Pre-Geneva advice for Sri Lanka
Posted on February 15th, 2014

 Shenali D Waduge

The 3rd annual sacrilegious pilgrimage to Geneva for some has already begun. The participants obviously have varying objectives but devising a multipronged attack towards a very clear single objective. An eventual plan to create a US satellite state out of Sri Lanka’s North and an interim plan to set the foundation towards that objective. The foot soldiers tasked to help achieve this objective are now coming out in various forms necessitating the Government to not approach the issue for political mileage but to address the issues holistically and place the interests of the country before all else.

 Exposing Colonial Agenda

Sri Lanka needs to set the records straight. The divide and rule policies and the manner colonial rulers strategized to divide communities/tribes people and create new ‘blocs’ of people to align to them is a fact that all former colonies and present members of the UNHRC will be able connect to. They will understand against their own examples how minorities were purposely given better treatment than the majority and how the British and other colonial rulers by virtue of English Catholic/Christian missionary education created a new bourgeoisie class of elitist English speaking people (comprising both majority and minority) to whom the post-independence leadership was handed over. Nationalist leaders whom they felt uncomfortable with were all eliminated ” the assassinations of Congo’s Patrice Lumumba and Myanmar’s Aung San are two good examples of what the West will do if they find leaders to be nationalist figureheads able to rally people around them. Their darlings instead are natives who are ready to think, act and rule Sri Lanka as their agents and according to their dictates. Some may think there is no harm in being ruled by the Whites once more but the contemporary success of that blueprint is evident in the total anarchy prevailing in Kosovo, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and all of the other nations the US and Allies had entered on the pretext of dislodging the ‘dictator’ and bringing ‘freedom’ ” all these nations are in worse conditions than when ruled by the supposed ‘dictator’.

Then there are another lot of nations currently facing unprecedented internal strife all of which are funded by West who are illegally training and arming rebel movements ” Africa, Latin America, break-away Soviet Union nations and now countries of the Middle East are good examples of this scenario. Sri Lanka was one such victim with India arming and funding the initial Tamil militant groups. The reality of this unethical practice by weapon manufacturing nations and selling these arms to rebels and governments is the fundamental reason why conflicts will prevail and remain in stalemate unless this key component is addressed. No amount of counter-terror measures can suffice if countries claiming to be championing peace and global goodwill make weapons for profit and sell arms to both rebels and governments.

UNHRC member states must also be appraised of the new Christian West agenda ”revisiting of the 3 factors that plagued the world for over 500 years ” conquest, commerce and conversion. Much as nations may not like to admit in analysing the key components that steer the current wave of incursions and political agendas it is not difficult to conclude that a group of nations are out to secure land, resources and convert natives. The Hindu civilization religions of Hinduism and Buddhism are the 2 biggest targets.

Conquest, Commerce and Conversions are now restrategized into the West’s geopolitical agenda for a new world order using the UN as its gladiator. Human Rights, Freedom are all labors of Christian NGOs who use their charity status to lay the foundations for conversions at grassroot levels. The UN entities and their guiding principles are all lynchpins used in a broader exercise that sets out a clear agenda to take over nations through military intervention using R2P doctrine, continue divide and rule policy by arming groups and placing them against the other, tap into the resources and divert them to their nations while the natives are kept busy fighting each other.

Given that land and commerce are the 2 main factors that give oxygen for the proposals/Resolutions/recommendations issued through the UN it is not hard to realize that the gameplan is to take away the sovereign rights of nations by other means using their own natives to virtually hand over internal jurisdiction, legal and administrative, police and law & order, land into the custodian of the UN which in turn means that a handful of Christian Western nations would rule over nations bifurcating the sovereign rights of nations drowning the Westphalian sovereign state right bringing the natives to the level of virtual slaves no different to how they lived under colonial rule.

UNHRC members who are themselves rich in natural resources or placed geopolitically and who are non-Christian heritage nations need to nurse fears that they are likely to become next targets in a growing expansion drive of military intervention taking place starting off with the Arab Spring. The setting up of Kosovo with US/NATO military bases is to use Islamic fundamentalists supplied via Saudi to completely disturb development in these break-away Soviet nations. The example of Ukraine shows how UN is being manipulated by the US and that diminishes the credibility of both Ban Ki Moon and Navi Pillay subjecting them to sepoy puppets of Western imperialists. The new envoys in the form of Biswal are the new breed of natives in foreign attire being outsourced the dirty work and there are plenty of eloquent, English speaking Colombians standing in the queue wanting to take up similar roles and we know these to be the small fringe group belonging to Colombo’s cocktail elites.

