Posted on February 16th, 2014

By Kanthar Balanathan

15th February 2014

Senator Christine Milne
Leader of the Australian Greens
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

 Dear Senator,


As a SriLanka born Tamil, patriotic SriLankan, and a patriotic Australian, I take this opportunity to write to you on a few questions relating to SriLankan peace and stability. SriLanka is on a crucial program to achieve peace and stability to establish a peaceful multi-cultural environment for its citizens to live in peace; however, it is obvious that some politicians are trying their best to disturb the environment to bring chaos in SriLanka for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding.

It may be questioned as to why such views are expressed quite frequently by Greens politicians. One of the programs in democracy is to market the political party’s manifest and continued act to get the support of the voters. However, talking about SriLanka Tamils could be interpreted differently as Tamils driving the Greens.

I am not a Constitutional Law expert; however, from what I read on the functions of the Australian Senate I read section 1, subsections (a) & (b) as follows:

[The functions of the Australian Senate is summarised as follows; (Ref:

(1) As an essential of federalism, to ensure adequate representation of the people of all the states, the main elements being:

(a) Equal representation of the people of the Original States;

(b) equal legislative powers: except for the financial initiative, powers which, in effect, are equal to those of the House of Representatives: the Senate cannot be compelled to pass any proposed legislation; except for certain financial bills it has unrestricted right of amendment; in respect of those money bills which it cannot amend, the Senate has the right to make, and to insist on, requests to the House of Representatives for amendments.]

Can I interpret that the functions of the Senate are mainly to address the issues relating to the Australian people and the states?


The former Presidents and Prime Ministers of SL were politicking for votes and did nothing to bring the country to a peaceful stage. The current President took a bold decision to end terrorism and bring the country to a stage where reconstruction, development and reconciliation could be started. It should be noted that the decision to end terrorism was taken with the blessing of the west and India. The country currently is subject to rapid development and reconciliation of former terrorists and people in general.

However, what is happening? The west wants everything to be owned by them. They want every country to be their servant, janizary or stooge, which is nothing but to establish neo-colonialism. If not, it is evident from media that they will create internal disturbances and walk in with the title “war crimes” or liberation of the people. This is exactly what is happening in Syria. Have the west been able to establish stability in Iraq? The Sunnies and the Shiites are fighting. Who are the people fighting in Syria? Sunnies and Shiites. Who are the Al-Qaida’s? They are a bunch of Sunnies originated from Saudi Arabia. The class struggle is generally hidden behind ethnic struggle. Why would it be, Senator? If it is a class struggle, then the west considers a threat to their stability. How many multi-billionaires are running the west?

Even in this 21st century the British Parliament has a “House of Lords”. One should be able to see the attitude of the British and its parliament for this class distinction. USA proliferates about “democracy” quite pungently. However, would they allow someone to float a “Communist Party” or “Socialist Party” in USA? Would not elements of “Democracy” allow this freedom of choice of participation in governance? I am sure intelligence and defence will move to quench and eliminate the act of forming such political organisations. This can be categorised as a form of indirect dictatorial administration. Wouldn’t you agree Senator?

SriLanka has allowed this freedom. It is up to the people to decide. People of SriLanka have never voted for a communist Party to govern except forming a coalition for a short term. Senator,  I conclude that as Democracy.

As far as the theoretical, theatrical, Human Rights Violations speculated / imposed by the west and some NGO’s who have nothing else to do but align with the west for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding, is nothing but absolute waste of time for humanity. If those NGOs are honest to themselves their actions should be parallel and should include all HR violations in countries irrespective of their status in the international world. For example, USA and UK committed atrocities and war crimes against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan which have gone under the carpet. India committed war crimes in SriLanka. No one is prepared to talk about it. Senator, what would be the reason?

In democracy, all people are subject to the Rule of Law irrespective of their status in society. People are not fools not to understand what is going around the world, and why such disturbances are created and who initiated the disturbances. E.g. Libya, Tunisia, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and so many countries. Today, what is happening in those countries? Bosnia, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine Egypt are burning. Has anyone given publicity to this disturbance? The reason being the disturbance is based on class and economic issues. Would US comment on this disturbance? May be they might ask: where is Bosnia, as if they do not know? The root cause may be that either these countries may be aligned to Russia, China OR Oil ownership issues.

Senator: What happened to the WMD subject? Why wouldn’t anyone talk about it? Why wouldn’t anyone call for an international investigation against USA and UK for the war crimes committed against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Quote:

(i)       ,


Is it not true that USA encouraged and supported and referred to the Taliban as freedom fighters in the 80s? Ref:

Claim of Human Rights Violation in SL

The west is claiming about HR violations in SL. Today, the west could find millions of Tamils from SL who had free education drifting around the globe. SL right from independence provided free educational facilities to its citizens irrespective of race, religion and language. Political parties are formed on ideological basis, religion preached throughout the island, and anyone can float a hard copy media, and several, within the laws of SL. Well, SL practices true democracy and all its principles. However, No country will have transparency in its defence, intelligence and other key political program.

