Posted on February 12th, 2014

By Kanthar P Balanathan

11th February 2014

Hon Tanya Joan Plibersek MP

Dy Leader of Opposition

Australian Parliament

Canberra, ACT

Hon Dy Leader of Opposition,


I wish to submit humbly my views as a SriLanka born Tamil, and a SriLankan loyal & patriotic Australian, who has seen and studied the trivial, shocking, appalling, and reprehensible political gaffes & bungles of the Tamils and the Tamil politicians since independence in February 1948. I have studied the cruelties, dictatorial activities of the terrorist group, LTTE. My concerns on the destruction of a beautiful nation, SriLanka, by the terrorists, and the continued attempt of destruction by the west are cruelty to justice.

As far as the theoretical, theatrical, Human Rights Violations speculated / imposed by the west and some NGO’s who have nothing else to do but align with the west for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding, is nothing but absolute waste of time for humanity. If those NGOs are honest to themselves their actions should be parallel and should include all HR violations in countries irrespective of their status in the international world. For example, USA and UK committed atrocities and war crimes against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan which have gone under the carpet. No one is prepared to talk about it. Hon Leader of Opposition, what would be the reason?

In democracy, all people are subject to obey the Rule of Law irrespective of their status in the society. People are not fools not to understand what is going around the world, and why such disturbances are created and who initiated the disturbances. E.g. Libya, Tunisia, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and so many countries. Today, what is happening in those countries? Bosnia is burning. Has anyone given publicity to this disturbance? The reason being the disturbance is based on class and economic issues. Would US comment on this disturbance? May be they might ask: where is Bosnia, as if they do not know?

Please refer to the disturbances around the world. Syria, Egypt, South Sudan, Bosnia are just a few examples. The root cause may be that either these countries may be aligned to Russia, China OR Oil ownership issues.

Hon Leader of Opposition: What happened to the WMD subject? Why wouldn’t anyone talk about it? Why wouldn’t anyone call for an international investigation against USA and UK for the war crimes committed against the people of Iraq?

Hon Leader of Opposition: I am originally from SriLanka, a Tamil born in Manipay, but grew up in the South. I have wider knowledge of the Tamils, behaviour, integrity and honesty. The LTTE is a murderous organisation floated in the name of liberation. SriLanka (Ceylon then) got its independence in 1948. However, SJV Chelvanayagam whose avidity for political power is much worse to discuss among humanity, started the ethnic division by the name of Federal Party. In 1925, under the British rule, in the state council, an honest politician called for a federal system of governance in SriLanka, to which the Tamils objected. The reason being that the Tamils (elites) wanted to enjoy the entire fruits of SriLanka, Tamils being a dilute able minority. The terrorist organisations started its criminal programs in 1970. For 39 years the people of SriLanka were living, subject to atrocious criminal, murderous environment by both the terrorist organisations and the Tamil politicians. For Tamil politicians, calling for separation for a dilute able minority are a trump card for votes, which is the weakest element in democracy.

The former Presidents and Prime Ministers were trotting along for votes and did nothing to bring the country to a peaceful stage. The current President took a bold decision to end terrorism and bring the country to a stage where reconstruction, development and reconciliation could be launched. It should be noted that even this decision was taken with the blessing of the west and India. The country is subject to rapid development and reconciliation of former terrorists and people in general.

However, what is happening? The west wants everything to be owned by them. They want every country to be their servant, janissary or stooge. If not, they will create internal disturbances and walk in with the title “war crime” or liberation of the people. This is exactly what is happening in Syria. Have the west been able to establish stability in Iraq? The Sunnies and the Shiites are fighting. Who are the people fighting in Syria? Sunnies and Shiites. Who are the Al-Qaida’s? They are a bunch of Sunnies originated from Saudi Arabia. The class struggle is generally hidden behind ethnic struggle. Why would it be, Hon Leader of Opposition? If it is a class struggle, then the west considers a threat to their stability. How many multi-billionaires are running the west?

Even in this 21st century the British Parliament has a “House of Lords”. One should be able to see the attitude of the British parliament for this class distinction.

USA proliferates about “democracy” quite pungently. However, would they allow someone to float a “Communist Party” or “Socialist Party”? Would not any of the several elements of “Democracy” allow this freedom of choice of participation in governance? SriLanka has allowed this freedom. However, it is up to the people to decide. People of SriLanka have never voted for a communist Party to govern except forming a coalition for a short term. I consider that Democracy: Hon Leader of Opposition.

Hon Leader of Opposition: I am not sure whether you have been to SriLanka or whether you were there during war times. However I wish to state that I lived in SriLanka among the Sinhalese and the Tamil people. I consider quite a majority of the Sinhalese people are a reformed, cultured, honest and hardworking people with high degree of tolerance. However, you will agree that anyone has a limit to tolerance.