It has been unfortunate that even the Islamic world has been penetrated using a British-created religion to purposely divide the Muslims and use Islam to create indoctrinated fighters to wage underground movements on behalf of the West and we see the foundations of these taking shape through targeted mosques, madrassas, influence over dress subjecting Muslims  to be ‘mindcontrolled’ under their hegemony which has been a global success as only a handful of Muslims are willing to question.

Sri Lanka must also place among the UNHRC members the context with which Sri Lanka came to be saddled with the Tamil problem ” these must again cover divide and rule, minority privileges to a point where denial would lead to blaming not the British but the majority, the indentured labor of Indians being transported and dumped in all continents of the world, the education privileges that led to minorities securing post-independence jobs and statistically showing the unfairness to continue a biased policy upon independence. These factors are all issues that the UNHRC and most of the UN General Assembly countries would all agree with for they themselves suffer similar problems. We need to align with issues that are common. Take up issues that have common empathy, build on these to further relationships. Countries must know that nations who pretend to be ‘friend’ are also plotting their downfall from behind the scenes.

This is exactly what Sri Lanka experience from its closest neighbour. Sri Lanka never imagined India would clandestinely transport Tamil youth to Tamil Nadu and train batches in guerrilla warfare and send them back to Sri Lanka to destabalize the country. Jain Commission Report and Sansoni Commission conclusion (1977) reveal that arming of LTTE and other militants and training them took place in India by the Indian Government. Sansoni’s conclusion was that the TULF leadership ‘communal violence (1977) was retaliation for a section of the Tamil leadership asking for a separate state and fostering a militant movement”…..’as far as the population of the whole island is concerned the claim to a separate state is unpopular and will be resisted by the majority community”.

At the same time while Tamils use the 1983 riots to project itself as victim, Tamils conveniently exclude mention that the UNP Government was responsible and if 1983 riots upsets Tamils so much we continue to question why the majority of Tamils continue to vote for the UNP for which electoral results are easy proof. Using this same argument we again question how far Tamils regarded LTTE as a terrorist organization that denied their rights too. While we think that Tamils join us in being happy about the elimination of the LTTE, in realizing that the cadres were all low caste and poor given that bulk of high caste Tamils had no empathy for this lot of people, we now begin to wonder whether it is because the LTTE were eliminated that the higher strata of Tamil society are not coming forward to denounce the moves of foreign domiciled Tamil economic refugees who are simply playing the tune that the West asks them in a game of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

The next and most important realization for Sri Lanka is the realization that Sri Lanka is being targeted to break several threats and challenges to Christian West’s domination in the Asian region. Firstly, by pitting the Hindus and Buddhists against each other as well as setting the stage for a Sinhala-Tamil divide a dual objective is reached. Both India and Sri Lanka have fallen prey. The ill-will is further fired by Christian ‘moderates’ and ‘intellectuals’ analysing the situation and drawing conclusions to further aggravate ties that should make India realize that the future Prime Minister if he were ever to be Narendra Modi, he should not dispose of the nationalistic elements that is the reason why he is likely to be elected to power. Sri Lanka’s leader has been subject to various bogeys all dangled by non-Buddhists in attempts to shrug off the nationalism, do away with Buddhism, scale down on the place Buddhism has been given historically and enticed to adopt the foolhardly ‘multicultural’ slogan. Having initially fallen for the trap the State appears to have realized that this alone would distance the Government’s entire vote base which was the unspoken objective of the strategy of the ‘multiculturalists’ and ‘liberalists’. We can immediately identify who these personalities presenting these slogans are. Identify the items that are targeted for destruction and protect these instead of helping to destroy them thus exposing the defence of the entire nation.

 Expose the Accountability sham:

Countries that did little about LTTE crimes as they took place daily, monthly and yearly throughout 3 decades have little moral authority to speak of the last 4 months simply because their vessel was deflated. These realities need to be reminded even diplomatically even to next door neighbour India that pretends to be working in the interest of Sri Lanka but devising all sorts of plans to annex Sri Lanka using the Tamil ticket.

