Show Tangible Proof Navi Pillay Rather Persist Irresponsibly On Behalf Of The Tamil Diaspora AKA LTTE Rump A Second Time Around!.
Posted on February 17th, 2014

Insight By Sunil Kumar

February 16th 2014
For a second time around, during her term as The United Nations’ human rights chief Navi Pilla has recommended an international investigation into war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the final stages of its Tamil separatist conflict, a report said Sunday. Reports such as these including the continued call for the censure of Sri Lanka on this issue seems somewhat amusingly consistent by sources whose own liabilities towards neglecting real rather than cooked up situations of world human rights violations taking place on a 24 hour basis around the globe is glaringly apparent!

 These are worthless calls indeed inasmuch as the previous bleatings of hers in the aftermath of her somewhat thick skinned forced entry into Sri Lanka casting aside the required protocols including verification of the President’s presnce whereas he was already on an overseas assignment.Ms Pillai  in so doing did expose a side to her which seemed disorganised as well as disoriented  and after interacting with sources totally biased towards the allegations about Tamil attrocities, never for a moment dwelling on the other side of the story a plausible one  with stacks of archival evidence and news footage of affected Sinhalese and other ethnicities devastated by the conflict she continues her bull in a chinashop type tactics.
She eventually returned to the UN  empty handed and disillusioned sans the ammunition she went out to collect in the first place to throw back at the GOSL as there was nothing tangible except the hearsay, innuendo and cooked up graphic illustrations and videos of  sources  such as the Channel Four repititive videos apparently another pro Tamil Diaspora cum Tamil Tiger supportive by virtue of their posturing and rhetoric which were proven worthless and cooked up whereas the devastation through vicious killings of the Sinhalese and other ethnicities  by Tamil terrorists very tangibly provable and stored in Government archives were totally ignored by her. They are in all probabilities still available for her perusal in case she truly wants to esablish the related realities.
Her recent clarion calls as well as those of the USA of late calling for censure once again on the Sri Lankan Government in time for the  forthcoming UNHRC summit in Geneva  exposes quite pellucidly  a shameless bias in favour of the Global Tamil Diaspora whose powerful lobby is linked to their sympathies for the deposed Tamil Tigers where in an almost blind leading the blind scenario with no tangible proof beyond speculation and suppositions totally ignoring the many tenets of evidence upholding the Government of Sri Lanka’s non culpability of levelled accusations both Pillai and the US government seem to be blatantly insistent on their demands for investigations against Sri Lanka which appears to be a wasted effort with only their own sanguine justifications pointing almost lewdly to their sympathies for the false alarm raisers and surely a cause for embarrasment as well as being blatantly obstreperous!
It has been reported in the news media that ” Navi Pillay has asked the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to set up an independent probe, saying that Colombo “consistently failed to establish the truth and ensure accountability for the atrocities, despite repeated calls” which do not seem to coincide with Government responses towards her requests which have been taken up a long time ago( the LLRC being a part thereof) unless she has missed the proceedings which most of the discerning world aware of what transpires administratively in Sri Lanka are quite knowledgable about.
It appears to be a question of her moral authority and credibility towards the position she holds in the UN also, where a degree of irresponsibility linked to the abuse of power seems to show as cracks in the seams of the authorityentrusted to her high office. So how many independent probes need to be made in addition to the ones already done in order to appease Ms Pillai and her associates in the US government one wonders and who might foot the bill for them also seems a very logical question considering their futility despite perhaps their value as a ploy to disadvantage Sri Lanka at the impending UNHRC meeting.
Perhaps it is high time the UN as well as the USA and any others who continue to fingerpoint at the Sri Lankan Government and the Armed Forces, of human rights vio;ations to get their facts right and come up with tangible evidence, numbers and statistics beyond the speculations prompting their calls as it has been established through many legitimate investigative sources including Congress Country Reports and prominent eyewitness testimony from credible sources from within the Tamil Community itself that the attrocities pointing to human rights violations was blatantly carried out by the Tamil Tigers on a nation destructive campaign and could have augmented to a far greater level had the Armed Forces not intervened.
It is becoming painfully apparent that what the UN, the US, the EU, the UK and other sources accusing Sri Lanka of human rights violations are trying to establish is simply a cruel and unfair means to appease their own self righteousness of what they envision as an ethnicity violated by a Government albeit with no tangible burden of proof in an attrociously one sided bias in favour of Tamil Diaspora influence casting aside their responsibilities towards the real injured party who fought and overcame the sceptre of terrorism in defence of a sovereign country in a precedent setting manner which could have ( as a matter of fact in reality it has) pervaded other parts of the world.
And it seems apathetic that the likes of Naveen Pillai, and  certain officious administrators with the US and other governments warming their perches in high office witout a smidgen of  tangible evidence to support their claims, continue to harrass and torment Sri Lanka a nation which fought and won a legitimate battle against terrorism  with daunting odds against them where impure sources within and without Sri Lanka rallied to support the terrorists on an on going basis where Sri Lanka prevailed against all odds but now continue to fight a differrent war of attrition against these pitiful sources that continue to hound her for all the wrong reasons!!!
On this basis it therefore needs to be said very empphatically to Ms. Navi Pillai in particular :
Show  Tangible Proof Navi Pillay Rather Than Persist Irresponsibly On Behalf Of The Tamil Diaspora AKA LTTE Rump A Second Time Around ! which also needs to be addressed to the rest of the brigade which continuously attempts to discredit the GOSL for having resoundingly beaten the Tamil Tiger terrorists and continue to bring about remarkable changes for the better in a once embattled and devastated country as this simply seems to be what its all about.

