Will the UN allow the woman whose husband recruited CHILD SOLDIERS into Geneva?-ANANDI SASITHARAN
Posted on February 17th, 2014

The TNA –  LTTE Nexus [TNA hand picked by the former Tamil tiger leader in 2004] We hope The UN will not support the LTTE proxy – the advocates of Child Recruitment!

 The STAR of Geneva TNA Candidate’s Husband Wanted For War Crimes ” Terrorist Child Recruiter

 The IRONY of TNA candidate ANANDI  SASITHARAN speaks on behalf of women and children?

Her husband was in charge of recruiting thousands of youths and children to the LTTE forcefully. These families mourn their children taken away by Mrs Anandi Sasitharan’s loving Husband. These families never got their children back.

They were used by the LTTE to fight ” dressed in their tiger uniform ” a gun placed in their hand. Some of these children were used as “comfort girls” and “comfort boys” by the frustrated LTTE cadres. Where is the Probe into these child pregnancies?

The LTTE buried the dead while holding the hostages in a stand off until May 2009 ” when the civilians had enough. Civilians were brave enough to escape inspite of being shot at to reach the free government areas to be rescued by the Sri Lanka Military. These families never saw their children.

Ananthi has no remorse or shame recruited to LTTE by forcibly.

 Ananthi interview below-

 Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) female candidate, Ananthi Sasitharan, said she decided to contest the polls at the upcoming elections in the Northern Province, to find redress for the thousands of women and children who had been affected by the nearly three decades long war. [Her husband Ellilan Recruited Children – see his profile below]

Ananthi Sasitharan, wife of the former Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Trincomalee District political wing leader, Elilan, articulated her decision, addressing the media, soon after she filed her nomination papers to contest for the Northern Provincial Council, along with the other Jaffna District candidates. Ananthi is one of the three women candidates representing the TNA in the district. [TNA – LTTE nexus]


Ellian alias Elilian alias Sasitharan   –  CHILD RECRUITER! 

Ananthi claims to be missing (how many Tamil parents would want to see him dead? They mourn their children todate – forcibly recruited – made into terrorist criminals – no parent wants their child turned into a killer machine)

·         Ellilan is a person worked at LTTE political wing.

·         He 2003/2004 worked as the head of Vavuniya political unit (No previous information)

·         He was the political leader in Trincomalee district in 2004 to end of 2006

·         He was a very active member. He worked well than other district LTTE political leaders

·         He was very famous in the LTTE due to his commitment

·         When Sri Lanka Army captured Trincomalee in end of 2006, he came to Vanni.

·         When LTTE TamilSelvan was killed in 2007 November, LTTE Police head Nadesan was appointed as Political leader. Illango (was working as the leader of policy progressing unit mean in Tamil KOLGAI MUN ETOPPU PIRIVU) was appointed as head of LTTE Police . ELLILAN appointed as the leader of Policy Progressing unit)

Activities of Policy Progressing unit ” that disseminated terrorist recruitment material to the community and the public at large ”perverting the thinking of the youth.

·         Running book shops, ARIVAMATHU BOOK SHOP

·          Music group ” to motivate hatred towards the Sinhalese

·         Street drama group to radicalize the public and recruit candidates to LTTE

·         Recruited cadres directly from the community

·         Child recruitment

·         Anbu Base for Recruited cadres’ transition period-this camp situated   Wattakachchi, Kilinochchi

When Ellilan was working in this unit as the head, this unit recruited carders to LTTE forcibly in his period.


Ellilan’s wife- Anandi (worked at Kilinochchi GA office until end of the war) She took a government salary but worked for the LTTE. She was in this office when the GA vehicles were used to carry explosives.

Now she is a candidate of TNA (candidates handpicked by the LTTE in 2004) for the coming election 2013 in Northern provincial council election.

She is being groomed to meet Navaneethan Pillay to present the case that there is no news of her terrorist husband (war criminal). There is no mention of her husband’s terrorist activities and the war crimes committed against children and families in the ” use of children within a terrorist group AND the forced conscription of children into a terrorist group.

