Both countries must be wishing that their ‘groom’ is a consistent partner with sound morals and ethics ! There may be hope for such a partnership in the future, and the world is one.

    The LTTE came about and rose as a result of Separatist sentiments coming from Tamil Nadu. TN had to abscond the Separatist movement (Dravidastan – a South vs North Indian plan headed by TN leaders), when the PM Nehru Anti-Secession Laws came into effect (1962) and the Separatist whims of Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka took a serious note, especially as it was after Independence from Britain (1948).
    I think that the LTTE started out as an Anti-Caste movement from the ‘lower caste’ ranks and took on new meaning later with Separatism in mind when the Tamil leaders joined in with the call for Eelam to unify all Tamils and benefitted enormously due to the Cold War. The 1983 trumped up Riots clinched a deal with the west. The LTTE ran with any powerful outfit so long as Eelam could be achieved, with money and power in plenty.

    To truly stabilize Sri Lanka, the solution for Colombo now is to ‘grow’ the rural areas. Have mostly a job oriented education and modernize and mechanize daily life in Lanka with such items as laundromats, fridges/cookers, gadgets for households,
    tea plucking machines, etc. Sri Lanka should use this opportunity to grow. So should India.

    Do correct me if I am wrong in any of the above.

    Sri Lanka can make lemon aide out of the lemons handed to her. Move On for Change for the better !

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    A small correction in the article in the EuroAsia Review which Ananda has put out here. (Thank you for this article, Ananda).

    The article says : “Chief Minister elect, C.V.Wigneswaran went all the way to Colombo to take oaths before the President in his official residence, Temple Trees’ :

    In actual fact, Mr Wigneswaran resides in Colombo 7, a few minutes drive from Temple Trees, and did not ‘went all the way to Colombo …’
    In fact, it was Mr Wigneswaran himself who wanted to take the Oaths of office in front of the President and not in front of the
    Governor, NPC, as is usually required.
    Mr Wigneswaran also made a number of questionable remarks right after he took office. Such actions do not promote Reconciliation.

    The CM & NPC must expect that all their actions will come under sharp scrutiny for a long time into the future. Trust has to be earned.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “US did not train Indian terrorist arm branded Tamil Tigers.
    No parippu bombs in Vadamaracchi. Please read Gota’s War to see how US helped us. Indian vermin, Indian colonial parasites and India is behind all activities against the Sinhalese. US got Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Philippines if it wants help against China.
    China and India is at war about the northern borders between them.”

    All that you have said above is true. But that was BEFORE the Obama Administration came into power with Billary Clinton pivoting US foreign policy towards Asia, and implementing a global strategy to contain China, and to covertly pit sub-national groups in developing countries against each other under the guise of advancing “human rights and democracy”.

    The awful OVERT crimes of the US in the Bush years (1.6 million people dead in Iraq, for example, according to British AMA’s Lancet) are bad enough, but the COVERT crimes under Hillary Clinton’s guidance over many more countries (Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Myanmar, Sudan, and now underway in Sri Lanka … are and will be far worse.

    The civil wars and internal conflicts spawned by the US during the Obama Administration, acting both directly and indirectly through its proxies (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, and now Tamil Nadu) are continuing full blast despite the ample evidence that they have BACKFIRED against the US. It has propelled vicious intolerant anti-US groups into power, or currently fighting for power, in those countries, while killing many hundreds of thousands of their citizens, and impoverishing their people without law and order to protect them.

    That same strategy is now being pursued against Sri Lanka, using “human rights and democracy” and “war crimes” to PUNISH Sri Lanka for allying itself with China, the only nation that was willing to offer vast sums of money to grow Sri Lanka’s infrastructure, to provide the weapons we needed to defeat Tamil terrorism that threatened to disintegrate our Motherland, and to provide unwavering diplomatic support to protect and defend Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence.

    These moves by the US against Sri Lanka, is as I wrote before, are part and parcel of the new overall “Pit India against China” foreign policy focused on Asia; this will continue unabated irrespective of its success or failure against Sri Lanka.

    This strategy of the US is likely to sow more discord and excite centrifugal tendencies within India but will ultimately FAIL in its attempts to undermine and contain China, which will prevail in its attempt to peacefully regain its lost lustre at the world’s pre-eminent nation. THe US, on the other hand, will become a country viewed with suspicion and anger by the majority of the peoples of the developing world, for trying to impose its Western Neocolonialism on people struggling to emerge from the effects of centuries of the old Western Colonialsm.

    I LOVE the US, but I GRIEVE that it has lost its way. The US has allowed various idealogues on the left and the right to subvert the message of its founding fathers and to act as gunslingers vying for notches on their guns to earn public adulation and support by waging wars and inflicting pain worldwide on innocents.

    In particular, I find US moves to undermine and destroy Sri Lanka particularly repugnant, because here is Asia’s oldest Democracy of Asia, that has preserved its democratic form of government through a long period of foreign-inspired strife and war, that has uplifted its people’s health, education and literacy, labor laws, protection of women and children, and ensured equity in the wealth of their country to its people, has fought to defeat a vicious internationally supported terrorist movement declared to undefeatable by Western Pundits counseling appeasement, now being demonized and assailed in pursuit of their own geopolitical agendas, as if it is some intolerant, discriminatory, dictatorial pariah state!

    Those developed democracies who should applaud and welcome Sri Lanka in to their ranks as a model democracy that has demonstrated how even weak can prevail against all odds without abandoning the democratic form of government to defeat terrorism and uplift their people, are now rushing to destroy it, not in the interest of human rights or democracy as they allege, but to preserve their own economic and geopolitical hegemony in an increasingly competitive world where their dominance is being challenged.

    This is just pure HYPOCRISY by those who merely exploit “human rights and democracy” to achieve their own “inhuman and anti-democratic” geo-political goals in the world as a whole. They hope to hide their evil motives under a flood of deceptive mass media communications and pontifical pronouncements using puppet organizations funded and nourished by them, but in the end they will fail to control, or win the hearts and minds of people all over the world, and will stand exposed as murderous hypocrites to universal condemnation!

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    Y = (U)*(E)*(T)
    all correct but how do know your formula is correct?

    But We all agreed with newton formula F=M*A
    You know M & F , A is agreement !

    Why this Kolaveri mate ???

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