7 Responses to “Show Tangible Proof Navi Pillay Rather Persist Irresponsibly On Behalf Of The Tamil Diaspora AKA LTTE Rump A Second Time Around!.”

  1. Nanda Says:

    An excellent point !
    Make use of our powerful friends to remove the Tamil racist.
    Tamil Tiger connections with Tamil Pillay shall be exposed in detail. Her filmed behaviour can easily be used for this purpose, with the aid of specialist “body language specialists”.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    This is not the time to blame Pillai, UK, USA, EU, BBC etc. We all know they all have either financial or political support from the LTTE rump. The question is; What is the government going to do about it? Come back after the UNHCR session and complain we were hard done? It is time to be proactive and go on the offensive and demand if the sponsors of the resolution want a inquiry, it should be an comprehensive one, not only into the final stage of the war, but from the beginning to the end. (read UNHCR March 2014 UNHCR session 12th Feb 2014 by Sarath W)

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    We can’t remove this Tamil racist woman.

    Look who finances the UNHRC.

    80% comes from the WEST!!! No wonder!!

    SL has given the dirt $4,982. No need to give any.

    United States of America – $13,231,114
    Netherlands – $12,206,007
    Sweden – $11,955,866
    Norway – $11,172,236
    European Commission – $7,152,129
    Germany – $6,701,381
    United Kingdom – $6,292,602
    Canada – $4,942,813
    Switzerland – $3,662,053
    France – $2,785,179
    Finland – $2,744,859
    Ireland – $2,613,941
    Denmark – $2,589,841
    New Zealand – $2,447,400
    UNDP (UN managed pooled and trust funds funding) – $2,432,333
    Australia – $2,318,040
    Russian Federation – $2,000,000
    Korea, Rep. of – $1,521,800
    Kuwait – $1,510,000
    Spain – $1,469,371
    Belgium – $1,293,103
    Morocco – $1,252,000
    Saudi Arabia – $1,200,000
    Austria – $1,059,239
    Japan – $577,226
    Algeria – $500,000
    Qatar – $500,000
    UNFPA – $452,712
    Education Above All – $250,000
    OIF – $194,930
    Mexico – $174,188
    Turkey – $166,000
    India – $155,000
    Luxembourg – $147,059
    Portugal – $139,982
    Liechtenstein – $134,409
    Hungary – $126,805
    Poland – $115,933
    Kazakhstan – $99,970
    Italy – $93,559
    United Arab Emirates – $90,000
    CERF – $85,000
    Romania – $64,935
    Argentina – $60,500
    South Africa – $57,613
    China – $50,000
    Israel – $35,000
    Andorra – $31,703
    Cyprus – $30,068
    Monaco – $26,810
    Chile – $25,000
    Estonia – $23,897
    Czech Republic – $20,439
    Indonesia – $20,000
    Thailand – $20,000
    Brazil – $16,465
    Iceland – $15,000
    Oman – $15,000
    Latvia – $12,987
    Azerbaijan – $10,000
    Costa Rica – $9,950
    Bulgaria – $7,000
    Bangladesh – $4,982
    Sri Lanka – $4,982
    Pakistan – $4,728
    Suriname – $3,000
    Guatemala – $2,953
    Armenia – $2,500
    Panama – $2,000
    Peru – $1,850
    Cambodia – $1,600
    Afghanistan – $1,500
    Namibia – $1,000
    Nicaragua – $1,000

  4. Christie Says:

    India, Indian colonial parasites (Navanatham, Canadian Foreign under secratay, Yasmin etc etc) and Indian vermin (Preeth Baharra USA etc etc.