UNHRC members need to also be appraised that the LLRC is a local document. Recommendations are for the Government to chose from. Recommendations do not have to be taken in toto and recommendations that foreign nations insist on a sovereign nation does not have to address. These are issues that even other fellow UNHRC nations will be concerned with.

A UN that is filled with corruption scandals, incompetency and ethics issues cannot claim to have the scorecard to dictate to sovereign nations on how to govern. UN should be dealing with its scandals and corruptions and should have effectively eliminated them first. Sri Lanka is in a good position to show how a handful of Western nations are picking nations that have either resources, geopolitical positioning or both and through the UN attempt to take away their sovereign rights using bogus lies. The rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement program by the GOSL was designed locally, the UN has no such blueprint because Sri Lanka remains the only country that eliminated terrorism. Instead of telling us what to do Sri Lanka’s success story should be shared for enough of foreign delegates have arrived and seen for themselves the tremendous changes in just 4 years. Problems are all part of society ” it is not that any of the Western nations do not have problems themselves and if they have all the solutions why have they not adopted these in their countries?

US/NATO entered Iraq with lies. They entered Afghanistan by lying. They did the same in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Sudan, Libya and the Arab nations except its satellite state. They have armed rebels in Africa who are fighting each other and now they are moving into Asia. Asian leaders must be urged to not fall prey. Diplomatic talks must centre around the neo-colonial agenda for Asia breaking up nations until they reach China and Russia. Asia must stand firm and not allow a scenario that Africa, Middle East, East Europe are currently experiencing to take place in Asia.

Asian leaders need to remove their multicultural attire ” it is a bogey, they need to be nationalist, urge countrymen to think nationally and they too must stop the current level of mismanagement for the West encourages this because they can use it at a later time towards the downfall of that leader ” Saddam, Mubarak are examples.

Finally, Sri Lanka needs to take some stern action against separatist elements in Sri Lanka whether they be political parties, politicians, local NGOs and their heads, internationally funded NGOs or their heads ” we have a solid Constitutional provision to take action against them and action must be taken. The country has endured enough of calls for separatism made a joke by using fancy words to cover the real meaning and the opportunist politics must end. It is time the nation started to think about building the country, empowering the people, developing society, inculcating good values and morals amongst society ” that is what real development is about.

26 Responses to “Pre-Geneva advice for Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “The Sri Lankan government is in a dilemma due to some foreign governments refusing to collaborate in its efforts to verify information as regards those persons reported missing during the conflict.”

    MOST “disappeared” Tamils are LIVING HAPPILY in foreign countries. SHAMELESS Tamils (their mothers, fathers, siblings) in SL knowing this still complain they are disappeared to get MONEY.

    TYPICAL Tamil mentality = parasites.

    Because the govt. CANNOT verify the existence of the LARGE number of “disappeared” Tamils who are living in Canada, Swiss, UK, etc., etc. the TOTAL number of disappeared EXEXPLAINED will be VERY LARGE.

    International community will ASSUME they are DEAD as Tamils want them to.

    Govt. has DUG its OWN GRAVE again!! Govt. census will be another LLRC = OWN GOAL!!

    ANYTHING that depends on trusting Tamils will be a FAILURE. Only FOOLS trust Tamils.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    TGTE is after a Tamil Elam referendum in SL.

    This is why GOSL should immediate take steps to MAKE TAMIL A MINORITY IN THE NORTH.

    “The self-styled Prime Minister of the transnational government of Tamil Eelam, Visvanathan Rudrakumaran, on Friday appealed to all parties in India to include the issue of Tamil Eelam in their manifestoes and urged the Centre to prevail upon the international community to pave the way for a referendum in Sri Lanka.

    Addressing journalists through videoconferencing from the United States, he said the people were aware of the genocide committed against Tamils during the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka, and the sentiments had snowballed into a vote bank. “If a referendum can happen in South Sudan, East Timor and Kosovo, why not in Sri Lanka.” India was morally, diplomatically and strategically positioned to take the lead in reaching out to the Tamils.

    The government should either sponsor or co-sponsor a resolution in the upcoming United Nations Human Rights Council session for an international independent commission, Mr. Rudrakumaran said.?

    – the hindu

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    I said this one month ago. GOSL didn’t care.

    GOSL has dug another grave for itself. For TNA, MR is better than VP and RW!!

    “Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council, C.V. Vigneswaran said yesterday (13) that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Provincial Councilor Ananthi Sasitharan would represent the Northern Provincial Council at the upcoming session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) in Geneva next month.