Today SL Tamils ended up in Canada with a congealed, frozen population in Scarborough. Educated Tamils who have qualifications up to degree and post graduate levels, and those illiterates, have no concern to be cleaners, labourers, sanitary workers, security guards, doormen, and do menial work in Canada. This, they will claim as the parity value of the Canadian dollar. However, if the same Tamils experience a situation in SL to be sucked into do these jobs, what will be the outcome Senator?


Canada, west, and Europe do not mind allowing these Tamils to flood their country as they definitely need their cities to be kept clean, as they run short of people to do this menial work. How does this compare with the Human Right violations of humans? Asking an engineer/qualified professional to do cleaning and / or sanitary cleaning work etc.?

War in SriLanka

The world talks about war in SriLanka. It is not a war of several countries. It was an internal war against terrorism. The terrorist being citizens of SriLanka. It was a threat to the country’s sovereignty. GOSL had to launch attacks against main dots & positions of the terrorist camps. GOSL declared a “War Free Zone”. LTTE relocated its position to this War Free Zone”. This is against convention. Secondly the LTTE moved all citizens to this location. Main focus is that LTTE constructed underground bunkers and stayed in the bunkers, while the civilians were forced to stay on top of the bunkers. This is against human norm. Thirdly, LTTE cadre were in civilians clothing to camaflage as if they were civilians. These camouflaged civilians, when killed, the LTTE propagated as if civilians were attacked and killed by the GOSL forces.

In your speech in Senate on the 12th February 2014, you stated that Greens requested the Australian government not to accept the credentials of the SriLankan High Commissioner Admiral Tissara Samarasinghe. If not for the SriLankan Navy’s blockade of the Mullaitivu coastal region, SriLanka would still be facing with terrorist problems because the LTTE leader and his associates would have crept out through the region. I need say no more about the Admiral, however, all SriLankan in SL and around the world know about the integrity, honesty and patriotism of the Admiral. The Admiral is a person who respects people and care for them irrespective of their status, race, religion, and is a highly respected SriLankan among the SriLankan society in SL and overseas.


Senator, you also talked about the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, a NGO in Australia. A popular unbiased media has raised ten questions to which PIAC need to answer. The questions are as follows:

I quote a communique issued by the Asian Mirror as follows:

1. Can you explain the ‘quantity’ of your study? (Total number of interviewees, time   frame, total cost of the study etc.)

2.  Whom did you identify as the stakeholders of your study?

3. What was the manner in which you gathered evidence?

4. How many eye witness accounts did you take into consideration?

5. At any point of your study, did you contact the Sri Lankan Army and get their version of the story?

6. Did you contact the government of Sri Lanka as part of your study?

7. How did you check the veracity of the information you gathered?

8. Did you check your information with multiple sources?

9. Did you conduct the study in collaboration with some party based in Sri Lanka?

10. How did you communicate with the people on the ground who were truly affected by war?

 It will be on the part of PIAC to reply to this media if the study was impartial. NGOs are creating setbacks to achieve stability and reconciliation in SriLanka. Every time NGOs put forward reports and media comments, it disturbs the mind of Tamils to accept the reconciliation process. Somehow it creates a tempestuous, hysterical feeling and generates violent separative thoughts. Evidence is the volume of protest marches around the world by Tamils. There is a limit to every action. Senator, would you state that these NGOs are truly impartial? Whom are they working for? Where do they get their funds from? In this context, I wish to refer you to an article in Sunday Times. “ICEP’s Sri Lankan war crimes project”a set up?” The article refers to Mr John Ralston as follows: Would this not locate Ralston within the western bloc in the international system? 

Often NGOs write their own report without considering an interview with the respective governments. This is ludicrous. A court is a tribunal, where the proceedings are heard from the plaintiff and the defendant.

In your speech on the 12th Feb 2014, you talked about the “18th amendment that was passed which effectively gives that family control of the country into the future”. The question is where in the constitution does it stipulate that the 18th amendment gives control of the country to HE Mahinda Rajapakse’s family?

We credibly believe that the former Prime Ministers and Presidents of SriLanka were incompetent and ineffective on strategic initiative framework (SIF) and development capability, which brought the country to this level prior to 2004. Billions dollars’ worth of assets were destroyed by LTTE. They were only playing for votes to stay in politics. The current Defence Secretary is the most effective and efficient person in history, with military and intelligence background.

An example of dictatorial media governance:(i) – 6 Corporations Control 90% of Media. (ii) ” How corporations run America.

Senator, SriLanka was in turmoil for 39 years of terrorism and 60 years of political Tamil chauvinism. After 2009, the President and his parliament had built the great nation of SL to a level much more than what it was, and what anyone could imagine. The development and reconciliation is still continuing. Some neighbouring countries do not like SL to develop, because of competition. Definitely SL will attain a developed country status in the near future if countries do not trouble SriLanka.

Senator, how do you evaluate American affairs and the CIA? Don’t you consider that US President is dictatorial? Don’t you think that US President and USA wants to control this planet? I give below a few links to HR violations by the west.