  5. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Absolutely agreed upon Sarath W as it is the Government’s back pedalling rather than defiant confrontation of all critics that has spurred on the renewed charges.Of course the Government fears reprisals by way of aid cuts and other intimidatory moves that could hamper progress if donor nations chose to inflict them and impose sanctions where already there are threats to this effect, but this could be overridden by reaching out to the friendly nations which could offset these as there are many who are now pledging their support for SL. It would also be a double blow as these particular powers that are friendly and supportive of Sri Lanka aren’t aligned with the Western powers that are harrassing SL and could be a worthwhile move as they too are quite capable of carrying SL from many perspectives although issues such as the Commonwealth and United Nations membership will be compromised.However SL now needs to take a stand and challenge her adversaries and critics and ask them for their burden of proof or else rescind their continued oppression while also taking it up at the International Court of Justice towards a ruling that invoves the legitimacies of a Sovereign Nation’s right to defend sovereignity and territorial integrity while drawing attention to the real violations of human rights that are taking place blatantlya and with impunity right now in countries such as Syria, the Sudan, North Korea and a long list of violators where SL by far is a trouble free nation today with freedoms restored to all her citizens.

  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The problem Sri Lanka is facing is that people like Navi Pillai,Manmohan Singh, Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi, the Tamil diaspora to those nations who have lined up against Sri Lanka know there is another side to the issue of human rights. They know there is ample evidence to substantiate the claim of human rights violations perpetrated by the LITE and supported by Politicians and the Secret Service agency (RAW) of India and are choosing not to take this into account.

    They are using human rights in a manner inconsistent of its nature. It is terrible to think that a select group of nations and the Tamil diaspora ignore what the Indian peace keeping force did to the Sri Lankan Tamil citizens, ignore the blatant actions of India in supporting the LITE which leads one to the conclusion that human rights is being used as a weapon to give credence for a separate nation. Thankfully Colombo has awakened to this treachery and is demanding that if an international investigation survives the Security Council then it should address all the parties who commited human rights violations in the longest war in the 20th century.

  7. jayasiri Says:

    Agree with all comments & patiots of Lanka. But as one asked, what is our GOVT. GOSL is doing about it. WAIT till somebody hit on the head and say DO IT.

    It is time to question WHY ALL THESE COUNTRIES are against Sri Lanka. Is it because OUR GOVT. failed in seding the RIGHT MESSAGE, which REACHES the Higher echelons of powere in UK, USA & EU.

    Recent addition of a past UN Ast, Sec; to LTTE & TAMIL RUMP, will make things EVEN MORE difficult now. Our govt. & most Sri Lankans are at SLEEP, and will do anything for BRIBES. They will VOTE govts OUT & for a govt. ONLY if the payment is right. NOT BECAUSE WE CARE about our MOTHERAND, we just want to make more money, EVEN if the country goes to dogs.

    STILL with India doing so much damage to our country NO ONE talks about India & the so called PEACE KEEPING FORCE did to TAMILS who are supposed to be PROTECTED BY INDIA. Tamils will say that loud & clear that INDIA is responsible for Training & sending TERRORISTS TO SRI LANA, to de-stablaize our Nation.

    THEY want us to be POOR, & LOW INCOME EARNING country for ever, all the time CREATING PROBLEMS to any Govt. elected by our people. INDIAN marks, like IPKF monument should be dismanteled & ANY INDIANNESS in Lanka should be WIPED out for good. NO foundaion stones EVEN for HANDICRAFTS, or anything related to India, should be dismantled.

    IT is time to ask them REDUCE their presence in H’bantota, Colombo & Jaffna. India does NOT NEED, 3 consulates in a small country like ours. SEND them back to India.

    THEN ONLY, THEN we can manage our affairs WITHOUT FOREIGN INTERVENTION……Thank you all……..J

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