    Accordingly, the Provincial Council will bear the cost of her tour to Geneva.

    Sasitharan, who arrived in Geneva on Wednesday along with the TNA MPs M.A. Sumanthiran and Suresh Premachandran ahead of the UNHRC session beginning on March 04, has reportedly met with officials of UNHRC and engaged in discussions.

    Aside from meeting UNHRC officials, she is also expected to hold discussions with several NGOs in Geneva.

    The Chief Minister said Sasitharan was sent to Geneva to represent the Council since she was not only a Councilor but also a victim searching for her missing husband.

    Sasitharan, who is a leading human rights activist and a Tamil nationalist in the Provincial Council, is the wife of the former Trincomalee commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam “Major Elialan”.

    He was reported as missing after he surrendered to the Sri Lankan military at the end of the war in May 2009.”

    – colombopage

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    It is a huge favour given to Sri Lanka by the TNA in nominating Anandi Sasitharan to represent them at Geneva meeting, provided the Government is clever enough to exploit the gruesome crimes her terrorist husband was known to have committed, mainly against the Tamils in the North. Surely Ananthi would have known what a monster her husband was before he died or escaped to the West.
    Had he escaped to Norway, UK, Australia or any other Western nation, then, by now he would have taken a new identity and living overseas. A good recent example is Gunaratnam changing his name and getting an Australian passport under the name Mudalige. With this type of disappearance, no country would be able to investigate such disappearances, unless the Western nations give a list of persons who changed their identities. If they fear for their security, then don’t divulge the new name, but instead give only the previous names to Sri Lankan authorities.

  5. AnuD Says:

    Did Elialan surrender under the supervision of a third party.

    If not, it is their word against our word.

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Shenali is dead right. Sri Lanka needs to enlist and get ready for war. This is the only language that our enemies will understand. National service must be made compulsory for all able bodied persons over 18 years of age.

    The biggest problem the smaller nations do not have is unity in the face of obvious belligerence from the Christian West. It is the story of Vatuvo and the Veddah repeating ad-nauseum. All victim nations are waiting like sheep to slaughter with nary a sound.

    Time is ripe for all self respecting nations to rally around Sri Lanka and defeat the US led resolution against Sri Lanka. Otherwise their time too will come to face the ugly truth of Neocolonialism of the Christian West.

    Be Prepared that is the motto of the Army!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    PARLIAMENT (not just GoSL) has to Activate the 6-A and Remove the 13-A.

    Take care of the problems that we CAN handle and next expect others to help out.

    Only then can we say that Justice has happened in Lanka. Much more has to be done, but that would be the best start in the right direction.

    Otherwise, the ‘dinosaurs’ from the west, particularly ‘Britosaurus Europicus’ will take us all back to Middle Ages slavery. Countries have fallen because good people kept quiet. Time to shout loud and clear, if you value your Freedom. We cannot afford to be a small creature called ‘Ceylonicus Vanenawaucus’.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    All of the South East Asian region has to move toward NON-ALIGNMENT, or else get embroiled in yet another Cold War or Preparations for another Cold War. One Cold War is supposed to have finished off in 1991 but still simmering under all give and take ?

    For Sinhala & Tamil people, and Muslims as well: A large space of time needed to recover from past conflicts of 30 plus years.
    Each group has something positive to contribute. Let’s make it so !

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Fran Diaz: Non alignment never really worked. During the cold war between the US and the USSR, India one of the founders of the non alignment movement was the strongest ally of the Soviet Union. It was due to the Soviet Union India acquired her nuclear technology.

    If you apply the non alignment movement today then the strategic partnership already signed between Sri Lanka and China should be voided. The greatest asset Sri Lanka has against the Tamil Diaspora is her ally’s China and Russia. The non alignment movement would destroy that.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:


    In the same vein of argument, USA has helped Sri Lanka in her hour of need by training our soldiers prior to the war with LTTE and also providing the location of the 12 armament ships of the LTTE.

    I am in favor of friendship with the West and the East, but not for future war purposes. It ought to be for peaceful purposes that we align with the entire world. There are new crises developing through Global Warming and lack of clan air, water, and food. Those are the areas we ought to ‘fight’ for, go to war with. It is the only way that the world comes together in a win-win manner. I am for cop-operation with the entire world for peaceful purposes only. All this must be done together with population control in a natural way.