Just a few examples of true violations of democracy and HR:

· – US War Crimes: Obama Charged by South African High Court

·  American cities under total surveillance?

· how west destroyed Libya –



A few videos to bring to light on channel 4 allegations.

Response to Channel 4 – Part 1

Response to Channel 4 – Part 2

Response to Channel 4 – Part 3

Response to Channel 4 – Part 4

Response to Channel 4 – Part 5 Veerakanthipillai Shanmugarajah’s Affidavit Description of Conditions in the Vanni Pocket in Refutation of Channel Four – Corrupted Journalism

Recently a dispute erupted between the German Chancellor and the US President on eves dropping and tapping of communications. Quote;

Edward Snowden unravelled the secret dirty work of USA. Quote; (i) (ii) Julian Assange revealed through WikiLeaks:

Senator, USA is not a parliament constituted to rule the planet of earth. Their status in science & technology is no excuse to dominate countries on this planet. China, Russia, Germany is at equal status in science and technology anyway. It is of the view that US wants to subdue SriLanka to become its puppet rather being a sovereign republic. USA is submitting a resolution against SL for an international investigation. One of the five points of the theme is as follows:

E.g. (5)calls upon the President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests, including respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, economic interests, and security interests.

It is preposterous to state “President to develop a comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka that reflects United States interests” in a resolution. There is a hidden agenda in this resolution. It is obvious that US is intimidating SL. USA should not use the UN to oppress SriLanka to develop a comprehensive policy that reflects United States interests.

Australian Governance

We convincingly believe that the current government of Australia (GOA) has strong focus on foreign relations. Australia is an ideal democratic country and practice honesty, integrity, justice, and humanism built into its capitalistic ideology. I, as a strong patriotic Australian wish to state that the Australian Government has chosen the right decision to be a friendly nation with SriLanka.

Further it is a strong view that our current Prime Minister, Rt Hon Tony Abbott is the best PM next to Statesman John Howard. Rt Hon Tony Abbott is for the people of Australia, and his government has a very strong Foreign Policy.

We cannot understand as to why some organisations want Australia to be against SriLanka. It is a humble request that we should leave GOA to take its own course. We consider that the west has strolled out of true justice and wants punitive justice for SL, whereas USA, UK and India themselves are subject to punitive justice for the war crimes committed against humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan and SriLanka.


 It is an appeal to you and the Greens, that as Leader of Greens, please consider and accept the fact that SriLanka is doing its best for reconciliation, development, and elevate SriLanka to be a peaceful multicultural country for every ethnic group to live in peace, irrespective of race, religion and caste. Australian politician’s random remarks could be pouring fuel into the fire. An international investigation is a waste of time and money. Let us be practical and go forward.

Yours Sincerely

Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan


  1. stanley perera Says:

    It is very encouraging to note. Nice to come from true patriotic Sri Lankan. Thank you Kanthar for your time and energy that contributes to Sri Lanka’s peace and harmony.

  2. gdesilva Says:


    Wish if we had one or two more Sri Lankans of Tamil origin to speak out….that’s all that is needed to put a nail in Tamil Tiger coffin.

  3. vyasan Says:

    I am also a Sri Lankan Tamil, currently living in Canada. I have first hand knowledge of how the Tamils have managed to adjust to the life of Canada, ethnically, economically, and environmentally, and what matters more for them is dollar. Even the numerous temples that are running in the warehouses also meant business. I have also visited Sri Lanka and spoke to many of my close relatives who had been trapped by the LTTE for shielding themselves against from the SL army attacks(civilians were literally used for the protection of the dwindling LTTE cadres and not the other way round!). They all cursed the LTTE and very much frustrated with the LTTE, the so called champions of the Tamils rights and liberation! I also learned about how the NGOs functioning in Wanni during the time when the area was controlled by the LTTE, and the final stages of war. In fact, my sister, who had one of her son dragged away by the LTTE just some 50 days before the end of war and forced to the front line of battlefield against his will with little arms training, and got killed, told me the story. She even called the SL army cadres as”angels” when she with her daughter and younger son were saved by them.

    I am not a media man, not affiliated with any political party/ideas, or work for NGO, and thus unbiased and not obligated to anyone, therefore I tell the truth, for sake of the people who live in Sri Lanka, not only for Tamils, but for the Sinhalese and muslims as well. What has been said in the above article is 100% truth. If it were not for determination and actions of the present government in Sri lanka and the current president the country would have been remained in war situation for many more years, and faced much more destruction, loss of many more thousands of lives from both sides. And needless to say, the arms manufacturers in the West, and their sales agents would have amassed much more profits from the destruction of a small country.

    – Ganapathy Moorthy

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Greens are NOT in the govt. as far as I know.

    Bishops is part of the govt. and she defended SL FEARLESSLY.

    BOAT DIPLOMACY worked well. Australian govt. is forced to kiss the hand they wish to cut thanks to clever thinking by GOSL.

    The problem today is NOT LTTE but the LTTE REMAINS in the west, federalists and TNA (including TNA voters).

  5. Nanda Says:

    TNA voters shall be made to pay for this by various means.

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