UN Standards should be questioned! Did Mrs Pillay actually not know her background when she met her?

9 Responses to “Will the UN allow the woman whose husband recruited CHILD SOLDIERS into Geneva?-ANANDI SASITHARAN”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Pee-illey knew her terrorist background very well. That is why she met her!

    87,000 Tamil voters in Jaffna also knew her terrorism well. That is why they voted her. She received 7 times more votes than the highest voting SLFP candidate.

    Ananthi cannot be stopped by REASON because UNHRC is a TAMIL BIASED thing under Pee-illey. She has to be physically stopped before more damage is done to the country.

    Ananthi plans to HOWL at the UNHRC proceedings. At tax payers expense of course. She has 3 daughters who also engage in anti-SL activities in support of their dead war criminal father and living war criminal mother.

    GOSL must think outside the box to overcome this mess they are in.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    O Radhika Coomaraswamy, where art thou ? Justice to Tamil children and justice to Lanka ! Wherefore art thou, Radhika ? !

  3. Nimal Says:

    She should have been arrested for supporting terrorists and locked up in remand and the kept the case going on for years like just as the case my sister had against the criminal tenant who kept the case going until she died homeless, where she went to middle East to earn to buy her house, but never lived in it. Likewise she would have been put through the same hopeless legal situation as the rest. How can IC come to the rescue of a person remanded for an offence? She could have been arrested for breech of peace when she jumped and disrupted Cameron’s motorcade to Jaffna but our brainless and spineless cops did nothing, never realized her potential treat to the unity and the well being of the country. Opptunity lost I say. Perhaps in USA, knowing her treat would have been shot for endangering a valuable member and a leader of a great Commonwealth country, namely Cameron.

  4. Nimal Says:

    Pretending to give a petition or a protest paper as a protestor would have taken the life of our PM,just as one did to the Indian PM.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    We need to resurrect the “LTTE” under our control.

    LTTE sends letters to NPC demanding UDI. NPC agrees ——-> JAIL by govt. NPC rejects ——> LTTE bumps them out.

    LTTE sends letters to NGOs demanding UDI. NGOs agree ——-> JAIL by govt. NGOs reject ——> LTTE bumps them out.

    LTTE sends letters to TN demanding UDI for TN. TN agrees ——-> JAIL by ENDIAN govt. TN rejects ——> LTTE bumps them out.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    We are sorry to hear about how your sister suffered.

    In Sri Lanka, the Law is on the side of the Tenant, however errant the tenant is. My family folk had a similar problem and the house was left eventually, after many years, with the tenant having purposely ruined it to the extent of digging up the water pipes and tearing down the wiring, and also not paying the rent for many years. A lot of people in Lanka do not know this and give their precious homes on rent whilst they work abroad, only to find the homes taken over or ruined by tenants, and the rent not paid in either.

    This Law has to change. Many laws in Lanka must be upgraded or changed. We wish that the Buddhist priests would study Law, and undertake this venture as the guardians of Lanka.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The TNA folk are cleverly stage managing the UNHRC affair by projecting a PERSONAL STORY to catch Media & Public attention, projecting the Sasitharan story as a Women’s Rights issue.

    Sri Lanka authorities should dig out and give out the correct story of what really happened to Mr S.

    Once abroad, Mrs Sasitharan will probably never come back to Lanka. She will get refugeeship either in a European country or Canada and re-join her husband eventually, as most people suspect he is living abroad under a different name.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    Good if she goes abroad. She has AT LEAST 87,000 followers and voters in Jaffna alone. She POISONS a lot of people’s minds in SL if she stays.

    The best option is a conflict between the “LTTE” and TNA. Previous conflicts between them WIPED OUT ALL anti-SL trouble makers.

  9. Nimal Says:

    Where’s Mervin these days. Can he propose to her?

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