    As matters stand, it is Profit before People. People get sacrificed in the name of Profit (whatever the method), isn’t it ?

  11. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “An eventual plan to create a US satellite state out of Sri Lanka’s North”. This will threaten India’s sphere of control. Recently the US approached the Maldive nation to build a military base in that country. The US was turned down for the reason that it would violate India’s and Sri Lanka’s sense of security in the region. Creating a vassal state for the US by forming Eelam would be tantamount to an “invasion” into India’s sphere of control. Only India has everything to gain in the formation of Eelam.

    “The reality of this unethical practice by weapon manufacturing nations and selling these arms to rebels and governments is the fundamental reason why conflicts will prevail and remain in stalemate unless this key component is addressed”. On the contrary when the war began Sri Lanka approached New Delhi for arms support and was humiliated when New Delhi turned Colombo down. During the war Sri Lanka had to spend precious money to procure arms from a range of nations including China, Pakistan to many nations in the Middle east… and it came with attachments. Sri Lanka must develop her own weapons manufacturing sector that manufactures small arms to sophisticated missiles, airplanes, submarines, warships etc. The economic aspect means more jobs, greater technology, greater power and independence from other nations. As for the sale of weapons it is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Nations who sell arms include Israel, the US, EU, China, Russia, India, Pakistan etc. It does not translate to ushering in another war since weapons made with new technology are constantly bought to replace aging weaponry. The world’s militaries are expanding and if Sri Lanka becomes a weapons producing nation the benefits far outnumber the negatives.

    “Sri Lanka never imagined India would clandestinely transport Tamil youth to Tamil Nadu and train batches in guerrilla warfare and send them back to Sri Lanka to destabalize the country.” In the world of geopolitics nations look out for themselves. Alliances are made for selfish purposes. Now that Sri Lanka knows the capability of India’s deceit remember that can also be applied to nations now professing “die hard” friendship with Sri Lanka. If situations turn out that Sri Lanka is a liability to Pakistan then expect Pakistan to act in a manner that would be detrimental to Sri Lanka. That would also apply to China. Again this gives support that Sri Lanka needs to develop her strategic strengths and one of that is the development of an arms manufacturing sector. The procurement of technology justifies the goals. China, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, did not get their technology purely by ethics. If it takes spying, espionage, etc. to procure this technology then so be it.

    Remember the US did not build the bomb. The Nazi Scientists and German Scientists including Einstein. To quote the Wikipedia on the Manhattan project that developed the 2 bombs which were used on Japan. “At the end of the war, the Allied powers competed to obtain surviving components of the nuclear industry (personnel, facilities, and materiel), as they did with the V-2 program”

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    This is FANTASTIC!

    Fight crime with crime.

    “Hours after hacking Forbes’ website and several Twitter accounts relating to the magazine, the Syrian Electronic Army group published account details of more than 1 million Forbes users. The information leaked includes usernames, emails and passwords. Among the accounts compromised are those with system administration and author privileges at the site. The magazine confirmed the hack and advised its users to change their passwords. The hackers’ group, which proclaims its support for the Syrian government, said it had targeted Forbes because the magazine “posted many articles against the SEA, with much hate for Syria.” ”

    GOSL needs a similar group to HACK bank, etc. details of TNA, TNA supporters and NGOs IN SL. (NOT international users.)

    AMIDST barbaric western tactics ASSAD has survived for 3 years! He knows the WESTERN game well and PLAYS IT WELL (so far).

    We should play the western game too to survive.


  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Conquest through weapons is no conquest, and this applies to any country. Wars & weapons do not solve the problems that beset mankind.

    Take the case of the WWs I&II : What was achieved here through huge amount of weaponry and arms ? About 80 to 100 Million souls, mainly Europeans, perished in these wars and we are now left with the resultant weapons manufacturing as a Source of Income !! Applying the Teachings of the Buddha in this instance or even Christianity as taught by Jesus Christ, production of weapons to kill will be considered unacceptable.

    (Another question : Couldn’t Peace have been achieved for Europe without two World Wars and untold suffering ?)