The world talks about war in SriLanka. It is not a war of several countries. It was an internal war against terrorism. The terrorist being citizens of SriLanka. It was a threat to the country’s sovereignty. GOSL had to launch attacks against main dots & positions of the terrorist camps. GOSL declared a “War Free Zone”. LTTE relocated its position to this War Free Zone”. This is against conventions. Secondly the LTTE moved all citizens to this location. Main focus is that LTTE constructed underground bunkers and stayed in the bunkers, while the civilians were forced to stay on top of the bunkers. This is against human norm. Thirdly, LTTE cadre were in civilians clothing to camaflage as if they were civilians. These camouflaged civilians, when killed, the LTTE propagated as if civilians were attacked and killed by the GOSL forces.

The LTTE and some countries were responsible to float several Tamil Diaspora organisations. These Diaspora organisation with the LTTE funds campaigned against SriLanka on war crimes. Hon Leader of Opposition: It is inevitable that some irresponsible, illiterate, civilians getting killed during a war, however, the main theme should not be to cash on this to subdue a country to bring to its knees as their puppet. This is exactly what is happening.

It is of the view that US wants to subdue SriLanka to become its puppet rather being a sovereign republic.

USA is submitting a resolution against SL for an international investigation. One of the five points of the theme is as follows:

E.g. (5) calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.

It is preposterous to state “President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests” in a resolution. There is a hidden agenda on this resolution. It is obvious that US is intimidating SL.

Australian Governance

We convincingly believe that the current government of Australia (GOA) has strong focus on foreign relations. Australia is an ideal democratic country and practice honesty, integrity, justice, and humanism built into its capitalistic ideology. I, as a SriLankan Australian, although I do not wish to differentiate as a SriLankan Australian, rather being a strong Australian, wish to state that the Australian Government has chosen the right decision to be a friendly nation with SriLanka.

We cannot understand as to why some organisations want Australia to be against SriLanka. It is a humble request that we should leave GOA to take its own course. We consider that the west has strolled out of true justice and wants punitive justice for SL, whereas USA themselves are subject to punitive justice for the war crimes committed against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just a few examples of true violations of democracy and HR:

· – US War Crimes: Obama Charged by South African High Court

·  American cities under total surveillance?

· How West destroyed Libya –


 A few videos to bring to light on channel 4 allegations.

Response to Channel 4 – Part 1

Response to Channel 4 – Part 2

Response to Channel 4 – Part 3

Response to Channel 4 – Part 4

Response to Channel 4 – Part 5

I quote a communique issued by the Asian Mirror as follows:

Public Interested Advocacy Centre (PIAC), a NGO based in Australia has recently put forward a report on SriLanka. The report raised some doubts and Asian Mirror has issued ten questions to PIAC.

1. Can you explain the ‘quantity’ of your study? (Total number of interviewees, time   frame, total cost of the study etc)

2.  Whom did you identify as the stakeholders of your study?

3. What was the manner in which you gathered evidence?

4. How many eye witness accounts did you take into consideration?

5. At any point of your study, did you contact the Sri Lankan Army and get their version of the story?

6. Did you contact the government of Sri Lanka as part of your study?

7. How did you check the veracity of the information you gathered?

8. Did you check your information with multiple sources?

9. Did you conduct the study in collaboration with some party based in Sri Lanka?

10. How did you communicate with the people on the ground who were truly affected by war?


It will be on the part of PIAC to reply to this media if the study was impartial. NGOs are creating setbacks to achieve stability and reconciliation in SriLanka. Every time NGOs put forward reports and media comments, it is considered that it disturbs the mind of Tamils to accept the reconciliation process. Somehow it creates a tempestuous, hysterical feeling and generates violent separative thoughts. Evidence is the volume of protest marches around the world by Tamils. There is a limit to every action.

A court is a tribunal, where the proceedings are heard from the plaintiff and the defendant. Often NGOs write their own report without considering an interview with the respective governments. This is ludicrous.

Just to bring out the dishonest behaviour of Tamils, I place two images, from which your honour should be able to make judgement.

 Praba  praba2


 LTTE leader looking his own dead body
 Original photo of LTTE leader talking to Anton Balasingham


 This is how our Tamils have been creating fictitious stories and images to implicate SriLanka. Nothing is true until anyone sees for himself/herself.

 Hon Leader of Opposition,

 It is an appeal to you, that as Leader of Opposition, please consider and accept the fact that SriLanka is doing its best for reconciliation, development, and elevate SriLanka to be a peaceful multicultural country for every ethnic group to live in peace, irrespective of race, religion and caste.

Thanking you

I Remain,

Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan


  1. Charles Says:

    This is an excellent document to be presented to the delegates attending the UNHRCouncil in Geneva.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Kanthar!

    I am deeply grateful to you for writing this heartfelt article, exposing falsehoods and revealing the truth as we know it.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Mr Balanathan, for the efforts you are taking to communicate the truth and thereby re-inforce equal opportunity to all Sri Lankans, devoid of caste, creed and communal considerations, to live in peace and harmony, with the right to live, learn, worship and work wherever they wish to from East to West and North to South.
    Your support is even more important at a time organisations like the Amnesty International, UNHRC, HRW, ICJ etc have been high jacked by undesirable individuals controlled by powerful nations.

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