    Once a manufacturing unit is set for production, be it, say, for food or weapons, after the initial need is met, say a war, such a unit becomes a unit of production for Profits. Rarely will a unit set up production of weapons be dismantled as costs are bond to be high. Once set up, it stays. The more expensive the production unit to set up, the more it stays put, as those who invested in the venture will want to recover their costs plus future profits from it.
    The next set of problems come as to how to Sell such weapons produced. This would result in a whole another ball game. This is simple Economics.

    To set up weapons manufacturing units in Sri Lanka would be nothing short of disaster for Lanka and the region. Crime and warlord types will gain more and more power. See the problems of weapons production with no proper controls in some of the developed countries. Even a classroom is not safe for children.

    Even a unicellular Amoeba would glide away from a threat to its life. Imagine similar life threats to any human being – a highly evolved life form when threatened will react in many devious ways to save itself. Where a fisticuffs fight may happen to solve a dispute, in a weapons producing country a person will simply pull out a gun ! In Sri Lanka, the crime rate must be probably much higher with the war with the LTTE. Crime in Lanka is probably mitigated due to the Buddhist & Hindu religious influences,

    Lanka’s so called ‘Tamil problems’ begin and end with Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty bind. Address the core reasons for the ‘Tamil problem’. Production of weapons in Lanka will NOT solve the problem. It will only exacerbate all problems in Lanka.

    The core issue of the ‘Tamil problem’ is NEVER touched on at international fora, let alone the Parliament of Lanka. Instead a coating of lies, cheat and deceit covers the Tamil peoples’ core problem to hide it all. This makes matters even worse for the entire Tamil community anywhere in the world.

    To get out of this absurd situation (i.e. solve the 3,000 yr old Tamil caste problem !), that Sri Lanka is caught up in, Peace & Development with Dignity for all in Lanka has to happen. Tamil Nadu caste/poverty problems will ease off once the Mr Modi plan for 100 Smart cities is put into action. This will automatically east off the caste bound mindset of Tamil people of Lanka. To achieve this, both India & Lanka needs time. We hope and must insist that the international community will grant us this space.

    As a future precaution to prevent social problems in Lanka, all illegal migrants ought to be deported and the SAARC rule of ‘visa on entry’ removed, as done in India. India has conveniently foisted a lot of the Tamil Nadu problems onto Lanka.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as : costs are bound to be high.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    In the interim period between Wars & a lasting Peace for the world, I agree with Ratanapala that : “National Service must be made compulsory for all able bodied persons over 18 years of age”.

  16. aloy Says:

    It was the superior navigation technology and fire power of the west that put China into a shell and eventually led to the west’s domination of the world for five hundred years. To escape a situation we have now in the future our leaders should try and put our country at the forefront in technological development. How can they do it when they have extremely corrupt people in the governance?.
    It appears gosl had a plan to give a massive boost to the computer literacy to the school children by providing 5000 computers and supporting infrastructure to schools. According to a report corruption had got in the way and the computers supplied ( by an Indian company ?) are defective and the project has become a flop.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Singapore has a Parliament with high academic qualifications.

    Also, to buy goods from India at this juncture is stupid. Indians, especially Tamil Nadu business folk, may stymie any plans of Lanka to have an educated mass of people. Recall that we are still buying sub-standard Pharma from Tamil Nadu. For Sri Lanka, at this point in time, Tamil Nadu is the WORST place to do business with, with the rest of India following a close second.
    There are a number of countries that would like to maintain Lanka as the ‘Whipping Boy’ of SE Asia.

  18. aloy Says:

    This is pre-Geneva advice:
    If India vote against SL this time on the insistence of TN, we should cut off all things from that part of India. All the flights in and out of Colombo to Chennai should be cancelled. (that would also stop the gold smuggling via rectum by Kallathonies). Virtusa should be asked to close down their branch in Chennai or get out of SL (I wonder how they escaped when all SL businesses got attacked there recently). Tax on all vehicles imported (which usually become junk in less than five years) from that country should be doubled.
    I was fooled into buying two computers few months ago by a company which has something to do with Logic because of an impressive advertisement. Only after paying I realized that they were assembled in TN. From the time I installed them I had been having problems. First the key boards started typing different letters. Then both of them stopped booting, where as an Acer computer which I bought in another country in 2005 running on Windows XP is still going strong without any problem. Our government should insist on quality instead of cheap products. Most importantly persons handling the projects should be characters without personal interest. According to the TV channel which gave the details of the above mentioned project, the Ministry officials who handled the project became directors of the company that got the contract to implementation, after retirement. It is the Minister of Education who should be responsible for the debacle

  19. douglas Says:

    I hope Sri Lanka will be conscious and keep a very watchful eye on that “Dharusman Report” of UN Secretary General. It was established some time back that this report was nothing but an “Internal Document” and therefore did not even go through a noticeable recognition in the UN membership. Also Sri Lanka must take notice of the attempt of the Canadian delegation who tried to bring it to the forefront at the last session of the UNHRC through the back door with a view to get it as a “key Document” to create an environment to setting up an “International Investigation”. This time too the LTTE having hired the services of an ex UN Asst. Secretary, the Canadians are “guided” through a massive lobbying process. This hiring, itself shows how the LTTE International Brigade is managing their “War” to achieve the goal of “Separatism”. Along with this lobbying process, the Prime Minister of the TGTE based in US has openly called the Indian Tamil community to claim and force a call for a “Referendum” in the North and East. Supposedly heeding to this call Viko and the rest campaigners for a “separate State” for Tamils in Sri Lanka have aligned with BJP at the forth coming elections in India.

    It is also learned that a Representative of US attached to the UN is entrusted with the task of giving life to this “Dharusman Report” at the UNHRC and that to be a “basis” of an International Investigation. Although our hired “Lobbying Agents” based in US are unaware of this move, it has surfaced well within the “Legislative Circles”. In this regard it is worthwhile to read through No 2 of the recommendations to the Senate: viz:

    ” Calls on the United States and the International Community to establish an independent international accountability mechanism to evaluate reports of war crimes, crimes again humanity and other human rights violations committed by both sides during and after the war in Sri Lanka” This is a resolution presented to the Senate on February 6, 2014, spearheaded by Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina.

    This is in “RHYME” with the main submissions of the “Dharusman Reporat”.

    I do sincerely hope these matters would receive very serious attention of at least Prof. Peiris and Mr. Weeratunge who are supposed to be in the Sri Lanka delegation to the UNHRC.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    It was weapons and wars that brought PEACE not meditation or any other.

    It is a HARD FACT of life.

    e.g. SL

    On Singapore – it is a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. But they are doing very well.

  21. Lorenzo Says:



    But GOSL doesn’t have the understanding or the backbone to do it. SL economy is PLUNDERED by Endians in every way imaginable.

  22. Marco Says:

    If i may digress a little but relevant in so far as to the reception Pres Rajapakse is likely to receive on 10th March when he attends Commonwealth Day in London as Head of CHOGM.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    War happened when all other efforts failed. War with the LTTE was therefore highly JUSTIFIED.


    Sri Lanka has allowed itself to become the ‘Whipping Boy’ of SE Asia. Why ? To save India, Tamil Nadu and also Colonists of yesteryear who treated Sri Lankans both rich and poor so shabbily and elevated and imported Tamil folk ?!! Now those very folk we save are there to punish and humiliate Sri Lanka for defending itself against a ruthless terrorist group ! How ironical.
    How strange. How pathetic. How unjust.

    If we used the Law of the Land (6-A) in the first instance, Lanka would not be in this sorry state as we are now. The Law of the Land stated that anyone demanding Separatism would have their property seized and be jailed. We have to blame the leaders of those times who did not implement this Law.
    It is not implemented even now ! How pathetic. How strange.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. : Singapore IMPLEMENTS her Laws unlike in Sri Lanka. Singapore does not allow all and sundry in the neighborhood to come in and ‘wash their dirty linen’ in their land to solve their ancient social problems at high cost to the local indigenous people.

  25. Nanda Says:

    DO NOT BUY COMPUTERS from Sri Lanka again. All owned by LTTE.

  26. Nanda Says:

    How can this be allowed while Silvas partying with MR ? I have no words. absolute anarchy.

    “Police said the body of a Police Inspector attached to the Intelligence Unit of the Mount Lavinia Police was found with gunshot injuries in a paddy field near a supermarket in Homagama yesterday morning. The Police identified the victim as Mount Lavinia Police Division Intelligence Unit Head Police Inspector W M Samarakoon.

    Police said investigations were being carried out to ascertain whether it was a suicide or a murder. The pistol which is suspected to have been used for the shooting had also been found near the body.

    Police Inspector W. M .Samarakoon had rendered a commendable service leading to information on serious crimes, underworld, drugs, and illegal trade.

    Homagama Police are conducting further investigations. “

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